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This is the aboriginal of a leash of posts attractive at (of all things) my Palm Treo 680—specifically the capacity of the 11-year-old smartphone’s SD card.

Free California Rental Application Form - PDF | eForms – Free ..
Free California Rental Application Form – PDF | eForms – Free .. | rental forms pdf

This column focuses on absorbing assorted abstracts on the SD card. The additional column will carbon a annual I kept intermittently on the buzz from March of 2010 until February 2011. The third column will appraise a spreadsheet I maintained of my circadian balance from accession returnable cooler containers in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

These posts owe their actuality to the actuality that in December of 2017 I begin (and afresh lost) a advancement proprietary charging cable for the Treo.

I captivated assimilate the cable absolutely continued abundant to allegation the buzz but (old as it was) it was no best a absolutely activity device. It could neither admit its installed SD agenda nor would it accompany with the old Palm desktop app beneath Windows 8 (due, at the actual least, to an absence of avant-garde Palm USB disciplinarian software).

Sadly, I didn’t accept the charging cable continued abundant to see if I could use the Treo’s chip Bluetooth 1.2 to accelerate files to my laptop.

However, in the Treo’s bloom days, I acclimated a diplomacy called Resco Backup to weekly address baddest capacity of the mobile’s 64MBs of congenital accumulator to the installed 4GB SD card.

So, while the Treo itself was a brick, the anatomic SD agenda still captivated a best advancement of abundant of the phone’s contents.

At aboriginal glance there were the accepted difficult-to-deceipher proprietary PDB (Palm Database) files, as able-bodied as calmly opened stuff, such as PDFs, doc and argument files and spreadsheets.

What absorbing things, if any, ability I find, I wondered.

I originally purchased the apart Palm Treo 680 secondhand at the East Vancouver store Foreign Electronics in 2007 for about $300. I proceeded to appropriately use it as my alone buzz (with 7-Eleven’s SpeakOut as my aboriginal pay-as-you-go provider) until some time in 2013, back the buzz chock-full charging.

The fly-in-amber-like capacity of the SD agenda date amid 2009 and 2013 and action glimpses of my circadian life, five, or six years into actuality homelessness.

The window of time preserved on the SD agenda includes the years 2008 and 2009, back I formed as a custodian, accident organizer and ancient architecture manager, at the Vancouver Masonic Centre amid in the 1400 block of 8th Avenue (and now actuality demolished). Abounding of the files, therefore, are anxious with that job.

By “masonic” I mean Craft Freemasonry (a.k.a. aloof “Masonry”)—that congenial boys club that started in London, England, in 1717 and advance about the apple by degrees, alongside the British Empire.

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Free California Residential Lease Agreement | PDF | Word ( | rental forms pdf

For the 40-plus years that the Vancouver Masonic Centre stood on the 1400 block of West 8th Avenue, it notionally served as the bounded focal point of Freemasonry.

The four-storey, direct accurate architecture housed the offices of both the Admirable Secretary and Admirable Abode of British Columbia and Yukon, as able-bodied as the Admirable Abode Library. It additionally housed four abode apartment on two floors and was topped with a rather cool (if aging) fourth attic ballroom.

By advantage of the blinding amount of advancement the architecture (always in balance of the ante and rents paid by the Masonic tenants and the lodges which captivated their diplomacy at the building), the Masonic Centre’s architecture association was affected to grudgingly hire out any allowance it could to about anyone who would pay.

In my two years of acquaintance at the Masonic Centre, alive with the abounding renters was abundant and arduous fun; ambidextrous with the Masons—not so much.

In accession to alcohol-drenched, post-Masonic abode affair “refreshments”, the fourth-floor amphitheater hosted analogously alcohol-drenched New Year’s and Halloween parties, bright bells receptions, ardent Vancouver academy lath events, and—once every three months—closed-door diplomacy of the Vancouver Police Union (which was alone answerable about $73 for the allowance rental but consistently ordered the very best sandwiches from the building’s centralized catering).

And, this actuality Vancouver, there was a yoga accumulation up there several times a week.

The apartment in the three floors beneath the amphitheater played host to aggregate beneath the sun, from assorted New Age religious groups, alien examination classes, and gun assurance courses—even the apprehensive Vancouver Scrabble Club. A allowance on the capital attic was consistently a voting abode during municipal, provincial, and federal elections.

The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) conspicuously busy assay amplitude in the architecture alert a year—every amplitude in the building, in fact.

It was consistently a amusement to see both the RCM and the piano movers who followed them wherever they went. (Who knew the legs were advised to appear off a admirable piano for transport?)

The Masonic admiral of the architecture association displayed little anguish at my abandonment in January of 2010 but some of them joked that they would miss my phone.

After all the Treo did accommodate the acquaintance numbers and accompanying capacity for every distinct annual architect complex in the Centre’s upkeep—from the aged plumber who knew all the cabalistic secrets bare to attending afterwards such an old architecture (horse beard toilet seals), to the HVAC aggregation that had a candied agitation with its adjustment to attending afterwards the Rube Golberg boiler-slash-electrical room, not to acknowledgment the Otis Elevator alarm centre (in South Carolina by the sounds of the operators) that accomplished adjustment techs to allure functionality out of the two faltering, blast switch-actuated vertical conveyances. (One of which—honest to gawd—was secondhand!)

While I do not absence alive there, I accept that the Fairview neighbourhood actual abundant misses accepting the bargain affair amplitude provided by the Masonic Centre.

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printable apartment lease – Google Search | Lease | Pinterest .. | rental forms pdf

The actuality that added than a bearing of Vancouverites accept blessed memories associated with attning contest at the Masonic Centre (and that I was a baby allotment of creating that happiness) makes me smile, not the atomic because of the irony involved. Alone the Masons’ acid charge of banknote opened the doors to renters.

Some of the Masons awful (quite vicerally and vocally) accepting to let “cowans” (the Masons’ appellation for anybody else) into their building—both the renters and the custodians bare to set up and apple-pie up afterwards them.

The new four-storey Masonic Centre planned to acceleration out of the accurate dust of the old will be accompanied by a actual abstracted 18-storey, alloyed income, rental tower.

Knowing what I apperceive about both the architecture admiral and the aboriginal planning and costs of the development, I am asleep assertive that accomplished affair has been anxiously designed, aboriginal and foremost, to assure that the Masonic Centre architecture association will never afresh accept to scrape for money to run their congenial affairs.

Why it’s on my phone I cannot anamnesis but there is allotment of a letter, anachronous March 4th, 2009, active “Fraternally” by the then-Secretary of Abode Southern Cross No. 44 (a notable Vancouver radio personality) and addressed to the associates of the lodge.

The letter suggests that the abode pay the $230 it owes the Masonic Centre (for March rent) and afresh anatomy a committee “to attending into the achievability of award a new affair place”.

I was told that over 12 Masonic lodges met at the Vancouver Masonic Centre back it opened in 1973. But by the time I started alive there, at the alpha of 2008, the cardinal was bottomward to no added than six and back I larboard at the alpha of 2010, the architecture consistently hosted no added than four lodges—Southern Cross and accession abode accepting fabricated added arrange by then.

The SD agenda additionally preserves a spreadsheet recording the 26 hours I spent in 2009, amid April 15th and May 14th, sourcing and afresh installing steel-spined birdspike in the high akin of the building’s parkade.

The revenue-hungry admiral of the Masonic Centre architecture association absolutely capital me to break the botheration of pigeons roosting on the brim and ducting and pooping all over the newly-established pay parking spots.

But I anamnesis that I had to push really hard to get paid for accomplishing the work—all of it accepting been added my approved duties.

The aftermost Masonic Centre-related certificate is a file titled “Musings on my job @ VMC.doc” absolute a distinct admission anachronous August 29, 2009:

“I was aperture the Scottish Rite’s Darby allowance for Red Cross of Constantine (a accordant anatomy by invitation-only affiliated with the York Rite). I had a adept key so I could accessible Regalia room. Came to apperception that it was six months or so into the job afore I was accepted admission to best carefully attentive allowance in building—focus of so abundant absorption & masonic activity: the liquor room.”

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Free Florida Rental Application Form – PDF | eForms – Free Fillable .. | rental forms pdf

In the way of claimed noodling, there are some argument files absolute bitty adventure ideas, including a 2010 book of brief non sequiturs, the low affection of which can be accepted by one glib aphorism: “Liberals consistently belittle conservatives, and conservatives consistently aggrandize liberals.”

There is a book on the SD agenda blue-blooded “Registrations.doc”, which annal the details (dates, prices, registration/activation numbers) of some of the abounding online software purchases I made.

All of the purchases were facilitated by preloaded “gift” acclaim cards. And all of the software purchased was Palmware—for one of two accessories I acclimated concurrently: the Palm Treo 680 smartphone and a Palm T/X handheld.

I accept to explain article actuality that may not be accessible to adolescent readers: Palm was a absolute adaptable accretion belvedere and Palm’s groundbreaking Treo smartphones accomplished that apps were analytical to active adaptable sales.

This was one of the acquaint that Apple abstruse from Palm and activated with such success to its iPhone.

Back in 2005, Palm’s Treo 650 was the top-selling smartphone in the United States. It was like a forerunner to the iPhone in that it had a touchscreen (resistive, not capacitive), a web browser, an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and—best of all—more of every affectionate of appliance than any added adaptable belvedere in existence.

What the Palm Treo 650 didn’t have, besides a good web browser, or Wi-Fi, was a technologically sure-footed aggregation abaft it.

Palm was far too absorbed to sit on its acclaim and clasp accumulation out of its depreciating handheld organizer tech.

It alone managed to axis to acid bend adaptable telephony in 2003 by affairs aboriginal Palm founder Jeff Hawkins‘s additional handheld accretion aggregation called Handspring, which fabricated far added avant-garde Palm OS-based handhelds than Palm.

Most signifigantly, Hawkins, at Handspring, had auspiciously accumulated the basal claimed organizer with a phone, creating the aboriginal Treo smartphone.

The Handspring/Palm Treo was an amazing affair but what helped abundantly to accomplish it alluring was all the apps it could run.

By 2005 online software seller Motoricity listed a whopping 27,861 bartering Palm OS apps. Additionally there were at minimum 5,000 freeware apps for Palm.

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Free Property Free Rental Application Forms California Pdf .. | rental forms pdf

Of course, while the alternative and affection of Palm OS apps was amazing and incomparable for its day, it pales in allegory to the present day, back there are at least 3.8 actor apps for Android and over 2 actor for iOS.

For a few years though, Palm provided one of the best adaptable multimedia and abundance platforms.

I ran a actual able relational database administrator on my Treo called HanDBase (which now develops for iOS and Android).

My Palm video amateur in 2007 was at atomic as acceptable as my Android video amateur is in 2018, and Palm’s PocketTunes was the best adaptable music amateur acquaintance I’ve had.

As for the Palmware purchases I recorded on the Treo’s SD card, I can acquaint you that the diplomacy I acclimated to advancement to the card—Resco Advancement 2.21—was bought on July 9, 2008, for US$14.95. The allotment key was “17312” and the app was affirmed by accessory name—allowing me to run it on both the Treo and the T/X.

Other listed software that I purchased to ataxia one or both of my Palm accessories included:

The Palm Docs to Go allotment cardinal and activation key do not acquiesce me to get the pro adaptation of Docs to Go for Android. But that’s okay, I still adopt the interface of the Palm OS 5 version.

Documents-wise, aggregate abroad on the agenda dates from after January 1. 2010, back I larboard the apply of the Masonic Centre.

There is, for example, a spreadsheet, blue-blooded “Swing-top sales.xls”, which advance how I financially exploited a appeal amid home-brewers of ability beer between 2011 and 2013.

In 2011 I apparent that the then-owner of one of the canteen depots I acclimated to banknote in my returnable cooler containers was agilely reselling all the bowl swing-top beer bottles that I and added binners brought in.

The annex buyer paid us the accepted 10-cents-per swing-top canteen and afresh angry about and awash them for article a $1 each, to home beer brewers, who (it angry out) were crazy to get the comparatively-inexpensive and easy-to reseal appearance of beer bottles.

This alone became bright to me afterwards I assuredly registered the approved ceremony of well-dressed gentlemen abnormality table-to-table through the canteen depots I frequented—all alms to buy any swing-top bottles at par.

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California Apartment Association Residential Lease Agreement Rental .. | rental forms pdf

After a bit of campaigning on my part, I begin a home beer brewer in the Fairview neighbourhood who appropriately agreed to pay me 50 cents for every swing-top beer canteen I could find. He set a a bead box on his acreage area I could leave the bottles as I begin them—or sometimes bought them.

I anon fabricated it accepted to added binners that I had a chump who would pay me 50 cents for a swing-top canteen and, as allotment of that trade, I would pay 25 cents.

According to my meticulous, Excel-compatible, Docs to Go spreadsheet—between September 20, 2011 and February 25, 2013, I awash a absolute of 610 swing-top bottles for acquirement (less what I paid added binners) of $263.20. This works out to aloof over 43 cents per bottle, or added than four times what the recycling depots paid.

In accession to recording the bottles I delivered and how abundant I becoming from anniversary one afterwards expenses, the spreadsheet kept clue of any overpayments, as able-bodied as cast frequency.

My swing-top canteen adjustment with the Fairview citizen assuredly concluded because, for one thing, he absitively he had added than abundant of the bottles and for another, he and his adolescent ancestors confused to Tsawwassen, where—with what they were advantageous to alive in a Fairview apartment—they bent they could accounts a abode with a baby yard.

Of course, the adolescent still formed at a software aggregation in Fairview but he absitively that the continued drive to and from assignment (35 kilometres) was a amount account paying, in acknowledgment for the bigger apartment his ancestors could allow in Tsawwassen.

A accurate award-winning I begin on the SC agenda were PDF files of the acclaimed amateurish abusive novel, The Fateful adventures of the Acceptable Soldier Švejk (During the Abundant War), accounting in the 1920s by Czech columnist Jaroslav Hašek.

This is a fantastically acceptable English adaptation of the atypical which I purchased online in 2009, from a website that is still up.  I anamnesis how I had to able the PDF encryption so that I could run the files through Adobe’s PDF advocate for Palm. I’m bluntly afraid and beholden that the files accessible as approved PDFs.

The Good Soldier Švejk, by the way, follows the amusing misadventures of its namesake: a fat, easygoing, chicken of a fellow, press-ganged into the Austro-Hungarian army during the Abundant War of 1914-18. Everywhere Švejk goes he acquired anarchy and destruction, artlessly by affably following, to the letter, the orders of his superiors.

To say that Švejk has been accepted in Eastern Europe is a gross understatement. And acknowledgment to its accepted affair it has been translated into at atomic 50 languages.

Something abroad on on the SD agenda that was advantageous to me in its day but is of alone slight actual absorption now, is the 2011 Vancouver recycling accumulating schedule.

Well, that’s it for absorbing miscellanea.

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