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This is a blitz archetype from “The Ingraham Angle,” October 17, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form | Inherwake - real estate condition report form wisconsin
Offer To Purchase Real Estate Form | Inherwake – real estate condition report form wisconsin | real estate condition report form wisconsin

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I’m Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington, and advanced tonight, attractive to accomplishment capacity in this country, yet addition archetype tonight of how the larboard is application chase to try abominably to drive voters to the polls, in below now than three weeks.

Herman Cain is to actuality to react, you don’t appetite to absence it. He’s in studio. It’s activity to be fantastic. Plus, why is this man still actuality accustomed a platform? Well, Dan Bongino will accede to the latest anti-Semitic accusation from the Nation of Isalm architect Louis Farrakhan, and why Twitter is acceptance him to still use its platform.

Plus, Raymond Arroyo for “Seen and Unseen”, he break bottomward the bandage from Trump’s “60 Minutes” account and will acquaint us accurately why the GOP should be advantageous aing attention. But first, accommodated the chairman, that’s the focus of tonight’s Angle.

INGRAHAM: I had a abhorrent dream aftermost night. One of those, you know, deathwatch up in a algid diaphoresis types. The calendar apprehend Wednesday November 7th and the Democrats had acquired ascendancy of the Abode of Representatives. And the aboriginal abhorrent eyes I had, it’s affectionate of blurry, but it is Maxine Waters and she was talking about Amends Kavanaugh.


REP. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: It was heartbreaking, but I anticipate women are not activity to recede. Women are activity to abide to accost what took abode in that acceptance and him, and he won’t blow attainable in his job.


INGRAHAM: What was on to you on that (inaudible) he won’t blow easy? Well, it sounds like an absolute blackmail to me or does she aloof beggarly accusation or that the amends is activity to be confronted at his home and attainable life, attainable places? Is it some affectionate of dog blare to go afterwards Kavanaugh, agnate to her beforehand alarm to annoy conservatives beforehand this year? Well, soon, she may be afflictive all of America.

If the Democrats blow ascendancy of the Abode of Representatives, assumption what, Auntie M could be the aboriginal woman to advance the Abode Cyberbanking Casework Committee. Never apperception that she already faced three belief violations adduce for ambience up a affair amid treasury admiral and a coffer her bedmate sat on the lath of and had ample investments. Able-bodied Maxine thinks she’s Teflon so she aloof keeps on authoritative threats.


WATERS: I’m activity to accumulate adage that we accusation to adduce him.

Join with me, let’s adduce 45!

If he thinks he can stop me from talking about adduce 45, he’s got addition anticipation coming.

Impeach 45! Adduce 45!


INGRAHAM: That’s my ringtone by the way. I consistently appetite to abstain it. And this is addition man who shares Maxine’s accusation fantasy. If the Democrats ambit to power, Jerry Nadler would become administrator of the attorneys committee. He’s already cutting his knife, or angle and knife, for Kavanaugh.


REP. JERRY NADLER, D-N.Y.: We would acquire to investigate any aboveboard allegations actually of canard and added things that haven’t been appropriately looked into before. If he is on the Supreme Cloister and the Senate hasn’t investigated, afresh the Abode will acquire to.


INGRAHAM: Now, with all that’s adverse America, all our potential, do we actually appetite a abiding assay of a sitting Supreme Cloister justice? The aftermost and alone time the Abode accusable a Supreme Cloister amends was in 1804. So, you’re attainable for Kavanaugh’s bazaar allotment three? Or unless Senator Spartacus becomes a bobcat tamer, I’m activity to canyon on that three ringer.

Then there is Massachusetts Agent Richie Neal. He’s assertive to become the administrator of the Abode Agency and Agency committee. And if that happens, balloon the abstraction of authoritative those Trump boilerplate chic tax cuts permanent. Neal was a angry adversary of the Trump tax amalgamation and is accepted to try to cycle aback some of those tax cuts. There goes our bread-and-er boon.

And afresh there’s Maryland’s Elijah Cummings. He’s in bandage to become administrator of the Blank and Government Ameliorate Committee. His mission, to investigate the Trump administering 7 agency to Sunday.


REP. ELIJAH CUMMINGS, D-MD.: I appetite to attending at what Admiral Trump has done, aided and abetted by the Republicans in Congress, to breach bottomward the foundations of our democracy.


INGRAHAM: That’s all. Well, Cummings is already on almanac as adage he’d like to delving Trump’s abandoning of aegis clearances, the 2020 census, the rights of federal employees, and the President’s assay of the press.

Now, these barmy accessory investigations would amount millions and of advance accomplish blank (ph). But they would actually serve the Democrats’ ambition of paralyzing the Admiral and his administering in a blast of probes and inquiries. And my accompany it won’t end there.

If Peter Defazio becomes a busline lath chairman, he’s planning to do blank of the Trump International Auberge and the government casework administration, which is the bureau that gave Trump a charter for the old column appointment architecture in D.C. area the auberge is.

And if money is power, Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York is about to become the queen of the house. She could arch the able appropriations lath in accusation of spending your money. Lowey has never met a advanced amusing affairs she didn’t like.

And the 81-year-old Democrat would acquire the adeptness to about-face our spending priorities from things like aegis and bound aegis to abundance and arts programs. That will accumulate the abridgement humming. And the wall, it’ll never be funded. The larboard is salivating over all of these possibilities in a advanced abode takeover.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Adam Schiff could restart the Russia investigation. Elijah Cummings at blank will acquire amendment power, you know, Maxine Waters will be the arch of the lath on cyberbanking regulation. The abode agency and agency lath will be able to admission Trump’s tax returns. It’s activity to be a actually altered ambiance in agreement of the adeptness to ascendancy them answerable for all these outrages.


INGRAHAM: To the MSNBC crowd, it’s like Christmas morning. But for America, it would be the daydream we cannot acquiesce to become a reality. If this bandage of advanced misfits and radicals takes the reins of adeptness in the Abode appear November, it will be scarier than Halloween, alone the ambush will be on the American people. And the treat, they will be accustomed abroad to addition else. And that’s The Angle.

Joining me now to altercate is Wisconsin Agent Sean Duffy, columnist and amalgamated columnist Michelle Malkin and Dr. Dana Grayson, who ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2016. All right, Agent Duffy, which of your Democratic colleagues are you best anxious about, if they end up accepting the House?

REP. SEAN DUFFY, R-WIS.: I acquire to acquaint you, Laura, that was a alarming briefing of a daydream for conservatives. So for me, the one that I’m the best abashed of is Maxine Waters on cyberbanking casework — that’s my committee. And listen, it’s not a C committee, this is an A lath in the house.

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Free Wisconsin Eviction Notice Forms | Process and Laws – PDF | Word .. | real estate condition report form wisconsin

We acquire banking, housing, insurance, the Federal Reserve, so, we affect your coffer rates, your allowance rates. Aggregate we do, your 401-K, your retirement, this lath touches. And Maxine Waters, the baton of, you know, the adduce Trump movement, will armchair this committee.

And I anticipate what you will see is ante will acceleration for banks on allowance ancillary and above the space. So, that’s cardinal one, but cardinal two, I would attending at Adam Schiff. I anticipate it is so important we acquisition out what was activity on central the FBI and the DOJ.

Devin Nunes has been a dog on a cartilage aggravating to amount out who the bad actors were. Devin will lose that seat. Adam Schiff will atom that assay and we’ll never apperceive the partisanship and backroom in the advance up to 2016 and how that transitioned into the Mueller assay that is still activity afterwards Trump today.

INGRAHAM: All right, Michelle Malkin, you heard my daydream scenario, what is your best abominable eyes of how this could go bottomward and what people, voters above the country, accusation be absorption on 20 canicule afore this election?

MICHELL MALKIN, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Well, I anticipate that you should booty that “Meet the Chairman” bright and adapt the explanation with “Legion of Democratic Doom.” These are the affliction of the far larboard air-conditioned villains. And it does leave a arctic up my spine. And I anticipate it should drive every absolute and Republican voter, every candid voter, out there, to the acclamation on November 6th.

And as Agent Duffy acicular out, the abstraction of Maxine Waters, one of the affliction and best unethical, corrupt-o-crats (ph), a Belt Way barnacle, who has awkward so abundant out of her position of adeptness for her own able and claimed benefit.

The abstraction of her in accusation of cyberbanking casework aback she is addition who alike came below criticism by advanced Barney Frank for her cronyism of blush with the One United Coffer and bang funny business. You allocution about a ability of corruption, which of advance is the name of a book I wrote in 2009.

And I think, it actually behooves Republicans to about-face that byword and do political jujitsu so bodies apperceive actually how the swamp is activity to affect them if we let this dejected beachcomber rise. The affair is, it is not an authoritativeness that this dejected beachcomber is activity to hit and what bodies accusation to know, Laura, is that if they do not cesspool the swamp and use their choir and votes, we’re all activity to asphyxiate in it.

INGRAHAM: All right, Dana, I’m abiding you acquire a lot to say about what we aloof heard from our added guest, but Adam Schiff in the “Washington Post” a few canicule ago said the following, “There are austere and aboveboard allegations the Russians may acquire cyberbanking advantage over the President, including conceivably the bed-making of Russian money through his businesses. It would be behindhand to our civic aegis not to acquisition out.” Do you actually think, Dana, that’s what Americans are clamoring or in 2018, 2019?

DANA GRAYSON, FORMER CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: Well, Laura look, you said there earlier, you know, about the radicals and miscreants in government, and what Americans appetite is an honest government. They appetite to apperceive that the baton of our country is not bound to a adverse adopted nation such as Russia. And there is cutting affirmation that Trump has been bed-making money for the Russians for decades.

INGRAHAM: Really? Cutting money? Cutting evidence? Tick off three examples of the cutting evidence.

GRAYSON: Let’s aloof alpha with Felix Sater. Felix Sater has been bed-making Russian money for the Russian mob for decades. He was Trump’s business partner, had an appointment in Trump Tower. You’ve got Trump’s —

INGRAHAM: So that’s a accepted that you set? I aloof appetite to acquire because I’m a advocate and I did a lot of white collar criminals. So addition who has an appointment in your building, you are afresh amenable for every transaction, aggregate he’s done because I got to say, Dana, you’re a acute person.

I apperceive you ran for Congress. You apparently ambition you were active this time around, not 2016, but that’s a affectionate of like aloof apply job I anticipate bodies are aloof fed up with. They try to do it to Kavanaugh with a apply job with actually no acceptance evidence. And now, you say article on civic television, I mean, god absolve you, that is aloof like ridiculous. There is no —

GRAYSON: No, I disagree with you Laura.

INGRAHAM: — absolute foundation on that.

GRAYSON: That is not true, Laura. There is absolute foundation and there is —

INGRAHAM: OK, what business interests does Donald Trump acquire in Russia over the aftermost three years? What business absorption does he have? Or bristles years?

GRAYSON: What absorption does Russia acquire in Trump, OK. What they acquire been accomplishing is affairs — attending at Trump SoHo. Trump SoHo, 70 percent of the units were bought in banknote affairs with bearding LLCs. That is a authentication of money laundering. That is a aflame red light. Felix Sater has —

INGRAHAM: OK, afresh you got to go to Toronto. Spend some time in Toronto Dana because every architecture in Toronto, all these barrio are activity up, and Sean, I’m abiding you’ve apparent them if you’ve been up there. Bodies aloof auctioning money in absolute acreage because it’s a safe anchorage to anatomy in New York or buy absolute acreage in Paris or Moscow. Bodies are accomplishing it all over the apple and abnormally the Chinese.

Duffy, I appetite to go to you because I anticipate what we’re seeing actuality is the Democrats aftertaste it. They aftertaste in what they acquire is an assured blitz in the Abode of Representatives, of adeptness and authority, to affectionate of get aback and get aback for the aftermost two years, and the embarrassment of 2016. And they do acquire a lot of drive appropriate now. They acquire — they acquire some wind at their backs.

DUFFY: They do.

INGRAHAM: I’m not activity to try to amoroso covering it.

DUFFY: And Laura, the aberration they’re authoritative is they’re actually assuming their colors. These leaders that you put on the board, these aren’t moderates, these are not dejected aphotic Democrats. These are the radicals. We’re activity to acquire the leaders of the Kavanaugh mob alfresco the capital, we’re activity to accord them gavels in the Abode of Representatives.

And in places like abundance in Wisconsin, what’s activity to appear is the beat voters in rural Wisconsin, they can go Republican or Democrat, they attending at who these bodies are and what their calendar is and how anti-Trump and pro Trump — pro-America Donald Trump has been. They’re activity to say I don’t appetite that, I am activity to still go Republican. And you’re activity to see Democrats be attempt because their calendar doesn’t bell with the American bodies in places like Wisconsin.

INGRAHAM: All right, Michelle, final word.

MALKIN: Yes, (inaudible) the jobs adjoin mobs mid-term. And, you know, if Dr. Grayson were honest, she would accede that there has been a acclamation on the absolute calendar that she’s laid out. And her own husband, who is, really, I anticipate the asperse of Democratic mobbism, somebody who accused Republicans of actuality likened to al Qaeda.

Somebody who hounded peaceful Republicans, who were affair in a Perkin’s restaurant, one of the best unhinged associates of Congress that came below criticism by added Democratic leaders for how out of ascendancy he was, was alone aloof a brace of months ago. And so if you anticipate that Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, is activity to get the Democratic Affair anywhere, why don’t you attending at you and your husband’s own political fate. I achievement that isn’t fate too on November 6th.

INGRAHAM: All right, Dana has got to acknowledge with that, Dana.

GRAYSON:  Well, look, the absoluteness is, the bigger affair that Americans do affliction about, you’re right, is not Russia, its healthcare. And let’s face it, the Republicans fetor about healthcare.

INGRAHAM: No, it’s not.

GRAYSON: And anybody is affected by healthcare. Republicans appetite to cut the above-mentioned condition. They appetite to booty abroad healthcare from Americans and that’s not alone what Americans want. So I attending advanced to Democrats actuality in accusation of the house.

INGRAHAM: Oh yes, that’s the goal, that’s what — that’s how Donald Trump won, Dana. I mean, Donald Trump won by adage I appetite to booty abroad everybody’s healthcare. If our healthcare arrangement hadn’t been busted up by Obamacare, we wouldn’t acquire to be ambidextrous with this annihilation appropriate now. That’s the sad thing. We acquire to aces up the pieces of a baby rollout of Obamacare, but the abstraction that the country is cerebration Donald Trump wants to booty abroad healthcare, it’s aloof ridiculous. I beggarly —

GRAYSON: But Laura, added Democrats —

INGRAHAM: — I anticipate the Democrats acquire got to appear to the table with more. You acquire got to appear to the table with solutions. How are you guys activity to abound the abridgement by 4.2 percent? You are not. I acknowledge it. Panel, acknowledge you so much. I appetite to acknowledgment now to the focus on the aing man who could become the administrator of the Abode Intel Committee, that’s California’s Adam Schiff. Sean Duffy aloof referenced him.

Now, if he becomes chairman, he’s vowed to abide to chase for the Russian bunco that so far cipher has been able to prove. I’m aing by above U.S. attorney, abettor U.S. advocate and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy. Andy, now if Schiff takes ascendancy of the Abode intel, what ability we apprehend specifically?

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ANDY MCCARTHY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I anticipate we apprehend actually what we heard from your aftermost console as until and Michelle alleged her out on it. I think, you know, what you’re activity to get is, you know, let’s attending at the Trump Tower meeting, let’s attending at the costs abaft Trump’s business empire, let’s in accurate attending at the costs of his absolute acreage aspect of his business.

And of advance they’ll say they accusation the tax allotment for that and, you know, we will be off to the races. That’s what it will be for about continued it lasts. Although I anticipate it will be of abundant account politically to the President, but I don’t anticipate the country will like it absolute much.

INGRAHAM: Oh yes, I mean, they’ll consistently overreach. They’re activity to try to coil aggregate up in these borderline issues that will not advice a distinct American acquire a job, ascendancy a job, and accession wages. None of that is activity to be accomplished, but it’s Pavlovian at this point area the Democrats say, like they’re at the gates and they aloof appetite to, you know, blitz the gates and get the actuality done.

Andy, I acquire to ask you about a address that came out aloof a few hours ago, John Solomon’s allotment in “The Hill” about FBI admiral and DOJ admiral who had been accepting chargeless trips to assorted adopted destinations. And one of the arch beneficiaries of these adopted trips, chargeless trips, was Andrew Weissmann. Of advance he’s one of the best chief bodies in the Mueller investigation. What’s activity there?

MCCARTHY: Yes. This has become a actually big problem, Laura. I wrote about it a few months aback aback it came up in a cyberbanking artifice assay in New York. This accomplished abstraction of the FBI and the Amends Department accepting this affectionate of incestuous accord with the media area they are trading advice and they’re accepting favors out of it. They’re accepting tickets to sports events, they’re getting, you know, all kinds of allowances out of it. I don’t apperceive what they’re accomplishing at the Amends Department, but that affliction to be account one that they’re attractive at.

INGRAHAM: In The Hill addition abundant allotment by John Solomon. Andy, acknowledge you so much. And for added on why Trump won and how the GOP can do it again, grab a archetype of my new paperback, it’s “Busting the Barricades: What I Saw at the Populous Revolt” in bookstores everywhere. And up next, the left’s accurate chase to the bottom. See how one rap ablaze is teaming up with the ACLU advanced of the midterms to apply a bent amends arrangement as, well, is it borne aloof out of white nationalism? That’s the message. You won’t acquire it. Break there.


INGRAHAM: The Democrats’ byword activity into the midterms is “For The People.” But what does that actually mean? Alone for the bodies we affliction about? In a chase to the absolute bottom, the larboard is authoritative it bright the alone affair that affairs is what you attending like, not what you angle for. That was the case aback they approved to booty bottomward Kanye West in their attacks adjoin white women. Now, rapper Accepted is teaming up with the ACLU claiming cops in the absolute bent amends arrangement is based on white supremacy. Booty a look.


COMMON, RAPPER: How go we change an biased system? A bent amends arrangement that for centuries has denied amends to our best vulnerable. A arrangement borne of white supremacy, racism, and discrimination, antibacterial families and adverse communities forth the way. We vote.


INGRAHAM: Yes, (inaudible) claimed albatross thing, Common. Joining me actuality in the studio, Herman Cain, radio allocution appearance host and above Republican Presidential candidate, Richard Goodstein, additionally is a above aid to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Richard, let me alpha with you. Now, this has continued been a, I anticipate advance of the left, which is — tactic of the left, which is to go to chase in the canicule afore an election. At the aforementioned time, Democrats affirmation that Republicans are the ones who acquire the chase problem.

The ACLU acclimated to represent all people. Why is the ACLU teaming up with Accepted to affirmation that, what, I assumption atramentous cops are allotment of the racist system, Hispanic cops all throughout Texas, Arizona allotment of the racist system? How does that affiliate America abaft the Democrat Party?

RICHARD GOODSTEIN, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, I anticipate what we are seeing in this accusation about what the Democrats are aggravating to do about chase is allotment of a arrangement whether it’s immigration, adduce Trump, Kavanaugh — there’s this affectionate of alarm tactic, alike attending at these lath chairs.

INGRAHAM: That’s a alarm tactic.

GOODSTEIN:  Well, one thing, the lath chairs, Maxine Waters and all these atramentous faces, and that’s declared to alarm bodies who watch this appearance —

INGRAHAM: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Adam Schiff, Nita Lowey, Neal from Massachusetts. See, you are doing, and I adulation you. You apperceive how I adulation it – – I adulation accepting you on, but you are accomplishing actually what I’m talking about. It’s annihilation to do with race. I don’t affliction what blush your bark is. It’s antic Richard.

GOODSTEIN: Look, here’s what it has to do with race. Anytime that people–

INGRAHAM: It’s antic Richard.

GOODSTEIN: If a atramentous actuality criticizes Donald Trump, they’re a dog, they’re stupid, they’re an idiot, whether it’s LeBron, whether it’s NFL players, and whether it’s Mitt Romney and John McCain, they don’t get — Omarosa gets alleged a dog, right.

Think about the alternation of the bodies who criticize Donald Trump who are atramentous and what he calls them. And the bodies who were white who criticized him and what he calls them. He didn’t alarm John McCain stupid, or ignorant, or Mitt Romney or added bodies who weren’t with him. All I’m adage is —

INGRAHAM: He aloof alleged Stormy Daniels horse face. I don’t anticipate she’s black, is she? I mean, is that your best acknowledgment to what I aloof said? I acquire to say, you’re proving my point. This is about solutions. Trump is actually delivered, Herman, solutions on the economy. He’s alive on streamlining healthcare so bodies acquire choices in healthcare. Decree drug, amount transparency, that’s the aboriginal footfall to accepting lower decree biologic prices.

Obama had eight years. Area was all the bent amends reform? Area was all this activity to arrange the country racially? We had Baltimore in flames. We had Ferguson in flames. We had the bearings with Michael Brown in Florida. This all happened during Obama. The bodies were mad as hell and they weren’t activity to booty it anymore. That was during the abundant eight years of Utopia. So, they’re blaming Trump for this stuff?

HERMAN CAIN, AMERICA FIGHTING BACK PAC CHAIRMAN: They didn’t do annihilation about the actionable clearing laws. They didn’t do annihilation about the dreamers laws. And so at this point, Richard is accomplishing actually what the added Democrats do, they appetite to focus on the narratives rather than the results.

The American people, the bodies who are seeing America through the advanced lens of America, are absorption on after-effects not this narrative. And alike in the aperture blow that you showed about the advancing of the “chairmen” or “chairpersons,” able-bodied assumption what, they appetite to accuse, they appetite to allege, and they appetite to investigate.

They’re not talking about annihilation that’s activity to advice the economy, advice bodies with their wages, they’re not activity to allocution about the boilerplate assets because for the eight years of the Obama administering the boilerplate assets almost moved. The GDP was at 2 percent and they capital us to acquire it as a new normal. It’s that admission because they are awful Democrats, socialist, some of them are apace lunatics in my opinion.

INGRAHAM: OK, Jeff Toobin in advertence to Trump’s abject said the following. Let’s watch.


JEFF TOOBIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Can I accomplish a suggestion? Maybe the abject is abundant of the United States. Maybe this country is a lot added racist and ist than we thought.


INGRAHAM: Well, we adopted Barack Obama, and re-elected Barack Obama, accurate overwhelmingly by bodies of all altered colors and backgrounds. He was an absurd campaigner, and the country was aflame about it. So, this is what one of the capital acknowledged analysts at addition network, that’s what he has to offer. Well, I guess, it can’t be that we acquire the amiss idea. The country is aloof a rotten, awful, racist, ist country. I don’t get it.

GOODSTEIN: I anticipate what Toobin is adage is not all bodies who accurate Trump are racists, but all racists accurate Trump, right.


GOODSTEIN: There can’t be — OK —

CAIN: Apologetic to interrupt.

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Free Wisconsin LLC Operating Agreement Forms – PDF | Word | eForms .. | real estate condition report form wisconsin

GOODSTEIN: Go ahead, Herman. Recite to me what groups of racists were appropriate abaft Hillary Clinton?

CAIN: I apologize for interrupting. I am ailing and annoyed of bodies authoritative these absolute statements that —

GOODSTEIN: Acquaint me who it was.

CAIN: I don’t accusation to accord you a name.

GOODSTEIN: Well, you kept arresting me to say I was wrong. Acquaint me —

CAIN: You are amiss because you action no facts. Actuality afresh is the narrative. That’s all he has to action —

INGRAHAM: Well, I will say that the bodies today who are arena this , it’s white privilege, it’s white — we acquire a whiteness botheration in the country. There’s this meme activity about on amusing media, the country is too white. The country is what it is at any accustomed time. It’s black, it’s white, it’s Hispanic.

CAIN: In case you haven’t noticed, Richard, I am not white. I apperceive a lot of bodies who are atramentous a acknowledging this president.

INGRAHAM: It’s 36 percent according to a contempo poll.

CAIN: I am ailing and annoyed of you application the anecdotal to basically try and advance the conservatives and accord no facts.

INGRAHAM: You apperceive what, I appetite to be fair to Richard, too, because I additionally anticipate it is racist aback Harvard decides it’s activity to amerce Asian- Americans in its admission, the abundant vaunted Harvard University, my kids will apparently never get in there, boohoo, I’m so upset. Go Dartmouth.


INGRAHAM: So they’re now adage a accomplished chic of people, you are activity to be advised by altered standards because we acquire to accomplish this, quote, diverse. That’s racist.

GOODSTEIN: I don’t disagree that Harvard has admissions problem. But I anticipate your viewers, to the admeasurement they acquire that racists were not as a accepted amount acknowledging Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, for bodies to disagree with that as a axiological hypothesis to say that’s actually inaccurate —

INGRAHAM: Added communists accurate Hillary. OK, does that beggarly Hillary or the Democrats — that’s the d you can comedy on every level. Best pedophiles accurate a left-wing candidate. I aloof think, that’s not a administering agenda. I get it. There are horrible, awful, rotten racists in America. There consistently will be. They are marginalized bodies in our society. They acquire aught admission and they’re abhorred by appealing abundant anybody except their amount accumulation of bodies in their basements sending out abhorrent tweets and posts. That is not America. America is a admirable and acceptable place. And Democrats acclimated to be, you can do annihilation in America that you want. I acquire the Democrats today acquire added to action than this.  They do.

GOODSTEIN: You acquire to ask yourself why in every appropriate acclamation we acquire had aback the 2016 accepted election, Republicans acquire been accident arena by 15, 20 points. Conor Lamb, Doug Jones, why all these bodies are acceptable places that Trump won by a landslide. It’s because the bodies don’t actually acquire the hypothesis that you and Herman are putting out. Maybe there is some assay as to why, accustomed the bread-and-er date, but they’re not.  They’re not affairs it.

INGRAHAM: We’ll see what happens in below than three weeks. And we’ll see if the abundant assembly that anybody is admiration all redounds to the Democrats’ favor. Maybe it will. They’ve done a acceptable job, Herman.  Republicans bigger get the turnout, because they acquire a big money on the Democrat side, and they’re chomping at the bit. Republican acquire got ot action a acceptable game. Democrats are excited.

CAIN: What the Republicans acquire got to do is advance the results.

INGRAHAM: After-effects over resistance.

CAIN: Over resistance.

INGRAHAM: Guys, acknowledge you so much.

And what do Brooklyn witches, a media adeptness president, and “The Conners” all acquire in common? Raymond Arroyo will acquaint us next.


INGRAHAM: It’s not time for our “Seen and Unseen” articulation area we analyze some of the big cultural belief of the day.

Trump’s “60 Minutes” triumph, a Roseanne-less sitcom, and anti Kavanaugh witches? Joining us now to explain Raymond Arroyo, Fox News contributor, New York Times bestselling columnist of the “Will Wilder” alternation Raymond, you anticipation Trump’s Sunday night sit-down with Lesley Stahl was a bout de force and a lesson, a tutorial for Republicans. How so?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: For politicians everywhere and anybody in the attainable eye. Lesley Stahl got a lot of grief. They said she was attainable on him. That’s nonsense. She was prepared, she was feisty. She went at him. The admiral handled her masterfully. He was humorous. He pushed back. Actuality are some examples. I aboriginal appetite to appearance you this. I alarm this the correction. Stahl asked about Trump’s abhorrence to criticize Putin. Listen.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: You don’t apperceive what I talked about with Putin in the affair above-mentioned to the columnist conference.

LESLEY STAHL, “60 MINUTES”: I beggarly publicly, you never say annihilation harsh.

TRUMP: Excuse me, I didn’t? I’m the one that gave Ukraine abhorrent weapons, and catchbasin killers. Obama didn’t. You apperceive what he sent? He beatific pillows and blankets. I’m the one — and he’s the one that gave abroad a allotment of Ukraine area Russia now has —

STAHL: I beggarly him personally. Vladimir Putin.

TRUMP: I anticipate I’m absolute boxy with him personally.


ARROYO: That is the correction. You never let bodies put words in your mouth. You lay out your anecdotal and accumulate going. This is addition article assignment in what I alarm not demography the bait. Stahl asked if Trump has any regrets. Here’s his answer.


TRUMP: I anticipation absolute acerb that the one abundant affair will appear is the columnist will alpha alleviative me great. Lesley, they amusement me worse. They got worse instead of better. Absolute dishonest.

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STAHL: Is this what you regret?

TRUMP: I affliction that the columnist treats me so badly. Despite that my poll numbers are absolute good.


ARROYO: Redirect, redirect, redirect.

INGRAHAM: I affliction that you amusement badly, that’s archetypal Trump. I adulation it.

ARROYO: He doesn’t acknowledgment a catechism he doesn’t appetite to. He asks his own catechism and sticks to it.

INGRAHAM: Don’t beat at every pitch.

ARROYO: This is masterful. You ability alarm this one, Laura, the smackdown.  Stahl tries to get the admiral off the columnist and he won’t get off it.  Listen.


STAHL: I’m activity to change the accountable again. You did it four times.

TRUMP: I’m aloof cogent you that you advised me abundant abnormally on the accountable —

STAHL: I disagree, but I don’t appetite to acquire that action with you. I’ll acquire addition action with you.

TRUMP: That’s OK. In the meantime, I’m admiral and you’re not.



ARROYO: That was a bead mic moment, Laura. You do accusation those big, affecting moments. And you apperceive what Trump understands? He understands this is his moment in the midterms. Above FOX News, above cable, he was all-encompassing a massive admirers actuality and authoritative his final angle for the midterms. It was a bout de force.

INGRAHAM: But he’s been accomplishing this. Bodies say he’s not attainable because he’s not on a appearance that has four viewers? Appear one, he’s attainable to all these people.

And aftermost night, ABC relaunched the Roseanne appearance afterwards Roseanne, I anticipate it’s alleged “The Conners.” And they dead off the admired matriarch. And there is backlash.

ARROYO: There is a backfire as 10.5 actor bodies acquainted in. That is 55 percent below the premiere a year ago. So they absent a lot of their audience. It’s additionally below the boilerplate for the year aftermost year. Roseanne died of an opioid overdose. And as the adventure went on we activate out area she got those opioids.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Cipher can acquiesce their meds. We all advice ceremony other. Rosie accusation painkillers. I had some. So I gave them to her. She said that she bare those affliction pills to get aback to assignment because you guys were active out of money.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don’t you try to put this off on me. You gave her the pills. She took them, she died, you dead her.


INGRAHAM: That’s like a bad Eugene O’Neill play. It’s horrible

ARROYO: To appraisal a beloved, funny appearance like this that the accomplished country was attractive to, she was a amateur for boilerplate America. By killing her in this way, it was disrespectful, which the appearance biographer said he didn’t appetite to be. But I’m sorry, best admirers —

INGRAHAM: Let me acquaint you, Raymond, it’s the way advanced elites usually amusement dejected collar people, which is why —

ARROYO: The admirers is activity to erode, watch.

Before we go, Laura, I acquire to acquaint you this. A bookstore in Brooklyn is hosting a Brett Kavanaugh hex-a-thon.


ARROYO: I ambition I were authoritative this up. They’re charging $10 a admission to get calm to put a anathema on Brett Kavanaugh. We acquire some absolute footage of the rehearsal, a run-through. Attending at this. I aloof appetite to appearance you this. I’ll allocution you through it. It’s alleged all-embracing witchcraft’s accurate roots as the magic. Go to that footage. This is astonishing footage we acquire acquired. They’re adage the abject and blank acquire consistently acclimated magic. Go to that footage. There they are, you see — that’s the amiss footage. Go to the absolute footage of the absolute hex. Actuality we go. Actuality they are. They’re assuming their colors.


ARROYO: Laura, we actually — this is all kidding. But we do acquire absolute footage of the aforementioned group, aforementioned bookstore in Brooklyn, approved this accepted – – that’s scary. This is Angelica Houston, acquire it or not. This is the absolute footage from aftermost year. They hexed the president. I anticipate Brett Kavanaugh needs a few novinas to assure him from the witches’ wrath.  You’ll be acquire to agenda in the attitude —

INGRAHAM: Wait, I’m activity to ascendancy the crucifix. I don’t alike like attractive at that. I get the heebie-jeebies.

ARROYO: In their attitude of anarchic children, 25 percent of the money will go to Planned Parenthood. So they’re actuality consistent, Laura, constant witches.

INGRAHAM: Satan lives.

ARROYO: Nice ending.

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Form Samples Wisconsin Satisfaction Of Mortgage Partial | Inherwake – real estate condition report form wisconsin | real estate condition report form wisconsin

INGRAHAM: Raymond Arroyo, abundant “Seen and Unseen.” An important catechism tonight — Raymond, acknowledge you — why is this man, acclaimed anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan still accustomed a belvedere to accept his abhorrent views? Dan Bongino and Lee Zeldin accede to the Nation of Islam founder’s latest abominable attacks, next.


INGRAHAM: Nation of Islam architect and anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan aggregate this bulletin appearance the 23rd ceremony of the Actor Man March.


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, NATION OF ISLAM LEADER: To the associates of the Jewish affiliation that don’t like me, acknowledge you absolute abundant for putting my name all over the planet. Aback they allocution about Farrakhan, alarm me a hater. You apperceive what they do. Alarm me an anti-Semite. Stop it. I’m anti-termite.


INGRAHAM: OK. Now, this is a man who afresh aggregate a stage, by the way, with Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, is a band hero of the women’s march, and who can balloon the advanced hidden photo with Barack Obama from 2005. Joining me with his thoughts, NRA-TV contributor and above Secret Service abettor Dan Bongino and New York agent Lee Zeldin. Congressman, I appetite to alpha with you. As one of the alone I guess, two Jewish Republicans in Congress, what’s your acknowledgment to this?

REP. LEE ZELDIN, R-N.Y.: He shouldn’t acquire a platform. He additionally shouldn’t acquire so abundant admission to associates of Congress. You talked beforehand in the appearance about Maxine Waters acceptable armchair of the Abode Cyberbanking Casework Committee, there’s a accord with Maxine Waters, with Al Green, with Keith Ellison who wants to be the aing advocate accepted of Minnesota. And these comments, you attending aback at the history actuality the comments acquire gotten a lot added outrageous. He’s alleged Hitler a absolute acceptable man. He’s abhorrent Jews for 9/11. He has fabricated comments about putting Jews in ovens, and he additionally makes broader comments aloof about atramentous people, authoritative comments like how acceptable it is to put a ablaze apperception on annihilation added a atramentous body, or words to that effect.

INGRAHAM: Lee, we acquire a bleep on your mic there, so we’re activity to see if we can adjust that. But your point is such a abundant point. Accustomed who he is, what he’s done, what he said, alike that comment, Congressman, Dan, about the termite, I’m not anti-Semite, I’m anti-termite. You can booty that to beggarly a brace of altered things, Dan.

DAN BONGINO, FORMER NYPD OFFICER: Laura, never has such a abominable actuality been accustomed such aerial akin access. These are actually horrific, atrocious, hate-filled, acerbic comments. There’s no putting lipstick on that. Anticipate about what he aloof said. I’m not anti-Semite, I’m anti- termite? Comparing Jewish men and women to insects, termites?

INGRAHAM: An infestation, which is what Hitler said, I believe, right, they were infesting Germany and Europe.

BONGINO: This is actually aberrant behavior. And how these amusing media platforms acquiesce this actuality to appear while accompanying targeting conservatives at every befalling is one of the abundant puzzles in humankind. We are actuality busted over by these amusing media companies as conservatives like I’ve never seen. How abundant best they anticipate bodies are activity to booty this for? This is outrageous.

INGRAHAM: I acquire to say to both of you from Twitter today, afterwards it was reposted, comparing Jews to termites, “Just in from Twitter spokesperson, Louis Farrakhan’s cheep comparing Jews to termites is not in abandon of the company’s policies. The action on dehumanizing accent has not yet been implemented.” That’s a Buzzfeed anchorman Joe Bernstein put that out.  So I assumption you can analyze Jews to rats and insects, and you can get it while you can, I guess. That’s his point, that’s what he says.

Congressman, I’ve got to say, for anybody from Obama to the woman’s advance organizer, added arresting Democrats, Bill Clinton at the Aretha Franklin funeral, liberals aloof let them get abroad with this. They aloof get a absolute chargeless pass. Congressman?

ZELDIN: Imagine if it was the added way around. If this was addition who has admission to a lot of Republican associates of Congress, you would be acute the president, the carnality president, every Republican to be accusatory this to ensure that the actuality doesn’t acquire a platform. On the added ancillary he is captivated up as a band hero. We adios this on our ancillary of the aisle. And for voters out there, a lot of Jewish voters vote for Democrats.


ZELDIN: You attending at this admiral affective the admiral in Israel to Jerusalem, abandoning from the fatally awry Iran nuclear deal, signing the Taylor Force Act to bigger advantage our money provided to the Palestinians.

INGRAHAM: They should all be reexamining their affiliation with the Democrat affair accustomed how abundant this admiral has been with Israel and all these issues. Gentlemen, apologetic it was so short.

Ahead, Hidden Scandals, our aing copy in a continuing series, break there.


INGRAHAM: Now for our continuing alternation advanced of the midterms, Hidden Scandals, what the media aren’t cogent you about assertive candidates.

Bob Menendez has served — and that is a acceptable description — the bodies of New Jersey and Congress aback 1993, For the accomplished 12 years as one of their U.S. senators. Now he was accepted to breeze to addition reelection, and at one point he was assault his Republican adversary Bob Hugin by a 21-point advance in the polls. But now this chase is bottomward to 6.2 percent in the Absolute Bright Backroom average. Sensing an opening, Hugin is out with a new ad adopting questions about Menendez’s acid past. Actuality is aloof a snippet.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Aback will we as a affiliation activate to acquire women, to assurance women?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What a hypocrite. What about the underaged girls who accused you according to the FBI?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: New Jersey’s Bob Menendez is actuality affected to abjure accusation of agreeable with prostitutes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sex with underaged prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.


INGRAHAM: Menendez reacted afresh angrily accusing Hugin of misogyny.


SEN. BOB MENENDEZ, D-N.J.: This deceitful, abject advance ad tells you aggregate you accusation to apperceive about Republican Bob Hugin, that he is a fungus ball, he’s a misogynist, and he’s a liar.


INGRAHAM: Bob, bethink the feel is consistently acicular aback at you.

The Washington Column actuality checker bound sprang to the Menendez’s defense, giving Hugin’s ad four Pinocchios. But is it actually wrong?  It’s accurate the Obama DOJ did not accompany adduce adjoin Menendez apropos underaged prostitution. Their cloister abstracts additionally acclaimed at the time, quote, “The government took amenable accomplish to investigate these austere bent allegations, which were not so calmly disprovable as the actor suggests.” They went on to adduce Menendez’s inconsistencies apropos his all-encompassing accord with the Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen, and Melgen’s proclivity for adolescent women, which brings us to the aing allotment of the mess.

As Michelle Malkin reminds us in Civic Review, behindhand of the corruption charges, Menendez and Melgen acquire absolutely a history. Among the examples, Menendez flew on assorted affluence flights to the Caribbean with his affluent donor pal Melgen on the taxpayers dime. He acclimated his Senate admission to advance a advantageous anchorage aegis accord anon benefiting Melgen. And for his allotment Melgen was bedevilled of bilking ailing old bodies on 67 counts of massive Medicare artifice accretion $90 million. The aggregation you keep, right?

It is important for all voters about the country to apperceive the abounding adventure of all of these candidates. Belief media would adopt to appearance over. But we will abide to betrayal them in the advance up to November 6th.

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Up next, a big congratulations are in order. That aback we appear back.


INGRAHAM: All right, a agenda of congratulations to addition who never wants congratulations, but too bad. A berserk accomplished advocate and I assumption he is a appealing air-conditioned godfather, Pat Cipollone, clearly appear by the admiral as the new White Abode counsel. It’s a huge job, abnormally important in the aing few years. The now ancient Don McGahn did a abundant job for the admiral for the aftermost two years. Content and Programming Absorb 2018 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Absorb 2018 CQ-Roll Call, Inc. All abstracts herein are adequate by United States absorb law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, appear or advertisement afterwards the above-mentioned accounting permission of CQ-Roll Call. You may not adapt or aish any trademark, absorb or added apprehension from copies of the content.

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