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The 4 Secrets About Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification Form Only A Handful Of People Know | Texas Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification Form

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The IONIQ Plug-In has been delayed a few times, but we accepted it to still admission above-mentioned to the end of 2017. We’ve aloof been cat-and-mouse on appraisement from the automaker. Now we accept it absolute from the manufacturer’s website:

texas motor vehicle transfer notification form | Wordcars
texas motor vehicle transfer notification form | Wordcars | texas motor vehicle transfer notification form
vtr 12 form txdmv – Solid
vtr 12 form txdmv – Solid | texas motor vehicle transfer notification form
Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification - Texas Free Download - texas motor vehicle transfer notification form
Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification – Texas Free Download – texas motor vehicle transfer notification form | texas motor vehicle transfer notification form

For comparison, the 2018 Honda Clarity PHEV starts at $33,400. Although it does accept added battery-electric ambit and it’s a midsize car. The bunched 2018 Chevrolet Volt comes in at $33,220 and the aggressive Toyota Prius Prime has a starting amount of $27,100.

The IONIQ Plug-In Amalgam includes a continued account of accepted accepted features, including a 7-inch touch-screen infotainment arrangement with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, BlueLink, HD Radio, accessory radio, and Bluetooth. It additionally offers a abundance of alive assurance features.

Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid

2018 Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam adds accession acute eco-focused alms from the world’s aboriginal committed agent belvedere to be offered in three electrified powertrains

Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam gives an absorbing 29-plus mile all-electric ambit (119 MPGe and 52 MPG), and added than 650 afar of absolute ambit with circadian affairs flexibility

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 22, 2017 – Hyundai has added the 2018 Plug-in Amalgam archetypal to its accepted Ioniq agency for the 2018 archetypal year, forth with new actualization for Ioniq Amalgam and Electric models. The growing eco-focused Ioniq agency is the aboriginal to action three audible electrified powertrains on a single, committed agent platform. Hyundai’s admission for the Ioniq band delivers an uncompromising architecture and alive acquaintance accompanying with the latest in assurance and accessibility technologies, authoritative it an ambrosial best for a avant-garde ambit of buyers.


The new 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam and added models action a sleek, aerodynamic contour with an industry-leading 0.24 Cd acquired from anxiously advised surfaces. The Ioniq employs ability and technology in its architecture to actualize both a different and avant-garde appearance. Throughout the absolute development phase, engineers and designers formed anxiously to ensure that anatomy and action acquired accompanying in a commutual fashion. Its aqueous exoteric actualization and bland air breeze channels accent aerodynamic anatomy curve and architecture forms.


Developed for aerial activity ability after compromising alive performance, every Ioniq powertrain represents a different and uncompromising band-aid appear a cleaner agency of mobility.

Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid

The new 2018 Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam provides an all-electric ambit of added than 29 miles, 119 MPGe in EV admission and 52 MPG in amalgam admission based on EPA estimates, powered by a almighty 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam actualization a new Kappa 1.6L direct-injected Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder agent with an incomparable thermal ability of 40 percent and carrying an estimated 104 appliance and an estimated 109 lb.-ft. of torque. This agent has been accurately tailored to the amalgam appliance and is accumulated with a quick-shifting six-speed double-clutch manual – appropriate Ioniq from its key competitors with a added activating and agreeable alive experience. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid’s estimated 45kW (60 horsepower) electric motor is accompanying with a 1.6-liter direct-injected Atkinson four-cylinder Kappa engine. The high-efficiency electric motor can accomplish at speeds up to 75 MPH and delivers direct torque at low speeds, with accessible power-assist at college agent speeds.

The Ioniq Hybrid’s electric motor delivers an estimated 32 kW (43 horsepower) with an estimated best torque of 125 lb.-ft., powered by a lithium-ion polymer array with 1.56 kWh capacity. The array is calmly positioned beneath the rear commuter seats. In aggregate with the 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, Ioniq Amalgam offers a absolute arrangement achievement of 139 appliance while accouterment low emissions, outstanding ability and range. The Ioniq Amalgam Blue archetypal has an EPA-estimated 58 MPG accumulated rating, the accomplished appraisement of any non-plug-in agent awash in the U.S. market.

The Ioniq Electric offers authentic electric advancement with a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer array for an estimated alive ambit of 124 miles. The electric motor has a best achievement of 88 kW (118 horsepower) and 218 lb.-ft. of torque akin to a single-speed reduction-gear transmission. The Ioniq Electric has an EPA-estimated 136 MPGe rating, the accomplished ability appraisement of any electric agent awash in the U.S. market.

Six-speed dual-clutch transmission

The new Hyundai IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid

The Ioniq Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam both affection a six-speed EcoShift® dual-clutch manual (DCT), which boasts best-in-class alteration ability through the use of low-friction bearings and low-viscosity manual oil, and is able to accomplish a different mix of alive achievement and ammunition ability for a alive and fun-to-drive character. This is an important differentiator from the majority of added Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam cars that use a Continuously Variable Transmission, which are generally criticized as accepting ‘rubber band-like’ acceleration.

Enhancing the car’s ammunition ability and activating alive characteristics, the disciplinarian can baddest either SPORT or ECO modes. The SPORT action holds lower apparatus best and combines ability from the agent and electric motor for best performance. In ECO mode, the DCT optimizes accessory another for efficiency, upshifting beforehand to accomplish class-leading ammunition economy.

Advanced Array Technology

Further, the powertrain apparatus were advised to be bunched and awful efficient. The accumulated added weight of the Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam technology accordingly adds basal weight to the Ioniq, but decidedly increases its efficiency. Electric ability for the Amalgam and the Plug-in Hybrid, as able-bodied as for the Electric, is generated by a abiding allurement ancillary motor whose genitalia were optimized by abbreviation the array of amount apparatus by up to 10 percent and adopting rectangular-section nut wire to abatement amount and nut loss. Hyundai uses a lithium-ion polymer array backpack for all Ioniq models which is 20 percent lighter than non-polymer lithium-ion batteries and can be shaped added optimally to the autogenous than accepted corpuscle architecture batteries. This additionally provides lower anamnesis sensitivity, accomplished allegation and acquittal efficiency, and outstanding best output.

Both able packaging and a low centermost of force were taken into application as the array arrangement is amid beneath the rear seats so that the commuter berth and burden breadth is uncompromised in the Ioniq Hybrid, alms a absolute autogenous aggregate of an estimated 122.7 cubic anxiety (more than Toyota Prius). Alike the Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam and the Ioniq Electric, admitting accepting beyond array systems, both action a acceptable absolute autogenous aggregate of an estimated 119.2 cubic feet.

All Ioniq Electric models are able with accepted Level-3 DC fast-charging capability. Charging the Ioniq Electric’s lithium-ion polymer array up to 80 percent alone takes about 23 account application a SAE Combo Level-3 DC, 100 kW fast-charger. An chip In-Cable Ascendancy Box (ICCB) additionally allows drivers to allegation their Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Amalgam application a accepted domiciliary electric atrium back necessary.

2018 Hyundai IONIQ Plug In

Lightweighting focus

Ioniq approved cogent weight abridgement targets after compromising fun-to-drive and abundance characteristics. Ioniq uses aluminum in the awning and tailgate, abbreviation weight by 27 lbs. compared with accepted animate and no assessable disadvantages in babble or vibration. In addition, the lead-acid abetting 12V array begin in competitors’ amalgam models has been bare for the Ioniq Hybrid, consistent in an almost 26-pound abridgement in weight. Lightweighting additionally continued to beneath accessible areas like the cargo-screen cover. With college acceptance of failing apparatus and a added bunched build, the cargo-screen awning is about 25-percent lighter than the types acclimated in added Hyundai models.

Driving achievement – low- to zero-emission advancement after compromise

Ioniq Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam affection a adult multi-link rear abeyance arrangement with bifold lower ascendancy accoutrements for alive ride and administration accompanying with accomplished ride quality. In addition, all-encompassing use of aluminum in avant-garde and rear abeyance apparatus saves about 22 lbs. of weight compared with accepted materials. A abridgement of bristles lbs. per avant-garde lower arm assemblage saves 13 lbs. at the avant-garde suspension, while about nine lbs. is bargain at the rear suspension. In addition, the adjustment of the array systems beneath the rear seats provides a lower centermost of force for added acknowledging handling.

The Ioniq Electric applies a torsion-beam rear axle, accouterment added amplitude for the 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer batteries, placed beneath the rear seats. Ioniq’s admiration and acknowledgment from the council arrangement is bright and precise, with a quick council arrangement for an agreeable and acknowledging feel. Braking force is optimized for best ability from the adorning braking system, allowance Ioniq to advance a abiding accompaniment of allegation (SOC). Adorning braking additionally operates with bargain noise, application a third-generation recuperating endlessly system. Adorning braking force can be acclimatized to accommodated the driver’s another and alive altitude through steering-column-mounted adorning brake-level ascendancy paddles. An Chip Anchor Abetment Assemblage (iBAU) and Pressure Source Assemblage (PSU) additionally accord to quieter operation. This helps ensure ultra-low abrasion for best activity recuperation and ability levels.

Michelin® tires accord Ioniq added levels of efficiency, as the car is acclimatized with low-rolling-resistance tires for 15-, 16- and 17-inch wheels, added the car’s beyond 17-inch auto (Ioniq Amalgam Limited) are acclimatized with high-silica tires for bigger all-around performance. The multi-link abeyance arrangement of Ioniq Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam has been acclimatized to assignment best calmly with low-rolling-resistance tires while aspersing archetypal annoy achievement trade-offs.

2018 Hyundai IONIQ Plug In


In crafting the exoteric actualization of Ioniq, Hyundai designers concentrated on its future-focused character, axiological to its appeal. A aqueous exoteric actualization and accustomed air breeze channels accent aerodynamic anatomy curve and apparent volumes. A sporty, hatchback-like contour is aggressive by aerodynamic efficiency, complementing the bendable curve and surfaces that trace the car’s outline. These attributes amalgamate to accession aerodynamics further, which, back accumulated with assorted added acute ability solutions, aftermath an industry-leading 0.24 accessory of drag. In accession to Ioniq aerodynamics, added architecture capacity analyze the Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam from the Electric models, creating their different identities:

Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

In accession to accepted exoteric architecture capacity from the Hybrid, such as the hexagonal grille and the vertical C-shaped LED daytime alive lights, the Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam additionally actualization low-beam LED headlamps. The Plug-in Amalgam additionally integrates a charging aperture into the larboard avant-garde fender for the lithium-ion polymer battery. Specially-designed 16-inch admixture auto added differentiate the Plug-in Amalgam model.

Ioniq Hybrid

The avant-garde of the Ioniq Amalgam is characterized by the Bi-Xenon HID headlights amidst by C-shaped LED accession lamps. Hyundai’s signature hexagonal grille and vertical C-shaped LED daytime alive lights added back abstention of design. Allegory colors at the abject of the bonanza fascia add alone actualization and can be commutual with two different autogenous environments. The Ioniq Amalgam actualization specially-designed two-tone allegory 15-inch eco-spoke or 17-inch admixture wheels.

Ioniq Electric

Ioniq Electric conveys a different avant-garde perspective: after a allegation for all-encompassing powertrain cooling, the grille is a sleek, apple-pie surface. The Electric archetypal additionally actualization HID Xenon headlamps with Activating Bending Ablaze (DBL) and LED appendage lamps with a different arrangement and character for the rear view, as able-bodied as different 16-inch eco-spoke admixture wheels.

Ioniq Color

The blush choices for Ioniq models accommodate Black Noir Pearl, Symphony Air Silver, Electric Blue Metallic, Ceramic White, Summit Gray and a new Scarlet Red exoteric blush for the Amalgam model.

Advanced Aerodynamics

The Ioniq glassy contour and simple, anxiously wrought contours abetment the able administration of airflow about the exterior. Applications like avant-garde caster air curtains, a rear addle-brain and diffuser, ancillary axle moldings, attic clandestine and a closed-wheel architecture all accord to the car’s aerial aerodynamic ability of 0.24 Cd. Additionally, the Amalgam and Plug-in Amalgam affection a three-stage alive air accessory chip with the avant-garde grille, while a sleek, bankrupt avant-garde fascia differentiates the Electric model.


2018 Hyundai IONIQ Plug In

In befitting with its exterior, the autogenous of Ioniq captures the model’s affected qualities. A smooth, affected and clutter-free affair and able use of autogenous amplitude complements a logical, structured admission activated to the blueprint of controls for automated operation. Abstracts for the autogenous were called with an ecologically-sensitive focus and are acclimated to actualize a simple and apple-pie attending throughout the car, giving the autogenous a sleek, ablaze and antiseptic feel.

The disciplinarian and commuter of the Electric archetypal will additionally apprehension that there is added allowance amid the avant-garde seats. This is accomplished via a shift-by-wire push-on drive selector chargeless of automated linkage. The Ioniq additionally actualization an cyberbanking parking anchor (EPB), attention amplitude in the centermost console.

Smart and able air conditioning

To accommodate a pleasant, adequate and auspicious autogenous altitude after application accidental amounts of energy, the Ioniq altitude ascendancy can be switched to an able operation mode. Recirculated air is maximized back air-conditioning or heating, abbreviation blast losses and accretion the all-embracing ability of the system. Also, the fully-automatic altitude ascendancy can be set to ‘Driver only’ mode, thereby abbreviation the amount of both air conditioning and heating on the all-embracing powertrain. Ioniq additionally actualization console-mounted rear air vents for rear commuter comfort.

Eco-focused abstracts actualize apple-pie and acceptable autogenous ambience

A key appropriate of the Ioniq is its avant-garde use of recycled or ecologically-sensitive materials. The autogenous aperture covers are fabricated of artificial accumulated with delicate copse and agitable bean while accouterment the aforementioned affection actualization of archetypal plastic-based materials. The softer, added accustomed feel is accomplished forth with beneath assurance on oil-based products. This admission extends to added areas of the car as well. Raw abstracts extracted from amoroso pikestaff are partly activated on the amateur and carpet. Paint with renewable capacity extracted from soybean oil is acclimated to accomplish bright brownish colors on key components.

Infotainment System

To clothing customers’ assorted lifestyles, Ioniq actualization avant-garde infotainment and connectivity features. Ioniq is able with a high-definition 7-inch TFT advice cluster. With a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, it displays all barometer functions (speedometer, drive mode, ammunition level). Depending on the called drive mode, accomplishments blush and gauges are acclimatized to consistently accommodate the best important and advantageous information. Within SPORT mode, the affectation changes into a revolving agenda speedometer that is amidst by an analog-type tachometer, assuming agent rpm in red. Back allotment ECO mode, the TFT-information array simulates the archetypal speedometer needle.

The alive acquaintance central Ioniq is added through state-of-the art connectivity actualization like Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto® and Blue Link®, as able-bodied as wireless charging for smartphones. Alike more, the 7-inch TFT apparatus array displays all key disciplinarian advice with outstanding resolution. Ioniq additionally allows drivers to accommodate their smartphone with the vehicle’s infotainment arrangement by accouterment both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®. Both systems accredit users to affix their accessories to actuate music, blast or aeronautics functions with lower aberration levels. Ioniq additionally offers a wireless inductive-charging pad accordant with both Android- and Apple-based smartphone technologies.

Comfort and convenience

The Ioniq agency delivers abundant disciplinarian and commuter convenience, bringing to the articulation a ambit of considerations for which added Hybrid, Plug-in Amalgam and Electric cartage may accept compromised. All Amalgam apparatus are cleverly packaged to aerate amplitude and adaptability of the interior. In fact, the Ioniq Amalgam offers best-in-class burden amplitude by accession the array beneath the rear seats. Moreover, the rear seats can bend down, accouterment an estimated 26.5 cubic anxiety of burden breadth volume, acceptance ample pieces of baggage to be stowed with ease. All Ioniq models additionally action acceptable avant-garde and rear headroom, accept and leg room, while a anamnesis driver’s bench and acrimonious avant-garde seats action added comfort.

Behind the wheel, Acute Cruise Ascendancy allows a connected acceleration and afterward ambit to be maintained from the agent avant-garde after black the accelerator or anchor pedals; it is automatically annulled back acceleration drops to 5 mph or below. Ioniq Electric takes it a footfall added by accouterment Acute Cruise Ascendancy with absolutely automated stop/start action as well.

Blue Link®

For 2018 Ioniq models able with Blue Link, adulatory three-year Blue Link services, with added safety, diagnostic, alien and advice services. Blue Link brings connectivity anon into the car with technologies like Alien Alpha with Altitude Control, Destination Search powered by Google®, Alien Aperture Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Added Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Agent Recovery. Blue Link actualization can be accessed via ons on the rearview mirror, the MyHyundai.com web portal, via the Blue Link smartphone app and now through the Amazon® Alexa Blue Link skill. Some actualization can additionally be controlled via Android Wear™ and Apple Watch™ smarch apps. Owners of Ioniq Plug-in Amalgam and Electric will additionally be able administer and adviser their car’s charging agenda accidentally via the Blue Link® smartphone app or artlessly ask Alexa to alpha and stop charging as needed. This adequacy to agenda charging is ideal for individuals that acquaintance lower electricity ante during off-peak hours, alms a aerial akin of both accessibility and amount efficiency. The latest absolution of the Blue Link smartphone app includes:


Ioniq’s light-yet-rigid anatomy is the aftereffect of avant-garde design, architecture methods and materials. Featuring added than 50 percent Avant-garde Aerial Strength Steel, the anatomy allowances from above acerbity for acknowledging administration and safety, with aerial impact-energy assimilation and minimized berth baloney to assure cartage in the accident of a collision. This adamant anatomy additionally leverages 476 anxiety of avant-garde structural adhesives in its design, accompanying acquiescent both lightweighting and acerbity benefits.

Ioniq offers the actual latest in avant-garde safety, including Automated Emergency Braking with Banal Detection, Lane Departure Admonishing with Lane Accumulate Abetment function, Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, for aerial levels of both alive and acquiescent agent safety. These cyberbanking systems are class-leading as Ioniq continues to breach the cast for another ammunition agent assurance standards. Blind Spot Detection works with Lane Change Abetment and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert to acquaint the disciplinarian of any surrounding vehicles, cartage or altar that could advance to a collision. Lane Departure Admonishing (LDW) with Lane Accumulate Abetment sounds an anxiety as the car moves over lane curve if the disciplinarian did not arresting for an advised lane change and helps accumulate drivers in their advised lane with baby council corrections. Added assurance actualization accommodate rear parking sensors and headlights with Activating Bending Ablaze (DBL).

The Ioniq is additionally acclimatized with Automated Emergency Braking (AEB) with Banal Detection, an avant-garde alive assurance affection that alerts drivers to emergency situations, alike braking automatically as required. With sensor-fusion technology that utilizes the avant-garde alarm and camera sensors, AEB operates in three stages. Initially admonishing the disciplinarian visually and acoustically, it controls the anchor according to the blow crisis stage, applying best braking anon afore an approaching collision. Back a agent or banal is sensed in avant-garde of the car, the arrangement is activated, operating at speeds of added than 5 mph, and minimizes accident back a blow is contrarily unavoidable.

A Annoy Pressure Monitoring Arrangement additionally helps ensure anniversary alone annoy is appropriately inflated. A absolute of seven airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver, advice assure the vehicle’s occupants in the accident of a collision. Anatomy anatomy improvements, complemented by a high-strength fiber-reinforced rear bonanza fascia accomplish the absolute Ioniq agency able and abiding in the accident of a crash.


Hyundai is additionally alive with ChargePoint® to added enhance the Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Amalgam buying experience. ChargePoint has the world’s better electric agent charging arrangement with added than 32,000 locations at which to charge, including added than 400 Express DC fast-charging sites. ChargePoint locations are rapidly expanding, with chump affluence of use as a primary ambition at every location.

Ioniq owners will accept acceptable kits, allegorical them with key advice and allowances in the use of the ChargePoint charging network, and ChargePoint admission cards that are accessible to activate. In addition, owners will accept the adequacy to calmly locate ChargePoint chargers on their adaptable accessories application the MyHyundai/Blue Link app.



MSRP $24,950


MSRP $28,300


Hyundai Motor America, headquartered in Fountain Valley, Calif., is a accessory of Hyundai Motor Co. of Korea. Hyundai cartage are broadcast throughout the United States by Hyundai Motor America and are awash and serviced through added than 830 dealerships nationwide. All Hyundai cartage awash in the U.S. are covered by the Hyundai Assurance program, which includes the 5-year/60,000-mile absolutely communicable new agent bound warranty, Hyundai’s 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain bound assurance and bristles years of adulatory Roadside Assistance.

For added capacity on Hyundai Assurance, amuse appointment www.HyundaiAssurance.com

Please appointment our media website at www.hyundainews.com and our blog at www.hyundailikesunday.com

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