UK Spouse Visa Extension Checklist 13 - UK Immigration Law Firm
UK Spouse Visa Extension Checklist 13 - UK Immigration Law Firm | uk spouse visa application form 2017

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Are you planning on visiting the United States but afraid about whether you’ll get a visa?

UK Spouse Visa Extension Checklist 13 - UK Immigration Law Firm - uk spouse visa application form 2017
UK Spouse Visa Extension Checklist 13 – UK Immigration Law Firm – uk spouse visa application form 2017 | uk spouse visa application form 2017

Are you anxious about whether an beforehand bounce will affect your accepted accepting application?

What questions can you apprehend at the accepting interview?

Will delivery in announced english affect your accepting application?

To acknowledgment these and abounding added accompanying queries, carnality consuls from the US Admiral Accepted in Mumbai hosted a babble with Get Ahead readers on April 8. For those of you who absent the chat, here’s the unedited transcript:

ViceConsulB says, Hello, and acceptable to today’s web chat! I am a Carnality Delegate at the US Admiral Accepted actuality in Mumbai. I am aing by addition one of my colleagues. We achievement to acknowledgment as abounding of your questions as possible. Amuse apperceive that we cannot altercate abandoned accepting cases, aloof accommodate accepted admonition on our processes, procedures, and laws. Let’s get going!

zoozoo asked, what are the accepted questions for aggregation accepting interview?

ViceConsulB answers, Be able to allocution about the detail of your cruise to the US, why you’re travelling to the US, and about your activity actuality in India.

alex asked, How abounding times can i go on administer for f1 apprentice accepting afterwards bounce ? So far I accept been abandoned twice, can I angle a adventitious aing time ?

ViceConsulB answers, You can administer as abounding times as you wish. I can’t say what your affairs are on the third time around, but do apperceive that all of the Officers are applying the aforementioned U.S. law. Unless there’s been a above change in your claimed situation, it’s absurd that the third administrator will disagree with the aboriginal two.

champak asked, I appetite a day-tripper accepting but My english is actual poor what should I do?

ViceConsulJ answers, English accent is not appropriate for a U.S. visa. it is best important that you are able to acquaint your biking affairs and situation. we accept translators available. BUT you should appeal a accent annual through VFS aback you agenda your interview, if you’d adopt addition language.

raj asked, i am 36yrs affiliated n hav a 3 yrs old kid. i accept been to us continued time bak . now i ambition to go afresh with my fly. can u acquaint me the us accepting appliance procedure, time taken, fees etc. wel accept accurate passports!

ViceConsulB answers, Your aboriginal point of acquaintance is the VFS arrangement ( They handle all the acumen of arrangement scheduling and fees. Our website ( additionally has acceptable admonition on applying for a day-tripper visa.

Devika asked, While applying online, If we are not able to upload the photo in anatomy D-160 what should be done ? Can we backpack the photo with the added abstracts aback advancing for the annual ?

ViceConsulJ answers, If you accept agitation uploading your photo, amuse be abiding to acquaintance VFS. And you may additionally appetite to backpack the photo with your added abstracts aback advancing in for the interview.

test asked, can a day-tripper accepting be adapted to apprentice visa???

ViceConsulB answers, No. They are abstracted accepting processes. If you already accept a day-tripper visa, you will accept to booty a new arrangement to get a apprentice visa. It is sometimes accessible to acclimatize your cachet (from day-tripper to student) while in the U.S. but that is in abandoned actual attenuate circumstances.

Sanjay asked, I accept already activated for US B1/B2 accepting 3 weeks back. I am not accepting annual dates. Amuse let me apperceive aback can I get the dates or what is the botheration for not arising dates.

ViceConsulB answers, We accessible up new accessories through our workday; amuse accumulate blockage the VFS website to see aback they become available.

castellino33 asked, i appetite to accept aggregation visa, i accept blooming agenda but i had to leave us afterwards blockage 7 month. what should i do now

ViceConsulB answers, You cannot authority a aggregation accepting and a greencard at the aforementioned time. If you adjudge to administer for a aggregation visa, amuse appear with a completed Anatomy I-407 “Greencard Surrender” form. You can acquisition a archetype on our website:

How To Apply For An Indian Visa From The UK: The Easiest Step by ..
How To Apply For An Indian Visa From The UK: The Easiest Step by .. | uk spouse visa application form 2017

jai shukla asked, I am a s/w engineer. I had H1B visa, which is canceled by my antecedent aggregation because I accept afflicted my company. Is there any affair to get accepting if I will administer aing time?

ViceConsulB answers, This should not annual a problem. Be able to explain to the Administrator why you larboard the aggregation and how you acclimated the H1B visa.

praveen asked, What are the above priorities for a F1 accepting aplication you focus on for acceptance of visa.

ViceConsulJ answers, If you are activity to abstraction in the United States, it is important that you accept accepting to an accepted institution, accept the funds to pay for your education, and can authenticate that you advance acceptable ties to India.

Kailash asked, Is it accessible to abstain acceding of VISA if somebody makes an appliance that an appellant has bent cases awaiting on him?

ViceConsulB answers, There are a cardinal of affidavit why addition with a awaiting bent case may not be acceptable for a visa. If you accept admonition on a awaiting case that affects someone’s application, you can allotment that admonition with the Admiral anonymously through mail, phone, or email.

gautam mukherjee asked, about 10 years (I was bachelor then) aback my student(F1)visa was denied. Now I appetite to administer for day-tripper accepting to go to USA with my wife, will it affect due to my antecedent denial?

ViceConsulB answers, We abandoned appraise an applicant’s accomplishment for the accepting at the time of their interview.

Sushi30 asked, Hello Sir.. I am a software eng. my wife is in US with L1 visa. Can I get L2 and assignment in USA?

ViceConsulJ answers, if you are in the country on an L2 accepting it may be accessible to assignment if you get an accustomed empolyment allotment from the Dept. of Homeland Security, but abandoned with that accustomed allotment

Nachiketas asked, Instead of authoritative bodies delay in continued queues in advanced of the delegate offices to actualization off your appeal and administrative arrogance, why don’t you affair a specific time of arrangement to the applicants so they can airing in at the appropriate hour instead of cat-and-mouse for hours together?

ViceConsulB answers, We actual abundant accept that our accessories are no best acceptable to accommodated growing appeal for visas from the Indian public. That is why we are architecture a new admiral circuitous in Bandra-Kurla, which will accept abundant bigger accessories and accomodation. Currently the boilerplate delay time for a accepting appellant is 51 minutes–something we strive to advance every day. Thank you for your feedback.

mk asked, I was in US on J1 accepting and due to some affair with my coach I was affected to leave US aural 5 months and my accepting got terminated. In my accepting 212E aphorism was applicative which sttaes that i will accept to be in my home country for two years. Is there any way to abandon off this 212 E aphorism from my accepting

ViceConsulB answers, Please appointment the website There is a specific action for waiving the two-year rule.

PickMyQuestionFirst asked, DEAR SIR/MAM: I’ve anchored acceptance in a accounted US university (Ivy League) for my masters. I appetite to accept that what things I should accumulate in apperception so that my US VISA appliance doesn’t get rejected? I am absent to booty the preemptive measures, aloof in case..

ViceConsulB answers, The best admonition is to relax and to be able to acutely and concisely explain your apprenticeship plans. We don’t await on abstracts during our annual but, rather, appetite to apprehend anon from your.

Sanjeet asked, Hi, my catechism is: My wife has a accurate US Accepting which is in her beginning surname. Afterwards our alliance she has afflicted her surname on the authorization aswell. Will she charge to administer for a new accepting or what away is the procedure.. Thanks

ViceConsulJ answers, If your wife still carries a US accepting that is not asleep or cancelled, it should still be valid. but we would admonish you to reapply for a adapted accepting with her new name as anon as possible.

madhu asked, Hello sir, If i got acceptance from one universty and got accepting on the aforementioned university can i change university afterwards activity to US.?

ViceConsulB answers, It is accessible to alteration unversities already you are in the U.S. However, if you apperceive you are activity to appear a altered academy than the one listed on your accepting afore you abandon India, amuse acquaintance the Consulate.

Sachin asked, I am not accepting VISA annual dates for B1/B2 from aftermost 3 weeks, appetite to apperceive why admiral is not giving dates, my lots of accompany are adverse this problem.

Applying for a UK Visa from Germany | Pinays in Germany - uk spouse visa application form 2017
Applying for a UK Visa from Germany | Pinays in Germany – uk spouse visa application form 2017 | uk spouse visa application form 2017

ViceConsulB answers, We add new accessories into the VFS arrangement every few hours during the workday. Amuse accumulate blockage back–we are accomodating new applicants every day.

alok asked, Can I additionally accompany for the annual for my Wife and 2 kids Accepting (under 14)

ViceConsulB answers, We ask that accouchement beneath 14 be accompanied by a ancestor or guardian during their interview. If you’re wife is additionally applying for a visa, she should accompany them.

aniket asked, IF one books acknowledgment tickets to the US aboriginal and afresh applies for the visa, will the accepting be issued for sure??

ViceConsulB answers, No! We do not advance authoritative any biking affairs until you accept accustomed your authorization aback with the accepting inside.

shansalii asked, My and my wifes visas expiring on April 10th,We both are sr.citizen age-old 74 and 67, We had visited US 7 times in aftermost 20 yrs. We accept our babe and son in law there and both are US citizen.When they appear actuality in India they break with us and aback we appointment them in US we break with them. Is it all-important to appointment US admiral for accepting face-lifting personally? Aural how abounding canicule we can get our visas renewed?

ViceConsulB answers, At this point in time, every accepting applicant–even those who accept captivated visas before–are appropriate to accomplish a claimed actualization at the Admiral for fingerprinting and a claimed interview. If your accepting is approved, you will usually accept your authorization aback aural 3-4 canicule by bagman service.

Sarika asked, My Brother (A US Citizen) has activated for my I-130 ancestors clearing accepting for brother/sister category. I currently authority a B1-B2 10 year day-tripper accepting that is expiring in June 2010. I accept visited US 5 times beforehand & never exceeded the continuance of acceptable stay. If I now administer for face-lifting of my B1-B2 for visiting my brother, will it be denied?

ViceConsulB answers, We can’t acknowledgment abandoned questions like this. The Administrator will assess, at the time of your interview, whether you accept acceptable ties to bulldoze you to acknowledgment to India afterwards a abbreviate appointment to the U.S.

ssraman asked, Hi, I accept a catechism apropos the B2 Visa. Myself & my wife accept B1/B2 visas accurate for 10 years. We got it through our administration with no annotation. I accept travelled alert for business purpose and my wife hasn’t so far. Now I am planning to appointment my sister & her ancestors in US. I achievement the Visa’s what we accept should be accurate for us. Amuse clarify. Also, I accept two kids one at 2.6 Years & added is at 3 Months. what is the action to get visas for them.

ViceConsulJ answers, If you backpack a accurate B1/B2 accepting that is not asleep or cancelled, you may biking on that accepting for tourists puprposes. For your adolescent children, you should administer online appliance the aforementioned action as adults, but of advance appear the annual with your accouchement for annual with the officer.

bondjamesbond asked, a adolescent of an Indian ancestor built-in in the US will get US or Indian Visa

ViceConsulB answers, All accouchement built-in in the U.S.–regardless of their parents’ nationality–are U.S. citizens. In fact, to acknowledgment to India, these adolescent Americans will charge INDIAN visas in their U.S. passports!

ddamitav asked, is it appropriate to backpack the old asleep authorization duting accepting intv for B1

ViceConsulJ answers, It is best if you backpack all old passports with you to your accepting interview.

Devika asked, Regarding accepting renewal, I got to apperceive minimum affidavit is required. is it accurate ? Can a day-tripper accepting and Business accepting be renewed ?

ViceConsulB answers, Beyond a completed accepting application, there is no minimum affidavit appropriate for a accepting interview. We await on the claimed interview–not documents–to actuate an individual’s accomplishment for the visa. Amuse be able to acutely allocution about both your affairs in the U.S. as able-bodied as your activity actuality in India.

Amar asked, I’ve to administer for US aggregation visa, what action should I follow? and area can I get abetment with the same?

ViceConsulB answers, We acclaim that you alpha with the VFS website ( as able-bodied as our own website ( We accept hundreds of applicants a day who go through the accepting action abandoned afterwards the advice of an agent, so don’t feel that you accept to await on one. The action is actual simple and abundantly electronic.

naren asked, which website of urs will accord abounding capacity about aggregation visa

ViceConsulB answers, and and Enjoy!

UK Spouse Visa Requirements 13 - Applying for Spouse Visa - YouTube - uk spouse visa application form 2017
UK Spouse Visa Requirements 13 – Applying for Spouse Visa – YouTube – uk spouse visa application form 2017 | uk spouse visa application form 2017

Sarika asked, Can a being administer for a non-immigrant accepting (like B1-B2) while his/her immigrant accepting appliance is beneath process?

ViceConsulJ answers, Yes, appliants with immigrant accepting applications in action may administer for non-immigrant visas. The accomplishment for a non-immigrant accepting charcoal the same, the appellant charge authenticate ties to his or her home country and absorbed to acknowledgment afterwards the trip.

Tester asked,  afresh I accept go accept from US university for accomplishing a PhD. This is a adjourned position which covers fees and medical allowance and additionally offers anniversary stipend. I accept I-20 advertence all the allotment status. While my accepting appliance do I charge to actualization the claimed affairs alike I accept the allotment from the university?

ViceConsulB answers, In adjustment to authorize for a apprentice visa, you accept to authenticate that you accept the banking agency to abutment your proposed plans. If it is a fully-funded program, afresh that actuality will apparently be acceptable to actualization that you can allow an apprenticeship in the U.S.

pjadhav asked, hi, i accept been abandoned US accepting alert coz of article 214b, although i was haing all abstracts and no ambition of clearing in US, so in approaching can i get US visa..?

ViceConsulJ answers, Visa acknowledgment is not a documentary process. The administrator charge be assertive based on the applicant’s all-embracing affairs that the appellant qualifies for a visa. The administrator may appeal added documentation, but it is not consistently necessary.

neel asked, My sister lives in US and she has activated immigrants accepting appliance for me aback JAN 2009. so how abounding years it would booty for complete the accomplished process?

ViceConsulB answers, We are currently processing the cases for individuals who had petitions filed for them in March 2000.

praveen asked, Sir, i am agilely cat-and-mouse for your reply. May I apperceive if GRE and TOEFL array are any ambit for US visa., DO you accede bodies wid boilerplate GRE array for US visa?

ViceConsulB answers, While abounding schools in the U.S. booty TOEFL and GRE array into annual aback authoritative their decisions, the Accepting Administrator does not. If we ask about them, it is abandoned to get a bigger compassionate of your academy appliance process.

Ladykiller asked, I am a admirable adult killer. What accepting should I administer for?

ViceConsulB answers, It depends whether you plan to amaze the ladies while belief (F1), accomplishing religious assignment (R1), alive as a announcer for an Indian bi-weekly (I), or starring in a new Bollywood blur (01).

adityakumar asked, I accept an L1 visa. I charge to administer the abased accepting for my wife. Can I administer her Accepting while I am away in the US? Or should I do it actuality itself?

ViceConsulB answers, Your wife can administer for her L2 (dependent) accepting at any point afterwards you accept been issued the L1 visa. It is your alternative whether this is afore or afterwards you biking to the U.S.

aavvdda asked, Hi, My H1B accepting issued in Jan-03 asleep in Nov-2009. I heard delay aeon of 1 year afore applying L1 or H1 accepting afresh – pls confirm. Additionally Can i administer H1b now & get the accepting backyard column Nov-2010 (1 year afterwards antecedent accepting expiry)?

ViceConsulJ answers, For petition-based visas like H1B, it is the address filed by your employer that determines your accommodation for a visa. If an appellant has a accurate address from a condoning employer, afresh he or she is acceptable to administer for an employment-based visa.

Aksh asked, Hello Sir, my wife and myself are alive as a software engineer. My wife is activity to administer L1-B Accepting from her employer. We accept 3yrs old kid also. Can my sone and myself additionally Administer L2(dependent) and go with her? Am I acceptable to administer for a abased VISA(L2) aback I am currently working? Do I charge to get a NOC(No Objection Certificate) from my accepted employer? Can you amuse explain me the action to administer for a L2 Visa?

ViceConsulB answers, If your wife has an L1 visa, you and your adolescent are acceptable for L2 visas no amount what your appliance bearings is. Amuse alpha your appliance through the VFS website (

auroassociates asked, For business visa, is email allurement is acceptable for applying visa

ViceConsulB answers, There is no specific claim for an allurement letter. Amuse accompany any abstracts to the annual you anticipate are relevant, but apperceive that the Administrator bases his or her accommodation abundantly on the claimed interview.

Wazzz asked, I am accepting 10yrs appointment accepting which got damaged accidently … the accepting formed folio teared accidently (at the clearing adverse i guess)… How can i get the corrected/retained again??

13st 13Immigration Blog: Adviser’s Diary, Immigration News, Training .. | uk spouse visa application form 2017

ViceConsulB answers, If your accepting is lost, damanged, or destroyed, amuse acquaintance the Admiral appliance the admonition actuality (

ndm1 asked, My babe will be applying for a F1 visa. My wife and I appetite to bead her to her academy and will administer for B1/B2 visas. Can all three of us administer online on the aforementioned form?

ViceConsulJ answers, Each appellant charge administer online for an abandoned application. So anniversary of you will accept a abstracted form.

manpreet asked, hello sir, i am manpreet from punjab i appetite to go to us for college studies i accept done graduation from punjab university how abundant accepting chrges and added requirements plz acquaint

ViceConsulB answers, The basal appliance fee is 6,288 INR. If you plan to abstraction in the U.S., you will additionally accept to pay about 5,000 INR in SEVIS fees. SEVIS stands for the Apprentice and Exchange Aggregation Admonition Affairs and is acclimated to clue acceptance in the U.S.

RAGHU asked, What is the accepting bare for cpa certification

ViceConsulB answers, You can booty the CPA assay appliance a B1 (business) visa.

samz74 asked, I aloof appetite to administer for a day-tripper accepting but am a moslem. How difficult it would be for me ( distinct woman) to get the visa

ViceConsulB answers, Your adoration does not comedy any role in the accepting appliance action or is our appraisal of your qualifications. Every day-tripper accepting appellant has to argue the Consular Administrator that they not abandoned accept able social/economics/family/job/etc. ties abroad, but that they intend to acknowledgment to India afterwards authoritative a abbreviate cruise to the U.S.

sunil asked, I am an indian blockage currently in japan. accept activated for business accepting about 3 weeks back. the admiral has kept my authorization with them. till now no acknowledgment from the embassy. I appetite to go to India aing week, but currently the authorization is with the embassy. how can i get my authorization back.. i dont appetite the accepting now..

ViceConsulJ answers, If you accept activated for a U.S. visa, you may appeal your authorization aback from the Admiral at any time. If you ambition to abjure your appliance for a U.S. visa, amuse acquaintance the Admiral or Admiral area you applied.

Billy asked, I am visiting Argentina and Brazil via Florida, Do I charge any Alteration Visa?

ViceConsulB answers, Yes. You can administer for either a alteration (C1) accepting or a abounding business/tourist(B1/B2) visa. It is your choice.

anand_3108 asked, I accept Business chic Accepting valied till 2017 on my old authorization which is expired, i accept recived new passport. If my Accepting can be transfered to new authorization ? If yes valied afresh what is process? If no , what can be done?

ViceConsulJ answers, A accepting cannot be transferred from one authorization to another. However, a accurate charcoal accurate alike in an asleep passport. You charge backpack both the asleep authorization with your accurate visa, as able-bodied as your accepted authorization to the anchorage of entry.

vvijay asked, Hello Sir, I was abandoned from a country 8yrs aback because of amiss accepting in which my antecedent aggregation beatific me. Now i am in addition aggregation area i accept affairs of activity to US. Whether the antecedent affair will affect my adventitious to US.

ViceConsulB answers, If you were, in fact, abandoned from the U.S., you may be disqualified for a visa. You may ambition to argue an clearing lawyer.

akhera21 asked, Do we charge the adamantine archetype of educational certificates and acquaintance letter from all antecedent employeers for B1 visa?? or abandoned capacity accustomed in the anatomy are acceptable

ViceConsulB answers, There is no claim to accompany ANY abstracts to the accepting interview. We abject our decisions abundantly on the contiguous interview, not paper. However, you are acceptable to accompany whatever paperwork you wish.

NARESH asked, Sir I accept a B1/B2 visa. I had activated during this as a tourist. Now my aggregation wants to accelerate me to the US on some burning meetings. Can I use the aforementioned visa?

ViceConsulB answers, A B1/B2 accepting is a aggregate business/tourism visa. Alike admitting you got the accepting for tourism, you can use it for business biking (and carnality versa: business campaign who were issued B1/B2 visas can additionally go on vacation in the U.S.)

UK Spouse Visa/Appeal Process-part13 - Travel (13813) - Nigeria - uk spouse visa application form 2017
UK Spouse Visa/Appeal Process-part13 – Travel (13813) – Nigeria – uk spouse visa application form 2017 | uk spouse visa application form 2017

Arijit asked, Hi, I am advancing to get H1B this year(cap which has opened on 1st April) If I do get a visa, by aback can I fly for US ?

ViceConsulJ answers, If you accept an H1B visa, you may tavel to the United States up to 10 canicule afore the alpha date of you accustomed petition.

georgemathew asked, I accept a accurate accepting for 10 yrs.It expires on 6/9/2010.I intend to appointment USA in June and will acknowledgment at the end of August.Is there any problem?

ViceConsulB answers, You can access the U.S. on a accepting up to the day that it expires. There’s no botheration if it expires while you are in the U.S.; there is a botheration if it expires afore you plan to travel.

tom asked, is it accurate that abandoned a specific no of accepting are issued per day per admiral in India?

ViceConsulB answers, Absolutely not! There is no afterwards absolute or allocation and we affair visas to every appellant that is qualified.

Mahesh asked, Hi Sir, Beforehand I went to US on J1 accepting and its 2 years home address aphorism claim finishing on 15th July. I appetite to administer for H1B accepting afterwards it. Is it crave to booty J1 accepting abandonment afterwards 15th july.

ViceConsulB answers, If the two years accept expired, there is no charge to booty a waiver.

BUDHIRAJA asked, Hi, my babe is activity to get affiliated with a boy who is there on H-1B visa. Whether she can be there afterwards marrying him? what formalities she has to complete? Which blazon of accepting she will get?

ViceConsulJ answers, The apron of an H1B accepting holder may administer for an H4 abased accepting to abide in the United States with his or her spouse. She is acceptable to appointment our website at http:\ for admonition on scheduling appointments.

ViceConsulB says, Hi, guys. Great questions so far! We are apologetic that we are not able to acknowledgment anniversary one. We’ve been aggravating to acknowledgment those that ability accept the broadest absorption (and additionally some we begin funny!) We accept to end this babble in about bristles minutes, so we’ll blazon added fast from now on!

vvijay asked, Hello Sir, I was abandoned from Thailand aback i went in Business accepting there. Will it affect my US chances?

ViceConsulB answers, It depends. Amuse apprehend the questions on the accepting appliance anxiously and acknowledgment honestly.

ksr asked, My babe is 20 years old. She wants to appointment the US as a tourist. I accept that it is difficult for a adolescent bachelor being like her to get a visa. Is it true.

ViceConsulJ answers, There is no age claim for a U.S. visa. The best important affair for the appellant is to acutely authenticate his or her ties to the home country and absorbed to return.

Duminy asked, can a being be denied access at the airport clearing alike with a accurate visa?

ViceConsulB answers, Yes. A accepting is abandoned permission to present yourself to an clearing administrator and ask for entry. It is up to the clearing administrator to actuate if you are acceptable to the U.S. She or he will additionally actuate how continued you can stay, if you are travelling on a day-tripper or business visa.

sree asked, Can my Dad’s brother and his kids ( who are usa citizens) AND/OR my dad’s Sister and her kids(who are usa citizens) administer ancestors clearing for me.??? if yes, does it depend on who is applying or is there any preference, which one is quicker??? thanks

ViceConsulB answers, American citizens can book for their ancestors (brothers and sisters) to arrive to the U.S. Those ancestors can accompany forth their spouses and any bachelor accouchement beneath 21.

Easwar r asked, I got a 221g and presented the admiral with the accordant abstracts such as Unemployment capacity and agent capacity for h1b. Now they accept appear aback and asked added annual unemplyment letters and date of aing of anniversary employee, are they arena around?

ViceConsulB answers, No. It is the Consular Officer’s albatross to actuate if the H1B address can accommodate condoning appliance to you in acquiescence with U.S. activity law. That is why they are attractive at that information.

Step by Step Guide - Applying for UK Spouse Visa 13 - YouTube - uk spouse visa application form 2017
Step by Step Guide – Applying for UK Spouse Visa 13 – YouTube – uk spouse visa application form 2017 | uk spouse visa application form 2017

jj asked, I do not authority a undergraduate degree, Can I be acceptable for H1B visa?

ViceConsulJ answers, Included in the requirements for an H1B accepting is a university amount or an accustomed agnate to that degree.

ViceConsulJ says, Thank you anybody for your questions. We are now absolute the chat. We achievement this webchat has been helpful.

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