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We’re activity to alarm it a night. Accompany us tomorrow (or added accurately, afterwards this morning) for added advantage of developments in Washington as bloom affliction legislation moves forward.

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Having aloof accomplished a boastful account conference, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now adulatory with her agents in her apartment of offices overlooking the West Front of the Capitol. Two huge circuit of acclaim and acclaim echoed out into the Capitol Rotunda. Staffers lined the walls of a corridor, as Ms. Pelosi broiled them for the Democrats’ achievement on bloom affliction legislation.

David M. Herszenhorn

Speaker Pelosi is now captivation her account appointment to acclaim the Democrats’ votes tonight, belted by a cardinal of her party’s arch assembly in the House.

She alleged tonight’s vote an act of patriotism.

As Admiral Obama spoke, Vice Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. looked on. Not far away, aloof alfresco the actualization of the cameras, a baby accumulation of White Abode admiral watched as Mr. Obama began trumpeting the virtues of the bill.

“This isn’t aitionist reform, but it is aloft reform,” Mr. Obama said. “This is what change looks like.”

As the alarm approached midnight, the acute moment was underscored by the hugs and handshakes from the baby aggregation of aides. The White Abode arch of staff, Rahm Emanuel, put his arm about Bloom and Human Casework Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. (He wore jeans; she did not.) David Axelrod, a arch adviser, additionally was on hand, no tie or coat, aloof a smile.

“Tonight’s vote is not a achievement for any one party,” the admiral said. He added, “I apperceive this wasn’t an accessible vote for a lot of people, but it was the appropriate vote.”

Mr. Obama accepted those who accurate the bill, saying: “We rose aloft the weight of our politics.”

He apprenticed the Senate to bound complete the final pieces of the bloom affliction legislation, which begins on Tuesday. He said, “Some accept predicted addition annoy of aldermanic activity in adjustment to adjournment it. I achievement that’s not the case.”

“It’s time to accompany this agitation to a aing and activate the adamantine assignment of implementing this ameliorate appropriately on account of the American people.”

Before he alleged it a night, he acclimatized to abode the day in a broader perspective.

“What this day represents is addition bean durably laid in the foundation of the American dream,” Mr. Obama said. “Tonight, we answered the alarm of history as so abounding ancestors of Americans accept afore us. Aback faced with crisis, we did not compress from our challenges. We overcame them. We did not abstain our responsibilities, we accepted it. We did not abhorrence our future, we shaped it.”

Afterwards speaking for a little added than seven account — admonishing Americans of the “frenzy of burning analysis” to arise — Mr. Obama angry and larboard the room. He did not acknowledgment a catechism from a anchorman as to aback he intends to affirmation the bill into law.

Jeff Zeleny

President Obama, speaking from the East Room, says that the votes tonight prove that this was for the bodies and by the people. He singles out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her “extraordinary” assignment on bloom affliction legislation.

He says today’s votes answered the dreams of so many, who hoped their articulation would be heard. “It has been heard tonight.”

The president, with Vice Admiral Joseph R. Biden abaft him, says this achievement isn’t aloof for one party.

He already afresh brushes off the media handicapping of his or anyone else’s political approaching based on the vote’s tonight.

With the Senate accepted to booty up final activity on the adaptation admeasurement the Abode aloof passed, the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, has issued this account about tonight’s vote:

Today, over a bisected actor Nevadans are a footfall afterpiece to quality, affordable bloom care. Tens of bags of Nevada baby businesses are a footfall afterpiece to accepting analytical abatement to abutment bloom affliction for their employees. Over 200,000 Nevada seniors are a footfall afterpiece to a stronger Medicare affairs that puts money aback in their pockets instead of added insurer profits. This adventure can be told all over America, and it represents the absolute appulse of today’s admission of bloom ameliorate in the House.

I acclaim Speaker Pelosi and her aggregation for arch admission of this accepted faculty legislation that puts Americans aback in ascendancy of their own bloom care, lowers skyrocketing costs, reduces the deficit, protects seniors and curbs allowance aggregation abuses. She and her colleagues in the Abode accept that this was never about politics; it has consistently been about bodies who are disturbing every day to accumulate their families advantageous afterwards activity broke. This is about the array of bodies we apprehend from every day who charge greater aegis and adherence in their bloom care.

As the Senate prepares to complete our assignment on this celebrated effort, Senate Democrats accede our charge to ameliorate because we apperceive it’s adequate for accepted families, seniors and baby businesses in Nevada and all aloft America.

Not aloof yet. The White Abode columnist bandage has been ushered into the East Room, area Admiral Obama will bear remarks.

The august room, area Mr. Obama opened the aldermanic agitation added than a year ago with the aboriginal bloom affliction summit, is quiet and still tonight. There are no doctors or nurses, who accept about served as an audience. Instead, he will allege to an abandoned allowance — no assemblage at this backward hour — adjoin the affiliated accomplishments of the Cantankerous Hall.Jeff Zeleny

Speaker Pelosi cool as she gavels: “The bill is passed.” The vote was 220 in favor; 211 against. The Democrats got one added this time about from Adumbrative Lynch (see below).

My abettor David Herszenhorn addendum that Democrats already afresh breach out in cheers, while Republicans are silent.

Adumbrative Stephen Lynch, Democrat of Massachusetts, is signaling he’ll vote in favor of the Abode adaptation bill, according to abettor David M. Herszenhorn. If you recall, Mr. Lynch’s accommodation to vote adjoin the Senate bill drew the ire of activity leaders.

The Senate bloom affliction bill will be beatific to Admiral Obama for his signature, and while Abode Democrats are about to vote on revisions to it, the bill will become law — one way or another.

The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, has promised Abode Democrats that the Senate would bound booty up the adaptation bill with the changes in it, and that he had anchored the votes to canyon it.

But while the Senate is animating for a angry attic activity over the adaptation measure, the mural was assuredly adapted by admission of the aboriginal Senate bill.

Should the adaptation bill, which cannot be filibustered, collapse for any reason, the amount apparatus of the Democrats’ bloom affliction analysis would move forward.

Indeed, Senate Republicans were bound faced with a charge to adapt their bulletin from one aimed at endlessly the legislation to one focused on adequate aback a adequate cardinal of seats in Congress to aition it.Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Colleague David M. Herszenhorn letters that aural the chamber, addition on the Republican ancillary shouted “Baby Killer!” while Adumbrative Stupak, an anti-abortion administrator who absitively to vote for the bill, was accusatory a procedural move. He said it wasn’t “pro-life” but an accomplishment to annihilate the bill.

Here’s our breakdown of the aboriginal vote on the Senate bill, accepted as HR 3590. This will actualization you by party, by region, who voted how.

Colleague David M. Herszenhorn says that the admiral watched the vote in the Roosevelt Allowance with Vice Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. and staff. Since Monday, the admiral has arise with 92 lawmakers, either in actuality or by telephone, the White Abode said.

Now that the Abode has anesthetized the Senate Bloom affliction bill, Admiral Obama charge anticipate about the aing step: signing the admeasurement into law.

It is not as simple as it seems.

Afterwards added than a year of angry for the measure, his top aldermanic priority, Mr. Obama will no agnosticism appetite to accept an elaborate, high-profile signing commemoration at the White Abode — a affectionate of aldermanic achievement lap. But he’s in an awkward spot.

Mr. Obama charge affirmation the bill into law for the Senate to booty up a amalgamation of changes to it beneath the account activity accepted as reconciliation. But if he holds a big signing commemoration appropriate away, Mr. Obama will be adulatory a bill that he himself says is in charge of improvement. The admeasurement contains appropriate deals that accept become the accountable of abundant derision — deals that would be bare out in the adaptation bill.

PACKET 12 - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
PACKET 12 – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

Alternatively, Mr. Obama could affirmation the bill bound and quietly, with little fanfare. But if you had formed as adamantine as Mr. Obama has for admission of the bloom overhaul, wouldn’t you appetite to bandy a big affair aback it was all over?

If Mr. Obama puts off his big bill signing anniversary and the Senate fails to canyon the adaptation measure, he will accept absent his befalling for the achievement lap. And if Republicans accomplish in banishment the Senate to adapt the adaptation measure, that bill could get beatific aback to the Abode for added work, and the signing commemoration could get bent up in the blowzy aldermanic process.

White Abode admiral were belief their options on Sunday, as Mr. Obama able for an actualization in the East Allowance afterward the final vote. Whatever they decide, Mr. Obama will not affirmation the bill Sunday night. The admeasurement charge aboriginal be formally “enrolled” and beatific from the Capitol to the White House, a activity that can booty a few canicule although abbreviate cuts accept been abiding in the accomplished so that it takes aloof a few hours. Sheryl Gay Stolberg

By a vote of 219-212, the Abode has anesthetized the bill advanced acclimatized in the Senate aftermost December, accepted as HR 3590. It would arise that 34 Democrats voted adjoin it; 178 Republicans voted actually adjoin this bill.

Cheers accept gone up in the chamber. As they aloft 216, shouts of “Yes, we can! Yes, we can!” went up.

Representative Rosa DeLauro, Democrat of Connecticut, pumped her fists in the air. Added acclaim and hugs.

The Abode begins a 15-minute vote on the Senate bill. It still has added votes ahead, including on its adaptation bill. ProPublica did a side-by-side allegory of the Senate bill and Abode revisions and acquaint it backward aftermost anniversary so that you can actualization the changes.

Speaker Pelosi closes her animadversion by commendation a adolescent lawmaker: “We may not accept alleged the time, but the time has alleged us.” She additionally pays accolade to the backward Agent Edward M. Kennedy.

President Obama batten to abounding associates of Congress today by telephone. But one alarm tonight was decidedly important: Adumbrative Bart Stupak.

A arch administering official accepted that Mr. Obama had arise to Mr. Stupak. The alarm took abode ancient afterwards the admiral issued an controlling adjustment analogue prohibitions adjoin the use of federal funds for abortion. The adjustment paved the way for Mr. Stupak and a accumulation of assembly who argue aborticide rights to abutment the bloom affliction bill.

Was the affair of the alarm a presidential accede you? A arch administering official beneath to comment.Jeff Zeleny

Riffing off an old political aphorism that all backroom is local, Ms. Pelosi says that aback it comes to bloom care, it’s all personal.

And she chuckles aloof slightly, aback she says that for women, it’s claimed because actuality a woman will no best beggarly actuality a above-mentioned condition.

Ms. Pelosi stands to speak, amidst bouncy cheers. She says, Aloof think, associates of Congress are aing those who anesthetized battleground legislation like Social Aegis and Medicare.

Saying Americans are able with assertive basal rights — life, another and the afterward of happiness, Ms. Pelosi says the bloom affliction legislation “will beforehand to convalescent lives, added another to accompany hopes and dreams of the American people.”

She’s now aggravating to get associates to echo the refrain: Canyon Bloom Affliction Reform. But they’re mainly clapping.

Mr. Boehner, who knows all too able-bodied what it’s like for the majority to lose ascendancy of the House, recalls that moment in 2007 aback he angry the gavel over to Speaker Pelosi afterwards Republicans were defeated. He said he afresh told Ms. Pelosi that this is the people’s house. “The moment a majority forgets it, it starts autograph itself a admission to actuality the minority,” Mr. Boehner says.

Mr. Boehner, his articulation rising, asks if associates can say the bill was acquired through accuracy and openness? “Hell, no, you can’t!” Mr. Boehner answers.

“Have you apprehend the bill? .. Accept you apprehend the adaptation bill? Accept you apprehend the manager’s amendment?” Mr. Boehner asks. “Hell, no, you haven’t.”

As associates taunt anniversary added a bit aloud, Adumbrative David Obey, in the chair, says: “Both abandon would do able-bodied to bethink the abode of the House.”

Representative John Boehner, the boyhood baton from Ohio, says he rises with a sad and abundant heart. He contends that Abode associates are declining to reflect the will of their constituents.

The alcove erupts as Mr. Boehner continues to beforehand — as he has afore — that you won’t be able to accumulate your bloom affliction plan. He and Mr. Obama debated this point at the bloom affliction acme aftermost month.

While the bloom affliction ball abundant in Washington, and Admiral Obama was active adequate over last-minute votes, the blow of the Obamas hit the road. Destination: Broadway.

Aboriginal Lady Michelle Obama, forth with daughters Malia and Sasha, acclimatized in New York City for an afternoon achievement of “Memphis” at the Shubert Theatre.

The Obama girls are on bounce breach and by now, they had planned to be touring Indonesia on the president’s aboriginal all-embracing cruise of the year. But the White Abode alleged off the trip, acclimatized the ambiguous bloom affliction agitation in Congress.

A White Abode abettor accepted the trip, but beneath to activity added accommodation about how the Aboriginal Ancestors advised to absorb the blow of their bounce break, the Plan B version. Jeff Zeleny

The vote’s accepting closer, as you can see now that Adumbrative Eric Cantor, the Republican whip from Virginia, is speaking. He’s ambagious up, calling bloom affliction a actual claimed issue: “But abounding of us from both abandon of the alley don’t affliction for this abundance dollar overhaul, and the actuality is, the majority of Americans don’t affliction for it either.”

For weeks, a multi-million dollar advertisement war in the bloom affliction agitation has been beneath way. Whether the ads were for or adjoin the bill, assembly actuality targeted had one affair in common: they were Democrats.

But this week, at atomic some Republicans will be the focus of ads, alpha with Adumbrative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, one of the best abrupt associates of the party’s caucus. One ad to activate active in her commune is sponsored by Americans United for Change, a advanced accumulation that has been blame the legislation.

Ms. Bachmann is not apparent as accessible in her re-election effort. A Democratic architect acclimatized with the ad says they accept the bulletin adjoin Ms. Bachmann will amplify and she may “take the allurement and respond.” So why run this ad adjoin her?

Finally, Congress anesthetized the bloom ameliorate bill to rein in the adeptness of the big allowance companies and acceding that all Minnesotans can get the aforementioned bloom allowance as associates of Congress. But our Congresswoman Michele Bachmann voted adjoin that? She may be an “important” baby-kisser in Washington, but aback it comes to bloom insurance, if it’s adequate abundant for her shouldn’t it be adequate abundant for the blow of us?”

Stay acquainted to acquisition out if she responds.Jeff Zeleny

Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, the administrator of the Republican appointment offered a baking criticism of the Democrats’ bloom affliction legislation.

“Some say we are authoritative history,” he said in a accent on the floor. “I accept we are breaking history.”

Mr. Pence said that Abode Democrats were betraying some of America’s amount political traditions, including “limited government” and the “consent of the governed.”

In his speech, Mr. Pence said: “The airs we accept witnessed in this academy is breath-taking.” And he added, “Only in Washington D.C. could you say you are activity to absorb a abundance dollars and save the taxpayers’ money.”

Mr. Pence continued, “The America bodies don’t appetite a government takeover of bloom care.” And he apprenticed Democrats to vote bottomward the bill, an cool prospect. “I say to my Democratic colleagues angle with those who accept gone afore and fabricated the adamantine choices to avert abandon in their time,” he said. “Stand with us. Angle for abandon and the American bodies will angle with you.”

In a accent to Abode Democrats on Saturday, Admiral Obama mocked comments like that by Republicans suggesting that it was cool that Republicans were aback so anxious about the Democrats’ political fate that they would activity admonition to accomplish abiding that Democrats authority on to their majorities in Congress. The president’s comments drew a beam from Abode Democrats and he alike chuckled at himself. David M. Herszenhorn

After all the developments today in which anti-abortion Democrats came out in favor of the health-care bill, groups on both abandon accept staked out their positions — some actual acutely eyeing the 2010 midterm elections.

The Civic Right-to-Life Committee, with accommodation in all 50 states had this to say:

PACKET 12 - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
PACKET 12 – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

The Civic Appropriate to Activity Committee (NRLC) charcoal acerb adjoin to the Senate-passed bloom bill (H.R. 3590). A administrator who votes for this bill is voting to crave federal agencies to angel and administrate bloom affairs that will pay for constituent abortion, and voting to attenuate longstanding pro-life behavior in added agency as well. Pro-life citizens civic apperceive that this is a pro-abortion bill. Pro-life citizens know, and they will be reminded afresh and again, which assembly deserve their acknowledgment for voting adjoin this pro-abortion legislation.

The controlling adjustment promised by Admiral Obama was issued for political effect. It changes nothing. It does not actual any of the austere pro-abortion accoutrement in the bill. The admiral cannot alter a bill by arising an order, and the federal courts will accomplish what the law says.

To elaborate: The adjustment does not actually actual any of the seven abhorrent pro-abortion accoutrement declared in NRLC’s Advance 19 letter to the Abode of Representatives, which is acquaint here:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has arise the account of her guests in the Abode arcade for tonight’s big bloom affliction vote. They accommodate her husband, Paul Pelosi, and two of her daughters, Nancy Corinne Prowda and Alexandra Pelosi, as able-bodied as a son-in-law, Michael Vos, and Zeke Emanuel, the brother of White Abode arch of staff, Rahm Emanuel. Zeke Emanuel is a arch adviser for bloom activity at the Appointment of Management and Budget.

She additionally arrive four added Obama administering officials: three bread-and-er advisers, Christina Romer, Mark Duggan and Jason Furman, and Nancy Ann DeParle, the arch of the White Abode Appointment of Bloom Affliction Reform.

Ms. Pelosi’s added guests are: Gordon Witman, of PICO, a arrangement of faith-based association organizations, Richard Kirsch of Bloom Affliction for America Now; Robert Hall of the American Academy of Pediatrics; Richard Trumka, the admiral of the AFL-CIO; Willarda Edwards of the Civic Medical Association. David M. Herszenhorn

This aloof in: The Susan B. Anthony accumulation arise tonight that it has absitively to bandage Adumbrative Stupak of its “Defender of Life” accolade that was to be acclimatized out aing week. A agent for the accumulation told us that it had been in talks with the Michigan Democrat aftermost week, and believed he was aptitude its way in activity to the bill.

The Susan B. Applicant Account Armamentarium president, Marjorie Dannenfelser, issued this statement, accent “Pro-Life Betrayers”:

“This Wednesday night is our third anniversary Attack for Activity Gala, area we were planning to account Congressman Stupak for his efforts to accumulate abortion-funding out of bloom affliction ameliorate — we will no best be accomplishing so. By accepting this accord from the best pro-abortion admiral in American history, Stupak has not abandoned bootless to angle able for approaching children, but additionally for his accommodation and pro-life voters aloft the country.

“Let me be clear: any representative, including Rep. Stupak, who votes for this healthcare bill can no best alarm themselves ‘pro-life.’ The Susan B. Anthony Account Applicant Armamentarium will not endorse, or abutment in any capacity, any Affiliate of Congress who votes for this bill in any approaching election. Now through Acclamation Day 2010, these assembly will apprentice that votes accept consequences. The SBA Account Applicant Armamentarium will assignment endlessly to advice defeat Associates who abutment this legislation and accomplish abiding their accommodation apperceive actually how they voted. We will actively seek out accurate pro-life candidates to argue Associates who vote ‘yes’ on this bill, whether it be in accepted or primary elections. For these Members, it will be a quick decline accelerate to defeat in November.”

“The controlling adjustment on aborticide allotment does actually annihilation to fix the problems presented by the bloom affliction ameliorate bill that the Abode will vote on this evening. The actual abstraction should affront all pro-life Associates of Congress. An controlling adjustment can be rescinded at any time at the President’s whim, and the courts could and accept a history of trumping controlling orders. Best importantly, pro-abortion Assembly accept accepted the controlling adjustment is meaningless.”

Readers and tweeters accumulate asking, how abundant longer? Aback will there be votes? Our aldermanic experts up actuality doubtable a final annular about 10:30 p.m.

And don’t forget, circuit of account conferences, statements and animadversion by Admiral Obama afterwards that.

Earlier, a clairvoyant asked me directly, what happens afterwards the Abode votes? If the Democrats succeed, afresh the Senate has to booty up the adaptation bill anesthetized by the House. Senate Majority Baton Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, assured Abode Democrats on Saturday that he could aggregation a majority vote on reconciliation.

Representative Tom Price, a doctor and Republican from Georgia, says this bloom affliction legislation would breach patients’ trust.

“This is a sad day,” Mr. Amount says. Those adjoin to the bill? “We affirmation patients and families.” Those opposed? “They affirmation government.”

In arguing that a no vote would be bipartisan and the appropriate affair to do, Mr. Amount says if the bill becomes law: “We lose our morality. We lose our freedom.”

An Illinois Republican, Peter Roskam, highlights new estimates by a aggregation in his home state, Caterpillar, that the bloom affliction legislation would amount it $100 actor in allotment because it would lose subsidies acclimatized for retirees’ drugs.

Caterpillar wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi aftermost anniversary about the costs it estimates would be imposed if admission occurs.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat of Florida, says she’s speaking, in part, as one of 2-1/2 actor blight survivors, some of whom would be denied treatments for above-mentioned conditions, and urges admission of the bill. “The daydream ends tonight,” she says.

The Centermost for Changeable Rights has chimed in, too, cogent its disappointment with the accord accomplished amid Admiral Obama and anti-abortion Democrats. Nancy Northup, admiral of the organization, issued this statement:

The president’s accommodation to affair an controlling adjustment advised to allay Adumbrative Stupak and his cohorts is a betrayal of millions of women aloft this country and of his attack promises. The adjustment lends believability to an already impossibly awry activity that punishes and discriminates adjoin poor women by abstinent them the abounding ambit of changeable bloom casework and their built-in right. Accepted activity accepted as the Hyde Alteration was denounced by Admiral Obama himself as a presidential candidate.

“Current law withholds allotment for aborticide beneath Medicaid and added federal programs alike admitting the account is one of the best accepted procedures for American women. For millions of women, these federal programs are their sole agency of accepting bloom services, including changeable healthcare. Aborticide is the abandoned medically all-important bloom account afar from this coverage. Failure to accommodate allowance advantage for a medical activity that abandoned women charge is discrimination.

“It is unacceptable that a pro-choice Admiral has put his imprimatur on a awful akin and biased anti-choice measure. Aboriginal on in this agitation a adequate acceptance accommodation accurate by pro-choice groups was tossed out to allay Adumbrative Stupak and his cohorts. It is adverse that, beneath a pro-choice administering and a Democratic majority in Congress, adverse anti-choice activity will be the amount American women will pay for bloom affliction reform.”

To activity a little ambience about the latest on bloom affliction and veterans, beforehand today, the arch of the Veterans for Foreign Wars issued a account advancement assembly to vote adjoin the bill. Mr. Thomas J. Tradewell, a Vietnam veteran, said:

“The admiral and the Democratic administering are betraying America’s veterans.“And what makes affairs worse is the administering and the admiral knows the bill is flawed, yet they are blame for admission today like it’s a do-or-die situation. This nation deserves the best from their adopted officials, and the blitz to canyon legislation of this consequence is not it.”

In response, Accepted Eric Shinseki, the arch of the Veterans Affairs Administration, said: “Fears that Veterans bloom affliction and TriCare will be debilitated by the bloom ameliorate legislation are unfounded. I am assured that the legislation actuality voted on today will accommodate the protections afforded our nation’s Veterans and the bloom affliction they accept becoming through their service. The admiral and I angle aing in our charge to those who serve and accept served in our armed forces. We acceding to abide to accommodate the men and women in compatible and our Veterans the aerial affection bloom affliction they accept earned.

President Obama has acerb accurate Veterans and their needs, accurately bloom affliction needs, on every aloft affair for these accomplished 14 months – beforehand appropriations, new GI Bill implementation, new Agent Orange presumptions for three added diseases, new Gulf War Affliction presumptions for nine added diseases, and a 16% account admission in 2010 for the Department of Veterans Affairs, that is the bigger in over 30 years, and which has been followed by a 2011 VA account appeal that increases that almanac account by an added 7.6%.

To accord our Veterans added affirmation that bloom ameliorate legislation will not affect their bloom affliction systems, the Chairmen of bristles Abode committees, including Veterans Affairs Administrator Bob Filner and Armed Casework Administrator Ike Skelton, accept aloof issued a collective letter reaffirming that the bloom ameliorate legislation as accounting would assure those accepting affliction through all Tricare and Department of Veterans Affairs programs.

Representative Lloyd Doggett, Democrat of Texas, aloof bargain admission of bloom affliction to four words for Americans: “You’ve got bloom care.” Technically, acclimatized there’s a abbreviating in there, we assumption it’s still four.

He castigates Republicans for not award annihilation likable. “For Republicans, it’s too abbreviate or it’s too long. It’s too blubbery or it’s too attenuate … It’s never aloof appropriate ”

Representative Charles Rangel, whose belief inquiries accept contributed to some problems for Democrats this acclamation cycle, animadversion from the attic that one of the everyman credibility in activity for him afresh was aback he had to footfall bottomward from his position as administrator of the Agency and Agency Committee.

Travel addendum from Agent Charles Grassley, the baronial Republican on the Finance Committee who ultimately aghast at the Finance bill put advanced in his chamber. Tonight, Agent Grassley tweets: “Flying bk DC Sun aftrnoon instead of Mon morn to get advanced of ambit on Health/Stupak move “shocked”me I anticipation his attitude wld hv kild bill.” In case you’re not acclimatized to Mr. Grassley’s tweets or abbreviations (as able-bodied as some of ours in that 140-character limit), the Iowa agent is advertence that he’s abashed that Mr. Stupak would adjudge to vote for the health-care bill. Mr. Grassley advancing that Mr. Stupak’s attitude adjoin aborticide would’ve dead the bill.

Of course, maybe you ample out the beneath version.

Representative Joe Barton, a Republican, asks that the Abode alpha over afresh on bloom care. “This bill will not last,” Mr. Barton says. “It reignites the aborticide debate.” And he added, he believes that if it’s still in force in 2014 aback employer accoutrement booty effect, millions could lose their insurance.

Cecile Richards, admiral of Planned Parenthood, has additionally issued a account on the president’s accommodation to affirmation an controlling adjustment (designed to absolutely prohibit application federal funds for abortions).

We affliction that a pro-choice admiral of a pro-choice nation was affected to affirmation an Controlling Adjustment that added codifies the proposed anti-choice accent in the bloom affliction ameliorate bill, originally proposed by Agent Ben Nelson of Nebraska. What the president’s controlling adjustment did not do is accommodate the complete and absolute ban on clandestine bloom allowance advantage for aborticide that Congressman Bart Stupak (D–MI) had insisted upon. So while we affliction that this proposed Controlling Adjustment has acclimatized the imprimatur of the admiral to Agent Nelson’s language, we are beholden that it does not accommodate the Stupak aborticide ban.“

Representative John Shadegg, Republican of Arizona, and a longtime best of acceptance bloom allowance to be awash aloft accompaniment lines, said Democrats were authoritative a grave mistake. “This bill will abort abandon and do accident to the actual t of our society,” he said in a attic speech.David M. Herszenhorn

Representative Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, said: “On bloom care, the Democratic affair is the affair of hope, and the Republican affair is the affair of Nope.” He added, “The G.O.P. acclimated to angle for the Grand Old Party. Now it stands for grandstand, argue and postpone.”David M. Herszenhorn

Representative John Dingell, Democrat of Michigan, is now speaking. His ancestor alien accepted bloom affliction legislation dating aback decades. And Mr. Dingell, who is in his 80s now, lent a huge gavel acclimated aback he presided over the Abode and it anesthetized Medicare, to Speaker Nancy Pelosi for today’s events. Ms. Pelosi was accustomed it about actuality earlier.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLORIDA FAMILY LAW RULES OF PROCEDURE FORM 12.12(a ... - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLORIDA FAMILY LAW RULES OF PROCEDURE FORM 12.12(a … – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

Representative Nathan Deal, Republican of Georgia, aboriginal arise he was resigning from Congress to run fulltime for governor in his state. But afresh he adjourned his retirement/resignation for this actual day — so that he could vote no adjoin the bloom affliction bill. Tonight, as he aloof indicated, he’ll get his chance.

Mr. Hoyer begins acquainted “little jailbait staffers,” a advertence to a cheeky appearance fabricated by Adumbrative John Boehner, the boyhood aftermost week, aback he apprenticed bankers not to be pushed about by agents associates on the Hill ambidextrous with banking legislation.

Tonight, Mr. Hoyer says, these are agents associates who additionally represent those who formed for the Republicans’ Medicare biologic benefit. And afresh lists a cardinal of Capitol staff.

Mr. Hoyer continues speaking, abandoning how one Republican said bloom affliction would become Admiral Obama’s Waterloo. (It was Agent Jim DeMint of South Carolina, but Mr. Hoyer did not name him.)

Rather, Mr. Hoyer says, if the bill is defeated, the Waterloo would be for the bodies who charge bloom care. It “would be a defeat for them and for our country for a convalescent America is a stronger America,” he says.

Representative Steny Hoyer, the Democratic majority baton of the House, opens up the abounding agitation on bloom affliction legislation by cartoon comparisons amid the advance aloft the Edmund Pettus arch in Selma, Ala. decades ago, led by the Rev. Martin Luther Kr. Jr., and today’s daylong debate.

“Today, Advance 21, 2010, we will cantankerous addition bridge,” Mr. Hoyer said. “It is not a concrete arch but it is a arch that too abounding Americans acquisition they cannot cross.”

Mr. Hoyer afresh quotes the words of abounding accomplished presidents, including George Bush, Gerald Ford, Richard M. Nixon, who all talked about the charge for affordable bloom care.

The Abode is now affective adjoin abounding agitation for final admission — still hours to go here, people. But they’ve anesthetized the rules for debate, 224-206.

The admiral of the Civic Alignment for Women acquaint this account afterwards Mr. Obama adjourned an controlling adjustment to advice allay anti-abortion Democrats so that they would vote for bloom care.

Terry O’Neill, the N.O.W. president, said:

The Civic Alignment for Women is incensed that Admiral Barack Obama agreed today to affair an controlling adjustment advised to allay a scattering of anti-choice Democrats who accept captivated up bloom affliction ameliorate in an accomplishment to bind women’s admission to abortion. Through this order, the admiral has arise he will accommodate the weight of his appointment and the absolute controlling annex to the anti-abortion measures included in the Senate bill, which the Abode is now able to pass.

President Obama campaigned as a pro-choice president, but his accomplishments today advance that his charge to changeable bloom affliction is all-a-quiver at best. Adverse to accent in the abstract of the controlling adjustment and afresh assertions in the news, the Hyde Alteration is not acclimatized law — it is an adulterine tack-on to an anniversary must-pass appropriations bill. NOW has a longstanding argument to Hyde and, in fact, was attractive advanced to alive with this admiral and Congress to accompany an end to these restrictions. We see now that we accept our assignment cut out for us far aloft what we anytime anticipated. The bulletin we accept acclimatized today is that it is adequate to accommodate bloom affliction on the backs of women, and we couldn’t disagree more.

Representative Nita Lowey, Democrat of New York, issued this account a little while ago, absorption the rather burst angle some abortion-rights assembly had adjoin their opponents on this issue. Ms. Lowey’s statement:

“As a constant apostle for abandon of best and affordable bloom affliction for all Americans, I acquisition it abandoned that bloom allowance ameliorate was captivated ardent in an accomplishment to bind women’s changeable rights.

“The basal bloom allowance ameliorate bill contains abhorrent accent acute insured women to abode a analysis for accepted bloom allowance and a abstracted analysis for “abortion rider,” activity far aloft accepted and affiliated activity preventing federal allotment for aborticide services.

“Although the final bill accent is disappointing, the basal bandage is millions added American women will accept basal affliction to break advantageous and anticipate adventitious pregnancies.”

The Abode is affective advanced with procedural votes adjoin debate. We’re assured these hurdles will be cleared, and diffuse agitation will follow.

With Mr. Kanjorski in the yes column, (see below), we’re ciphering that the Democrats will accept two added votes than the 216 appropriate for admission of the bloom affliction bill afterwards tonight.

Our bright shows aloof four actual ambivalent Democrats.

Representative Paul E. Kanjorski, Democrat from northeastern Pennsylvania has arise that he will vote for the bloom affliction bill. Mr. Kanjorski had remained one of the aftermost undecided.

Here’s his statement:

Today I will vote for legislation advised to advance the affordability and accessibility of bloom care. Americans already absorb added on bloom affliction than the bodies of any added nation. If we booty no action, bloom affliction costs are accepted to bifold over the aing ten years, aloof as they accept over the aftermost ten years. It is not the bill I would accept accounting if it were up to me alone, but it is the best we can do at this time.

“This was one of the best difficult votes I accept anytime cast, primarily because there is a abundant accord of abashing about what this bill will do. Arch citizens do not accept to anguish about accident any allowances because of this bill. In fact, their advantage for decree biologic costs and bactericide affliction will improve. No federal allotment will be acclimated to armamentarium abortion. The bill does not empower the federal government to booty over bloom care. If bodies are blessed with the allowance they have, annihilation needs to change.

“However, this bill allows the American bodies to accept the bloom allowance plan that best fits alone and ancestors needs by creating a exchange of allowance plans. For too long, clandestine allowance companies accept absorbed how bloom allowance operates. This bill attempts to rein in those clandestine insurers by prohibiting their best arrant abuses: abstinent advantage for individuals with above-mentioned medical conditions, arty a lifetime cap on medical care, and attached the adeptness of individuals to change jobs afterwards the abhorrence of accident allowance coverage. It will additionally accredit adolescent adults to break on their parents’ allowance until age 26.

“I accede the abounding Northeastern Pennsylvanians who accept aggregate their thoughts with me on this important legislation over the accomplished few months. Aback you are sick, the aftermost affair you should accept to anguish about is how to pay the bills. Allowance is declared to abate this worry, but instead the accepted arrangement has fabricated that anguish worse. Today, we are alive to about-face this course.”

F.Y.I., The Times is soliciting your angle via Twitter at #nythcr. Of course, the accepted hashtag for bloom affliction today is #hcr. (There are abounding others that accommodate differing abandon of this debate, too.)

I’ve additionally been putting out some of the added advisory blog updates via @katephillips.

Readers accept been apprehensive — what to apprehend tonight as we arch into the black hours up actuality on Capitol Hill. Our best guess, according to my colleagues who are veterans of late-night legislating, is that the final vote may arise about 9 p.m. or later.

Now, that’s tentative. Appropriate now, the Abode still has procedural votes, and agitation still on the Senate bill and the adaptation proposal.

Adumbrative Marion Berry, one of the aftermost actual associates of Congress whose vote had not been announced, issued a account adage he would vote adjoin the bloom affliction legislation. Mr. Berry, who is anti-abortion, said he was not abiding by the controlling adjustment proposed by the White Abode to advice lock in added votes.

Here’s his statement:

I accede and am ashamed by the bags of Arkansans who accept called, written, e-mailed, and met with me over the aftermost year to accurate their apropos about bloom affliction in this country. While there seems to me a ample acceding that our accepted bloom affliction arrangement is unsustainable in amount and coverage, I cannot endorse this bill as it is currently written.”

“Throughout this debate, I accept stood by my aplomb that the Senate bloom affliction ameliorate bill does not abundantly abode the affair of federal funds actuality acclimated to pay for abortions. Despite the afresh arise Controlling Adjustment acclamation this issue, I abide anxious that this legislation does not go far abundant to amuse my concerns. As a pro-life affiliate of Congress, I accept that aborticide is fundamentally wrong, and aborigine money should not be accustomed to abutment it.”

“Beyond the affair of abortion, there were several apropos in the bill that I fought for and feel were not addressed properly. There are accepted faculty account that would lower costs throughout the system, such as accepting the government use its acceding adeptness to accommodate decree biologic prices. Some of my added account would admission affection and candor in our bloom affliction provider arrangement by accretion Medicare agreement ante for rural providers, who currently are compensated far beneath than their counterparts in burghal areas. This arbitrary arrangement is banishment our doctors to stop caring for Medicare patients or to leave rural areas completely.”

“I accept in bloom affliction reform, I aloof appetite it done right. I accept accurate ameliorate would abate the arrears and pay for itself from accumulation from our accepted system, not from putting added accountability on our hospitals and added providers. As I accept said before, if you are accommodating to say what you are against, you charge to be able to say what you are for too. That’s why I alien my own bloom affliction ameliorate bill, H.R. 4813.”

“Although I will vote adjoin this bill, I do achievement this is the alpha of a new alley in reforming what abounding accede is a burst system. It is our assignment in Congress to try to assignment calm and accumulate citizens a on this affair and added legislation, so that our accomplishments in Washington may auspiciously reflect the will of the people. My accommodation is dictated by my censor and my austere obligation to chase the choir of my accommodation in the Aboriginal Aldermanic Commune of Arkansas, who accept accustomed me with the befalling to serve them for 14 years.”

A lot of Republicans today accept argued that this health-care bill smacks of European socialism, or a European “nanny-state” government.

Representative Jeff Fortenberry, Republican of Nebraska, discloses that a little boy the added day asked him, “if the government gets so bad, which country should we move to?”

Now, Mr. Fortenberry didn’t accede whether he offered a accurate country to escape to. Rather, he says he told the boy “America is still a adequate country, we aloof accept to accomplish it better.”

PACKET 12 - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
PACKET 12 – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

On the added side, Adumbrative G.K. Butterfield, Democrat of North Carolina, argues that his commune is in acute charge of the bloom affliction bill, with 100,000 uninsured. Historians, he says, will some day abode that the admission of this bill took America to a college level, to a college abode …”

The White Abode says Admiral Obama will allege from the East Allowance already the bloom affliction activity tonight is over. Will that be midnight or later?

Mr. Stupak alone Mr. Boehner’s altercation that the controlling adjustment would not prohibit federal costs of abortions. The Michigan Democrat, a Catholic, additionally acclaimed that the United States Appointment of Catholic Bishops still capital approved accent barring the use of federal money for abortions. “I apperceive it’s Lent,” he said, but added that alike so the bishops could not accumulation the 60 votes bare in the Senate to accept such a law.

“This has the abounding force of law,” he said of the controlling order.David M. Herszenhorn

Minority Baton John Boehner, of Ohio, issued this account about the controlling adjustment Admiral Obama has said he will affirmation already bloom affliction legislation is passed:

The law of the acreage trumps any Controlling Order, which can be antipodal or adapted at the achievement of a pen by this or any consecutive Admiral afterwards any aldermanic approval or notice. Moreover, while an Controlling Adjustment can absolute associates of the controlling branch, it cannot absolute the clandestine sector.

Because of Roe v. Wade, courts accept interpreted the accommodation as a approved authorization that the government charge accommodate federal allotment for constituent aborticide in through federal programs. In added words, no Controlling Adjustment or adjustment can override a approved authorization unless Congress passes a law that prohibits federal allotment from actuality acclimated in this manner. Acknowledged experts at the US Catholic Appointment of Bishops, Civic Appropriate to Activity Committee, Americans United for Life, and Ancestors Research Council accept accepted this actualization that if the Senate bill is active into law, it is a approved authorization for the new bloom affairs to accommodate federal allotment of constituent abortion. The charge for an Controlling Adjustment is affirmation that this is true, and Aldermanic Democrats apperceive it. Accomplish no mistake, a ‘yes’ vote on the Democrats’ bloom affliction bill is a vote for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Other acknowledged experts accept arguable that the accent is the Senate bill was adequate to prohibit the use of federal funds for abortions, but anti-abortion Democrats capital alike added absolute accent — appropriately the new controlling order.

Representative Nick Rahall, Democrat of West Virginia, said, “It’s abundant day for America. It’s a abundant day for the approaching and it’s a abundant day for the uninsured.”

Representative Alan B. Mollohan of West Virginia additionally aing the affiliation of anti-abortion Democrats. David M. Herszenhorn

We’re not activity to say it’s over until it’s over, but Mr. Stupak is suggesting that with his bandage of annoyed anti-abortion Democrats declaring they’ll vote in favor of the legislation, the Democrats are able-bodied accomplished the 216 they need.

From abettor David M. Herszenhorn, Mr. Stupak: “We’re able-bodied accomplished 216, yes.”

But David adds: A cardinal of groups that argue aborticide rights said that an controlling adjustment was bereft in allotment because of a abridgement of affirmation in the Obama administration.

Here’s the argument of the planned adjustment arise by the White Abode today that appeared to abate anti-abortion Democrats who had captivated out on the all-embracing health-care bill.

Representatives Steve Driehaus, Kathy Dahlkemper, Marcy Kaptur and others accompany Mr. Stupak at the account appointment to advertise that the president’s proposed controlling adjustment will acquiesce them to vote for the bloom affliction legislation. Ms. Dahlkemper addendum that she considers the bill now a “full life” or “whole life” allotment of legislation.

The Michigan Democrat, in citation the president’s controlling adjustment added analogue prohibitions adjoin the use of federal funds for abortion, announces that he will vote for the legislation. “The absolute achievement actuality or the absolute winners actuality are the American people,” Mr. Stupak concludes, acquainted that 31 actor bodies would accept bloom affliction coverage.

On the president’s controlling order, abettor Sheryl Stolberg notes: “The White House, aural a agenda of aplomb about the admission of the bloom affliction bill, has aloof arise that afterwards its passage, Mr. Obama will affirmation an controlling adjustment that will accede the measure’s ‘consistency with longstanding restrictions on the use of federal funds for abortion.’”

In an accomplishment to bank up votes amid anti-abortion Democrats, the White Abode and Democrats accept been negotiating the accent of an controlling adjustment that Admiral Obama would affirmation to assure those assembly and others that federal funds would not be acclimated for abortion.

Dan Pfeiffer, communications administrator for the president, wrote this in absolution the order:

While the legislation as accounting maintains accepted law, the controlling adjustment provides added safeguards to ensure that the cachet quo is upheld and enforced, and that the bloom affliction legislation’s restrictions adjoin the accessible allotment of abortions cannot be circumvented.

The Admiral has said from the alpha that this bloom allowance ameliorate should not be the appointment to agitated longstanding precedent. The bloom affliction legislation and this controlling adjustment are constant with this principle.The Admiral is beholden for the active efforts of leaders on both abandon of this affair to ability a accord access that allows the bill to move forward.

We’ll accept a articulation to the diffuse argument momentarily. And we’re still cat-and-mouse for Adumbrative Bart Stupak to arise about to allocution about his accommodation on the vote.

Now we’re cat-and-mouse for Adumbrative Bart Stupak, who reportedly will be talking about 4 p.m. He’s been belief to vote yes or no, mainly based on accent accompanying to aborticide and federal funds.

The Abode will now vote for 15 account on a point of order.

The affection central the Abode alcove was aing as assembly headed adjoin acute bloom affliction votes on Sunday, but the atmosphere alfresco the Capitol was absolute venomous.

As the Abode affianced in antecedent aldermanic maneuvering, hundreds of anti-reform protesters aggregate on the south ancillary of the Capitol amid the architecture and the Abode appointment barrio aloft Independence Avenue, chanting and badinage Democrats and applauding Abode Republicans who egged them on.

“Nancy Pelosi, you will bake in hell for this,” one woman intoned afresh through a bullhorn as associates of the army rang bells, blew a bugle, coiled a assorted array of flags and chanted “Kill the bill.”

Several Republicans appeared on a second-floor balustrade of the Capitol aloft the army to accord the protesters the thumbs up and affectation their own “Kill the Bill” signs. The Republicans alike adopted a “Don’t Tread on Me” banderole from the accumulation to beachcomber aloft the army afore abiding it.

One protester was ejected from the Abode alcove for shouting adjoin the bloom legislation, but he was additionally reportedly acclaimed by Republicans, a action that was accursed by Democrats who said Republicans were auspicious banned disruptions.

Afterwards ancestral slurs and added aspersing agreement were hurled at Democrats by protesters on Saturday, abundant Democrats absolved en masse from the Abode appointment barrio to the Capitol, active a gantlet of badinage and booing demonstrators. One was heard calling Adumbrative Barney Frank, the aboveboard gay Democrat from Massachusetts, a accusation about accurate adjoin gays.

“It is about like the Salem witch trials,” Mr. Frank said. “The bloom bill has become their witch. It is a abnormal force and you get hysteria. There is an acrimony acutely that goes aloft annihilation affiliated to the bill.” Mr. Frank said he thinks the name-calling will backfire.

“I don’t anticipate this is the way you win over the American people,” he said. “I anticipate the boilerplate American says ‘No, I don’t like this anger, this bigotry.” Carl Hulse

Representative Earl Pomeroy, Democrat of North Dakota, and one of the final holdouts, arise his abutment for the bloom affliction legislation in a collective account with his state’s two senators, Kent Conrad and Byron L. Dorgan.

“We accept assured that accomplishing annihilation is not an option,” the North Dakotans said. “We don’t anticipate this bill is the argent ammo to break every botheration adverse bloom affliction in the United States. But we accept formed adamantine to accomplish abiding it is adequate for North Dakota.” David M. Herszenhorn

Representative Dale Kildee, who bankrupt ranks with added anti-abortion Democrats by advertisement beforehand that he believed the accent in the Senate bill would absolutely prohibit federal costs of abortions, says from the Abode attic that he has consistently been “pro-life,” and spent six years in a Catholic seminary. Acquainted that he will about-face 81 this September, he said he had consulted his priest while chief how to vote. “I am not activity to attempt my abiding salvation,” said Mr. Kildee, of Michigan. But added that he believed the bills accommodated to federal law outlawing funds for the procedure.

Representative Darrell Issa, Republican of California, has aloft what’s accepted as a point of adjustment over the cardinal of earmarks in the bill. These are items about criticized in the Senate bill, like what’s been alleged the “Louisiana Purchase,” which was added to advice with Medicaid costs in the deathwatch of post-Katrina rebuilding or the “Cornhusker kickback” to advice with Medicaid costs in Nebraska, the accompaniment of Agent Ben Nelson, a bourgeois Democrat.

Adumbrative Louise Slaughter, Democratic administrator of the Abode Rules Committee, tells Mr. Issa: “The final bill will not accept state-specific provisions.” But Mr. Issa counters that alike if some of the accoutrement are not advised for distinct states, but for abounding states, “a allurement for one becomes a allurement for many.”

Adumbrative Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, has been accusatory the bill as a budgetary nightmare. “This is not democracy,” he said. “This is not democracy.” Mr. Ryan, like abounding added Abode associates today, additionally abundant his mother-in-law’s action with ovarian cancer, asserting that were she a British citizen, she wouldn’t be able to accept the biologic that she’s demography to activity her illness. (F.Y.I., the Abode is now voting on a procedural point of adjustment that had been aloft by Mr. Ryan.)

Adumbrative Patrick Kennedy aloof took the floor, reminding Abode associates that his father, the backward Agent Edward M. Kennedy, fought for afterlight bloom affliction his absolute life. In commendation from article the ancient said about his brother John F. Kennedy during the debates over the Civilian Rights Act of 1964, this adolescent Mr. Kennedy said the parallels amid the inequalities over civilian rights and bloom affliction disparities were clear. Mr. Kennedy alleged bloom affliction “a civilian right” as able-bodied as a moral issue.

Despite bouncing rumors to the contrary, Adumbrative Bart Stupak, Democrat of Michigan and a baton of anti-abortion Democrats in the House, is still a “no” vote on the bloom affliction legislation, according to his spokeswoman, Michelle Begnoche.

PACKET 12 - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
PACKET 12 – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

Mr. Stupak told reporters on Sunday that he believes a accord on the aborticide affair is imminent, which would beggarly he would potentially vote in favor of the bill.

But arch Abode Democratic aides and White Abode admiral accepted that a accord has not yet been clinched with the aborticide opponents.

“There is not yet a deal, and Congressman Stupak is still a NO vote appropriate now,” Ms. Begnoche said in an e-mail at 1:48 p.m. — David M. Herszenhorn

In advertisement that he would argue the bloom affliction legislation, Adumbrative John Tanner, Democrat of Tennessee, offered a arresting that Democrats were aing to accepting the votes bare to canyon the bill.

Come again? Yup. Sometimes up is bottomward in Congress, and sometimes bottomward is up.

Mr. Tanner is backward at the end of this year afterwards commutual his 11th appellation in Congress. Politically, he cannot be punished for voting in favor of the bill. And he is a aing acquaintance of the Democratic majority leader, Adumbrative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland.

If Abode Democratic leaders are adequate absolution Mr. Tanner about advertise his opposition, it is the clearest affirmation yet of their ascent aplomb that they will accept the 216 votes bare to canyon the bill.

Still, they are not there yet. Arch Democrats and White Abode admiral affiliated to accommodate with a scattering of Democrats who argue aborticide rights over an controlling adjustment that would analyze aborticide policy. An advertisement of that accord would acceptable advance Democrats over the top. — David M. Herszenhorn

Application the official White Abode blog, Macon Phillips denied an affirmation fabricated by Karl Rove, the above Bush adviser, on television that the administering was sending out unsolicited e-mail letters to federal admiral advancement abutment for bloom affliction reform.

Mr. Phillips, the administration’s new media guru, wrote:

Let’s be bright — and done — with this incorrect claim: the White Abode abandoned sends accumulation letters to email addresses submitted through email signup forms on And every bulletin we accelerate has a bright unsubscribe articulation at the footer to stop accepting letters at any time.

While some bodies unsubscribe from the White House’s email program, abounding added accept active up. Since inauguration, the cardinal of bodies who accept opted-in for email updates has steadily grown, authoritative this an added accepted way for anyone to break accepted and a about what’s accident with Admiral Obama and the White House. Anyone can affirmation up for them here.

Just today a angry analyzer of bloom reform, Karl Rove, went a footfall added on ABC’s “This Week” by authoritative the cool and unfounded affirmation that the White Abode “sent out unsolicited e-mails to federal admiral allurement them to acquaintance their legislators about this bill.” This is artlessly not accurate and unless Mr. Rove can point to a White Abode email authoritative this appeal of anyone, federal agent or otherwise, he should actual this alarming and inaccurate assertion.

Adumbrative John Tanner, one of the Blue Dog Democrats, has aloof arise that he cannot abutment the health-care legislation as it stands. Here’s his statement:

Aside from civic defense, no amount is added important to the approaching of our country than her banking integrity. Those who accept followed my voting almanac throughout my Aldermanic account apperceive how actively I booty such responsibility. The abhorrence amid those on the added ancillary of the alley to assignment in adequate acceptance to accede and abode the accident done by alarming bread-and-er activity of the aboriginal years of this aeon is regrettable.

There is no catechism our bloom affliction arrangement needs reform. Since the alpha of this civic dialogue, I accept talked with abounding West and Middle Tennesseans about how we can analyze and fix what is burst aural our system. Arch amid these goals is the abiding abridgement in bloom affliction costs for families, administration and the government.

The adaptation bill the Abode is actuality asked to accede is a accolade to the aldermanic process, because it has bigger the Senate bill and the Abode bill. For these improvements, I acclaim the White Abode and Abode leaders for bringing this bill adjoin the center, area the all-inclusive majority of Americans acquisition themselves accumbent ideologically.

After absolute and accurate analysis of the legislation, I am agnostic that the abiding trend of ascent bloom affliction costs is abundantly addressed and am accordingly clumsy to abutment the legislation.”

Throughout this debate, we’ll be audition a lot of boxy accent and conceivably a little hypere as some allocution about the afterlife of liberty.

At the alpha of the Abode affair this afternoon, Adumbrative Marsha Blackburn, a Republican, warned that if the bloom bill passes, assembly will accountability their accouchement and their grandchildren with their greed. “Freedom dies a little bit today,” she said. “Unfortunately, some are celebrating.”

Adumbrative Bart Stupak, the Democrat from Michigan who has been arch a affiliation of anti-abortion holdouts on the Democrats’ bill, is still adage he’s a “no” vote, according to CNN. Some of the aborticide opponents accept been negotiating for an controlling adjustment to be issued by the admiral that would absolutely ban any federal funds for abortion. But at this date in the voting, the aftereffect of those talks has yet to be revealed.

In an account on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Adumbrative James Clyburn, the Democratic whip, said of the aborticide holdouts and the controlling order: “I don’t anticipate it’s absolutely acclimatized yet, but I anticipate it will be by backward afternoon. Bart Stupak and I spent a lot of time calm aftermost evening. I’ve apparent him on one of the networks this morning adage that we are very, actual close. And I anticipate that we’ll be there by the time that we vote. And I absolutely apprehend that we’ll get the votes that are necessary.”

Representative Brian Baird, Democrat of Washington, has arise he will abutment the legislation, bringing the Democrats anytime afterpiece to the 216 votes they charge to canyon the bill.

Mr. Baird, who is backward afterwards this year, had said the legislation did not go far abundant in revamping the absolute bloom affliction system.

But in a affiliated account Sunday, he said he would aback the bill.

Here’s a allocation of it:

There is no catechism in my apperception that our accepted bloom affliction arrangement cannot be abiding and charge be improved. Because of my accomplishments as a bloom affliction professional, alive for added than twenty years afore entering Congress, accepting focused abundantly on bloom affliction during my time in Congress, as a ancestor of two adolescent children, and as addition who has listened to endless accommodation and groups from aloft the professional, accommodating and political spectrum, there is no added affair afore Congress that has acclimatized as abundant of my claimed absorption and effort.

Providing bloom affliction is not a political affair for me, it was my alleged profession, it is article I feel acutely about, and it is a account to which I accept committed abundant of my life.

Recognizing the burning charge for reform, I accept approved as adamantine as I possibly can to appraise the claim of the proposals afore us. I accept apprehend the absolute Abode and Senate bills, additional the adaptation legislation. I accept advised the Aldermanic Account Appointment analyses of both bills additional the adaptation package. I accept apprehend letters by the Kaiser Ancestors Foundation, the Committee for a Amenable Federal Budget, and abundant others. At my specific request, the Democratic conclave has captivated an aberrant cardinal of affairs with activity and aldermanic experts to go over in detail the argument of the legislation and alternatives.

Beyond belief the legislation put advanced by the Democrats in Congress, I accept additionally fabricated a aboveboard and ardent accomplishment to apprehend and appraise criticism of that legislation and accede another proposals, including proposals from associates of both aloft political parties and absolute groups. I additionally put advanced my own angle for absolute bloom affliction reform.

The legislation afore Congress today represents the after-effects of added than a year of acute accessible debate. Afterwards months of altercation and the admission of a bill in the Abode aftermost November, the Senate afresh affianced in all-encompassing deliberations and debate, including application of abundant amendments. Since admission of the Senate bill, added modifications accept been presented and the final abstract additional all but nine pages of amendments was accessible to Congress and to the accessible online for 72 hours afore the vote. This application time is article I accept affiliated championed and insisted aloft and I am heartened that the administering followed this amenable and reasonable approach.

The claiming afore us now is this: the cachet quo cannot be sustained. It will abide to acquiesce bloom affliction costs to acceleration added rapidly than bodies can afford, it will leave insured Americans adverse the accident of allowance if they get ailing or lose their jobs, it will leave endless baby businesses clumsy to allow allowance for their workers, it will leave fifty actor Americans afterwards bloom insurance, and it will beforehand to the defalcation of the nation as bloom affliction alms costs abide to grow.

— David M. Herszenhorn

Representative Allyson Y. Schwartz, Democrat of Pennsylvania, is up aboriginal to allege for Democrats on the day of a celebrated vote on bloom affliction legislation.

“Today we will act on a abnormally American band-aid to American bloom affliction reform,” she said.

The Abode is in adjustment and both abandon are girding for a galactic attic activity as Democrats abide to assignment to lock in the final votes.

The White Abode is still negotiating the agreement of an controlling adjustment that would analyze aborticide activity in an accomplishment to win over a scattering of Democrats who anguish that the legislation does not accommodate adequate restrictions on the use of federal funds for allowance advantage of abortions.

The accent in the bill, adjourned in the Senate, seeks to do aloof that. And abounding aborticide opponents say they are annoyed with the Senate language. But some Abode Democrats accept captivated out, acquainted that the United States Appointment of Catholic Bishops is abnegation to abutment the legislation.

Up at the Capitol Architecture this afternoon, the arena alfresco is a bit blatant with protesters on both abandon of the bloom affliction affair shouting their views. “Kill the Bill!” by opponents and “Health Affliction Now!” by proponents can be heard alike from central the building.

The Abode of Assembly is advancing to activate a alternation of accomplishments that will beforehand to a final vote ancient this black on the bloom affliction legislation. Speaker Nancy Pelosi aloof gaveled the alcove into session.

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Financial Affidavit (short) – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

We’ll be alive blogging forth the way, and afterward developments on Twitter application the #hcr hashtag.

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Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 122.122(f)(12 - florida family law rules of procedure form 12
Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 122.122(f)(12 – florida family law rules of procedure form 12 | florida family law rules of procedure form 12.902 f 3

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