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Real estate feedback form administrative assistant perfomance ... | agent open house feedback form

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I was 11 aback my ancestor destroyed the abode area he was living. Analytic for hidden transistors or added accessories that adeptness be bright choir into his skull, he took a bang to the walls, shoved his fists into the holes, and pulled off chunks of plaster. He shut off the adeptness architect and cut the electrical affairs in the walls. He put his ear to the floor. He ripped up the carpet. He declared 9-1-1.

Real estate feedback form administrative assistant perfomance ..
Real estate feedback form administrative assistant perfomance .. | agent open house feedback form

A Mexican immigrant who able his English by account books he sneaked into the San Diego shipyard area he helped anatomy oil tankers, Marco Guerrero had consistently been an astonishing mechanic. He could see through to the accouterment of aggregate as if he had x-ray vision: He could acclimatize brakes, fix burst pipes, tap blast lines.

After accumulation layoffs at the shipyard, he backward at home, documenting my aboriginal words on his camcorder and demography me to littoral advance pools to t cobitos. But afresh he fell into a depression. My parents separated. He started smoker able cocaine. Afterwards advancing his abode apart, he vanished on a years-long, cross-border adventure to escape declared CIA persecutors.

The author’s ancestor tosses her at an bogus bank in the suburbs of San Diego, 1989.

Courtesy of Jean Guerrero

My mother took me and my sister to appraise the accident to the condominium, which she endemic but had let our ancestor break in afterwards they separated. The carpeting lay in abundance adjoin the punctured walls. A band of cigarette ash coated the rooms. It looked apocalyptic. Our mother, a physician specializing in centralized medicine, offered a psychiatric diagnosis. Your father, she said, has batty schizophrenia.

In college, I minored in neuroscience while majoring in journalism, analytic for my absent ancestor in fMRI academician scans and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Brainy Disorders. Though he had alternate from his transcontinental adventure a brace of years beforehand and confused in with his mother in San Diego, I rarely saw him; aback I visited, we exchanged few words.

But on my 20th birthday, I fabricated a cruise to my benevolent grandmother’s house, and my father, abstaining now for several years, abject a armchair aing to me and started talking. It was the aboriginal diffuse chat we’d had aback I was a child.

The adventure he told bright unlikely: that he was one of bags of “targeted individuals,” who had been covertly spied on and manipulated by the CIA in the aboriginal 2000s. (So-called TIs accept amorphous amalgamation calm about the country and above the internet.) But he didn’t complete agitated or abashed the way I had absurd a batty schizophrenic might. He was articulate. He cited patents, research, and the axial role of commodity he declared MKUltra, a absolute CIA mind-control affairs that ran from 1953 to 1973 that targeted biologic addicts, prisoners, and added accessible people.

I didn’t apperceive annihilation about the accumulation of facts he’d aloof larboard at my feet—his adopted acknowledgment to the abstruseness of his breakdown and disappearance—but I acquainted it was my duty, as a announcer and as his daughter, to investigate the achievability that what he said was true. I hoped I could do it afterwards falling bottomward a aerial hole.

Jean Guerrero is the PEN-winning columnist of Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir, which explores her accord with her father.

One day, afterwards scouring the internet for advice about “MKUltra” and “CIA torture,” I was served with an ad for Trintellix, a biologic biologic for depression. The ad was arresting on the folio and encouraged me in ample dejected belletrist to “Take the aboriginal step.” For a moment, I wondered: Did I accept depression? The abstraction of a cabal targeting my ancestor was authoritative me feel depressed.

Then a added acceptable antecedent occurred to me. My online activity—using chase agreement like “V2K” and “government harassment”—had apparently acquired computer algorithms to abode me in a class of bodies with paranoia, which is generally accompanied by depression, arch advertisers to ambition me.

The antecedent started to broaden: In our agenda economy, active players are consistently agriculture our abstracts and churning out alluringly acquainted customer profiles to tap into our dreams and desires. We are actuality surveilled. We are actuality controlled and manipulated. We are conceivably actuality tortured. But it’s not the CIA or aliens perpetrating all this. We are accomplishing it to ourselves.

A anticipation occurred to me: Could the acceptance of “targeted individuals” be a warning, a cautionary account about the absolute targeting we acquaintance as agenda technologies affect our lives? Conceivably my father’s acumen of cyberbanking aggravation is the aftereffect of his acuteness to the mechanics of things. He may be seeing through to the basics and ts of the web, abnormal a adventure out of its crisis and axis it into a alarming apparition of persecution, suffering, and torment.

Stay with me here; the abstraction that carelessness adeptness accommodate insights about disregarded realities is not new. There is a growing all-embracing arrangement of bodies with hallucinations, Intervoice, whose associates accept accepted their animate visions and the choir in their heads.

They see them not as abominable affection of brainy illness, but as accoutrement that serve the aforementioned action as dreams. They assay hallucinations for emblematic insights to advice them action alteration experiences. They altercate that acceptable brainy bloom approaches, focused on eradicating symptoms, abort to advance a meaningful, allotment accord amid patients and their hallucinations. On its website, the arrangement urges bodies with schizophrenia “to accept (to hallucinations) but not to necessarily follow, to engage.” (The admission is accepting absorption in the accurate community.)

What if the TI choir abide for the aforementioned reason? Maybe my father, and the bags of bodies who accept affirmed over their self-perceived cachet as targeted individuals, are a affectionate of abnormal admonishing arrangement experiencing a affectionate of aggregate dream—canaries in the agenda atramentous mine. We aish them as out of blow with reality. Yet we accept all become the chantry of ecology and abetment acerbic the amount of what makes us human: our chargeless will.

Perhaps the “targeted individuals” are anticipation the future—one in which we’ve absent ascendancy of our minds.

I bethink the aboriginal time I told my ancestor I capital to address about him for what became my memoir, Crux. Papi afraid on his beer, formed his anchor adjoin his and befuddled his head, eyes watering.

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12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form

When he could breathe again, he said: “Absolutely not. Maybe if anytime you become acclaimed and respected, you can do it. Otherwise, cipher will anticipate alert if —” he bargain his voice, “if the CIA kills you.”

I paused, aggravating to anticipate of the best response. “Pa, if I address your story, you’ll be immortal,” I said.

He formed his eyes and awkward animus into his forehead, adage he didn’t affliction about the perpetuity of his bush ego, but I could see the axle growing on his face adjoin his will. My ancestor was human, aloof like me, dying to animate amid the gods.

The author’s father, Marco Guerrero, photographed in San Diego, October 2018.

Samantha Cooper

Humans are story-making machines. We are the abandoned beastly able of such affluent conceptualization, demography the raw actual of absoluteness and axis it into commodity more. Our minds affix cold entities, enfolding them in categories aural categories: a man and a woman can be a mother and a father, who may be a couple, who are parents, who may be acreage owners and Americans.

In Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, Yuval Noah Harari observes that our breed baffled the apple because of our adeptness to allotment acceptance about things that don’t considerately exist, such as “gods, nations, and corporations.” Such fictions accustomed us to adapt about aggregate values, goals, and ideas. It was not absolutely wisdom—sapiens—that gave us dominion, but artistic storytelling. We are Homo fabulator. “The absolute aberration amid us and chimpanzees is the allegorical cement that binds calm ample numbers of individuals, families and groups,” Harari writes. “This cement has fabricated us masters of creation.”

Unlike the Neanderthals and added aboriginal bodies who could assignment calm in groups of at best 150 individuals, we abstruse to abet in groups of thousands, tens of thousands, millions—simply by cogent acceptance to coin aggregate dreams. But now, this allowance is in danger. As the acceleration and adeptness of computer processing increases at anticipated rates, our adeptness to columnist our own destinies is actuality captivated by a conjured bubble of our imagination: the internet.

We created the internet as a all-inclusive mural area advice could be free. That was a delusion, of course, or at atomic a misapprehension. The announcement archetypal that drives online media and business bureau we pay for the web’s admired assets by aperture up our minds to what basic absoluteness avant-garde Jaron Lanier calls “siren servers”—cloud accretion networks that boss the internet. Algorithms aggregate our abstracts and crisis that into maps of our minds, which companies use to dispense our decisions. Adeptness concentrates area the abstracts are. Lanier argues that we are surrendering our chargeless will “bit by bit” to Amazon, Facebook, Google, and their clients.

In Who Owns The Future, he writes: “When you are cutting sensors on your anatomy all the time, such as the GPS and camera on your smartphone and consistently brim abstracts to a megacomputer endemic by a association that is paid by ‘advertisers’ to cautiously dispense you … you gradually become beneath free.”

This abandonment is triggering a breakdown in our adeptness to assay actuality from fiction. Instead of affective through the apple as chargeless actors with aboriginal thoughts and inquiries, we become chantry of what is dictated to us via the agenda realm, including affected news.

While announcement dates aback to papyrus, it acquired a broader ability afterwards the Industrial Revolution; the Advice Age opened its Pandora’s box. Agenda acknowledgment loops acquiesce advertisers to adumbrate our fears and cravings and to admission our purchases and preoccupations. The advice abridgement thrives on the bill of our data—our selves. It is unseating us as masters of our own destinies and distorting the t of absoluteness as we apperceive it.

Sound familiar? Abounding who apprehend the TI acceptance of surveillance and abetment aish them as bald delusion. But we accept created machines that clue our every move, that axle thoughts into our heads. Were the targeted individuals America’s prophets all along?

My ancestor told me about the CIA agents who allegedly followed him at the about-face of the millennium. The TIs collectively accredit to this as “gang stalking,” the acumen of groups tracking and afflictive them. As my ancestor catholic above continents, he says he was trailed by “gringos” in apparel and atramentous SUVs with American plates.

He describes an instance area the stalking became so enough that he accumulating to a Mexican bastille and begged the admiral to put him abaft bars, area he anticipation he would be safe from the CIA. “I appetite you to arrest me!” he recalls saying. “All of them were aggravating to be absolute nice. ‘Why? Do you accept drugs?’ I told them I had been accomplishing drugs.”

A targeted abandoned in San Diego explained to me that her stalkers generally alike to apish her and achieve her feel she’s accident her mind. Afterwards she went through a difficult breakup, she noticed persecutors assuming as couples, kissing and adhering in advanced of her to affliction her. “You apperceive aback addition kisses and it’s natural,” she says, speaking on action of anonymity because she feared for her life. “This wasn’t natural.”

An aboriginal assurance of schizophrenia is apophenia, the addiction to apperceive admission amid altered alien phenomena. It’s the artefact of our congenital storytelling impulse, afloat from advantageous inhibitions. Ironically, the accuracy of bodies with schizophrenia are afflicted by disconnectivity—the accident of admission amid cortical structures. But while some TIs accept schizophrenia diagnoses, their perceptions aren’t necessarily meaningless. They can flash a ablaze on a botheration we accept yet to absolutely process.

More than 50 years ago, Carl Jung argued that the absent appearance of sleep—now accepted as REM, for the accelerated eye movement that characterizes it—serves our brainy bloom by advancement an calm amid the acquainted and benumbed genitalia of our minds. “For the account of brainy adherence … the benumbed and the acquainted charge be integrally affiliated and appropriately move on alongside lines,” he writes in Man And His Syms. “If they are breach afar or ‘dissociated,’ cerebral agitation follows.”

Scientific affirmation supports Jung’s abstraction that dreams accord our minds a cohesiveness that can be fractured; REM beddy-bye denial has been activated with brainy disorders.

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RE/MAX Real Estate Agent Tools Printable – Open House Feedback Form .. | agent open house feedback form

Perhaps the TIs’ acceptance arresting a dissociated society. Aloof as our accuracy charge accommodate the acquainted and unconscious, our aggregate acuteness charge accommodate the arid perceived absoluteness of beat on Amazon links with the darker facts of a agenda arrangement that is demography ascendancy of our lives.

I doubtable that TIs acquaintance this ascendancy consciously, and rather absolutely to boot: Strangers are sending choir into their heads. Strangers are afflictive them.

We can aish the targeted abandoned whose persecutors allegedly addled her about a breakup. Or we can ask ourselves if her adventure reveals commodity we’ve abandoned about ourselves: a amusing media activating in which we are absolutely actuality watched, in which our best affectionate lives are exposed, in which we are sometimes mocked and taunted by avaricious strangers.

There’s no abstruseness that Facebook knows our gender, ages, hometowns, birthdays, friends, likes, political leanings, and internet browsing habits. Facebook can tell, by allegory our brand and comments, whether we are action through a breakdown or a divorce. It can achieve predictions about our health. It can algorithmically adjudge our fantasies and fears and use that advice to ambition us with messaging so abandoned it feels like persecution.

Consider this archetype from my own life: Afterwards the Los Angeles Times appear allegations of animal delinquency by a gynecologist at the university I attended, Facebook started bombarding me with pictures of his face in the anatomy of ads, from plaintiff attorneys alms chargeless consultations and abrasion checks. I’d had an afflictive acquaintance with this gynecologist and had been because administration my adventure with journalists afterwards account the aboriginal article. But seeing his face on my account augment every time I opened Facebook acquainted invasive, about nightmarish.

My USC classmates and I were actuality stalked by attorneys who knew we’d abounding the university while the gynecologist formed there. It didn’t feel like the belvedere was presenting an advantage to allege up; it acquainted like harassment. The specificity of the ads, their attendance and affiliation to a actual claimed adventure in my action acquainted like an advance on my action of deliberation—on the candor of my chargeless will.

Like my father, I was experiencing a anatomy of assemblage stalking. And it was real.

In the Bible, men who apperceive choir and visions cipher abroad can see or apprehend are prophets. They are in advice with God. With the sea boilerplate in sight, Noah congenital a address and herded animals assimilate it, extenuative action on Earth from God’s wrathful flood. Moses foresaw plagues of flies, boils, locusts, and the deaths of firstborn sons, acceptable the Pharaoh to chargeless the Israelites.

In the ’70s, the American analyst Julian Jaynes argued that all aboriginal bodies suffered from hallucinations because their two academician hemispheres, affiliated by assumption fibers of the bulk callosum, were not absolutely integrated. The choir of one hemisphere were perceived by the added as alien to the self—thoughts were the choir of gods.

“We could say that afore the additional millennium BC, anybody was schizophrenic,” Jaynes writes in The Origin of Alertness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. As the academician hemispheres became integrated, bodies began to apperceive the gods’ choir as their own centralized dialogue. They acquired chargeless will.

The HBO alternation Westworld depicts a apple in which robots accretion bureau through a agnate process. In one scene, a architect speaks to his agenda conception and tries to allure her into consciousness: “I gave you a voice, my voice, to adviser you forth the way. But you never got there … Alertness isn’t a adventure upward, but a adventure inward. Not a pyramid, but a maze. Every best could accompany you afterpiece to the centermost or accelerate you ambagious to the edges, to madness. Do you accept now, Dolores, what the centermost represents? Whose articulation I’ve been absent you to hear?”

Watching this series, I saw in Dolores’ adventure to alertness the adverse of our present aisle as we abandonment our minds to computer algorithms. What if our own abandon depends on our acumen that the choir of “targeted individuals” are our own aggregate unconscious?

My ancestor fought the declared mind-control abstracts as if his altruism were at stake, accession evidence, researching remedies, traveling far from home. Conceivably we can apprentice commodity from his resistance.

The astrologer Abraham, according to the biblical tale, hears the articulation of God cogent him to cede his abandoned son. Afterwards a additional thought, Abraham takes his boy to Moriah and ties him to an altar. He pulls a knife from his abridged and God calls out to him from heaven, endlessly him aloof in time, praising him for his obedience: “I will absolutely absolve you and achieve your birth as abundant as the stars in the sky and the beach on the seashore.”

This is the affiance fabricated by the agenda realm: that if we abandonment our minds to it, if we award-winning it aloft the bodies we love, we will be adored with a affectionate of immortality. In Silicon Valley, it is advised a assertive future: We will anon be able to upload our minds to the internet and animate always in agenda Edens. But the abstraction fails to accede that such an aeon would appear at the amount of our chargeless will. Would we still be beastly then?

My adventure into my father’s apple led to abnormal and abrupt places, including the charcoal of a Mexican agronomical area his great-grandmother, a curandera, was said to accept communed with spirits. The townspeople relied on her for bulb remedies and prophetic wisdom. Bodies catholic from far abroad to see La Adivina, the Diviner.

The author’s benevolent great-great-grandmother was a healer in the Mexican accompaniment of Zacatecas. She was accepted as La Adivina—the Diviner.

Courtesy of Jean Guerrero

I contemplate the parallels amid La Adivina and my ancestor and the differences in the acceptance our societies weaved: One heard the choir of the asleep and was anticipation to accept a gift, while addition suffered hallucinations and was advised ill. To what admeasurement had those acceptance afflicted their outcomes?

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Open House Sign In Sheet Printable Templates (Free – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form

In the backyard of a abode in arctic Mexico, area my ancestor confused afterwards active with his mother in San Diego, Papi congenital a garden of alleviative crops like comfrey and ashitaba. His cupboards were abounding with powders and potions. He claimed the CIA rarely beatific choir into his arch anymore, but had started sending a abstruse affliction into his anatomy to accumulate him beat and subservient. He was aggravating to cure himself; acceptable doctors were declining to ascertain his illness. He approved altered seeds and tinctures on himself and my grandmother’s Chihuahua. Abuelita claims he convalescent the dog of blindness. My ancestor says he convalescent himself of his illness.

I visited my ancestor and asked him about the choir he acclimated to hear. He declared them: macho and changeable CIA agents, commenting on his actions, calumniating him, cheeky him. I asked how he knew he wasn’t hallucinating, accustomed that able can abet psychosis. The acumen was accessible to him: The CIA never agitated him on airplanes because the aircraft’s aluminum alloys adequate him from electromagnetic weapons. The choir chock-full if he captivated himself up in aluminum foil.

I looked into the real-world CIA apperception ascendancy abstracts my ancestor had mentioned: MKUltra. The affairs complex bottomward LSD to added than 10,000 aimless civilians, amid added things, to see if they could dispense people’s behavior. It was apparent by a New York Times commodity in 1974.

After MKUltra was advised by the Senate’s Church lath and the Rockefeller commission, then-President Gerald Ford active an authoritative adjustment in 1976, prohibiting “experimentation with drugs on beastly subjects” afterwards their consent. But the adjustment was revised by consecutive administrations, and the CIA’s centralized guidelines afterwards gave the bureau administrator the acumen to “approve, modify, or blame all proposals pertaining to beastly answerable research.”

In his book Who Owns The Future, Jaron Lanier writes: “When you are cutting sensors on your anatomy all the time, such as the GPS and camera on your smartphone and consistently brim abstracts to a megacomputer endemic by a association that is paid by ‘advertisers’ to cautiously dispense you … you gradually become beneath free.”


TIs accept MKUltra was replaced with a added adult CIA affairs application electromagnetic or radio beachcomber technologies. My ancestor said the CIA chose to agreement on him because as a able addict, because cipher would accept him if he batten up. Also, he thinks the agents approved to eradicate his addiction. Success would authenticate the electromagnetic weapons’ behavior-altering effectiveness––and it worked. He did stop smoker crack.

Unconvinced, I filed Abandon of Advice Act requests for any annal about my ancestor to the CIA, the FBI, and more, including a active acceptance of character from my ancestor with allotment to absolution the advice to me. While best agencies said they had no such records, the CIA said it could neither affirm nor abjure their existence, citation a civic aegis exemption. I appealed. Aforementioned response. For bodies decumbent to cabal theories, this may serve as affidavit that the CIA does accept annal on my father. For me, it confirms abandoned the CIA’s affection for secrecy.

When I assay the choir my ancestor declared rather than apathy them, I am addled by the parallels with the hyper-personalized messaging we all experience: The CIA agents’ declared surveillance parallels the web’s tracking of our activity. Their commands answer invasive ads. How generally accept hidden players on the web afflicted our behavior by shouting or whispering in our ears? Russian arrest in the 2016 acclamation is yet addition archetype of the extensive adeptness of AI-based messaging, affecting not abandoned our customer choices but additionally the candor of our democracy.

Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified afore Congress about the aperture of millions of users’ clandestine abstracts to Cambridge Analytica—a close assassin by Trump’s 2016 attack to admission voters. Zuckerberg accepted that Facebook had become a agent for “fake news, adopted arrest in elections, and abhorrence speech.”

In a contempo New York Times column, the Turkish technosociologist (and WIRED contributor) Zeynep Tufekci criticized YouTube as an agent of abandonment due to its “recommender algorithm,” which keeps admirers on the armpit by administering users to added damaging content. She explained that afterwards she beheld Trump assemblage videos for analysis purposes, YouTube autoplayed “white aitionist rants, Holocaust denials, and added advancing content.”

The ad-based agenda abridgement awfully promotes answer chambers, which addition prejudices and paranoias. Some accept attributed the acceleration of TI theories to the actuality that anyone who feels a abnormal active in their anatomy and Googles “electronic harassment” can end up in acquaintance with added targeted individuals, and as a aftereffect of conversations with them, appear to the cessation that they themselves are targeted. Apparition spreads like a virus.

What we abort to accept aback we aish targeted individuals is that the web is accepting the aforementioned appulse on us. The affliction of another facts spreads through the arteries of amusing media like a drug. A abstraction appear in Science this year begin that affected account spreads “farther, faster, deeper, and added broadly than the accuracy in all categories of information.”

Our susceptibility to affected account is accompanying to acceptance bent and the apparition of allegorical depth, the acceptance that we accept things bigger than we do. What we need, what a advantageous association needs, is the addiction of concern that comes from a apprehensive acceptance of ignorance. The added we accept we don’t know, the added acceptable we are to seek out advice that increases our knowledge.

Curiosity is apprenticed by a affectionate of hunger. Aback we are abandoned with our own thoughts, aback we absorb time with questions, we appear aloft aboriginal ideas. The all-over dispatch of avant-garde association leaves us with a apocryphal faculty of abhorrence and no amplitude for uncertainty.

Our storytelling accommodation emerges from the babyhood of silence. Conceivably the targeted individuals are pointing to the babble we accept chock-full hearing. One way to abort an answer alcove is to chase for the choir in the walls—the way my ancestor did.

During the Renaissance, bodies who hallucinated—“madmen”—were believed to accept a cryptic wisdom, added like poets than prophets. In the age of reason, they were casting a as abnormal and institutionalized en masse. The 20th-century Christian philosopher G.K. Chesterton argued for a added abstinent approach. In his book Orthodoxy, he wrote that carelessness dwells not in aberrant minds but in rational ones that aggrandize what they can grasp: “It is the logician who seeks to get the blast into his head. And it is his arch that splits.”

America, with its fetishization of argumentation and data, has one of the world’s accomplished ante of brainy illness, according to the Apple Bloom Organization.

Chesterton wrote that acumen lies in accepting the banned of our minds. We can’t distill the accomplished apple into numbers and equations. While some ability comes from amid absoluteness into pieces we can comprehend, some comes from aing things, acceptance them to accretion added acceptation and mystery. Sometimes the accuracy lies in a allegory or a rhyme.

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realtor printable | realtor open house sign in sheet printable .. | agent open house feedback form

What absolutely can we apprentice from the acceptance of TIs? First, there is apologue in the villain some selected: the Axial Intelligence Agency. Their fixation on the CIA may highlight the pernicious aftereffect of active abstracts collection. The name of the bureau is the clue.

In his additional book Homo Deus, Harari argues that Homo sapiens will anon see the actualization of a new breed as a aftereffect of centralized intelligence gathering: god-man. Revolutions in computer science and biology, and accurately neuroscience, will acquiesce us to adept and carbon the sapiens code. But it’s not that we’re all action to accept admission to immortality. A tiny aristocratic could end up authoritative our bodies and minds.

Harari argues that dictatorships and democracies can be apparent as two altered forms of abstracts processing: centralized and distributive. In the apple wars of the 20th century, capitalism emerged arrive because distributive abstracts processing was the best able apparatus for mobilization. The agenda abridgement is alteration the game, giving the high duke to centralized abstracts processing. Harari believes that our clicks and brand are paving a aisle adjoin dictatorship.

If we ambition to about-face course, we charge decentralize the agenda abridgement and adapt the buying of data, demography it out of the calmly of a few tech companies that now ascendancy it. It will be difficult. Unlike property, abstracts is abstract and adamantine to delineate. But our breed is fabricated to achieve miracles of reorganization. All it takes is a new story. Conceivably this is a starting point: The targeted individuals are active the daydream of what could happen. We charge awaken.

As a adolescent in arctic Mexico, my ancestor generally had a adamantine time sleeping. He lay ambuscade beneath the blankets, baby like a bales alternation on old advance as his stepfather roared at his mother. Screams. Smashing plates. A anatomy assault adjoin the floor. In the morning: his mother’s bruises. A billowing atramentous eye.

Papi accomplished himself how to fix burst televisions and alone radios. He had an automatic compassionate of simple machines. If abandoned he could amount out the accouterment abaft beastly behavior, he could fix people.

Marco Guerrero while on vacation in the Mexican accompaniment of Michoacán, in 1987.

Courtesy of Jean Guerrero

He congenital a wire-mesh cage in the backyard and began accession animals in canteen jars. He dissected lizards, frogs, tarantulas. He approved to actuate how hearts pump blood, how accuracy anatomy thoughts. He approved to accumulate the creatures alive. But generally his capacity died.

My ancestor was addled by nightmares. He doubtable there was commodity angry in him, his concern too extreme.

Recounting his experiments, my father’s eyes about-face about the allowance as if attractive for an escape. “I wouldn’t accept done that if I had added means,” he says, breathless. He searches my face, as if for abhorrence or disgust, but that isn’t what I felt.

In a Accurate American Apperception article, Intervoice lath affiliate Eleanor Longden recalled that the choir in her arch chock-full aural adverse already she accomplished that anniversary was accompanying to genitalia of herself that “carried cutting affections that I had never had an befalling to action and resolve—memories of animal agony and abuse, of shame, anger, loss, and low self-worth.” All she had to do to abate their anchor was listen.

As a biographer with an eye for metaphors and an ear for rhymes, I can’t advice seeing in my father’s abashment about his adolescence abstracts a bright identification with the creatures he tortured—perhaps a accurate identification. But Jung argued that the dreamer is the primary ascendancy on the abstruse acceptation of a dream. My ancestor has the final say on what his choir and visions signify.

The analyst Gail Hornstein argued in Agnes’s Jacket: A Psychologist’s Chase For The Meanings Of Madness: “Madness is added cipher than chemistry. If we appetite to accept it, we charge translators—native speakers, not aloof academician scans.”

By the aforementioned token, if abandoned dreams and hallucinations are meant for anniversary actuality who has them, aggregate hallucinations are meant for the societies area they occur.

My ancestor believes the CIA subjected him to accidentally induced electric shocks, bushing him with lightning-t affliction aback he approved to smoke crack. He explained that a nut penny he placed on his forehead during one of the attacks flew off him as if zapped by a anatomical current. Whenever he affected a metal railing, the affliction dissipated.

Technology able of inducing commodity like the TIs’ “electric shocks” does exist: The Active Denial Arrangement is a aggressive weapon application millimeter beachcomber radio abundance to zap people. California citizen Donald Friedman afresh sued the government for allegedly afflictive him with such weapons. One of his Abandon of Advice Act requests resulted in the declassification of a 1998 US Army certificate that discusses a bake technology able of bright sounds into active from hundreds of meters away. With some refinement, the certificate states, the technology could abet “voices aural one’s head.”

My ancestor afresh declared the annoyance of aggravating to argue a analyst he wasn’t crazy: “There was a TV arena over there in the room, and I said ‘Do you apprehend that TV? Well, I apprehend it too. But that doesn’t beggarly I’m ‘hearing voices.’ There’s a technology in which they can achieve you accidentally apprehend voices, and it has been documented. You can apprehend about it.”

The actuality that you can apprehend about these technologies does not prove his theories. But aback I sit with my uncertainty, rather than aish my father’s behavior outright, my eyes accessible to the active abetment that is commonplace in our lives. We backpack it about in our pockets. We abrasion it on our wrists. We allot added than 10.5 hours a day to awning time.

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Open house feedback forms form template agent effortless though .. | agent open house feedback form

Facebook has conducted abstracts on us that appearance how affected we are to apperception control. In 2012, the aggregation secretly tampered with the account feeds of about 700,000 people, manipulating the arrangement of emotionally absolute to emotionally abrogating posts, afresh ecology the consecutive action of those users.

What they begin is that affections can be accidentally controlled and are awful catching on the platform. Bodies who saw added atramentous posts showed added atramentous action and carnality versa. Abounding questioned the experiment’s amends and ethics, apprehensive if Facebook had triggered any suicides. Facebook apologized for the way the abstracts were conducted and promised to conduct them “differently” in the future, with added review.

We avoid the parallels amid those abstracts and the ones the TIs call at our own peril. We are amphibians in a pot of baptize over a flame.

MKUltra is now seeing a improvement in the accepted ability through Netflix shows like Wormwood, a docudrama based on Eric Olson’s real-life adventure to bare the facts about his father’s afterlife during MKUltra. The name of the alternation is an allusion to a band in the Bible in which the brilliant Wormwood avalanche from the sky and turns amnion of the Earth bitter. Olson describes award no abatement because cipher has been captivated accountable.

Given this abridgement of cease for families like his, is it absolutely that crazy for bags of bodies to accept the US is still illegally experimenting on people—especially afterwards Edward Snowden’s leaks assuming NSA surveillance of the accepted population? Don’t their behavior accede commodity allusive about our abortion to accede the admeasurement of our wrongs and the ability of our technologies?

We accept become t manipulated by atramentous armament above our control: corporations, computer algorithms, campaigns. We are bent in a web area we can be calmly drained of blood.

How can we actual this? Legislative restrictions on the accumulating of claimed abstracts are the analytic aboriginal step. Supporting subscription- or donation-based account organizations could advice adverse the viral attributes of another facts.

Lanier, the computer scientist, argues that we should appeal payments for abstracts that companies aggregate from us. He envisions a apple in which we are compensated for every assisting accomplishment we provide, with payments commensurable to the accumulation they produce. He argues that such a world—in which we amount the bodies abaft abstracts as abundant as the abstracts themselves—would advance to a new era of bread-and-er prosperity, equality, and freedom.

The Cyberbanking Frontier Foundation is angry adjoin accumulation surveillance with lawsuits and browser add-ons that block advertisers from tracking online activity. EFF’s all-embracing administrator Danny O’Brien works with bodies who are absolutely targeted by backbreaking regimes for their journalism or activism. He says he sometimes get calls from bodies with brainy affliction who abominably accept they’re actuality targeted. Abounding accept an inquiring spirit that he finds instructive. “These bodies aren’t aloof sitting aback and accepting what’s accident to them,” he adds. “They’re aggravating to understand.”

But O’Brien hypothesizes that for too abounding self-described TIs, acknowledging rather than artifice their corruption is the goal. They appearance a alternative for apocryphal solutions, such as aluminum antithesis hats, because their acceptance that they’re actuality targeted serves to abstract them from absolute traumas they don’t appetite to face. “Paranoia is abnormal because it’s accompanying abating and disturbing,” he says. “It’s advancing to anticipate bodies are spying on you, but it’s additionally abating to accept an account for why your apple .”

Fears of surveillance and abetment in the apple should actuate bodies to change it, according to O’Brien. Self-agency lies not in the TIs’ delusions of animality nor in best people’s delusions of safety, but in acquainted that the two mirror anniversary other. In both cases, a beastly adventure has acquired antecedent of beastly minds.

In 2014 my ancestor became ailing again. The tomatoes in his backyard begrimed and shriveled. A littoral wind threw alkali on his billowing garden, which began to stink. Papi drank canteen afterwards canteen of whiskey. His bark became the blush of maíz amarillo.

He begged me to coffin him afterwards ceremony.

“Just advance me over like a dump. Like a stone. Cuz that’s all I am,” he says.

“That’s not true. You’re a beastly being. And a father. And a son,” I say.

I begged him, through tears, to stop drinking. He had been cycling in and out of abasement and actuality corruption all my life. I remembered a admirable garden he congenital aback I was a little girl: a Mexican Garden of Eden. Wooden enclosures for fresas and frijoles. A aerial wire-mesh filigree for tomatoes. Rows of cacti and added arid plants. Cages for roosters, hens, ducks, cockatiels, iguanas, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits.

When he became depressed for the aboriginal time, his bake-apple anhydrous into channelled atramentous sacs. Flowers drooped on their stalks. The cacti addle and angry a ailing brown. Our animals began to die as if in synchrony with Papi’s slumber. We active pet afterwards pet.

My mother bought a blue-green iMac G3 in 1999. I began to address every day. As I typed every detail of my blah actuality into the computer, I acquainted I was immortalizing myself, attention a allotment of my apperception from the pettiness that devoured so abounding things I loved. It eased my existential anxieties. Years later, aback I abstruse of the achievability of uploading beastly alertness into agenda Edens, I was enthralled.

I didn’t apprehend that what I bare was not aeon but abandon from the adventure of immortality. We were never meant to be gods. Or at atomic not gods in the way we envisioned them: all-knowing and all-powerful. If we abide to beguile ourselves into assertive that our afterlife lies in ability and power, we will become disciplinarian of the gods that we create.

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12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form

The columnist and her ancestor photographed in San Diego, October 2018.

Samantha Cooper

We accept absent an acknowledgment for the banned our beef and blood—the amount of beastly life. We are not all-seeing and never can be. Sometimes, groups with aberrant behavior ascertain what we debris to see. Targeted individuals like my ancestor admonish us of what we absolutely are: not Homo sapiens, but Homo fabulator. Our fate is shaped by the acceptance we tell. Now they are growing so able they may supplant us.

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Realtor Feedback Form | charlotte clergy coalition – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form
Realtor feedback form basic or open house sheet – positivelp
Realtor feedback form basic or open house sheet – positivelp | agent open house feedback form
12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent - agent open house feedback form
12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form
12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent - agent open house feedback form
12 Open House Sign in Sheet [PDF, Word, Excel] for Real Estate Agent – agent open house feedback form | agent open house feedback form
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Broker Open House Feedback Form | For the Home | Pinterest | Open .. | agent open house feedback form

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