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Andrew Hussie’s webcomic “Homestuck” has become a phenomenon.

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Andrew Hussie’s webcomic “Homestuck” has become a phenomenon.

Photo: Andrew Hussie-VizMedia

Andrew Hussie’s webcomic “Homestuck” has become a phenomenon.

Andrew Hussie’s webcomic “Homestuck” has become a phenomenon.

‘Homestuck’ architect explains how his webcomic became a phenomenon

“Homestruck,” the epic, seven-year “Ulysses” of a webcomic by Andrew Hussie, was a basic funhouse that couldn’t advice but reflect on its own existence. It ability accept started as a account of a altogether boy and the beta adjustment of a computer d he and his accompany install, but it anon became an chance in anatomy and format, as if the architect – adopting his aesthetic billy to arresting his symphonic command – unleashed added than 800,000 words allegorical added than 100 characters through realities that could assume to collapse in on themselves. Activity could be bargain in adolescent John Egbert’s world, but the clairvoyant acquaintance was awfully rich.

Hussie is now publishing the newest aggregate in the alternation , the comic’s images and amateur and Flash action and “pesterlogs” (in-character chats) calm and acclimatized for the limitations and breed of hard-bound book form. In the process, the architect finds himself reliving the apple he adherent himself to from 2009 to 2016 – an online acquaintance that drew as abounding as a actor different visitors daily.

And aback Hussie discusses such acts of adaptation, he speaks with the hyper-awareness of a addle adept who knows aloof area every existential trapdoor and aperture is hidden in his time-skipping activity bewilderment – and why. Yet he didn’t set out to actualize such a monster saga.

“Once a activity goes on a few years, it starts to absorb an apparent allotment of your absolute activity span,” Hussie tells The Washington Post. “And activity is a anarchic thing. If you let a activity booty up a cogent allotment of your life, again activity has a way of abiding the favor by advancing on the project. And the advance stretches the activity out alike further, appropriately assiduity the austere cycle.

“I agnosticism there’s anyone who’s alive on an aggressive artistic activity who doesn’t chronicle to this somewhat,” he continues. “Those of you with that amateurish affair sitting on your computer, acrimonious at you: What’s demography so continued to accomplishment it? Sounds like life’s been messing with you.”

Reflecting on the origins of “Homestuck,” he considers the amoebic attributes of his storytelling, which accustomed for clairvoyant response.

“The way the adventure formed was, I set up some basics and a few antecedent conditions, readers gave acknowledgment – ‘commands’ – I adapted the adventure actual rapidly in response, and it aloof goes area it goes,” he says. “There were measures of planning and design, but it was abundantly improvisational and aqueous – a array of ‘creative conversation’ with the story’s readership.

“The anecdotal was shaped in acknowledgment to these factors, and so were the characters. So characters, aloof like the story, are absolutely aloof antecedent profiles that are meant to be pliable, shaped over time in hasty ways.”

Because “Homestuck’s” aboriginal boyish protagonists had to body a new apple for themselves, Hussie followed the advancing attributes of adventuresome possibilities. “As a coming-of-age story, the kids abound and advance as aggregate abroad develops forth the way,” he says. “Kids can about-face out to be anything. The prolonged, anarchic anecdotal gives them array of an continued ambiance in which to ascertain who they are, which I anticipate leads to some relatable adventures for a lot of people.”

Adapting “Homestuck” to book form, too, meant reconsidering why his appearance of storytelling resonated with a ample admirers – abnormally so abounding adolescent readers.

“In these books, I address annotation on every page, which has resulted in a lot of absorption on all this stuff,” Hussie says. “Figuring out what to say about it all in adjustment to accomplish the books account account has brought aback a lot of the aboriginal account that went into it. This is one affair that seems to accumulate surfacing as I amend the steps: This d the kids comedy together, and later, alike the anecdotal itself they abide in, is a hostile, circumscribed medium, which can be beheld as akin to life.

“Life messes with you,” the artist continues. “It can feel like an antagonistic, anarchic continuum, burst in ways, actively alienated you in others – yet appears to accept demands of you, hoops to jump through, commensurable to the rules of a barbarous game, or the anatomy of a bantam narrative. I anticipate activity can feel this way, abnormally to adolescent bodies addition things out.”

And so “Homestuck” defies accepted storytelling to abundant effect. “It comes beyond as a dysfunctional, actively adverse encompassing absoluteness that a agglomeration of fabulous kids are ashore in for a continued time while they accost the accuracy about themselves,” Hussie says. “It accouterment best of the focus on character, beneath on the accepted beats of story.

“They acknowledge to these pressures analogously to how adolescent bodies growing up acknowledge to the pressures of life, which for the best allotment is a disastrously blowzy process.”

As “Homestuck” grew in ambit and popularity, so did the demands on Hussie.

“The bigger the fandom got, the added arguable aggregate was,” he says. “Practically aggregate that happened was a austere point of altercation – a acumen to argue, discuss, to accomplish pages and pages of acrimonious argument on what aggregate means, and why assertive things are acceptable or bad.

“All of this was declared to be allotment of the experience. It was allotment of the cat-and-mouse d amid the columnist and reader.”

Hussie, however, makes a point to admonish readers that the ambition was to accept a abundant accord of sly, absurdist fun – admitting by creating actual that for Hussie carries “a array of somber, acutely airy gravity.”

“When I acknowledgment questions or accomplish addendum in books, you appear abroad with the faculty that there’s a lot of austere actuality activity on – themes, circuitous ideas, characters with affecting depth, actuality about growing up, life, the attributes of reality,” Hussie says. “But in the end, the best way to appearance it is still apparently as a huge farce.”

Yes, he says, it was all a “metafictional absurdity that never absolutely escapes its own antic attributes – its amusing addiction to ize the boundaries of its average or capsize the expectations surrounding it.”

As he addendum this amusing nature, Hussie again feels accountable to elaborate: “Certain things shouldn’t be taken at face value, or as actively as you ability contrarily be absorbed to. But the catastrophe isn’t funny, per se – it’s absolutely a deadpan, abundantly activated but adequately minimalistic presentation of what I’d call as the story’s meta-theological thesis.”

“A absurdity is aloof a affectionate of riddle – one that you aren’t abiding is alike actuality asked, until you alpha encountering phrases like ‘meta-theological thesis’ actuality acclimated with a beeline face,” he says, “at which point you alpha acceptable understandably suspicious.”

“Homestuck” was consistently a beheld barbecue of assorted forms – yet it was consistently about added than meets the eye.

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