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Robert and Rachel Talley accustomed a Birchwood above-mentioned to the Indian abatement and purchased their acreage from the abandonment Indians. In the Civil War, three Talley sons marched abroad to activity for the Union. Another son who advantaged the Confederate side, James Pleasant Talley, was one of the nine commissioners called to adapt James County. Robert Talley was built-in about 1805 in Jefferson County, Tenn., and was allegedly the son of Dudley Talley and Nancy Davis, who affiliated at Jefferson Canton in 1798. Dudley Talley had appear bottomward from Hanover County, Va., to the East Tennessee borderland at an aboriginal age. He was built-in about 1773. He afterwards lived in Cocke County.John Talley “the Elder” and Henry Talley Jr. were in St. Paul’s Parish of Hanover Canton as aboriginal as the 1730s. An beforehand Dudley Talley larboard acreage on Modequin Creek to David Talley Jr., according to a accomplishment in 1784. Robert Talley’s wife, Rachel, was built-in in Kentucky about 1807. The ancestors lived in Knox Canton a Strawberry Plains, again they came on to Hamilton Canton in aggregation with the Yarnells. The Talleys acclimatized a the Tennessee River about 1837. James Pleasant was built-in in 1828 and Dudley Harrison was built-in the day afterwards Christmas in 1834. The added accouchement included Benjamin R., Lattimore Y., Zerelda, Mary J., Amanda F.T. and Rachel E. Zerelda was the additional wife of John E. Green, a Union veteran. Robert Talley added to his backing by purchasing three tracts accretion 140 acreage from John L. Yarnell in 1843. The amount was $350. Hesold 80 acreage of this acreage to Horace R. Latimer for $275. Additionally in 1843, Robert Talley bought 80 acreage from William Snow and George Waller for $75. But he paid $500 to Jackson B. Yarnell for 88 acreage that was allegedly added best land.

Aback the Civil War bankrupt out, James Pleasant Talley sympathized with the South. But his three adolescent brothers in October of 1862 “hiked to Kentucky” to activity for the added side. They chock-full at Chitwood, Tenn., to enlist, again aing the Seventh Tennessee Infantry at Lexington, Ky. They anon transferred to Battery B of the Aboriginal Battalion of Tennessee Light Artillery. Dudley H. Talley was a wagonmaster and he rose to quartermaster-sergeant. Benjamin R. Talley was answer to corporal. Lattimore Y. Talley became ill with burning and was beatific aback to Hamilton County. He “died at his father’s home” on Aug. 14, 1864. He was 24. Benjamin R. Talley did not alive continued afterwards the war, which bedridden abounding of those who survived. He died in 1868 and was alive in the breadth of National Cemetery a Holtzclaw Avenue that was aforetime Jackson Park. Dudley Harrison Talley affiliated Mary Jane Salmon in 1866, and she died in 1884. He took Mrs. Isabelle Bacon as his additional wife in 1890. Dudley H. Talley lived to be 99 and voted in every presidential acclamation from 1856 to 1932. He was a Whig afore the war and afterwards was a allegiant Republican. His accouchement included Lucy, George M., O.S., B.F. and Caswell H., the closing of whom lived at Victoria in Marion County. George M. Talley died actuality in 1942. His accouchement were listed as daughters Hazel Utt, Mrs. Melvin D. Lawson and Mrs. Robert A. Elliott and sons Ernest L., Edward and David H. James Pleasant Talley affiliated Caroline McCandless. They lived a Birchwood and their accouchement abounding the Georgetown Academy. The ancestors farmed and additionally operated a accepted store. They abounding Salem Baptist Church. Afterwards allowance anatomy James County, J.P. Talley was amends of the accord for the Additional Civil District arctic of Harrison. He afterwards was postmaster at Thatcher’s Landing. He lived until 1911 and his wife until 1909. They were alive at the Bald Hill Cemetery a Grasshopper Creek. Their accouchement included Evaline, Jane Yarnell, Benjamin Lewis, Thomas J., Dudley Harrison, Julia and Addie who died young. Evaline Talley affiliated George Posey Moon, and they confused to Arkansas in 1875. G.P. Moon became ill in 1884 and he died aloof afterwards the ancestors alternate to Hamilton Canton in a covered wagon. Their fifth adolescent was built-in three months afterwards his death. Jane Yarnell Talley affiliated Dr. Burk Priddy, who had aboriginal been affiliated to Harriet Moon. Julia Talley affiliated Harrison Earl White, whose aboriginal wife was Rebecca Elkins. White operated a trading baiter on the river, again he had a accepted abundance at Birchwood. Ben L. and Tom Talley additionally had a abundance at Birchwood, again they set up a aftermath close in East Chattanooga. Ben L. Talley aboriginal affiliated Rachel J. Eldridge and their adolescent was Cora, who affiliated Joe Graham and confused to California. Afterwards the afterlife of his aboriginal wife, Ben L. Talley affiliated Elizabeth Katherine “Kate” Day, babe of Thomas Alfred Day and Elizabeth Katherine Priddy. The Ben L. Talley familybuilt a anatomy home in Highland Park at 1516 Vance Ave., which they aboriginal alive in August of 1904. The ancestors abounding Highland Park Baptist Church. Accouchement of Ben L. Talley by his additional wife were James Pleasant, Ben L. Jr., Robert Edward and Annie Caroline “Dixie.” James P. Talley affiliated Flora Hudson, and Ben L. Talley Jr. affiliated Louise Homan. Robert E. Talley affiliated Catherine Hixson, again Virginia Kennedy. Dixie Talley affiliated the acreage official E. Cecil Phillips. Thomas J. Talley lived at 302 Continued St. He had a son, Lucius Thomas Talley, who served with the 117th Infantry in World War I, again went to assignment for Tom Wilcox Plumbing. However, he died in 1922 aback he was 28. His widow, Matilda Brewer Talley, affiliated Eldon Thomas Nunnand they confused to Miami. Accouchement of Lucius T. Talley were Lucius T. Jr., John Daniel and Alfred Dale, who was asleep in a car bones in Miami in 1940 aback he was 19. Added accouchement of Thomas J. Talley were Pearl, who affiliated Charles A. Brewer, and Lucille, who affiliated Roy E. Hope and confused to Missouri. Dudley Harrison Talley, son of James Pleasant Talley who was called for his uncle, was built-in in 1864. He and his wife, Jennie, lived at 3025 Dodson Ave. They had James Pleasant, Rosco, Bryan and Oscar and a daughter, Lola, who affiliated Carl Langston. Several of these sons served during World War I. Rosco formed abounding years at the Post Office. Louise Homan Talley still lives in Chattanooga. Dixie Talley Phillips died in 1999. So far as is known, no macho Talley associates of this ancestors band still abide here.

ANOTHER TALLEY FAMILY actuality was that of Berry Talley, who was “a agriculturalist in the Fifth Civil District” who lived at Hornville (Eastdale) a Shallowford Road. The alley that anesthetized by his Brainerd abode came to be accepted as Talley Road.

This Talley ancestors had fabricated its way from Virginia to Arctic Carolina and on to Laurens County, S.C. They were at Laurens aback Berry Talley was built-in in 1827, and they confused to Georgia aback he was five. His ancestor was Stephen Talley, who was built-in in 1788. The mother was Polly Pool Talley, who was built-in in South Carolina in 1803. Stephen Talley was a soldier beneath Gen. Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. Polly Talley had died aback in Laurens in 1829, abrogation adolescent Berry Talley and his bristles beforehand siblings. Stephen Talley’s additional wife, Eliza, was 28 years adolescent than he was. Their accouchement were Robert, John, Andrew, Floyd, Henry, Nancy M., Harrison Tyler, Darling, Mary, Chesley and Amos. Berry Talley went into business for himself aback he was 17. He fabricated his way from Gordon County, Ga., to Hamilton Canton in 1856. He was aing by his brother, William, who had become accustomed with the breadth aback he assisted in theIndian removal. William Talley, who additionally served in the Creek Indian war, was a carpenter who did the finishing assignment on the Foster Carper home. He was a bachelor. Floyd Talley, a bisected brother, came actuality also. Stephen Talley, who was “a affable acceptable man,” was a coroner for one appellation in Georgia. He died in 1872.

Berry Talley was 50 years old afore he abstruse to address his name. But he was able toacquire 107 “well cultivated” acreage on the Bird Mill Road. He served as a amends of the accord and endemic “the additional affection gin anytime put up in Hamilton County.”

Aback the Civil War arose, Berry Talley allegedly did not accompany either army. However, the above Creek Indian fighter William Talley stepped advanced for the South, aing Co. B of the Aboriginal Tennessee Cavalry. His horse was asleep by the adversary on Dec. 30, 1862. Floyd Talley enlisted Aug. 24, 1861, at Camp Cummings with the Confederacy’s Co. A of the Fifth (McKenzie’s) Cavalry. The assemblage was headed by A.J. Ragon. By the end of February of 1863, Floyd Talley had been army for 164 canicule and was duea $50 bounty. However, he was listed as absent afterwards leave in November of 1864.Berry Talley’s aboriginal wife was Mrs. Ellender Gay Langston, and their accouchement were Stephen, Mary, Nancy Martha Emaline, John and William. Stephen and William died at aboriginal ages.

Ellender Talley died in 1862, and Berry Talley affiliated Celina Oliver in 1863. They had a daughter, Kesiah, again the additional wife died in 1874. Berry Talley had four accouchement by his third wife, Martha Wright. They were Alice, Tennessee, Berry M. and Margaret A. Aback the third Mrs. Talley died in 1879, he affiliated Mrs. Margaret Lee Betters. They had a son, Thomas Wesley, and a daughter, Frankie. Berry Talley was a affect in the Baptist church. In backroom he was “a Democrat afore the war, but aback that accident has been conservative, voting for arch instead of party.” Berry Talley was still at his home abode aback he died in 1909, admitting his backing had been bargain to 20 acres. He was laid to blow “at the ancestors graveyard.” Some years afterwards a bi-weekly advertence was fabricated to “the backward Squire Berry Talley, whose old home stands a the Talley road, aloof east of Chattanooga.”

Berry Talley fabricated accouterment that his wife, Margaret, be accustomed to baddest two milk cows,one horse or mule, and three hogs from his livestock. The accouchement were listed as Thomas, John and B.M. Talley, Mary Petty, Nancy Martha Emaline Biggs, Tennie McDowell, Maggie Steedley, Frankie McBrien and Kesiah Cornett. Nancy Martha Emaline had affiliated James D. Biggs in 1866. Tennie had affiliated John H. McDowell, whose ancestors lived adjacent on McDowell Hill. Frankie had affiliated George M. McBrien, whose ancestors lived on McBrien Alley in Brainerd. Maggie had affiliated William Steedley. Daughter, Alice, had affiliated John Fletcher Wilson. Afterwards her death, Wilson affiliated MerryHogan. The two-story Berry Talley home was awash to Randolph Howell, a available who was canton adjudicator of property. The home still stands at 4212 Howell Alley and the Talley Cemetery is nearby. The Talley home is believed to be the oldest abode in Brainerd. It allegedly was continuing during the Civil War and portions of it may accept been congenital abundant earlier. An old log berth is sheathed central its walls. Wendell Talley, son of Thomas W. Talley, was the aftermost of the ancestors alive at the Talley graveyard, which is now overgrown. Tom Talley lived in Eastdale. Shortly afterwards he had bought a four-door 1928 Chevrolet with board spokes, his accomplished two-story home on Terrell Street burned,but he rebuilt. He was additionally an alive Baptist. Another son, Berry Lee Talley, died as a adolescent man and is alive at Concord Baptist Abbey Cemetery. He had formed at the Chattanooga Boiler and Tank Aggregation and for the U Bust Em and We Fix Em radiator adjustment shop. A babe of Tom Talley, Leita, affiliated Cabe L. Strong and they additionally lived on Terrell Street in a baby abode fabricated of logs and covered with weatherboarding. That abode additionally burned. Floyd Talley, who was built-in in Georgia in 1836, affiliated Nancy Jane Shull in 1870. Their accouchement included Eliza, Sarah J., Virginia, Andrew P. and George W. Nancy Jane Shull Talley died in 1896 and Floyd Talley in 1912. They areburied at Concord.

STILL ANOTHER TALLEY actuality was Joel E. Talley, who enlisted for the Union at Ooltewah on March 1, 1862. He was built-in about 1823 in Arctic Carolina and had affiliated Sarah Elizabeth Roark, babe of Joseph and Juda Carr Roark. Their accouchement were Mary C., Joseph W., Benjamin M., Andrew J., Margaret E. and James W. who affiliated Elsie Jane Smith. Two beforehand accouchement of Joel Talley were Amanda and Elizabeth, who affiliated Francis Marion Cookston.

Joel Talley on Feb. 28, 1863, was court-martialed for actuality absent afterwards leave. He wassentenced to 30 canicule activity and had a month’s pay deducted. By the end of the year, he was listed as a deserter. His added afterwards filed a widow’s pension, claiming he was missing in activity and was apparently dead. The alimony was denied. Sarah E. Talley sued her bedmate for annulment in 1869, claiming he had baffled her, threatened her life, and would not accommodate for the family. She said she feared he planned to advertise their 80-acre place, account from $800 to $1,000. Joel Talley denied the charges. They had been affiliated 18 years. The 1870 demography shows Joel A. Talley agriculture a Dardenelle in YellCounty, Ark., with his three oldest sons with him. His wife and the two youngest accouchement are in James County. Joel Talley and the oldest son, Joseph W. Talley, do not appearance up in the 1880 census. The youngest two sons were aback active with their mother.

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