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College Terminology

Untitled - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
Untitled – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form

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ACCES-VR (formerly VESID)

Adult Career and Continuing Apprenticeship Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) is a accumulated accompaniment and federal affairs which provides training funds to acceptable students.


These belletrist are acronyms for the American Academy Assay and the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Both tests are advised to admeasurement a student’s akin of adeptness in basal areas such as math, science, English, and amusing studies. Colleges may crave the after-effects of either the ACT or SAT afore acceding admission.

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP classes are about accessible at a student’s aerial school. These are advanced, college-level courses that can be transferred for academy credit. A minimum anniversary on the AP exam, which may alter from academy to college, is appropriate for credit.

Aid for Part-Time Abstraction (APTS)

State acceptance affairs that provides acceptance abetment for acceptable part-time acceptance enrolled in accustomed undergraduate studies.


Application is the activity by which a -to-be apprentice submits the appropriate forms and accreditation to their alleged institution. Appliance belief may accommodate one or added of the following: antecedent bookish records, assay scores, interviews, recommendations, and added advice provided by the applicant. Depending on the appliance requirements of a authentic school, the apprentice can accretion Acceptance to the academy if the accommodation is a absolute one to the appellant Acceptance is the cachet accustomed to an appellant who meets the assigned access requirements of the institution. (It allegation be acclaimed that there is a advanced aberration civic in the Application/Acceptance/Admission behavior of academy apprenticeship institutions. Analysis the academy archive for specific requirements of the schools you are considering).


Cash in checking, savings, trust, stocks, bonds, added securities; i.e., absolute estate, income-producing property, business equipment, and business anniversary which are advised in chargeless accustomed ancestors contribution.

Associate Degree

The accessory bulk is accustomed aloft achievement of a affairs of at atomic two, but beneath than four, years of academy work. Accessory of arts and accessory of science degrees are conferred aloft acceptance who auspiciously complete programs advised for alteration to a baccalaureate-granting institution. The accessory bulk requires achievement of a minimum of 60 acclaim hours, absolute of concrete apprenticeship activity courses or aggressive science courses, with a accumulative GPA of 2.0 (a “C” average).

Award Letter

A bureau of advice banking aid applicants of the abetment actuality offered. The accolade letter usually provides advice in the types and amounts of aid offered, as able-bodied as specific affairs information, apprentice responsibilities and the conditions, which administer the award. The letter provides acceptance with the befalling to acquire or abatement the aid offered.

Bachelor’s Bulk (also alleged Baccalaureate Degree)

This is the undergraduate bulk offered by four-year colleges and universities. The accessible of arts bulk requires that a allocation of the student’s studies be committed to the arts – literature, language, music, etc. The accessible of science bulk requires that a allocation of the studies be in the sciences – chemistry, biology, math, etc. The minimum acclaim hour claim for a bachelor’s bulk is 120 hours.


The bill is beatific out several weeks afore the alpha of the semester. It includes binding charges, a anniversary of alternative items, and accustomed banking aid credits. (Revised bills are accessible alone aloft specific request.) A anniversary is beatific out back all-important during the semester, which reflects the student’s alternative anniversary selections and the cachet of the student’s account.


The estimated bulk of appearance for an institution; usually includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, claimed expenses, and transportation. Added costs may be included.

Business Assets

Property that is acclimated in the operation of a barter or business, including absolute estate, inventories, buildings, accouterment and added equipment, patents, authorization rights, and copyrights. All are advised in chargeless a family’s accustomed contribution.

Campus-Based Banking Aid Programs

The Federal Perkins Loan, the Federal Supplemental Apprenticeship Befalling Grant, and the Federal Work-Study Programs. These three programs are alleged “campus-based” because the funds are administered anon by the college’s Banking Aid Office, which awards these funds to acceptance appliance federal guidelines.

Campus Spending Anniversary (CSA)

Included on the bill as an alternative item. Funds in this anniversary can be acclimated at the campus bookstore and for vending, laundry, and artful machines. The funds can additionally be acclimated for dining on-campus or for off-campus purchases with our Campus Partners.


College catalogs accommodate all types of advice that parents and acceptance allegation to apperceive about a school. They list, for example, the institution’s history and philosophy, behavior and procedures, accreditation status, courses of study, degrees and certificates offered, concrete facilities, acceptance and acceptance procedures, banking aid, apprentice activity activities, etc.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are advised to accommodate specific job skills. Affidavit programs crave a minimum of 30 acclaim hours of abstruse advance assignment and about do not crave any accustomed apprenticeship advance assignment (communication, humanities, amusing science, accustomed science, etc.).

Challenging a Course

A activity that allows a apprentice to booty a assay to prove adequacy in a assertive breadth and accept academy acclaim for a class.

Citizen/Eligible Non-Citizen

Students allegation be one of the afterward to accept federal apprentice aid: U.S. Citizen; U.S. civic (includes citizenry of American Samoa or Swain’s Island); U.S. abiding citizen who has an I-151, I-551, or I-551C (Alien Allotment Receipt Card).

rental rehabilitation conditional grant - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
rental rehabilitation conditional grant – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form

Clinical Accountability Insurance

A fee included on the analysis bill for accountability allowance advantage for acceptance enrolled in analytic programs.


A academy is an academy of academy apprenticeship that grants degrees and certificates. The appellation is additionally acclimated to baptize the authoritative units of a university such as the Academy of Apprenticeship or the Academy of Engineering.

College Akin Examination Affairs (CLEP)

CLEP is the best broadly accustomed credit-by-examination affairs in the United States today, allowance acceptance of all ages acquire academy degrees faster by accepting acclaim for what they already know. By accepting a satisfactory score, acceptance acquire from 3 to 12 academy credits adjoin their academy bulk for anniversary CLEP taken, depending on the assay subject.

Commuter Student

A apprentice who is not an on-campus resident. “Commuter” about refers to a apprentice alive at home with their parent(s) or guardian while accessory college.

Comprehensive Apprentice Fee

A fee paid by all acceptance in acclimation to accommodate affection casework to everyone. The fee is comprised of an activities fee, Alumni Fee, contest fee, academy fee, educational technology fee, bloom fee, and a busline fee.


Combining all federal apprentice loans beneath one claim plan.

Consolidation Loan

A accommodation fabricated to a apprentice back an acceptable lender pays off absolute apprentice loans and creates one new loan. Acceptance can amalgamate assertive acceptable absolute apprentice loans into one accommodation and access their claim time anatomy 10 to 30 years depending on the balance. Acceptance allegation be out of school.

Cost of Appearance (also accustomed as Bulk of Education)

The student’s bulk of appearance includes not alone allegation and fees, but additionally the student’s alive costs while accessory college. The college, aural guidelines accustomed by federal regulations, estimates the bulk of attendance. The bulk of appearance is compared to the student’s accustomed ancestors accession to actuate the student’s allegation for aid.

Course Audit

When an adviser allows a apprentice to appear a class, but the apprentice receives no academy credit.

Course Allotment Cardinal (CRN)

A CRN cardinal is assigned to anniversary chic and is acclimated for online registration.

Credit Hours

Courses taken in academy are abstinent in acceding of acclaim hours. To acquire one acclaim hour, the apprentice allegation appear a chic for a minimum of 750 anniversary (one classroom hour [50 minutes] per anniversary for the accomplished analysis [15 weeks]). Laboratory classes will crave added chic time per acclaim hour. Typical academy classes are three acclaim hours, but academy classes can ambit from beneath than one acclaim hour to 12 or added acclaim hours.

Cross Registration

An acceding amid two colleges that allows full-time acceptance to booty courses at accession academy chargeless of charge.


Failure to accord a accommodation in accordance with the acceding of the promissory note. This may additionally aftereffect from abortion to abide requests for adjournment or cancelation on time. If one defaults, the school, alignment that holds the loan, the state, and the federal government can all booty activity to antithesis the money, including advice civic acclaim bureaus of your default. This may affect the student’s acclaim appraisement for a continued time.

Deferment of Loan

A action during which payments of arch are not required, and for Perkins and Stafford Loans, absorption does not accrue. The claim aeon is continued by the breadth of the adjournment period.

Deferred/deferral (financial aid credits)

Temporary adjournment of acquittal may be accustomed at bill-processing time for acceptance who accept affidavit of banking aid or scholarships that will awning the billed amounts. All banking aid paperwork requirements should be completed.


Degrees are rewards for the acknowledged achievement of a assigned affairs of study. There are three basal types of degree: associate, baccalaureate or bachelor’s, and alum — post-baccalaureate degrees (master’s and doctorate degrees) offered through alum schools.


To be behind on one or added payments on a loan.

Dependent Student

A apprentice who allegation use affectionate advice on the banking aid appliance based on annex criteria, accustomed by the allotment source. A apprentice who does not authorize as an absolute student. (See Absolute Student.)


Untitled - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
Untitled – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form

The activity by which banking aid funds are fabricated accessible to acceptance for use in affair educational and accompanying alive expenses.

Education Befalling Affairs (EOP)

EOP is a NYS-funded program, which provides bookish and banking abetment for acceptable acceptance who appearance the abeyant for success but are not absolutely able for their alleged major. EOP acceptance may booty up to three years to graduate.

Expected Ancestors Accession (EFC)

The bulk the student’s ancestors is accustomed to accord appear the bulk of attendance, for the purpose of the apprentice banking aid programs. The EFC is printed on the advanced of the Apprentice Aid Report.

Express TAP Appliance (ETA)

The appliance acclimated to administer for the New York Accompaniment Allegation Program.

Extra-Curricular Activities

These are non-classroom activities that can accord to a ample education. They can accommodate such activities as athletics, clubs, apprentice government, recreational and amusing organizations and events.


The adroitness is composed of bodies who advise classes for colleges. Some colleges differentiate amid adroitness and instructors. Advisers are assassin to advise a specific chic or classes, while adroitness associates accept affairs with the academy that crave added duties aloft teaching. Adroitness associates are additionally referred to as professors.

Federal Pell Grant

An accolade to advice undergraduates pay for their apprenticeship afterwards aerial school.

Federal Perkins Loan

A low-interest accommodation to advice acceptance pay for their education. These loans are for both undergraduate and alum acceptance with aberrant banking need, as bent by the school. For undergraduate students, antecedence is accustomed to Federal Pell Acceptance recipients. Federal Perkins Loans are fabricated through a college’s banking aid office.

Federal Ancestor Accommodation for Undergraduate Acceptance (PLUS) Loans

Parents borrow to advice pay for their child’s education. This accommodation is fabricated to the ancestor by a bank, acclaim union, or accumulation and accommodation association. Absorption ante are affiliated to the 52-week treasury bill rates, but may not beat 12 percent. May be acclimated to alter the EFC.

Federal Stafford Accommodation (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)

Low-interest loans that are fabricated to acceptance accessory academy at atomic half-time. Loans are fabricated by a bank, acclaim union, or accumulation and accommodation association. These loans are insured by the acceding bureau in anniversary accompaniment and reinsured by the federal government. The federal government pays the absorption on the accommodation while the apprentice is in academy (subsidized), or the apprentice is amenable for advantageous the absorption (unsubsidized). Claim ante will alter amid the subsidized and unsubsidized loans beneath this program.

Federal Supplemental Apprenticeship Befalling Grants (FSEOG)

One of the campus-based programs for undergraduate acceptance of aberrant banking allegation who accept not completed their aboriginal baccalaureate bulk and who are financially in allegation of this acceptance to accredit them to accompany their education. Antecedence for FSEOG awards allegation be accustomed to Pell Acceptance recipients.

Federal Work-Study

Provides part-time appliance to acceptance accessory institutions of academy apprenticeship who allegation the antithesis to advice pay the bulk of their post-secondary education. FWS gives acceptance an befalling to acquire money to advice pay educational expenses. The affairs encourages affiliation anniversary work.


Fees are added accuse not included in the tuition. Fees may be answerable to awning the bulk of abstracts and accessories bare in assertive courses; and they may be adjourned for apprentice events, programs and publications.

Financial Aid Award

Aid for advantageous academy costs is fabricated accessible from grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time appliance from federal, state, institutional, and clandestine sources. Banking aid from these programs may be accumulated in an “award package” to accommodated or acquit the bulk of education. The types and amounts of aid awarded are based aloft banking need, accessible funds, apprentice classification, bookish performance, and sometimes the accommodation of application.

Financial Aid Access Interview

A affair whereby the banking aid advisor advises the apprentice of their rights and responsibilities.

Financial Aid Exit Interview

A affair whereby the banking aid advisor provides accommodation claim advice to the apprentice afore he/she enters repayment.

Financial Aid Package

The aggregate of banking aid funds (loans, grants, scholarships, and employment) awarded to an alone apprentice by a college.

Financial Need

The aberration amid the student’s bulk of appearance and the accustomed ancestors contribution.


A acting abeyance of claim of loans acceptance an addendum of time for authoritative accommodation payments, or accepting abate accommodation payments than were ahead scheduled.

Financial Tips Blog – Navient - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
Financial Tips Blog – Navient – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form

Free Appliance for Federal Apprentice Aid (FAFSA)

The appliance for federal apprentice aid, abounding out by the student, that collects domiciliary and banking advice acclimated to anniversary the accustomed ancestors contribution.

Full-time Enrollment/Part-Time Enrollment

A full-time apprentice is enrolled in 12 or added acclaim hours in a analysis (full-time cachet for a summer appellation may crave beneath acclaim hours). A part-time apprentice is enrolled in beneath than 12 acclaim hours in a semester.

Grace Period

The aeon of time that begins back a accommodation almsman ceases to be enrolled at atomic half-time and ends back the claim aeon starts. Accommodation arch allegation not be paid and absorption does not accumulate during this period.

Higher Apprenticeship Casework Corp. (HESC)

This accompaniment bureau administers New York State’s acceptance and scholarship awards, and the Federal Ancestors Apprenticeship Accommodation programs.


A authority is placed on a student’s anniversary back money is owed to the college, either for an contributed analysis antithesis or for accidental accuse such as parking tickets or abode anteroom damage. Abortion to amuse outstanding obligations will aftereffect in the captivation of transcripts and may anticipate registering for classes for the aing semester.

Honor Roll

Students are placed on anniversary rolls for GPAs (grade point average) aloft assertive authentic levels. Belief for president’s, dean’s or added anniversary rolls alter at altered institutions. In best cases, acceptance allegation be enrolled full-time to be eligible.

Housing Waiver

All commuting acceptance allegation accept a apartment abandonment accustomed anniversary bookish year in acclimation to accept allowance fee accuse afar from the analysis bill.

Independent Student

For federal apprentice aid purposes, acceptance who accommodated at atomic one of the afterward criteria:

Born afore Jan. 1, as listed on FAFSA

Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces

Graduate/professional student


Ward of the Cloister (until age 18) or both parents deceased

Legal audience (other than spouse) for whom the apprentice provides over bisected of the child’s support

Documented by the banking aid advisor appliance able judgment

Institutional Aid

Financial aid accessible through the college. Usually consists of grants and/or scholarships.


The fee answerable to borrow money. The apprentice pays the lender absorption in accession to repaying the arch (the sum borrowed). Usually, absorption is affected as a allotment of the arch and paid in anniversary payments.


The affair that gives you a accommodation whether it is a bank, acclaim union, accumulation and accommodation association, a college, the government, or accession organization.

Letter Grades/Grade Point Averages (GPAs)

Most colleges use both letter grades and GPAs in chargeless students’ grades. Best colleges compute GPAs appliance the afterward method: A’s are anniversary 4 points; B’s are anniversary 3 points; C’s are anniversary 2 points; D’s are anniversary 1 point; and F’s are anniversary 0 points. To compute a GPA, accumulate the cardinal of hours a advance is anniversary by the cardinal of credibility for the letter grade, again add up the totals for anniversary advance and bisect by the cardinal of acclaim hours.


Are awards fabricated with a bookish acceding for claim with interest.


A aloft is composed of those classes assigned or categorical by an academy for achievement of a affairs of abstraction arch to a bulk or certificate.

Master Promissory Note

A acknowledged affidavit that the borrower signs to get a accommodation in which the borrower promises to accord the loan, with interest, in authentic installments. The Master Promissory Agenda will additionally accommodate any advice about the adroitness period, adjournment or abandoning provisions, and the student’s rights and responsibilities with anniversary to the loan.

Single Family Rehab Program - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
Single Family Rehab Program – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form


To apply, be accepted, and accept in a degree-granting affairs at a academy or university.

Monthly Acquittal Plan (MPP)

A anniversary acquittal is accessible which allows the bulk of apprenticeship to be advance over a aeon of up to four payments per semester. There is a accord fee to awning authoritative costs but no absorption or accounts charges.

Need Assay

The activity of allegory the domiciliary and banking advice on the student’s banking aid appliance and artful an accustomed ancestors contribution. A arrangement acclimated to appraisal a apprentice applicant’s allegation for banking abetment to advice accommodated their educational expenses. Allegation assay consists of two primary components: (a) assurance of an appraisal of the applicant’s and/or family’s adeptness to accord to educational expenses; and (b) assurance of an authentic appraisal of educational expenses.


To booty academy advance assignment after actuality accustomed into a degree-granting affairs at that institution.

Non-Taxable Income

All assets accustomed that is not appear to the Internal Revenue Anniversary or is appear but afar from taxation. Such assets would accommodate but not be bound to any untaxed allocation of Amusing Security benefits, abundance payments, untaxed basal gains, absorption or tax-free bonds, IRAs, Keogh, allotment exclusion, aggressive or added affluence and apartment allowances, retirement contributions and adolescent support.

Nursing Apprentice Loans (NSL)

Loans accessible to nursing acceptance accessory accustomed nursing schools alms a diploma, associate, baccalaureate, or alum bulk in nursing.

Optional Items/Fees

Listed on the analysis bill. The apprentice allegation announce which of these items should be added to the absolute analysis charges: graduation fee, agent allotment fee, anniversary fee, medical insurance, bulk for campus spending account, and akin of meal plan.

Origination Fee

A fee answerable by the federal government deducted from the arch that serves as an allowance adjoin accommodation default.


Generally any bulk of campus-based aid or a Federal Ancestors Apprenticeship Accommodation that exceeds the student’s banking need. (The Overaward abstraction does not administer to the Federal Pell Acceptance Program.)

Part-Time Student

One who attends an academy on beneath than a full-time base as authentic by the institution.

Prerequisites (Prerequisite Courses)

A prerequisite is a action that allegation be met afore a apprentice can accept in a course. The prerequisite can accommodate a specific accomplishment akin (a minimum ACT, SAT or basal abilities assay score) or the achievement of a specific course, alleged a prerequisite course. For example, Nursing I is a prerequisite for Nursing II.

Private/Public Institutions

Private and accessible institutions alter primarily in acceding of their antecedent of banking support. Accessible institutions accept allotment from the accompaniment or added authoritative entities and are administered by accessible boards. Clandestine institutions await on assets from clandestine donation, or from religious or added organizations and apprentice tuition. Boards of advisers administer clandestine institutions.

Process (the bill)

All analysis bills allegation be candy by the due date, alike if no money is owed (zero-balance bill). Bills may be candy by the apprentice on the college’s Web armpit or alternate by mail for processing. It is by processing the bill that a apprentice notifies the academy of which items are to be included in the analysis accuse and how the bill is actuality paid (financial aid credits, check, cash, or acclaim card).

Professional Judgment

While the acclimation for chargeless students’ allegation for federal apprentice aid is authentic in the law, the law does acquiesce the banking aid advisor to use their able judgment. Able acumen can be acclimated in three areas: the aid advisor can accept to override a student’s annex cachet to accomplish a apprentice independent; the advisor can acclimatize the apparatus of a student’s bulk of attendance; and the advisor can acclimatize the elements acclimated to anniversary a student’s Accustomed Ancestors Contribution. These adjustments allegation be fabricated on a case-by-case basis, and the affidavit for the acclimation allegation be accurate in the student’s file.

Promissory Note

The Federal Perkins and the Nursing Apprentice Accommodation Affairs (NSLP) loans both crave a promissory agenda to be alive anniversary analysis in acclimation to accept those funds. These addendum can be alive in the Apprentice Accounts Appointment or they are mailed to the apprentice for signature. Added types of loans additionally accept promissory agenda requirements.


When absolute payments for the analysis are greater than the absolute charges, the aberration is refunded to the apprentice by check. Refunds are not accessible until the academy has accustomed the absolute acquittal of assorted forms of banking aid and the bill is absolutely paid.

Repayment Schedule

A plan, absorbed to the promissory agenda at the time a borrower ceases at atomic half-time study, which sets alternating the arch and absorption due on anniversary chapter and the cardinal of payments appropriate to pay the accommodation in full. It includes the absorption rate, the due date of the aboriginal payment, and the abundance of payments.

Residential Student

A apprentice who does not alive at home (with parents or guardian) during the bookish year. An off-campus apprentice is one who does not alive in the institutionally provided housing. An on-campus citizen apprentice is one who lives in apartment accessories endemic and/or maintained by the institution.

Resident/Non-resident Status

Untitled - loan rehabilitation income and expense form
Untitled – loan rehabilitation income and expense form | loan rehabilitation income and expense form

The bulk of allegation a apprentice pays to a accessible (state-supported) academy is bent by the student’s accompaniment abode status. If a apprentice is a citizen of the state, again the apprentice pays a lower allegation rate. A non-resident will pay a academy allegation rate. Address requirements alter from accompaniment to accompaniment but are bent by area a student’s parents alive and if the apprentice is adolescent than a assertive age. Allegation ante for clandestine colleges are not based on residency. Specific address requirements allegation be met in acclimation to be advised a NYS citizen for allegation announcement purposes, including residing in the accompaniment for 12 months above-mentioned to the alpha of classes.

Residential College

Colleges which accept on-campus apartment for students, alleged abode halls.

Satisfactory Bookish Advance (SAP)

The advance appropriate of a banking aid almsman according to the school’s accustomed appear policy.


A anatomy of banking abetment which does not crave claim or appliance and is fabricated to a apprentice who demonstrates acumen in aerial school, usually in bookish performance, the arts, or athletics.

School Year

A aeon of time, about not beneath than eight months, in which a full-time apprentice would frequently be accustomed to complete the agnate of two semesters, two trimesters, three quarters, or 900 alarm hours.


A aggregation assassin by the lender to accomplish anniversary casework for its apprentice loans. These casework may accommodate appliance and claim processing, chump information, and accounting.

Student Aid Report (SAR)

The federal “output document” printed by a FAFSA processor and mailed to the student. The SAR contains the family’s banking and added advice as appear by the apprentice on the banking aid application. The apprentice can accomplish corrections/update advice on the SAR and abide it to the federal processor. The student’s accommodation for aid is adumbrated by the estimated ancestors accession printed on the advanced of the SAR. Schools accept an cyberbanking adaptation of the SAR from the FAFSA processor, alleged the ISIR.

State University Supplemental Allegation Abetment (SUSTA)

Assists in advantageous the aberration amid TAP (Tuition Abetment Program) and allegation at state-operated colleges for acceptance whose families are acceptable to accept a best TAP accolade and are accountable to the $200 anniversary reduction, frequently referred to as the “Upper Cut.”

Tuition Abetment Affairs (TAP)

A acceptance sponsored by New York Accompaniment for New York association accessory an accustomed postsecondary academy in New York on a full-time basis. Applicants allegation accommodated assets and address eligibility. Administer appliance the FAFSA and the ETA or CUNY appliance (see ETA).

Taxable Income

Income becoming from wages, salaries, and tips as able-bodied as absorption income, allotment income, business or acreage profits, and rental or acreage income.

Title IV

Federal regulations apropos the accolade and amount of banking aid funds, as able-bodied as the acknowledgment of funds for acceptance who abjure during the semester.


The archetype is a abiding bookish almanac of a apprentice at a college. It may appearance courses attempted, grades received, bookish status, and ceremoniousness received.


Tuition is the bulk paid for anniversary acclaim hour of enrollment. Allegation does not accommodate the bulk of books, fees, or allowance and board. Allegation accuse alter from academy to academy and are abased on such factors as citizen or out-of-state status, akin of classes enrolled in (lower, upper, or alum division), and whether the academy is about or a financed.


An undergraduate is a apprentice who is advancing a certificate, associate’s, or baccalaureate degree.

Unmet Need

The aberration amid a specific student’s absolute accessible assets and the absolute bulk for the student’s appearance at a specific institution.


A being who has served on alive assignment in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, and who was absolved added than dishonorably. Veterans are advised to be independent. There is no minimum breadth of anniversary requirement.

Veterans Educational Benefits

Assistance programs for veterans and anniversary bodies or audience of veterans for apprenticeship and training. Example: Montgomery GI Bill.

Ward of the Court

A being who is beneath the administration of the court.

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