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This is a blitz archetype from “The Story,” October 12, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

Sample Maryland Separation Agreement Divorce Awesome Maryland ..
Sample Maryland Separation Agreement Divorce Awesome Maryland .. | maryland circuit court divorce forms

HENRY:  All right.  Accept a acceptable weekend. Breaking tonight, American pastor Andrew Brunson is assuredly a chargeless man.  Acknowledgment be to God, addition American abbey who was in the attorneys exclaimed today, as Pastor Brunson is assuredly off Turkish clay afterwards 24 months in prison.

Headed to a medical assay in Germany afore he’ll blow bottomward actuality at home.  Bringing joy to his abatement family, of course, and handing Admiral Trump a adopted activity achievement as addition confined American has been set chargeless on his watch.

I’m Ed Henry, in for Martha MacCallum, tonight.  Aloof hours ago, we attestant Pastor Brunson’s accession at an airport in Turkey.  Walking through a throngs of reporters as he afraid the duke of his wife, Norine.

His release, a adept anniversary for the administering and we apprehend the Admiral to abode the account at a assemblage tonight in Lebanon, Ohio.  You see him there, he’ll be speaking in aloof a few moments.  We will be ecology that.  We’ll accompany you his animadversion to get you the latest already he talks about it.

But we activate tonight with our anchorman Benjamin Hall.  He’s animate in Izmir, Turkey for Pastor Brunson was released.  Acceptable evening, Benjamin.

BENJAMIN HALL, FOX NEWS FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT:  Yes.  Hi, Ed.  And what we saw today was absolutely the end of a two-year daydream for Pastor Brunson.  Best of that affliction was spent in a Turkish jail, the aftermost few months beneath abode arrest.

But as you say, this is additionally absolute abundant a achievement for the Trump administration, and in particular, for his adopted policy.  This all started this morning aback Pastor Brunson’s accompany swept into the courthouse aloof alfresco Izmir.  Afresh afterwards a airship abiding aloof over four hours, the prosecutor recommended that his abode arrest be lifted, his biking ban be lifted, and the ascendancy adjustment too, afore the adjudicator afresh appear he was free, allowance the way for his acknowledgment to the U.S.

Brunson appear a account today, saying, “This is the day our ancestors has been praying for.  I am captivated to be home on my way to the United States.”

President Trump has consistently pushed adamantine for Brunson’s absolution and often, in person, and at the accomplished levels of government.  And it was because of sanctions and aloft tariffs imposed by the Admiral and crucially the blackmail of added sanctions and tariffs that Turkey conceded.

Just in the aftermost hour, the admiral has commented, saying, “He is I anticipate in acceptable shape.  And he’s activity to be advancing to the Oval Appointment best acceptable on Saturday.  He suffered greatly.  That there’s no accord there at all, there’s no deal.”

Brunson was bedevilled of terror-related accuse today, but the book was commuted to time served.  He had faced 35 years in bastille for espionage and alarm of offenses, affiliated to the bootless 2016 ability in Turkey.

But bodies who knew Pastor Brunson accept told us the accuse were absurd.  He was a colonnade of the Christian community, a man who led his aggregation faithfully, and it additionally admired Turkey.  Aback asked to adduce in cloister today, he said only, “I am innocent, I adulation Turkey, amuse absolution me.”

And if you acicular out, he is now on avenue to Germany breadth he’ll accept a abounding medical assay afore aerial into Joint Base Andrews.  And, of course, one of the added issues here, abounding bodies adage this may able-bodied arch the bisect amid the U.S. and Turkey.  Two countries which accept been at allowance absolutely recently.  Ed?

HENRY:  Certainly, a lot of tension.  Benjamin Hall, acknowledge the abode tonight.  Aing me now live, Jordan Sekulow, he is the Brunson ancestors agent and advocate with the American Centermost for Law and Justice.  He and his ancestor Jay Sekulow, of course, accept been active in both bringing absorption to Pastor Brunson’s case, and additionally accepting him released.  Acceptable evening, Jordan, and congratulations to you, the family.  What a blissful occasion, no doubt.

JORDAN SEKULOW, CHIEF COUNSEL, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE:  It is, Ed, and acknowledge you for that.  And acknowledgment to Fox Account for accoutrement this throughout the two-year process.  It’s a continued time to abide to awning what is not consistently a absolute story, there’s lots of ups and downs.  But tonight is a night for the Brunson ancestors to celebrate, for the American bodies to celebrate, and we accept to acknowledge as the attorneys additionally for the Brunson ancestors and for Pastor Andrew Brunson, the Trump administration.  They did a amazing job.  Tenacious is a chat we accept acclimated in accepting him released.

HENRY:  Sure.

SEKULOW:  They were bound to the point of either aggressive added sanctions if all-important on Turkey to get him off.

HENRY:  Relations with Turkey as you say has been absolute intense.  Allocution the admiral we aloof mentioned in Benjamin’s report, the admiral said that he had been in boxy appearance at Pastor Brunson.

SEKULOW:  Right.

HENRY:  What do you apperceive about his activity and his health?  And then, we’ll get to the family.  What do you apperceive about his bloom and how he was treated?

SEKULOW:  So, aback he was confused to abode arrest aback in July, Ed, that was because the cloister said that was because of his bloom concerns.  So, absolutely was auspiciously there.  There was also, by the way, burden from the United States.  I don’t appetite to booty that away.

It wasn’t like Turkey did it all out of goodwill, but he was in asperous shape.  He absent over 60 pounds, he was in a accustomed affectionate of bent bastille with some appealing boxy people.  And aback he was beneath than abode arrest aback July until his appear today, he’s been improving.

I anticipate as the admiral said, which is why if aggregate goes able-bodied in Germany that he’ll be in the Oval Appointment with the admiral tomorrow.  I mean, brainstorm what Andrew Brunson is activity through and his wife appropriate now who was additionally in Turkey with him.

HENRY:  Yes.

SEKULOW:  That they didn’t apperceive what would appear today.  He could accept concluded up aback abaft bars, could accept concluded up aback abaft in abode arrest.  And yet, now, he’ll be at the Oval Appointment the aing day with the best able actuality in the world, the admiral of the United States.

HENRY:  Absolutely.  I mentioned addition pastor William Devlin.  Abbey William Devlin of New York.  I accept he’s been at all the cloister diplomacy in Turkey acknowledging Pastor Brunson throughout.  And he said today that Pastor Brunson cried aback he assuredly heard that he was accepting out.

Talk about the acknowledgment you’ve talked to the family, we’re aggravating to accord them some amplitude appropriate now afore they do a accomplished lot of interviews.

SEKULOW:  Right.

HENRY:  What — what’s activity through their minds appropriate now, how they react?

SEKULOW:  Well, we do a lot of these cases.  And so, this is a time to absolutely be — if you’re a adherent person, to be in adoration for the family.  This is — yes, it’s a anniversary but it’s additionally a time aback you’re activity through a lot of affections absolute quickly.  A lot is happening.  This has been a abominable process, as Pastor Brunson said a abhorrent activity for his family.

His accouchement who were actuality in the United States, his babe put off her bells for a continued time acquisitive her dad would be able to attend.

HENRY:  Wow.

SEKULOW:  Ultimately had a civilian ceremony, but is cat-and-mouse to accept the abbey account commemoration now, breadth her dad could airing her bottomward the aisle.  This is a ancestors that will accept to appear calm and heal.  And Pastor Brunson will charge a abutment from his community, from his family, and from those who affliction about his story.  And I apperceive that Admiral Trump and the administering will be there for him, too.

HENRY:  Well, you mentioned what a blissful break for his babe to assuredly be able to airing bottomward the aisle.  We achievement in the weeks or months ahead, there was addition pastor, Pastor White I believe, bottomward North Carolina in the aforementioned association breadth Pastor Brunson serves, who said today that a lot of bodies there were saying, hallelujah and accomplishing a blessed dance.

Talk about this association as we accept about one minute larboard and the admiral tomorrow in the Oval Office, what we can apprehend there?

SEKULOW:  Sure.  You know, Pastor Brunson has spent 23 years in Turkey as an Evangelical minister.  Allotment of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Again, they are aflame about his release.

I apperceive — I’ve been animate on this forth with our — some of our chief attorneys for a continued time, and there were a lot of low points, there were some aerial points, and afresh acutely get to a day like today with the celebration.

They will be excited, but they will be there as a abutment network. That’s allotment of the Christian community, and the association he’s a allotment of.

HENRY:  Yes.

SEKULOW:  It’s to abutment him through the concrete issues that you ache aback you’re in this affectionate of situations.  Emotional, psychological, and alike spiritual, as well.

HENRY:  Absolutely.

SEKULOW:  And it’s not aloof him, it’s his ancestors that we should all be in adoration for and cerebration about.

HENRY:  Absolutely.

SEKULOW:  Because it’s a day to celebrate, but it’s additionally a day to bethink that their attempt is not absolutely over.  They’ve got to get aback to use to activity as normal.

HENRY:  Oh, yes.  It’s activity to be a big position.  I apperceive you didn’t do it for the acclaim but Jordan Sekulow, his father, Jay, as able-bodied deserve a lot of acclaim for this.  Acknowledgment for advancing in tonight.

SEKULOW:  Acknowledge you, Ed.

HENRY:  All right.  While the White Abode is adulatory Pastor Brunson’s release, admiral are adage tonight they’re still acutely anxious about added Americans still bedfast in Turkey, as able-bodied as a abeyant crisis that’s brewing appropriate now with Saudi Arabia.

Here with added is Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, he’s a Republican affiliate of the Abode Adopted Diplomacy Committee.  Welcome, Congressman.

REP. ADAM KINZINGER, R-ILL., HOUSE FOREIGN AFFAIRS COMMITTEE:  You bet, Ed.  Thanks, acceptable evening.

HENRY:  And we’re activity to get to Saudi Arabia in a moment.  But first, allocution about the acceptation of the admiral accepting Pastor Brunson out with advantageous any ransom.  I bethink aloof a few months ago, I was on duty, as well, aback he was in the Oval Appointment with Josh Holt, who was appear from a bastille in Venezuela.  Again, afterwards the U.S. advantageous any money.  Allocution about the acceptation of this tonight.

KINZINGER:  That’s — it’s appealing amazing.  I mean, you anticipate about — you know, in above-mentioned administration’s what was paid to get bodies back.  And accomplishing this, the Admiral Trump understands one thing, about U.S. power.  And that is that there is U.S. power.  That we accept the bigger abridgement in the world, the bigger military, and we accept a lot of arrows in our convulsion to be able to use.

And so, for him to bluntly booty a absolute boxy stand, and there are a lot of bodies that were agitated with him for accomplishing it.

HENRY:  Yes.

Free Maryland Quit Claim Deed Form - Word | PDF | eForms – Free ..
Free Maryland Quit Claim Deed Form – Word | PDF | eForms – Free .. | maryland circuit court divorce forms

KINZINGER:  And adage he’s activity to sanction Turkey until they absolution our citizen, he gets a ton of acclaim for this, and that will be able-bodied acclaimed tomorrow.

HENRY:  What do you apperceive aural the Abode of Adopted Diplomacy Committee?  Because we accustomed to do some analysis today and it’s array of black how abounding Americans are still bedfast in a abode like Turkey.  Obviously, Americans bedfast all about the world.  And we adjure for them every day or we should.

What do you apperceive about how abounding Americans are still there in Turkey aloft Pastor Brunson?

KINZINGER:  Yes.  I don’t apperceive the numbers, but there is a lot.  You know, some of them can be from accepted affidavit actualize — committing crimes while they’re in the country, and some are adulterine reasons.

And obviously, the pastor was a absolute adulterine reason, it was a absurd trial.  But this is one of the things breadth aback the admiral makes it absolute bright that there’s activity to be a amount to illegally detaining American citizens.

This will accept a ripple aftereffect not aloof in Turkey with the added bodies actuality captivated in Turkey, but in added countries that are attractive at this saying, are we absolutely activity to get advantage now out of detaining an American illegally?

HENRY:  Right.

KINZINGER:  Or is it absolutely activity to end up costing us added and that’s what Turkey begin out.

HENRY:  And I appetite to go over to Saudi Arabia because you mentioned a moment ago the American power.  But the president’s additionally beneath burden tonight.  He gets congratulations for bringing Pastor Brunson home.  But he’s beneath burden to do added to accord with Saudi Arabia and acquisition out what happened to Jamal Khashoggi, the announcer who has disappeared, some abhorrence he is been murdered.

The Turks say that Saudi Arabia planned this out and basically dead him.  What do you apperceive tonight from U.S. intelligence and added sources?

KINZINGER:  Well, aggregate seems like that’s correct.  Turkey’s been absolute forward-leaning.  Which agency they accept evidence.  Supposedly they accept played this evidence, I, of course, haven’t heard it.

It’s abominable if it’s true, and it appears to be true.  But I anticipate what’s important actuality is to booty ample all-embracing backroom of this and put it in context.  Accumulate in mind, the Russians berserk bodies in the United Kingdom.

HENRY:  Right.

KINZINGER:  Assad, Iran, and Russia dead 500,000 Syrians.  So, it’s not excusing, and there needs to be a amount to that.  But some of these Senators that accept been acquisitive for years to cut off any affectionate of aid to Saudi Arabia for some acumen are application this as now the catalyst and adage this is the acumen to now basically cut off all aid, cut off relationships with Saudi Arabia is an overreaction.

HENRY:  Yes.  I’ve got 30 abnormal though.  One of those Agent is Lindsey Graham.  And he has said, there should be a bipartisan tsunami he calls it if, in fact, Saudi Arabia was abaft the dematerialization abeyant murder.  What does that mean?  Should we cut off, you say don’t cut off aid?  What about the accoutrements sales?  Over $100 billion in accoutrements sales.

KINZINGER:  Well, I — yes, I anticipate the accoutrements sales is the big affair that we accept to absolutely anticipate about afore we handle that because there are some big implications.  I accept a lot of account for Lindsey Graham.  I anticipate there should be sanctions adjoin the individuals involved, but we accept to be absolute accurate afore you accomplish massive pronouncements and basically in the accord with Saudi Arabia.  We’ll accept massive implications in Israel, Syria, and everywhere else.

HENRY:  Yes.  And get the facts afore we booty any action.  Obviously, the president’s been beneath pressure.

KINZINGER:  Let’s get to facts.

HENRY:  But he’s been saying, let’s do an investigation, get to the basal of it.  Congressman, acknowledge you advancing in tonight.

KINZINGER:  You bet.  Acknowledge you.

HENRY:  Breaking appropriate now, account that Hillary Clinton has been bare of her aegis clearance, as able-bodied as several key associates of her close circle. That’s breaking tonight, we accept capacity advancing up.


HENRY:  Breaking tonight in the southern allotment of the United States.  The afterlife appraisal is still ascent now at 13 in the deathwatch of that adverse Hurricane Michael.  Wide swaths of the Florida Panhandle larboard devastated, ability workers are still diplomacy bodies to assurance as families authority out achievement for their admired ones.  Mike Tobin is animate in Callaway, Florida.  Acceptable evening, Mike.  I accept a lot of bodies still afterwards ability as well.

MIKE TOBIN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT:  Aloof about anybody is still afterwards ability so a lot of bodies accepting generators and they’re relying on the generators but out actuality the ability curve are still down.  The crews are accomplishing aggregate they can but it’s aloof such a Herculean job appropriate because it’s aloof a massive job I should say to get the ability restored.  But what we’re additionally seeing out actuality is a lot of cooperation from all over the nation.  We aloof followed associates of Ohio’s burghal search-and-rescue assignment force one as they were activity aperture to aperture in the neighborhood.

When they begin a man in charge of medical carriage they relied on soldiers from the 144th busline aggregation out of Marianna, Florida to handle that in one of the big five-ton trucks.  Aegis all the while was handled — was provided by cops out of Baltimore so lots and lots of cooperation. These chase and ability teams are activity door-to-door and they’re putting a lot of hearts at ease.  The cardinal one affair we get actuality is bodies who cannot locate or acquaint with a admired one.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  We got such a bad activity afore the storm.  She told me she hated me and never capital to allocution to me.  And now I can’t acquisition her and I aloof appetite to say I’m sorry.


TOBIN:  And by the way, the about that she’s attractive for is her sister declared Anna Casper Watson.  She’s acquisitive that putting the name out there will put them aback in touch.  Best bodies out actuality are clumsy to baker a meal.  The Salvation has stepped up with the adaptable kitchens accouterment hot commons and you should see the band addition all the way aloft a parking lot for that.

Some sad account decidedly for your Air Force fans, account out of the Tyndall Air Force Base which is home of the F-22 Raptor Joint Strike Fighter.  The administrator of the 235th Fighter Wing says the flight band suffered adverse damage.  Now, those F-22 is they accept a amount tag $143 million.  Best of them were able to fly out advanced of the storm, but as it stands the acumen some are activity to be bottomward for maintenance, some of them for whatever acumen couldn’t move.

Well, aloof about all of the structures at Tyndall Air Force Base which took a absolute hit, all of those structures were damaged.  And what we’re audition from the administrator of the 235th Fighter Wing is that these engineers aloof are clumsy to get central these hangars which are so abominably damaged and absolutely do an appraisal of how all-encompassing the accident has been to the aircraft that remained there on the ground.  Ed, aback to you.

HENRY:  Wow.  To see that affectionate of accident in those photos of aggressive bases gives you an abstraction of how abundant worse it charge be at aloof single-family homes.  Mike, we acknowledge you bringing that abode tonight.

We’ve got some breaking account from the Accompaniment Department.  Hillary Clinton and bristles associates of her close amphitheater accept now been bare of their Aegis Clearances.  Aloof advancing into our newsroom, the analysis into her e-mail server allegedly is still absolute abundant alive.  We’ll accept capacity advancing up.


HENRY:  And this is a “FOX NEWS ALERT.”  The alike accustomed Pastor Andrew Brunson has aloof landed in Germany.  That’s breadth the pastor will be accepting a medical assay afore he active aback to American soil.  We apprehend he’ll be at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland about apex Eastern Time on Saturday if all goes able-bodied with the medical check-up.  He is it now headed to Ramstein Air Base.  That is a U.S. airbase in the southwestern allotment of Germany.  Traditionally were any American earnest or account affiliate who’s afflicted in that arena of the apple they about wind up in Germany.  We accept absurd medical accessories there.

We mentioned a moment ago that the Admiral is accomplishing a assemblage appropriate now a Cincinnati, Ohio and we promised we’d go there already he commented on Pastor Brunson.  He’s aloof done that a moment ago.  Here’s the admiral United States on the latest.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  I’m absolutely appreciative to abode that beforehand today we anchored the absolution of Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.  He is now chargeless from bastille and he is in the air branch to Germany breadth he’ll get off for a abrupt analysis and I anticipate he’s activity to be in abundant appearance and that he’s advancing to Washington D.C. tomorrow and we’ll say accost to him.  He went through a lot you know, all about Pastor Brunson.  He went through a lot but he’s on his way back.  We’ve done that with a lot right?  We’ve had a lot of success.  North Korea, Egypt —

HENRY:  Yes, addition acknowledged adopted activity ability for Admiral Trump.  He’s talking about Pastor Brunson who has now landed cautiously at a U.S. airbase in Germany.  The admiral mentioned he has suffered abundantly but additionally added that he believes that Pastor Brunson is in acceptable shape.  The doctors are activity to try and affirm that.

If all goes able-bodied with the medical checkup, we are told by U.S. admiral we can apprehend Pastor Brunson headed appear Maryland, to Washington D.C. breadth as the Admiral said about 12:00-noon Eastern Time tomorrow.  We, of course, will be accoutrement that animate actuality on the Fox Account Channel.  And afresh afterwards that Pastor Brunson accepted to go to the White Abode in the Oval Appointment to accommodated with Admiral Trump.  So we will be all over that.  In the meantime, we accept a lot of added news.

Also breaking tonight, chat from the U.S. Accompaniment Department that Hillary Clinton is surrendering her clandestine aegis clearance.  It comes in the deathwatch of her administering or corruption of classified admonition in the now-infamous e-mail server scandal.  Trace Gallagher is afterward this breaking story, aloof heard about from the Accompaniment Department the aftermost brace of hours. He’s animate in a West Coast newsroom.  Acceptable evening, Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR:  Acceptable evening, Ed.  This all goes aback of advance to the Accompaniment Department’s advancing analysis of the corruption of classified admonition accompanying to Hillary Clinton’s use of a clandestine e-mail server and it additionally affectionate of gives you an abstraction of how apathetic some things move in government because about a year and a bisected ago the armchair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Republican Chuck Grassley beatific the letter to the Accompaniment Department allurement about the cachet of Hillary Clinton’s aegis clearance.

In that letter, Grassley declared that any government workers who possibly affianced in such austere offenses would at the absolute minimum accept their aegis clearances abeyant awaiting an investigation.  Well, three weeks ago the Accompaniment Department assuredly responded to Agent Grassley’s 2017 letter adage commendation here.  “At her appeal aloft Secretary Clinton’s aegis approval was administratively with on August 30th, 2018.”  The letter went on to say that on September 20th the aegis clearances of bristles added Clinton advisers had additionally been revoked.  Alone Clinton abettor Cheryl Mills was listed, the added four names were redacted.

Of course, at the time of the delving Hillary Clinton was active for admiral and no accuse were filed.  This summer admiral trump revoked the aegis approval of aloft CIA Administrator John Brennan and at the time the White Abode said it was reviewing the clearances of several added people.  So about 17 months afterwards Grassley beatific the letter, he assuredly got her acknowledgment from the Accompaniment Department.

HENRY:  Trace Gallagher, I acknowledge that report.  Aing me now from Washington, Byron York.  He’s Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner of course, and Fox Account Contributor.  Acceptable evening, Byron.


HENRY:  So what do you accomplish of this?  Maybe bigger backward than never but a lot of bodies are apprehensive for a continued time whether Hillary Clinton would be captivated answerable at all for the server issue.  One wonders tonight whether this is article she aloof maybe was no best application the aegis approval and absitively to accord it up or maybe she knew a baking abode was advancing and capital to say I’m voluntarily giving it up afore it gets taken away.

YORK:  Well, annihilation did appear as far as the absolute bent analysis of this is concerned.  That was acutely controversial.  Now, I anticipate the abstraction that at her appeal it was — it was concluded gives her a way of adage look, this wasn’t a antidotal action.  I no best acclimated it.  It’s not article that is important to me anymore.

But accustomed that the — that the administering has already done this with John Brennan, the aloft CIA administrator who absolutely bashes the admiral at every befalling these days, I anticipate bodies are activity to appetite to attending at this and say absolutely what went on abaft this abandonment of a clearance.

HENRY:  Yes, interesting.  Isn’t this what absolutely infuriates bodies about the Clinton analysis which is you apperceive James Comey and his role and what he did and didn’t do.  And now actuality we are years afterwards and she’s surrendering the aegis clearance, doesn’t alike accept it bare and abounding are apprehensive has there been any accountability.  Has there been annihilation to absolutely authority her accountable?

YORK:  Well, the key affair of advance in her abstruse e-mail server was that she did accelerate classified admonition over this characterless basically apart system.  And there’s absolutely no agnosticism about that.  I accept you could altercate whether it was air-conditioned important actuality or not but the actuality that it was classified, she did accelerate it in a accidental way over an apart arrangement seems appealing abundant aloft altercation now.

HENRY:  Yes, now, of course, the Secretary of Accompaniment works duke in cuff with the U.S. Agent to the U.N.  Nikki Haley has now said she’s dispatch bottomward at the end of the year and there’s this big Washington partly d activity on who’s activity to booty over.  Ivanka Trump had taken herself out of the active but the admiral seems to accumulate blame her name.  Listen to this.


TRUMP:  I’ve heard a lot of them.  I’ve heard Ivanka.  There’s annihilation to do with bribery but I appetite to acquaint you the bodies that know, apperceive that Ivanka would be dynamite.  I anticipate if I could be incredible, that doesn’t beggarly I’d — you know, I’d aces her because you’d be accused of bribery alike admitting I’m not abiding there’s anybody added assured than the world.

Advocate August 11 by Baltimore County Bar Association – issuu ..
Advocate August 11 by Baltimore County Bar Association – issuu .. | maryland circuit court divorce forms


HENRY:  So that articulate like a airship balloon a few canicule ago.  Afresh Ivanka Trump herself tweeted, no I’m not interested, dad and the blow of the world, I suppose.  Today the Admiral was at it afresh tweeting “so nice anybody wants Ivanka Trump to be the new U.N. Ambassador.  She would be absurd but I can already apprehend the chants of nepotism.  We accept abundant bodies that appetite the job.  What’s activity on here.

YORK: Well, I anticipate this is absolutely the array of affair the admiral says a lot. He frequently praises his babe adage she would accomplish accomplished this or an accomplished that. She is already on the White Abode agents and I accept they would accept to get about the bribery rules to accomplish that appear in the aboriginal place.

So this is — that strikes as the president’s array of accustomed acclaim of his daughter. He did absolutely accompany up the actuality that there are bribery rules complex here. But the bigger affair actuality Ivanka Trump has basically said–

HENRY:  She does.

BYRON:  — she would not serve.

HENRY:  Right.

YORK:  She would you about-face her ancestor down.

HENRY:  But do you anticipate maybe there, that he does absolutely appetite her? He keeps bringing it up. And maybe there is some in the White Abode adage we had to accord with that bribery issue. Because he keeps bringing it up. And some are activity to adage that but she’d be absolutely great.

YORK:  Well, you know, acutely he did accord his son-in-law Jared Kushner a huge portfolio accoutrement all sorts of projects in the U.S. government, including the Average East peace.

HENRY:  Yes.

YORK:  So it’s not aloft imagination. But this is a big and a absolute important job. And there are added able or added accomplished bodies to accord with this.

HENRY:  No agnosticism about it. Byron York, we acknowledge you advancing in tonight.

YORK:  Acknowledge you, Ed.

HENRY:  All right. The Me Too movement makes its way now to Ohio. Aloof as Admiral Trump rallies for the Republicans. Now a accumulation declared Me too Ohio is calling on their Democratic agent to resign. We adduce with accumulation next.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Well, Democrats corruption Adjudicator Kavanaugh they abide to about-face a dark eye to one of their own, Sherrod Brown. Brown’s ex-wife testified beneath adjuration that he abused her.



HENRY:  As we mentioned at the top, the admiral advancement tonight in southwest Ohio for assorted Republican candidates including Jim Renacci. He is active adjoin bounden senator, Agent Sherrod Brown. But the Me Too movement is demography centermost date in the race. Watch this ad from the Republicans.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  While Democrats corruption Adjudicator Kavanaugh they abide to about-face a dark eye to one of their own. Agent Sherrod Brown. Brown’s ex-wife testified beneath adjuration that he abused her. These cloister annal prove it. A abstinent adjustment was issued to assure her which Brown abandoned physically and verbally abusing the mother of his children. End the hypocrisy. Alarm Sherrod Brown and acquaint him to resign.


HENRY:  Aing me now is the backer of that Me Too Ohio accumulation amenable of the ad, abettor governor of the state, Mary Taylor. Acceptable evening, Mary.

MARY TAYLOR, LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF OHIO:  Acceptable evening, Ed. How are you?

HENRY:  All right. And abettor governor, I wonder, acutely some bodies are activity to see that and say boy, that’s a appealing boxy shot. But I anticipate you assume to accept the Democrats were activity so adamantine afterwards now Amends Kavanaugh, the Adjudicator Kavanaugh, that what’s acceptable for the goose is acceptable for the gander.

TAYLOR:  Well, look, the Democrats accept to end this hypocrisy. They — you know, they are OK with assertive things as continued as they are arresting the appropriate person. But aback you attending in this bearings breadth you had Agent Brown and the added Democrats angry adjoin the choice of afresh Adjudicator Kavanaugh adjoin bottomless allegations, yet, in this case, Agent Sherrod Brown has accurate in cloister filings of his corruption of his now ex-wife.

HENRY:  Right.

TAYLOR:  It’s affectation and a time — it’s time for Agent Sherrod Brown to be captivated answerable for his actions. And we are calling on him to footfall down.

HENRY:  Now acutely you are talking about cloister annal compared to bottomless affirmation that was brought adjoin Amends Kavanaugh. I appetite to be fair to Agent Brown. The Democrats are active this ad and I appetite you to acknowledge to that. Watch.


LARKE RECCHIE, SENATOR SHERROD BROWN’S FORMER WIFE:  You’ve been audition a lot about our family. And I appetite to set the almanac straight. Annulment can be difficult and ours was no different. But the political attacks adjoin our ancestors are aloof wrong. Not alone am I animated to allotment four admirable grandchildren with Sherrod and Connie but I couldn’t be prouder to accept Sherrod Brown as Ohio senator. I accept backroom can sometimes be awful but Jim Renacci should be ashamed.


HENRY:  So obviously, that is Agent Brown’s ex-wife. As you say there are annulment annal that advance there were austere problems here. But she is aggravating to appear advanced and say look, you weren’t there, abettor governor, I wasn’t there. We don’t apperceive what happened. Things were said, things were done in the average of the annulment that bodies are not appreciative that maybe were pulled out of context. How do you respond?

TAYLOR:  Well, look, all we’re accomplishing is attractive at the cloister affidavit and the absolute abstracts that were filed cloister during this annulment proceeding. And it was declared in those abstracts that he was calumniating to his wife. In fact, there was a abstinent adjustment at one time adjoin Sherrod Brown aback he was still affiliated to her and he abandoned that abstinent order.

All we are accomplishing is activity aback to the accessible documents. And now we animate in a altered world. We are in the Me Too era and the victims are advancing out and they’re speaking up. And we appetite to accomplish abiding that victims accept a voice. And the actuality that in the accomplished Sherrod Brown has absolved this and calling it a ancestors amount I anticipate is absolutely unfortunate.

And I anticipate it’s — we appetite to empower the victims to adduce out. And we’re aloof diplomacy admonition anon from a cloister proceedings, a cloister filing that is a accessible record.

HENRY:  All right. Abettor Governor Mary Taylor in Ohio, we acknowledge you aing us tonight.

TAYLOR:  Acknowledge you, Ed.

HENRY:  All right. Advancing up, the aboriginal adult Melania Trump authoritative some headlines. We now accept some absolute clips from a attenuate sit bottomward account she did.


TOM LLAMAS, CORRESPONDENT, ABC NEWS:  He’s been in appointment now about two years. Has he had bodies that you didn’t assurance animate for him?


LLAMAS:  Did you let him know?

TRUMP:  I let him know.

LLAMAS:  And what did he do?

TRUMP:  Well, some bodies they don’t assignment there anymore.




LLAMAS:  Are you attractive advanced to possibly six added years in the White House?

TRUMP:  I accept that my bedmate is accomplishing an absurd job for this nation. I appetite that American bodies to accept success. So whatever he will adjudge I will abutment him.


Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review of HHS Mandate – Becket ..
Appeals Court Grants Expedited Review of HHS Mandate – Becket .. | maryland circuit court divorce forms

HENRY:  There is the aboriginal adult Melania Trump of advance speaking out. She gave an account during her contempo cruise away as an agent for the United States. She was in Africa you’ll remember. Beforehand today Martha batten to ABC’s Tom Llamas. He has the absolute account with the aboriginal lady. He says no questions were off the table.


MARTHA MACCALUM, FOX NEWS HOST:  I anticipate a lot of bodies capital to sit bottomward with Melania Trump, the aboriginal adult and get central her arch a little bit about what she thinks. You would biking to Africa with her. How did you get this interview?

LLAMAS:  Well, we’ve been animate on this for about two years. And I covered the Trump campaign. And it was article I array of toyed with aback afresh but she absolutely wasn’t accomplishing this sit bottomward all-encompassing interviews appear the end of a campaign.


LLAMAS:  We body absolutely acceptable relationships with some of the bodies that she works with who came from the Trump campaign. And afresh we met with her a few times in the White House. And my angle to her was absolute simple. My angle was America doesn’t apperceive who you are and I appetite to accord you the befalling to acquaint America who you are.

MACCALLUM:  I appetite to comedy complete bites aloof to admonish bodies because we don’t apperceive you accept the greatest accord with the admiral on the advance trail. You weren’t acquirements that but here’s the moment amid you and the president.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  What I don’t appetite aback I accession millions of dollars to accept bodies say like this sleazily guy appropriate over actuality from ABC. He is a abuse in my book.

LLAMAS:  Why am I a sleaze?

D. TRUMP:  You are a sleaze. Because you apperceive the facts and you apperceive the facts well.

MACCALLUM:  So he calls you a abuse and afresh you acreage the account with the aboriginal lady.

LLAMAS:  That’s right.

MACCALLUM:  How does that assignment out?

LLAMAS:  That was appear the average of the advance and I was allurement him about the donation to the Iowa veterans. Afterwards on he declared me a acceptable reporter. And afterwards on I got one of the aftermost one-on-one interviews with Admiral Trump afore he was elected.

So the accord as you apperceive accoutrement the Trumps can be a complicated one.


LLAMAS:  I anticipate you never booty those personally. You do your job you try to get to the facts you try to get to the truth. And as continued as you are fair, they appear aback to you.

MACCALLUM:  You asked her a lot of absolute questions. This one about the affairs. Let’s watch.

LLAMAS:  It has been a boxy year for you personally. You’re not are not the aboriginal adult to accept to accord with her husband’s declared infidelities. Has this put a ache on your marriage?

M. TRUMP:  It is not a affair and focus of mine. I’m a mother and aboriginal adult and I accept abundant added important things to anticipate about and to do.

LLAMAS:  Accept you been hurt, though?

M. TRUMP:  Media would be speculating. Yes, it’s not consistently pleasant, of course. But I apperceive what is appropriate and what is amiss and what is accurate or not true.

MACCALLUM:  What did you accomplish of that?

LLAMAS:  You apperceive that was one of the bigger moment in that account aback she paused to array of anticipate about, I anticipate what the aftermost year has been like for her. I anticipate it was absolute revealing. And I anticipate to her acclaim it was adventurous because aback we sat bottomward we said no preconditions. And she said no preconditions. No questions were off the table.


MACCALLUM:  But she tells you that she capital to abode these issues.

LLAMAS:  And bodies accept told us that she had article to say. I didn’t apperceive absolutely what it was and I don’t apperceive if this is the affair she appetite to allocution about because we talked about immigration. We talked about breaking with her bedmate in added regards. We talked if she was blessed in the White House. But in this area she opened up added than I anticipate she’s anytime opened up.

MACCALLUM:  I anticipation the added absolute moment was aback she talked about the business really, the partners, not business, but affiliation that she would like to make, beat that she wants to do as the aboriginal adult and that some of those doors accept been bankrupt to her. Watch this.

M. TRUMP:  It’s sad to see that organizations and the foundations that I appetite to accomplice with accept not to because of the administration. I feel that it’s been the backroom over allowance others.

HENRY:  And you can acquaint that she is aching by this. That she anticipation that doors are activity to be accessible and some of them aren’t. Do you accept any abstraction whose she’s talking about?

LLAMAS:  It was a abruptness in the interview. I didn’t apperceive she was activity to say this. It was at the alpha of our interview. So she came accessible to say this. That abundant I anticipate is true.

It’s interesting. We were in Africa and we were activity to all these orphanages, schools that U.S. aid is helping.


LLAMAS:  They’re on the ground, you can see the advance they’re making. She saw the advance they’re making.


LLAMAS:  Acutely he is a absolute polarizing admiral in a lot of people’s minds. And I anticipate that’s what she is ambidextrous with. Because I anticipate breadth she is advancing from, from what she told us she candidly absolutely wants to admonition some bodies out and bodies are cogent her no.

MACCALLUM:  Aloof final anticipation about her as a person. What is she like?

LLAMAS:  She’s absolute kind. She was able throughout the absolute interview. During all these boxy questions she did not lose her cool. She ashore to the agreements we had for the interview. She answered every distinct question. She never told me annihilation was off limits.

I anticipate she absolutely cares about active cyber bullying. I anticipate she affliction about her son Barron a lot. And I anticipate she is aggravating to antithesis one of the best complicated times for a aboriginal adult in the White House.


HENRY:  A lot to ameliorate there from the aboriginal lady. We’ve got aloof the absolute console to do it. It’s ladies night on The Story, that’s advancing up next.



LLAMAS:  Sources accept told us, sources in the White Abode that you are gatekeeper, that you acquaint him who he can assurance and who he can’t trust. Is that true?

M. TRUMP:  Yes, I accord him my honest advice.

LLAMAS:  He’s been in appointment now about two years. Has he had bodies that you didn’t assurance animate for him?

M. TRUMP:  Yes.

LLAMAS:  Did you let him know?

M. TRUMP:  I let him know.

LLAMAS:  And what did he do?

M. TRUMP:  Well, some bodies they don’t assignment there anymore.


Using Maryland Divorce and Custody Forms Online | The Divorce Place - maryland circuit court divorce forms
Using Maryland Divorce and Custody Forms Online | The Divorce Place – maryland circuit court divorce forms | maryland circuit court divorce forms

HENRY:  Some bodies they don’t assignment there anymore. Glimpse there of Melania Trump, the White Abode gatekeeper. That sit-down accepting a lot of absorption as Americans get a afterpiece attending at the nation’s aboriginal lady. She was aloof on that big cruise to Africa. She has abundantly abhorred the spotlight and rarely announced during her tenure.

Here to counterbalance in tonight for ladies night as we alarm on Friday on “The Story.” Jessica Tarlov, Lisa Booth, and Susan Li. Acceptable to see you, all. Jessica, what do you anticipate of–


LISA BOOTHE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Acknowledgment for aing us.

HENRY:  Yes, And we were activity to do it — yes, and Ed. And we were activity to it aftermost Friday night and I anticipate Lisa Murkowski was on the Senate attic talking about approaching Amends Kavanaugh.



HENRY:  Bang for a lady.


HENRY:  But not the adult she’s here. We get a adventitious to speak. What do you anticipate of the aboriginal adult speaking out?

TARLOV:  I anticipate that she did well. I anticipate she said some things that are antic like that she is the best afraid actuality in the world. I anticipate there are a lot of bodies who are adversity from bullying, you know, actuality physically advance and things like that who would disagree with her.

But I anticipate that absolutely whenever she gets in advanced of a camera, gives an account she does herself a apple of good. I anticipate her acceptance is at 54 percent which is far aloft any added affiliate of the Trump administering or the Trump family.

I acknowledge her answering questions about what it feels like aback you know, your bedmate is accused of cheating on you about like that. And ask aback she isn’t the aboriginal aboriginal adult to ache from that but it’s I anticipate consistently end up absolute for her to do article like that.

HENRY:  Lisa, what do you anticipate about that? And what do you anticipate about whether it’s fair d for ABC to affectionate of go there so directly.

BOOTHE:  Well, we apperceive they went there because they would accomplish account and we’d be talking about it like we aloof did. So I beggarly that’s the accomplished point of him allurement the question.

But look, Melania Trump has been on the accepting end of a lot of badinage authoritative fun of her accent, authoritative fun or alike the clothes that she wears, criticizing her intelligence and aggravating to accomplish it assume like she is not an able woman admitting speaking assorted languages.

So, she is consistently on the accepting end of ridicule. So I anticipate it’s fair for her to say that she is bullied. I mean, we see it all the time.


TARLOV:  The best afraid actuality in the world?

BOOTHE:  But what I absolutely like about the interview–

HENRY:  Lisa is aloof absence over that.


TARLOV:  Yes. Like, it’s absolutely like–

BOOTHE:  Adduce for yourself, my friend.

TARLOV:  No, I can’t because I am not a conservative.

BOOTHE:  Liberals do–

HENRY:  This started so nice.

BOOTHE:  I know. We had all the promising. But I like the actuality she said she was her husband’s gatekeeper. Because best aboriginal ladies are. Nancy Reagan was. I mean, they are awfully the gatekeepers of their bedmate both in their bequest and additionally the bodies that beleaguer their husband.

SUSAN LI, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT:  But is accepting to abjure adultery now allotment of the aboriginal lady’s job description? I mean, it’s ridiculous.

TARLOV:  If you are affiliated to a guy who cheats.


LI: Well, I mean, I anticipate that’s alleged. I mean, did they ask Eleanor Roosevelt or Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy aback in the day.

HENRY:  Well, it was a altered time. There were a lot of reporters aback them who array of covered it up.


LI:  I anticipate it’s a altered time. I accept that. It was a altered time. But I aloof sometimes anticipate that what happens in the bedchamber stays in the bedroom. It’s no one else’s business.

BOOTHE:  So what is the point of asking? I mean, how does that move any array of chat advanced or how does anyone apprentice annihilation about her, they didn’t apperceive previously? I don’t see the — I feel like the catechism is irrelevant.

TARLOV:  Well, one of his diplomacy concluded up in potentially being–


BOOTHE:  Allegedly.

TARLOV:  — could advance to advance accounts dollars.


BOOTHE:  Well, absolutely this humored (Ph) SEC administrator said that it was not a advance finance–

TARLOV:  Allegedly.

BOOTHE:  And I anticipation so allege, my friend.

TARLOV:  Aggregate is adduce at this point but it doesn’t beggarly that we should be talking about it because a lot of declared things are absolutely true.

HENRY:  Article that is not declared but we apperceive for a actuality is that the admiral is agitated with the Fed. And Susan, you cover–

LI:  As the finance–

HENRY:  — the economy–


LI:  Yes.

HENRY:  — for Fox Business Network. Not the aboriginal admiral to be mad at the Fed.

LI:  No.

HENRY:  But maybe the aboriginal admiral charge to partly to adduce out so tough. Listen to how he put it this week.

Forms and Self-Help Videos - Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court - maryland circuit court divorce forms
Forms and Self-Help Videos – Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court – maryland circuit court divorce forms | maryland circuit court divorce forms


D. TRUMP:  It’s so tight. I anticipate the Fed has gone crazy. The Fed is activity loco. There is no acumen for them to do it. And I’m not blessed about it.

The Federal Reserve is accepting a little bit too cute. That’s all. That’s antic what they are doing.

I anticipate the Fed is out of control. I anticipate what they are accomplishing is wrong.


HENRY:  Loco.

LO:  Loco it is crazy. But you’re right. He is not the aboriginal admiral to criticize the Fed. In fact, the alone admiral I can bethink in avant-garde history that absolutely accustomed of the Federal Reserve adopting absorption ante is Alan Greenspan — not Greenspan. Pardon me. It’s Paul Volcker and that was Ronald Reagan aback in the 1980s.

But in agreement of absolutely criticizing the Federal Reserve chairman? What about Alan Greenspan in 1992. Bush H. Bush abhorrent him Alan for the actuality that he absent the 1992 economy.


HENRY:  That he didn’t pump for the economy.

LI:  He didn’t pump the absorption ante fast abundant or you know, adamantine enough.

HENRY:  What say you?

TARLOV:  What she said.


HENRY:  You’re demography a canyon for the economy?

TARLOV:  No. I’m not demography a canyon on it.

HENRY:  I’m kidding.

TARLOV:  It’s absolutely par for the advance for Trump. And I anticipate if you attending at added presidents who I would say are added balmy airish that’s affectionate of un-Trump aloft loco level, right. So Admiral Obama said that really, you know, I ambition we weren’t accepting agitation with absorption rates.


LI:  Because he never had to criticize the Fed. They never aloft absorption ante for best of his absolute — yes, absolute administering in the White House.

BOOTHE:  And I anticipate what Admiral Trump is attractive advanced at is acutely the midterm elections–

TARLOV:  Right.

BOOTHE:  — he’s alive that it’s activity to be a absolutely boxy chase to try to accumulate the Abode for Republicans. So he doesn’t appetite annihilation to account the bread-and-er assets that we’ve apparent beneath his administering due to his behavior like the tax ameliorate law, anti-regulation which we could acknowledge him for.


TARLOV:  What a winner!

BOOTHE:  Four percent–


HENRY:  Acceptable point. Afresh I want–


TARLOV:  But what Trump did do that added presidents don’t is to booty albatross for the banal market. Like he said that that was his (Inaudible) which addition — added presidents don’t booty albatross for. So aback there is a botheration with it he–


HENRY:  Aback it goes down, annihilation to see here.

TARLOV:  Right. Catch up with me aing week.

HENRY:  So allocution about the aboriginal lady. Let’s allocution about the aboriginal daughter. It seems like there’s a accomplished account of candidates for the U.N. job which a lot of bodies don’t affliction so abundant about. A lot of bodies anticipate the U.N. is absolute inefficient, and it is. But the admiral keeps talking about the aboriginal daughter. Why is he bringing up Ivanka Trump aback she tweeted I’m not interested?

BOOTHE:  Well, I anticipate he believes in his daughter. And if you allocution to bodies abaft the scenes they say that Ivanka and Jared Kushner accept been spearheading a lot of these things abaft the scenes. Like Jared Kushner, for instance, talking about bent amends ameliorate that ability absolutely get done. He’s been allotment of the academician adolescent abaft it in affective with–


HENRY:  Annihilation amiss with him bringing her up but if she is not absorbed in that job, she already has power.


BOOTHE:  Yes, she said she’s not interested. I don’t know. You’d accept to ask the admiral about that. So, yes, who knows?

HENRY:  What say you?

TARLOV:  Well, he is bedeviled with his ancestors and with himself. And you know, I assumption his lineage. She is not absorbed lay off and get addition with absolute credentials. And I would say Jared Kushner not aloof academician adolescent hidden genius–


HENRY:  Susan? Let Susan in.

LI:  And so I anticipate Ivanka does accept the alluring credentials.

TARLOV:  Because she is pretty? I mean–


BOOTHE:  She doesn’t appetite the job.

HENRY:  Susan got a job. She’s already got a acceptable job.

BOOTHE:  Yes, U.N. ambassador.

HENRY:  Susan?

TARLOV:  Don’t leave us for the U.N.

HENRY:  Susan, Lisa, and Jessica, not a loco one in bunch. That’s “The Story” for tonight. Martha will be aback Monday night at 7. Watch me hosting “Fox & Friends” tomorrow and Sundays at 6 a.m. Tucker is up next.


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