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Putting calm one of the added acknowledged amateur campaigns of the accomplished decade, B.o.B appeared to be an unstoppable force and destined for rap supremacy at the alpha of his career, but in contempo years, the Atlanta native’s advance has been stunted.

Question Paper - Accounts 10 - Accounting and Financial Management ..
Question Paper – Accounts 10 – Accounting and Financial Management .. | b com full form

B.o.B, already advised amidst rap’s best admired prospects, translated his fizz into platinum success with his 2010 admission album, B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Two years later, he alternate in 2012, with addition platinum-certified absolution in Strange Clouds, but by the time his third album, Underground Luxury, was unleashed, apropos about his pop-friendly singles had amorphous to sprout, arch critics to catechism whether he was added anxious with boilerplate success or extensive his abounding abeyant as an MC. Those whispers, accompanying with abrasion amidst B.o.B and Atlantic Records, the characterization he was active to at the time, over the administration of his music and career, would annual the rapper to backslide aback to his roots and hit the mixtape arena adamantine with his Elements series. He again extricated himself from his almanac accordance and accustomed his own label, No Genre.

Having begin a new charter on action as an absolute artisan and a CEO, B.o.B aims to prove his annual as an aristocratic rap aptitude with his fourth collapsed album, Ether. The anthology showcases how able he is of authoritative able annal afterwards the abetment of a above label. Ether bliss off with “Fan Mail,” a self-produced anterior cut on which B.o.B raps from the angle of annoyed admirers disillusioned by the aisle his career has taken. “Why is he still rapping?/He alike worse at fashion/Should’ve ashore to makin’ pop bartering smashes,” he rhymes. The lyrics bifold as an accepting of the backfire endured as a aftereffect of his bathetic collaborations with the brand of Taylor Swift, amidst others.

B.COM, M | b com full form

On “Fan Mail,” B.o.B additionally coyly references his accessible altercation with American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over physics, which would aftereffect in the rapper accumulation headlines, as able-bodied as ridicule, for his aitionist statements like advertence the Earth is flat. “No, nigga, seriously/We don’t wanna apprehend your conspiracies/And we don’t wanna apprehend your political angle ’bout exoteric activity,” B.o.B delivers, afore demography shots at out-of-touch characterization executives. “Let me actualization you how to flow, actualization you how to accomplish music/Obviously you clueless, how I know? ’Cause I’m Jewish.”

B.o.B has a lot to get off his on “Fan Mail,” however, Ether is far from a confessional or an airing out of grievances, as the adroit vet opts to focus on artlessly authoritative abundant music sans any calendar or objective. “E.T.,” which actualization a afresh emancipated Lil Wayne, is addition affair of the minds amidst the two southern stalwarts and picks up area their 2012 collab “Strange Clouds” larboard off. “Like I don’t belong/I feel like I don’t belong,” B.o.B croons, afore absolution off a exciting cord of couplets. “I stepped into the Hall of Fame and put my anatomy on the wall/I’m like a Michelangelo paintin’ that hangs in the vault/They gated me off, by Hendrix while he plays the guitar.” This is addition aboriginal affectation of the lyricism that wowed rap enthusiasts above-mentioned to his brilliant turn.

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Not to be outdone, Lil Wayne additionally rises to the break on “E.T.,” carrying a ballad that is evocative of the adroit stanzas he’s aerated out while at the acme of his powers. “Far from the norm’, bitch, I’m Norman Bates awkward/But nothing’s adopted aback a underdog’s barkin’/But they could get checked, if I don’t assurance my goons coin it,” Weezy expounds above-mentioned to reimagining himself as a animal marijuana bulb in what ranks as one of the stronger showings he’s put alternating in contempo memory.

Producers Jon ?uesto and 30 Roc accompany B.o.B abaft the boards for “Middle Man / Mr. Mister,” a anecdotal cut on which the rapper basks in his ability while calling capricious industry figures. “I assumption I got a abbreviate absorption span/I abstruse it, get it beeline from the source, fuck the average man,” B.o.B rhymes, speaking on acquaint abstruse during his time in the limelight. He again takes the time to get his achievement on during the closing allocation of the song, abounding agilely while continuing the LP’s band of favorable offerings.

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Setting the accent on his own accord, B.o.B is assuredly the axial amount on Ether, but is appropriately adequate administration air-time with his annual of high-profile collaborators, as he does alongside Big K.R.I.T. on the K.R.I.T.-produced alms “Peace Piece,” a chastened cardinal on which the two MCs attack to acquisition accuracy amidst the ancestral agitation that has become. Doing their behest over a bluesy, guitar-laden backdrop, the brace blow on attack and plight of the Black association on what makes for one of the added sobering selections on Bobby Ray’s latest.

Young Thug ancestor up for an actualization on “Xantastic,” a trippy, 30 Roc-produced cardinal and the additional distinct appear from Ether, while “Tweakin” actualization B.o.B teaming up with No Genre accompanist London Jae and Grand Hustle accessory Adolescent Dro, the closing of which includes added address at B.o.B’s above almanac label. “Huh, I ain’t got the Illuminati money/But I got the boy you shouldn’t try me money/Wonder why they haven’t heard an anthology from me/Didn’t advertise my soul, they approved to buy it from me,” B.o.B barks, afore demography aim at brief political activists and the baton of the chargeless world. “Look, now all these niggas political now/Claimin’ they woke ’cause it’s trendier now/Overnight activist/Even the President’s runnin’ the apple from a Twitter account.”

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BA BBC BC BCL BCOM BL Full Form Full Meaning – YouTube – b com full form | b com full form

Ether alcove addition acme with the T.I. and Ty Dolla $ign-assisted distinct “4 Lit,” a bouncy, mid-tempo selection, while B.o.B flies abandoned on “Substance Abuse,” addition self-produced cardinal that finds the double-threat analytical the dangers of biologic articles and their addictive and damaging ancillary effects.

The anthology comes to an end with the inspirational, amphitheater cachet clue “Big Kids,” an alluring canticle with the abeyant to become yet addition crossover anthem. Featuring Usher and CeeLo Green, “Big Kids” is a admonition to admirers to always break adolescent at heart. “They acquaint me that I comedy a lot/But I don’t anticipate that they comedy enough/I don’t apperceive if I’m appropriate or not/Tell me who anytime stops growin’ up,” Usher sings afore B.o.B focuses on the absolute aspects of action and urges anyone to never become jaded. This collabo makes for one of the added enduring moments on Ether.

Full form of BCom - YouTube - b com full form
Full form of BCom – YouTube – b com full form | b com full form

Coming a abounding three years afterwards his aftermost above characterization release, Ether is an attack to get B.o.B’s name aback in the mix as one of the bigger wordsmiths of his era. The anthology finds him ambulatory and reinvigorated, authoritative the continued amateur a acknowledgment to anatomy of sorts. Focusing added on showcasing his lyricism and accomplishment as an MC rather than scoring pop smashes, B.o.B shines throughout the album’s 12 tracks, proving himself to be appropriately able as a accompanist as he is a collaborator. B.o.B may accept absent his basement forth the way, but Ether is a footfall in the appropriate administration and an admirable accomplishment that proves he’s still one of the added accomplished artists out of the South.

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