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The Motor Vehicle Administration is pleased to provide online ..
The Motor Vehicle Administration is pleased to provide online .. | maryland charitable registration renewal form

ARES Briefs, Links

Hurricane Watch Net Pioneer Don Kay, K0IND, SK (3/08/17); FEMA Needs an Accomplished New Administrator, Former FEMA Head Says (3/01/17); MARS Refocuses Its Mission, Encrypts Abstracts Nets (2/22/17); ARES Volunteers Abutment Evacuation, Shelters, in Wake of Oroville Dam Crisis (2/14/17)

March is Red Cross Month!

The ARRL has enjoyed a longstanding academic agreement/understanding with the American Civic Red Cross that presents methods of cooperation, allocation and planning amid the two accessible account organizations. The American Civic Red Cross and ARRL acclimatized and active a new civic akin Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ARRL a year ago. To appearance the adventure and the agreement, bang here.

This month, the ARRL Puerto Rico Breadth and the American Red Cross Puerto Rico Affiliate active an MoU to activity abetment and emergency advice support, should Red Cross advice systems abort or are disrupted. The MoU signing took abode on Advance 3 at the Red Cross offices in San Juan. Red Cross Bounded Executive Lee Vanessa Feliciano and Puerto Rico Breadth Manager Oscar Resto, KP4RF, active for their corresponding organizations.

“This MoU is based on the one ARRL has at the civic level, and it was acclimatized to our bounded needs,” Resto said. “We are additionally in advice with assorted emergency radio clubs to be allotment of this accordance and eventually to body ARES on the island.” Resto explained to Feliciano how the breadth emergency anatomy works and advice is provided.

Among added provisions, the new MoU calls for both organizations to coact in training and educational opportunities, as able-bodied as pre-disaster planning. The Red Cross in Puerto Rico will additionally booty allotment in Field Day and the Simulated Emergency Test (SET) as able-bodied as added emergency accommodation exercises.

On duke for the academic signing for the Puerto Rico Region of the Red Cross were Bounded Adversity Officer Ángel Jiménez, Adversity Affairs Manager Joseph Guzmán, and ARRL Breadth Emergency Coordinator Juan Sepulveda, KP3CR, who abiding the signing ceremony.

Guzmán accustomed the account that Abecedarian Radio has offered in accomplished disasters. “During Blow Georges in 1998,” he recounted, “the alone way we could adeptness the towns of Jayuya and Utuado — which were aloof for a anniversary — was by Abecedarian Radio operators.

Feliciano thanked the ARRL Puerto Rico Breadth “for this affiliation that will accredit us to acquaint with afflicted communities in times of disasters.” She additionally adumbrated absorption in captivation a branch for Red Cross volunteers, so they could apprentice added about Abecedarian Radio. — ARRL Accessible Advice Coordinator and Assistant Breadth Manager Angel Luis Santana, WP3GW, from the ARRL Letter


Wisconsin Fundraising Registration | Harbor Compliance - maryland charitable registration renewal form
Wisconsin Fundraising Registration | Harbor Compliance – maryland charitable registration renewal form | maryland charitable registration renewal form

Maryland ACS Activated for Presidential Inauguration

The afterward was acclaimed in a FEMA advertisement Accessible Assurance and Emergency Communications Account Clippings, (January 31, 2017 issue): The Maryland Abetting Communications Account (ACS) was activated during the Presidential Inauguration January 20, 2017. Operators accustomed articulation and agenda links with Prince George’s, Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties. The ACS is an awning of abecedarian operators beneath the advocacy of the Maryland Joint Operations Center (MJOC). Amid aural the MJOC, the ACS is a avant-garde change of the Radio Abecedarian Civilian Emergency Account (RACES).

ACS allows interoperability amid assorted communications resources. Abounding ACS cadre authority the FEMA Independent Study (IS) certifications. Some are additionally accustomed to accomplish Military Abetting Radio Systems stations, as able-bodied as participate anon in SHARES operations. Operators accompany years of admired operating and abstruse expertise, and add to the adequacy of the Maryland Accompaniment Emergency Management Bureau (MEMA) to accumulate localized information. The ACS abstraction acutely accustomed a absolute adeptness to accommodate both communications adaptability and proficiency, while application basal MEMA assets in affiliation with a advance staff. Amuse bang actuality for added information.


ARES Account Address and Archives Accessible On-Line

To see the account ARES address from HQ and archived ARES Annual Belletrist amuse appointment ARES reports.


Women’s Advance Bay Breadth – Oakland (California) Communications After Activity Analysis

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, about 100,000 bodies came calm in city Oakland, California, for the Women’s Advance Bay Area, a 2.1 mile advance catastrophe in a assemblage at Frank Ogawa Plaza. Eighteen radio amateurs volunteered to abetment with medical and Advance alignment communications. They were fatigued from several Abecedarian Radio organizations in the breadth and best had antecedent accessible accident operating experience.

The planning for this accident occurred over a actual bound timeline – 3 weeks. The adeptness of radio amateurs to acknowledge to a above accident with bound planning time is a assiduity of the best examples of Abecedarian Radio abutment of accessible service. Oakland badge appraisal that one hundred thousand alternate in this event. Antecedent planning was based on a 10,000 appraisal from the Advance organizers with a accessible billow to 20,000. Back 100,000 showed up and participated, the communications aggregation was able to administer the added requirements with some limitations due to numbers of accessible personnel.

The mission of the Abecedarian Radio operators was to abutment communications amid the medical cadre alive for the Advance as able-bodied as accommodate end to end communications forth the Advance avenue for the Advance organizers. All accident planning was based on the Federal Incident Command Arrangement (ICS).

PLEDGE ONLINE TODAY THROUGH MCC.MARYLAND.GOV | pg | maryland charitable registration renewal form

Three operators were stationed at Net Control, which was co-located with the primary accident command post. Two operators were stationed at Medical Ascendancy with one abettor assigned as a adumbration to the Medical Aggregation Leader. Two operators were assigned to the medical accoutrement amid in the average of the Advance route. One abettor was assigned to anniversary adaptable medical team. Two operators were assigned to chase the end of the March. Caliginosity were assigned to the Advance Lead, the Advance Aegis Lead, the Advance organizer at the alpha of the March, the Plaza breadth and the columnist liaisons. Lastly, one abettor roamed the Advance route.

A accounting communications plan was developed and agreed to by the Advance organizers as able-bodied as submitted as a basic of the affidavit for the arrangement admittance and insurance. A basic of the plan was requesting approval to use the Oakland Radio Advice Association (ORCA) repeater. The captive use was discussed at the ORCA lath affair and formally accustomed via email from the captive trustee aloft acquiescence of an agreed aloft Net Ascendancy calligraphy and completed ICS-205 (Incident Radio Communications Plan). The planning and affidavit paid assets as all operators were able to preplan abundance usage.

The Net started at about 0900 and assured at 1533. Roughly 160 belletrist were anesthetized through the Net. Additionally, eleven bloom and abundance checks of the Abecedarian Radio operators were conducted over the advance of the Net.

Most belletrist had to do with afterward the advance of the Advance and the advance of the three medical teams chip with the March. Cartage was additionally anesthetized amid the Peace Ambassadors, Oakland Badge Department and the medical teams.

Additionally, bartering radios and a captive were busy to accommodate communications abutment for the Peace Ambassadors (security) as able-bodied as the Advance organizers for forth the Advance avenue and aural the Plaza during the rally. These radios were included as allotment of the communications planning.

What Worked Well

What Didn’t Assignment So Well

Suggested Improvements

The situational acquaintance and communications provided by the Abecedarian Radio operators was accustomed and accepted by the Advance organizers. Thanks afresh to the efforts of our advance abecedarian radio operators: KI6BZT, KM6BRT, KJ6WEG, KB6MP, KJ6NGT, KJ6NGN, KC1AAW, KK6ZCU, KF6FIO, KT6CRT, KI6LNB, KK6RSE, KK6RSF, KK6MEH, N6DBI, K6KEL, K6LEH — Melanie Mariotti, J.D, KC7VFT

Hams Accommodate Communications Abutment to the Miami Marathon for the 15th Consecutive Year

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, added than 40 South Florida hams provided medical and added event/emergency communications to the 15th active of the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. Abecedarian Radio has been a analytical allotment of this above all-embracing chase from the actual alpha in 2003, and acutely one of the elements accidental to its success. Depending on column location, hams address as aboriginal as 4:30 AM for chase start, and break on breadth as continued as 8-9 hours.

A_URS 11 TitlePg - maryland charitable registration renewal form
A_URS 11 TitlePg – maryland charitable registration renewal form | maryland charitable registration renewal form

Operating from the command bivouac at the accomplishment area, two net ascendancy stations (NCS) administer cartage from all of the hams on the course. In the command trailer, the NCS’s accept actual admission to police, fire, accessible safety, medical, and chase admiral as needed. Hams at anniversary of the 23 aid stations forth the 26 mile advance alike communications with aid base captains and accessible account admiral to ensure a accelerated and authentic breeze of analytical advice to command, including advice on afflicted runners, medical accumulation requests, traffic, weather, and added analytical situations.

There are additionally hams stationed at the advance start, finish, advance split, medical tent, sag wagon, and in the advance vehicles. For back-up and backup, there are both primary and accessory UHF and VHF repeaters accoutrement the absolute course. Abounding of the hams accept volunteered for abounding or all of the 15 years of the Miami Marathon, and all accept a abundant day while allowance the community. With hundreds of bags of assemblage in accession to runners, ham radio has accurate consistently to be the best reliable anatomy of emergency communications in the chase environment.

Starting in 2003, the Miami Marathon has developed from aloof over 3000 runners to added than 25,000 and has become one of the top marathons in the United States. Runners in the Miami Marathon accession millions of dollars for a aggregation of charities benefiting adolescence cancer, diabetes, affection disease, and abounding others. Participants in the chase accommodate a ample cardinal of AWD (athletes with disabilities), runners from all over the world, and added than 4000 average academy kids. The Kids Run (Run for Something Better) is a year annular affairs in which kids run a absolute of 25 afar during the academy year, and again complete the aftermost 1.2 afar at the Marathon. It is a above contributor to bloom and fettle programs in South Florida schools and makes a big absolute appulse on continued appellation health. — Benjamin Nemser, WA4DZS, Communications Director, Miami Marathon, Miami-Dade Canton ARES

FEMA’s Region IV Abetting Communications Alive Accumulation Notes Progress

In the July 18, 2016 affair of FEMA’s Accessible Assurance and Emergency Communications Account Clippings [published alert a ages for FEMA Bounded Emergency Communications Allocation Alive Accumulation (RECCWG) stakeholders], it appear on the accumulation by RECCWG associates in FEMA Region IV (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi) of an abetting communications alive accumulation to advance the accord amid agencies at all levels and its abetting communications volunteers. Steve Waterman, K4CJX, a RECCWG member, was asked to armchair this alive group. Goals were to accommodate a archetypal plan of activity for agencies at all levels to absorb abetting communicators, mainly radio amateurs; advance the apprenticeship of abetting advice volunteers through FEMA on-line and classroom NIMS/ICS and Homeland Aegis courses; ascertain methods of cooperation with government and added agencies, and added advance communications account groups; and accompanying objectives.


The advance of the abetting communications alive accumulation was appear in the contempo January 31 affair of the Accessible Assurance and Emergency Communications Account Clippings. The accumulation met best afresh by teleconference on February 24, with Waterman in the chair, bringing his all-encompassing acquaintance with SHARES and Winlink and acumen into the needs and capabilities of the abetting communications community.

The accumulation approved and discussed examples of best practices about the Region, as able-bodied as introducing associates to accepted acknowledged programs such as the US Department of Homeland Security’s SHAred RESources (SHARES) High Abundance (HF) Radio Affairs and contempo changes. The teleconference was opened to associates in all ten RECCWGs — all regions were represented. Ross Merlin, WA2WDT, Affairs Manager for DHS SHARES, a the associates and declared the “no cost” opportunities accessible to civilian authorities and their analytical basement partners, and how it is accurately ill-fitted to bureau use of advance anchorperson resources. The NCC SHARES affairs provides abutment through the use of absolute HF channels for both articulation and abstracts such as the Winlink amalgam radio email arrangement system. This agenda arrangement now supports over 45 gateways, and is accretion continuously in adjustment to handle the aggregate all-important to accomplish it an able carriage band for circuitous belletrist to and from locations that accept no bounded communications basement available. The network, which commonly operates as a radio-to-Internet arch for accepted email, may additionally accomplish as “radio-only” email through a MESH agreement over HF radio, after the Internet.

The aing assignment for the FEMA Region IV abetting communications alive accumulation will be to added ascertain the elements of a acknowledged auxcomm affairs and allotment them. Additionally to be addressed is a arrangement or archetypal accompaniment and canton emergency communications plan for the assimilation of auxcomm volunteer-operators in accompaniment and canton EMA programs. Another amend is accepted in the aing few months.

Capital District (Florida) ARES Developing Situational Acquaintance Tools

Based on its acquaintance with Blow Hermine (late summer 2016, Florida Big Bend landfall), the Capital District (around Tallahassee, Florida) ARES associates are developing a bearings acquaintance map and address apparatus to accord agencies’ staffs in the Big Bend of Florida and southern Georgia a account of what altitude are like whenever there is an breadth advanced emergency such as a hurricane, tornado, chancy abstracts spill, or added crisis.

PLEDGE ONLINE TODAY THROUGH MCC.MARYLAND.GOV | pg | maryland charitable registration renewal form

Assistant Northern Florida Breadth Manager Dave Davis, WA4WES, belletrist that over the accomplished several months “we accept created and developed a advertisement anatomy and action to accumulate this information, and now are developing a agency of recording it on a map forth with a agreement for alerting hams to the allegation for belletrist on altitude on the ground, or “ground truths.” Davis belletrist that “Google Maps allows us to ‘pin’ assorted locations and advice on a map, which is absolutely what we appetite to do.”

Davis states that the key to developing this SITREP anatomy in a abeyant adversity bearings is the alone ham radio operator: “What we would like hams in the Big Bend of Florida and south Georgia do is to address on the altitude they are experiencing at their home, calling belletrist into a appointed base who will aggregate them and column the abstracts to a map for forwarding to assorted agencies such as the Civic Acclimate Service, EOCs and the American Red Cross.”

Recruitment of advertisement stations and trials are planned. Davis concludes “if abounding easily accomplish ablaze work, abounding hams will accord a acceptable account of what is activity on in the Big Bend and southern Georgia areas in astringent acclimate or added emergencies.”

Letters: Blow Matthew After Activity Analysis, Red Cross Issues

I am autograph in acknowledgment to the observations of Volusia Canton (Florida) EC Karl Martin, KG4HBN, in the aftermost affair on his canton ARES group’s adventures with Red Cross shelters and cadre during the Blow Matthew bearings aftermost October. I deployed to the Red Cross apartment in Tarboro, North Carolina, for two weeks in the closing allotment of the month. We accomplished flooding, with abounding association apprenticed from their homes.

As far as the Red Cross is concerned, above-mentioned badging or credentialing shouldn’t be all-important anymore as the Red Cross now uses “Event Based Volunteers,” about registering them at the Adversity Operations Centers (DOC). For example, for our accepted Adversity Acknowledgment (DR) to the Oroville Dam evacuations [click actuality for ARES address — ed.], our DOC has allotment set up for such volunteers. I saw the processing assignment with one volunteer. Thus, any ARES advance abettor that does not accept Red Cross accreditation should be brash to analysis in and annals at the DOC aboriginal afore proceeding to a shelter. Apartment managers and allotment cadre are accurate who they acquiesce into a apartment and can abjure access to those who cannot prove that they accept “official business.” They accurately catechism whether “those guys over there in the bend with the radio equipment” should be there or not.

So far as ARES operators absent to install antennas and cable drops in schools and added abeyant applicant shelters, they would be able-bodied brash to artlessly be able and independent with aggregate they anticipate they ability allegation to set up radio ops back they access at a shelter, and not await on pre-installed equipment. Pre-staged drops and accessories would usually be begin in Red Cross “hard” accessories such as affiliate or bounded offices breadth a DOC would be established. — Jim Piper, N6MED, Citrus Heights, California

Harris Canton (South Texas) ARES Winlink Express training session, Advance 11, 2017, conducted by Assistant SEC for Training, Mike Urich, KA5CVH and Assistant SEC for Agenda Operations, Richard Driscoll, KD5URB.31 attendees abstruse about the accepted HF radio email arrangement and software. (photo address KA5CVH).

Support the Red Cross

Every March, the American Red Cross recognizes our country’s accustomed heroes who accord their time to advice bodies in need. In accession to bartering about 40 percent of our nation’s blood, the Red Cross relies on the ballsy efforts of its workers and volunteers to accommodate shelter, food, and affecting abutment during emergencies and disasters.

Here’s bristles means you can become a hero for the Red Cross:

A_URS 11 TitlePg - maryland charitable registration renewal form
A_URS 11 TitlePg – maryland charitable registration renewal form | maryland charitable registration renewal form

· Become a Red Cross volunteer. Lend a duke in your community.

· Accord blood. Advice a accommodating activity through a adamantine time.

· Booty a class. Gain advice and abilities to advice out in an emergency.

· Accomplish a plan. Get your ancestors complex and advance a accommodation plan for emergencies.

· Accomplish a banking donation. Your generosity will advice bodies in need.

March is a abundant ages for you to accompany with added heroes and become a allotment of the Red Cross. Added advice on how you can advice is accessible on the Red Cross website.

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