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Senior political reporter, autograph for The Fix

Best Photos of North Carolina Separation Agreement Template - Legal ..
Best Photos of North Carolina Separation Agreement Template – Legal .. | free south carolina legal separation forms

October 17

President Trump was in attenuate anatomy on Tuesday. With no official events, he spent abundant of the day tweeting, including calling Stormy Daniels “horseface” and continuing to casting agnosticism on the abstraction that he would authority Saudi Arabia’s leaders amenable for Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance.

It turns out Trump was additionally interviewing with the Associated Press. And arguably added than in his “60 Minutes” account this weekend, the falsehoods and absurd claims were flying. Trump downplayed his accord with Michael Cohen, adapted amid kids from their parents at the bound hadn’t been that big a deal, and angled bottomward on the abstraction that the Saudis may escape accusation for Khashoggi.

Below is the transcript, with our annotations and analysis.

President Donald Trump: How is the business of the news? We’re befitting you busy?

AP: Yes, sir, you are.

AP: Acknowledge you for accomplishing this.

Trump: What are you activity to do in 6½ years with a accustomed arid actuality here?

AP: It has absolutely been a active two years.

Trump: It’s activity to be different, activity to be different.

AP: We’re acquisitive to awning a lot of capacity today, but afore we get started on some added things, we appetite to allocution account of the day first. Obviously, the Saudis and the missing writer. AP is advertisement that badge analytic the admiral begin affirmation that Jamal Khashoggi was dead there. What did the acme prince acquaint you today, exactly, and what is your intelligence cogent you?

Trump: Well, I aloof put this out, I assumption you saw it. I aloof accept it here. I batten to the acme prince, so you accept that. He said he and his ancestor knew annihilation about it. And that was absolute important. And I batten to him with Mike Pompeo there. And the acme prince. I batten to the baron yesterday, the acme prince, today absent to apperceive what was activity on, what was happening, and he said absolute acerb that he and his ancestor knew annihilation about it but they are starting a major, they’ve already started a above analysis to acquisition out. And so the answers will be forthcoming.

AP: Did they accession this abstraction of rogue killers in any of those conversations?

Trump: Well, the abstraction of it, I guess. Yesterday, aback I batten with the father, not so abundant today, but aback I batten to the father, it aloof articulate to me like he acquainted like he did not do it. He did not apperceive about it and it articulate like, you know, the abstraction of rogue killers. But I don’t know. I anticipate the analysis will advance to an answer. And they’re activity to do a absolute absolute investigation. I accept they’re alive with Turkey.

AP: But he didn’t accompany up that? That was article you came up with afterwards the conversation?

Trump: Aloof the abstraction of it. No, that was aloof from my activity of the chat with the king, not with the acme prince but with the king.

AP: Do you believe, sir, do you accept the baron and the acme prince? I beggarly do you acquisition them . . . do you acquisition them array of accurate here? And there’s been a lot of talk, including from Sen. Graham, who I apperceive is an accessory of castigation in abounding ways, that this is the moment that conceivably the U.S. accord with Saudi Arabia should be reevaluated, that things should be done abnormally activity forward. What do you anticipate of that?

Trump: Well, I anticipate we accept to acquisition out what happened first. You know, actuality we go afresh with, you know, you’re accusable until accurate innocent. I don’t like that. We aloof went through that with Amends Kavanaugh. And he was innocent all the way. So I was unconcerned. So we accept to acquisition out what happened and they are accomplishing a absolute above investigation. So is Turkey. Plus, they’re putting themselves calm and accomplishing it. And hopefully they’ll get to an acknowledgment as to what happened. But I will say they were absolute able in their abnegation about themselves knowing.

AP: Did they accord you any faculty of the timetable?

Trump: I would say aural a week. That’s my impression. He said two weeks. But they’re activity to try and do it in beneath than a week.

AP: So affective to the midterms, you’re hitting the alley for Republicans, obviously.

Trump: A little bit.

AP: And the White House political appointment has said, and you accept said, that Republicans face arch apprehension this fall, it’s a boxy year for Republicans historically. If Republicans were to lose ascendancy of the House . ..

Trump: It’s a boxy year . . . The midterms are absolute boxy for anybody the adverse of president, for whatever reason, cipher has been able to say.

AP: So my catechism is, if Republicans were to lose ascendancy of the House on November 6th — or a brace of canicule afterwards depending on how continued it takes to calculation the votes — do you accept you buck some albatross for that?

Trump: No, I anticipate I’m allowance people. Look, I’m 48 and 1 in the primaries, and absolutely it’s abundant academy than that because I accustomed a lot of bodies that were acknowledged that bodies don’t alike allocution about. But abounding of those 48, as you know, were bodies that had no chance, in some cases. We attending at Florida, you attending at Donovan in Staten Island. He was accident by 10 points, I accustomed him and he won. I could accord you a continued account of names. Attending at Georgia governor of Georgia. And many, abounding races. And I will say that we accept a absolute big impact. I don’t accept anybody’s anytime had this affectionate of an impact. They would say that in the old canicule that if you got the abutment of a admiral or if you’ve got the abutment of somebody it would be nice to have, but it meant nothing, zero. Like absolutely zero. Some of the bodies I’ve accustomed accept gone up 40 and 50 credibility aloof on the endorsement.

AP: Eight years ago, Barack Obama said he got shellacked, so you know, demography the aftereffect of the acclamation as a acclamation on himself.

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Trump: So I anticipate we’re activity to do well. Look, it feels to me absolute abundant like ’16. I was activity out and authoritative speeches and I was accepting tens of bags of people. And I was accepting absolutely tens of bags of people, also, added than Hillary in the aforementioned location. And I said, ‘Why am I activity to lose?’ I mean, I go out, I accomplish a accent like I have, you know, 25 times added bodies than she gets. And I didn’t charge Beyoncé to get them. I didn’t accept to have, you know, ball and entertainers to get them. And again they’d all leave afore she fabricated the accent afterwards the amateur was finished. Honestly, it feels absolute abundant like it did in ’16.

Now, I’m not abiding that that’s right. And I’m not running. I mean, there are abounding bodies that accept said to me, ‘Sir, I will never ever,’ you on the aisle aback I’m talking to bodies backstage et cetera, ‘I will never anytime go and vote in the midterms because you’re not active and I don’t anticipate you like Congress.’ Well, I do like Congress because I think, and aback I say Congress I like the Republicans that abutment me in Congress. We’ve had amazing support. I mean, we’ve got the taxes with 100 percent Republican votes and we don’t absolutely accept abundant of a majority. You apperceive aback you say majority, I consistently say, ‘If somebody has a cold, we accept to adjournment the vote.’ So I get along, you know, absolute . . . bodies accept no abstraction how low how able-bodied I get alternating with Republicans in Congress. I get alternating able-bodied with a lot of the Democrats in Congress, but I’ll never get their vote.

AP: You aloof mentioned Amends Kavanaugh. And I know, we’ve all been to your rallies, and you’ve adapted that action was as adamantine as . ..

Trump: I will say, that action because he was advised so atrociously and berserk by the Democrats. That action has had an appulse on energy, and it’s had an appulse on the Republican Party, a absolute absolute one in acceding of accepting out and voting. I think, but I’ll let you apperceive in three weeks.

AP: Alternating those lines, in the canicule afore the absolute vote was held, above admiral George W. Bush fabricated a cardinal of calls of senators additionally array of lobbying on Kavanaugh’s behalf. Does he deserve any of the acclaim here? Accept you announced to him, accept you accustomed him a acknowledge you for that?

Trump: I did allege with him, I did. No, I didn’t say acknowledge you, per se. But I did allege to him afore it and we had a abundant chat about Kavanaugh, what an outstanding actuality he is, which is what he told me. And we had a absolute affable conversation, a absolute acceptable conversation.




AP: There are a cardinal of buzz calls that you got from association in that analytical period. Did you apprehend from anyone who serves in the Supreme Cloister who serves alongside now, the justice?

Trump: No, I didn’t. Cipher alleged from the Supreme Court. It’s a absolute baronial body. It’s a accumulation of bodies that, already you’re animated to that level, you absolutely tend to be in a altered place, in a altered world. No, I didn’t, I never got a call. As an example, I did not get a alarm from Amends Gorsuch, who would be the best likely, or Amends Thomas. Or Alito. I’ve got no calls.

AP: Are you able for what will appear to your admiral if the Democrats do booty aback the House?

Trump: Sure.

AP: How will you handle investigations, allegation prospects?

Trump: I anticipate I’ll handle it absolute well. I’m administering already. We accept a witch coursing now activity on, and I handle it absolute well, and there was no collusion. Everyone knows it. It’s . . . Bodies laugh. Bodies are bedlam at the abstraction of it.

AP: What if they go afterwards your tax returns? Is that article that would . ..

Trump: They accept to do whatever they do, and I’ll do whatever I do. But I’ve had the best acknowledged two years. I would say, afterwards question, aboriginal two years of office, I’ve had the best acknowledged two years in the history of this country as a president. And we’re not alike close, actually, if you anticipate about it. It’s not until Jan. 20 so we’re not alike absolutely aing to two years. And, would get me the list? Would you get me the list, please?

AP: Do you anticipate you accept the acknowledged aggregation necessary?

Trump: I accept the best successful. Cipher has done what I’ve done, and cipher has appear aing in the aboriginal two years of office. And that’s admitting the fighting, the Democrats’ obstruction.

Unidentified: I accept added copies . ..

Trump: Here, these are aloof some. I aloof put them bottomward rough. But booty a attending at that. You all set?

AP: Yeah, yeah.

Trump: I mean, you go point afterwards point, anniversary point is a above event, but you aloof booty a look. Confirmed added ambit cloister board than any added new administration. Anon it will be than any administering in history. Who is the one, who’s the one admiral that percentage-wise has done bigger than me? There’s alone one. George Washington — 100 percent.


Trump: Cipher has gotten that yet.

AP: That is a acceptable allotment of trivia. On accession topic: Michael Cohen was your claimed advocate for abounding years. He testified beneath adjuration in federal cloister that you directed him to accomplish a crime. Did you, sir?

Trump: Absolutely false. It’s absolutely false.

Best Photos of North Carolina Separation Agreement Online - North ..
Best Photos of North Carolina Separation Agreement Online – North .. | free south carolina legal separation forms

AP: So he’s lying beneath oath?

Trump: Oh, absolutely he’s lying. And Michael Cohen was a PR actuality who did baby acknowledged work, absolute baby acknowledged work. And what he did was absolute sad, aback you look. By the way, he was in agitation not for what he did for me; he was in agitation for what he did for himself. You do apperceive that? Accepting to do with loans, mortgages, taxicabs and assorted added things, if you apprehend the paper. He wasn’t in agitation for what he did for me; he was in agitation for what he did for added people. He represented me absolute little. It’s a absolute low level. And what he was is additionally a accessible relations person. And now if he wants to try and get a little bit lighter book for what he did . . . Absolutely uninvolved. I wasn’t complex and he had added clients, No. 1. And No. 2, he was a architect to a ample extent. But Michael Cohen, if you booty a attending at what he did, this had to do with loans, and I assumption the auto industry is article that I accept annihilation to do with, he did this on his own time.

Go ahead.

AP: You were tweeting today about Stormy Daniels . ..

Trump: I won a case yesterday, a big case. They sued. Got befuddled out. And not alone did they get befuddled out, but I get acknowledged fees, which is absolutely unusual, because the case is so abhorrent and so wrong. And I accord amazing acclaim to the judge. And not alone that, we go by Texas law. Texas law says you get every penny that you spent. Texas law is absolute boxy for the acknowledged fees.

AP: Sir, as the admiral of the United States, is it adapted to alarm a woman, and alike one who is authoritative austere allegations and who you are in action against, to alarm her a horseface?

Trump: You apperceive what? You can booty it any way you want.

AP: How should we booty it?

Trump: Did you see the letter? She put out a letter. I had annihilation to do with her. So she can lie and she can do whatever she wants to do. She can appoint a affected lawyer. You booty a attending at this guy, a stone-cold loser. Booty a attending at his past. They can say annihilation about me. I’m aloof saying, I aloof allege for myself. You booty a look, and you accomplish your own determination.

AP: There’s two cases with Stormy Daniels a from the one bygone that the adjudicator invalidated, but the hush-deal case continues. Did you ask the advocate to invalidate the agreement?

Trump: Well, you’d accept to allege to the lawyers. I don’t alike apperceive what the attorneys are doing, but they are absolute acceptable lawyers. They’ll bulk it out.

AP: In your account with ’60 Minutes’ over the weekend, you were asked about altitude change, and you said you accept it, but that also, it could go back. And one of the things . . . (crosstalk)

Trump: I said the affliction blow was 50 years ago, far worse than what this one was. Then, in 1890, they had one that was alike worse. This was No. 3 or 4 or 5. We had worse hurricanes in 1890, we had worse, a worse blow 50 years ago. We’ve gone through a period, actually, adequately recently, area we accept absolute few. I alive in Florida to a ample admeasurement and absorb a lot of time in Florida, and we had a aeon of time area we went years afterwards accepting any above problem. And again you accept a botheration and it goes in cycles, and I appetite absolutely bright clear baptize and I appetite the cleanest air on the planet and our air now is cleaner than it’s anytime been. Absolute important to me. But what I’m not accommodating to do is cede the bread-and-er abundance of our country for article that cipher absolutely knows. And you accept scientists on both abandon of the issue. And I accede the altitude changes, but it goes aback and forth, aback and forth. So we’ll see.

I mean, you know, I am a actuality that believes very, absolute acerb in the environment. I am absolutely an environmentalist. I apperceive some bodies ability not anticipate of me as that, but I’m an environmentalist. Aggregate I appetite and aggregate I accept is clean. Apple-pie is absolute important — water, air. But I additionally appetite jobs for our country. And if we would have, as an example, entered assertive agreements with added countries, I absolutely anticipate that we’re accomplishing it so they could accept an bread-and-er advantage. Because we would accept had a amazing — we would accept been at a amazing bread-and-er disadvantage if we entered into assertive agreements.

AP: But scientists say this is advancing a point area this can’t be reversed.

Trump: No, no. Some say that and some say differently. I mean, you accept scientists on both abandon of it. My uncle was a abundant assistant at MIT for abounding years. Dr. John Trump. And I didn’t allocution to him about this accurate subject, but I accept a accustomed aptitude for science, and I will say that you accept scientists on both abandon of the picture.

okay, what’s next?

AP: Sir, you mentioned, you mentioned added than already that your affection is not to baffle with the Department of Amends as the adapted admonition delving continues.

Trump: Well, the delving is ridiculous. okay. That that delving was alike started. Jeff Sessions should accept never recused himself. He did it for . . . and he did it immediately. He should accept told me that. And he recused himself. And alike bodies that are not my accompany say that was a abhorrent affair that he did to the president, a abhorrent thing. He should be abashed of himself for accomplishing it. He should accept told me that beforehand. And if he would accept told me that beforehand, I apparently would accept put somebody abroad in the Department of Justice. But Jeff Sessions should never accept recused himself.

AP: I mean, you can blaze him now. Would you appetite to do that? Will you do that?

Trump: I haven’t said I was activity to blaze him or not.

AP: You could, I’m saying.

Trump: I could blaze him whenever I appetite to blaze him, but I haven’t said that I was activity to.

AP: Why don’t you, sir?

Trump: I aloof haven’t said I was activity to blaze him. We’ll see what happens. But if you ask me: Am I thrilled? No, I am not thrilled.

AP: You’ve said in the past, also, on the probe, that you acquainted like there were assertive curve that it shouldn’t cross. How anxious would you be if it conceivably crept aing on targeting your family, conceivably your earlier son?

Trump: Well, I can say this. I knew annihilation about the affair that you’re talking about. My son’s a acceptable adolescent guy. He did what every added actuality in Congress would do if somebody came up to them, said, ‘Hey, I accept advice on your opponent.’ I don’t apperceive of any politician. And I anticipate I can allege for the bodies in this allowance that would accept said, ‘Oh, gee, advice on my adversary and it’s bad information?’ Name me a baby-kisser that would accept angry that down. There is no such affair as that affectionate of a politician. So that’s what they heard. They heard it was about Hillary Clinton. They had a affair or he had a affair with some people. The affair became about a altered accountable and they couldn’t get out of the affair fast enough.

North Carolina Separation Agreement Samples | Business Document - free south carolina legal separation forms
North Carolina Separation Agreement Samples | Business Document – free south carolina legal separation forms | free south carolina legal separation forms

Now here’s the important thing. Afterwards the meeting, annihilation happened. It was like, ‘Hey, let’s get calm aing week. Let’s get calm tomorrow. Let’s get together.’ Annihilation happened out of that meeting. Absolutely nothing. He did absolutely annihilation wrong. And there’s cipher harder on my son than I am. And I would acquaint you, the columnist has fabricated a affected account accord out of that meeting. If he did article wrong, I would accept been livid. I could never absolutely accusation him because I’ve had bodies appear up to me, senators. I’ve had a lot of political bodies say, ‘Your son didn’t do annihilation wrong. That was aloof a meeting. It was alleged oppo research.’ A lot of the politicians would alarm it action research. There was annihilation amiss with that. But here’s added important. Annihilation from the day of that meeting. It ended. And if you accept to people, it articulate like it concluded like they couldn’t get out fast enough. There was annihilation amiss with accepting an action analysis affair and annihilation happened from the meeting. If that affair went, ‘Oh, let’s accept accession affair aing anniversary or let’s accept a affair tomorrow or let’s alpha accomplishing this or that or a hundred altered things,’ that’s different. That’s absolutely altered depending on what they were activity to do. But annihilation happened.

AP: The adapted admonition has submitted accounting questions to your lawyers. Accept you apprehend those questions? Accept you been complex in drafting the response?

Trump: I won’t respond, but you’re adapted — we are attractive at assertive questions accepting to do with the chat collusion. Of advance there was no collusion. So we are attractive at that, and we’ll accomplish a determination.

AP: Would you adopt to accept an in-person account or do it this way?

Trump: We’ll see how that works out. You apperceive that’s in process. It’s a amazing decay of time for the admiral of the United States. To anticipate that I would be alike cerebration about application Russia to advice me win Idaho. We’re application Russia to advice me win the abundant accompaniment of Iowa or anywhere abroad is the best preposterous, awkward thing. And I will say that the Democrats apperceive it and they wink. They’re all laughing. And you apperceive if I generally apprehend that Russia brand to sow discord. The chat is sow, an old English term. They like to sow anarchy and discord. Well, if that’s the case, you gave it to them on a argent bowl because this is ridiculous. This was an alibi fabricated by the Democrats for the acumen they absent the balloter college, which gives them a big advantage — a big advantage. Absolute altered than the accepted vote. The accepted vote would be abundant easier to win if you were advancement on it. You know, it’s like active the 100-yard birr adjoin a 10-mile run. You alternation differently. Cipher explained that to Hillary Clinton, by the way. Someday she’ll bulk it out. But acceptable the balloter academy is a amazing advantage for the Democrats. And this was an alibi for how they absent the election. How they absent an acclamation they should accept won. And one of the affidavit they absent because I happened to be a abundant candidate. And accession acumen they absent is that Hillary forgot to attack in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and I assumption she bare a lot added time in North Carolina, a lot added time in South Carolina and a lot added time in a abode alleged — a beautiful, sunny, admirable abode — alleged Florida.

AP: If I could about-face to clearing and the families afar at the border.

Trump: Sure.

AP: There are accouchement who accept now been reunited with their families who are now assuming signs of agony from their break experience.

Trump: By the way, abounding of the accouchement — and this is unfortunate, I covered it so accurately on ’60 Minutes,′ but they alone put on pieces of it, and they were accomplished but you apperceive they cut, cut, cut because I assumption they accept so abundant time, although I heard that they did absolute accurately on the show. Did they do well?

AP: They aloof put out some ratings.

Trump: So congratulations to them, but I ambition they would accept larboard the absolute answer. Aback bodies access our country illegally, there are after-effects to pay. But admitting the consequences, you accept abounding accouchement that, sadly, are there afterwards parents. Again you accept bodies that grab accouchement and use them as a prop and it’s a disgrace. And they appear in with a adolescent and they don’t alike apperceive who the adolescent is bristles hours before. And that’s a shame. That’s a abhorrent affair what they do.

AP: There are additionally accouchement whose parents accept been deported.

Trump: They booty accouchement and they use them to try and appear into our country. There are many, abounding bad things activity on the border. We accept the affliction laws in the history of the apple on immigration, and we’re accepting them afflicted one by one. We’ve fabricated a lot of advance in the aftermost brace of weeks even, but we’re accepting them afflicted one by one. But you accept accouchement that we’re demography affliction of, that don’t alike accept parents at atomic anywhere aural hundreds of afar of the border, and we’re demography those children, caring for those children, and in abounding cases sending them aback to their parents in countries area their parents didn’t alike accomplish the adventure up with them, incredibly. And some of those accouchement are absolutely young. And we are, actually, in fact, today there was a admirable account put out by the Washington Examiner congratulating us on the abundant job we do with children. Now Admiral Obama had the aforementioned law; he did the aforementioned thing. And, in fact, the account of accouchement active in cages that was taken in 2014 was a account of Admiral Obama’s administering and the way they handled children. They had the kids active in cages. They anticipation it was our administering and they acclimated it and again unbeknown to them and the affected news, they begin out, ‘Oh my God, this is a abhorrent situation.’ This was during the Obama administration.

AP: Do you accept any abjure or any anguish about how this has impacted children, though?

Trump: Here’s the thing. I anticipate we’ve done an absurd job with children. As I aloof said, we’ve taken accouchement who accept no parents with them continuing on the border. We’ve taken abounding children, and I’m not talking about a baby percentage, I’m talking about a absolute ample allotment area they accept no people, no parents. In accession to that, we’re amid accouchement who are aloof met by bodies that are application them advancing into the border, not their parents. They are application them advancing into the border. The one affair I will additionally say is that aback a actuality thinks they will not be separated, our bound becomes beat with bodies advancing in. So that’s accession problem. With all of that actuality said, we’re accepting the laws afflicted so that t and release, so that acceptance lottery, so that alternation clearing and every added anatomy of absurd applesauce can be taken out of our system.

White House columnist secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I’ll accelerate you guys the DHS address that has the numbers that appearance that, like, 75 percent of the kids were absolutely self-separated. Their parents chose to go aback and active the paperwork to leave their kids behind.

Trump: The parents would sometimes appear up with their kids, leave them at the bound and go back. So we’re in this position area we accept an innocent adolescent adolescent at the border; there are no parents. We booty them in, we affliction for the adolescent and again we get abhorrent publicity. We should be accepting abundant publicity, and the Washington Examiner did a abundant allotment today on the actuality that we’ve done a abundant job. And Admiral Obama had the aforementioned law. And, by the way, he afar accouchement and there are abounding pictures of bastille beef area the accouchement were abstracted from the parents.




Trump: We should be accepting acclaim for the job we’ve done.

AP: Turning to adopted policy, you ran the attack on bringing American troops home and the America Aboriginal policy.

Trump: Yes.

AP: But today there are added American troops confined in Afghanistan and in Syria and Iraq, in Africa, in harm’s way than aback you took office. How do you explain to bodies at home?

Trump: The capital affair I accept to see is, I accept to see assurance at home and — not a all-inclusive difference, by the way — but a little bit more. But it’s not a lot more, it’s a little bit more. I accept to see assurance at home. And if I anticipate bodies are acceptable to do some absolute bad things in absent places to our homeland, I’m activity to accept troops there for a aeon of time. But we’ve done an accomplished job. We’ve defeated ISIS. ISIS is defeated in all of the areas that we fought ISIS, and that would accept never happened beneath Admiral Obama. In fact, it is activity the added way. And I anticipate we fought acutely finer on aggregate I’ve capital to do. Now there will be a assertive point area that takes place.

AP: John Bolton, though, told us, told my aide Jon a brace of weeks ago that troops aren’t activity to appear out, aren’t activity to leave Syria, until Iran is absolutely out of Syria.

Trump: We’re activity to see what happens. We’re activity to see what happens. I want, No. 1, the assurance of our country. And if that agency animadversion the hell out of them, of terrorists, continued afore they can anytime get here, that’s accept with me. And if I could advice Europe and added places by accomplishing it, that’s accept with me. And they’re starting to pay us for that, by the way, abundant added essentially than they anytime paid before. You accept that’s an important affair because it’s arbitrary that the accountability is all on us. As it has been. But we are . . . we’ve fabricated . . . we’ve had amazing success there. We’ve had amazing success in North Korea, amazing success in North Korea.

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AP: On the accountable of American soldiers and aggressive overseas, why accept you not yet visited a aggressive abject in a action area like in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Trump: Well, I will do that at some point, but I don’t anticipate it’s anytime necessary. I’ve been absolute active with aggregate that’s demography abode here. We accept the greatest abridgement in the history of our country. I mean, this is the greatest abridgement we’ve anytime had, best unemployment numbers. Abounding groups are, you know, we’ve never alike been aing to these numbers. I’m accomplishing a lot of things. I’m accomplishing a lot of things. But it’s article I’d do. And do gladly. Cipher has been bigger at the military. Hey, I aloof got them a pay raise. I haven’t had a pay accession in 11 years. I aloof got them a abundant pay raise. ‘They’ acceptation our aggressive people. I aloof got them new equipment. They accept being that was so old that the grandfathers acclimated to fly it. I accept done added for the aggressive than any admiral in many, abounding years.




AP: Can you accord us any amend as to the affairs for your aing affair with Kim Jong Un?

Trump: Yeah, we will accept one, but it is activity to be afterwards the midterms because I appetite to break about here.

AP: Will it be here, in the United States, sir?

Trump: I appetite to break about and advice bodies get elected.

AP: Do you anticipate that affair would be here? In the U. S.?

Trump: No, I don’t anticipate so. I mean, we haven’t set it up yet, but I would anticipate not yet. At some point, that will happen, too.

AP: You saw the numbers, the advantage in the aftermost brace of canicule about deficits. That the projected arrears is a abundance dollars. You railed on Admiral Obama over deficits.

Trump: Alibi me. No. 1, I had to booty affliction of our military. I had no best but to do it, and I appetite to booty affliction of our military. We had to do things that we had to do. And I’ve done them. Now we’re activity to alpha bringing numbers down. We additionally accept amazing numbers with absorption to hurricanes and fires and the amazing backwoods fires all over. We had absolute big numbers, accidentally big numbers. California does a abhorrent job advancement their forests. They’re activity to accept to alpha accomplishing a bigger job or we’re not activity to be advantageous them. They are accomplishing a abhorrent job of advancement what they have. And we had big numbers on amazing numbers with the backwoods fires and acutely the hurricanes. We got hit in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Georgia. Georgia was hit absolute adamantine this time. Cipher even, you know, treats that one fairly. The farmers got hit very, absolute hard.

AP: Mitch McConnell said he wants to accede alms reform.

Trump: Wants to accede what?

AP: Alms ameliorate — changes to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.

Trump: That I haven’t heard.

AP: okay.

Trump: I haven’t heard that. I’m abrogation Social Security. I’m not affecting Social Security.

AP: I apperceive we are absolutely abbreviate on time. We were attractive to do affectionate of a lightning round.

AP: You’ve announced about aegis clearances. Do you accept any affairs to booty any added clearances abroad any time soon?

Trump: Yeah, I do.

AP: From whom?

Trump: Bodies I don’t trust.

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AP: Any updates on the White House counsel?

Trump: Yes. I’ve fabricated a decision. He’s . . . you’ve been account a little bit about it. A absolute accomplished man, awful admired by a lot of people: Pat (Cipollone).

AP: And for the U.N. perm rep? For Ambassador Haley’s job? Accept you fabricated a decision?

Trump: I accept abounding bodies that appetite the job. I accept such a acceptable accord with Nikki. And I’ve talked to her about it, too. I will be talking to her about it. But I accept abounding bodies that appetite the job, and I would say I’ll be authoritative that accommodation over the aing anniversary or two. They’re activity to assignment with Nikki for a little while. She activity to go till the end of the year, and they’ll be alive with Nikki.

AP: You’ve been absolute critical, the aftermost year or so, of the NFL. This year, actually, appraisement are up a little bit. What do you accomplish of that? What does that say about . . .?

Trump: Hey, look, I did the NFL a big favor. You apperceive that, right?

AP: By calling absorption to it?

Trump: No. You didn’t apperceive this? You didn’t apperceive this?

AP: Acquaint us, sir.

Trump: So the NFL was accepting a amazing botheration with Canada on the Super Bowl and announcement and all sorts of things — absolute complicated subject. And in about two seconds, I got, in about 30 seconds, I got that one anchored up for the NFL. They’re activity to accomplish a amazing bulk of added money because of what I did for them. It was a favor for them and it wasn’t for NFL, it was that this is a abundant American company. I was negotiating adjoin Canada. And one of the things, I said ‘I appetite the NFL fixed,’ because it had to do with them befitting revenues from announcement and for not acceptance the NFL to acquaint in Canada. And it was absolute arbitrary and everybody knew that and Canada knew it, too. And Canada plays a absolute boxy game. So I said I appetite that anchored and cipher wrote a adventure about it because why would they anytime address about it? And, by the way, Commissioner Goodell alleged me aftermost anniversary and he, ‘thank you absolute much.’ But I acclimatized that for the NFL. It took me absolutely about a minute because that’s a baby accord compared to the big deal. And Canada knew it was the adapted affair to do. So I helped a abundant American corporation. You accept to understand, I like the NFL. I appetite the NFL to do well. I accept abounding accompany that are in the NFL, owners and others. I appetite them to do absolute well. I additionally appetite them continuing for the American flag, not kneeling, but I aloof helped the NFL achieve a botheration that they couldn’t achieve for 15 years or something. This has been activity on, a abandoned action with Canada, for years. I acclimatized it. And not one actuality has accounting about it. Why don’t you alarm what you alarm Commissioner Goodell and ask him. Roger. He alleged me aftermost week. I anticipation he was calling me about the banderole to say ‘cease fire.’ But he didn’t. He alleged me aloof to acknowledge me, and I said, ‘That was absolute nice.’ It was a absolute nice buzz call. You should do article about it if you want.

AP: Do you plan to absolution Paul Manafort?

Trump: Who?

AP: Paul Manafort.

Trump: I never alike was asked about it. I haven’t anticipation about it. But, you know, I anticipate it’s a absolute sad, sad situation. And there’s accession affair that had annihilation to do with me. That was from years before. You do accept that, right? Do you accept that? Do you apperceive these Russian hackers you’re talking about from Moscow? They accept annihilation to do with me. How abounding bodies are they? Alone 28 people? They accept annihilation to do with me. They were hackers from Moscow. Some of them accurate Hillary Clinton. They had annihilation to do with me. You attending at all the stuff, it’s aloof annihilation to do with me.

AP: Alive what you apperceive today, is it still adapted for Secretary Mnuchin to be activity to Saudi Arabia aing week?

Trump: Well, it depends on what we acquisition out over the aing brace of days. He doesn’t accept to accomplish that assurance until Friday, and I anticipate we’ll additionally be guided by what added countries are doing. You know, we’ll attending at that.

AP: What’s your responsibility?

Trump: I do anticipate this. I do anticipate that they accept ordered billions, one of the better aggressive orders in the history of the country. I anticipate that we aching ourselves far added than we aching Saudi Arabia aback we aish an adjustment like that.

AP: You’ve apparent American business leaders, though, cull out of that conference. Do you endorse that move?

Trump: Too aboriginal to say. I accept to acquisition out what happened. Already they acquisition out what happened, I’ll be able to acquaint you exactly.

AP: Would you alone serve one term, Mr. President, if you acquainted like you had done aggregate you set out to do?

Trump: No. Because the added appellation . . . aboriginal of all, there’s consistently things to do. Actually, it’s a absolute nice catechism because I accept done so much. Bodies accept said that, ‘You’ve done so much. You may accept it all put aback together. And our country: Accomplish America Abundant Again.’ And they do ask me that question. So if you do all of the things that you’re accomplishing and you’re accustomed accession two years, which is a lot of time because I’ve done this in far beneath than two years, and those affidavit appealing abundant say it, they do ask that question. There’s consistently article to do. And you know, the new adage is Keep America Great. I don’t appetite somebody to abort it because I can do a abundant job. But the amiss actuality advancing in afterwards me sitting adapted at this board can abort it absolute quickly, if they don’t do the adapted thing. So no I’m absolutely running.

AP: Is there addition in accurate you’d like to run against?

Trump: So far, all of them. So far, all of them. I don’t see any talent. No talent.

AP: No one you’re afraid about?

Trump: I see no talent.

AP: Carnality Admiral Biden? Or Sen. Warren? Or anyone?

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Trump: Well, Biden ran alert and absolutely a lot of bodies anticipate he absolutely ran a third time, but he was so low in the acclamation that he never registered. But he ran twice. And I alarm him One Percent Joe because you apperceive he did absolute ailing and again Obama took him off the debris abundance and fabricated him carnality president. And in a faculty he did a acceptable job as carnality president, in my opinion, because Obama admired him, and if Admiral Obama didn’t like him, you would accept been audition about it. So in that sense, he, I think, he did absolutely a nice job because the admiral of the United States acquainted absolute adequate about him. Like, I like my carnality admiral very, absolute much. That’s an important function.

AP: Acknowledge you absolute much, Mr. President.

Trump: Acknowledge you all.

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