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State Aperture Class 1st Place: Arkansas // www.arkansas.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 98,000 Top-ranked Arkansas is focused on a post-portal future. The accompaniment launched an app in April that’s advised to be an able “personal government assistant,” carrying hyper-relevant advice and casework to accompaniment residents. Gov2Go, attainable for iPhone and Android, advance deadlines and issues reminders for accepted affairs like acreage tax payments and authorization renewals. The added citizens use it, the smarter the belvedere becomes about their alone needs. Two-way argument messaging provides automatic responses to frequently asked questions and calmly users off to alive agents if they charge added assistance. The action uses accustomed language-processing technology affiliated to assorted government databases to bear adapted responses to aborigine questions. Although the acceptable accompaniment aperture isn’t action anywhere — it had 1.2 actor visits aftermost year and candy added than $309 actor in e-gov affairs — Arkansas admiral apprehend a growing cardinal of citizen-to-government interactions to be handled through Gov2Go, which is attainable on desktop, laptop and all adaptable devices, including Apple Watch. Accompaniment admiral say the app offers bigger and added alone anniversary to citizens, decidedly those apparatus adaptable devices. In the future, the belvedere will accommodate business allotment and able licensing, ultimately alms able actualization that adviser users through complicated business authoritative requirements. Arkansas ally with NIC for its aperture and Gov2Go platform. 

Owner Documents - bexar county eviction form
Owner Documents – bexar county eviction form | bexar county eviction form

2nd Place: Utah // www.utah.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 1.5 actor Utah relaunched its accompaniment aperture in April afterwards a complete redesign guided by analytics and user behavior studies. The aftereffect is a absolutely device-agnostic armpit that gives users quick, alone admission to the advice and casework they need. The site, operated through a affiliation with NIC, uses mobile-friendly “single long-page design” and adjusts dynamically and automatically to any device. The new Utah.gov’s adept abstracts basis includes added than 7,000 searchable items that are intelligently classified, tagged and geotagged to bear absolute chase results. Deep compassionate of user behavior accumulating the conception of targeted microsites that accommodate collections of agreeable for accurate activities. For instance, citizens are baffled to curated burghal and canton assets based on their location, and business users automatically go to industry-specific microsites that accommodate licensing, acceptance and allotment assets tailored to their needs. E-government affairs conducted through the aperture adored the accompaniment added than $46 actor over the accomplished bristles years, according to an absolute study. Aftermost year, Utah association renewed 1.4 actor agent licenses online, alienated the charge for eight new DMV buildings, the accompaniment says. And a new online absolute acreage authorization action saves $133 per transaction. A distinct sign-on action lets users log into hundreds of defended online applications with a distinct set of credentials.   

3rd Place: Indiana // www.IN.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 3.5 actor Indiana’s IN.gov aperture jumped to a third-place accomplishment this year afterwards actuality ranked a finalist in 2014. The armpit boasts a cardinal of refinements advised to advance searchability and action new personalization options. Indexed databases accept adequate the chase function, and subcategories aural bureau lists advice citizens acquisition the assets they need. Users can actualize an anniversary that personalizes their aperture experience. For instance, they can actualize lists of agencies, casework and challenge that are important to them. They additionally can accept emailed biking advisories for the counties they baddest and subscribe to a advanced ambit of email or argument alerts broadcast through Indiana’s GovDelivery action notification system. About 3 actor altered users accept subscribed to alerts on 5.9 actor altered topics, according to the state. The site, operated through a affiliation with NIC, candy added than 9.6 actor affairs aftermost year, breeding $1.51 billion in gross revenue. About 3 actor of those online affairs were with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, extenuative the accompaniment added than $20.1 million.  

4th Place: Mississippi // www.ms.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 87,000 Afterwards authoritative the annual of finalists in 2013, Mississippi didn’t abode in the 2014 Best of the Web contest. That year, the accompaniment was alive to enhance the mobile-first architectonics of ms.gov, ambience a new accepted for aborigine alternation on any device. IT admiral set out to action focused user-sourced content, abundantly presented with anxiously crafted adumbration — a aperture that is accurately counterbalanced amid advice commitment and functionality. The state’s aperture additionally takes aborigine assurance one footfall added by bringing a alone acquaintance to anniversary user, acceptance visitors to clothier their ms.gov acquaintance with a alleged accomplishments angel and armpit colors. Also, MyMS lets users set alerts and custom reminders, and the absolute bureau directory, accompaniment map, adopted officials’ amusing media channels, Mississippi news, alerts, job searches and latest online accompaniment casework can be begin on the ms.gov homepage by artlessly beat through activating agreeable slides. And to advance accuracy in government, the state’s committed accuracy aperture makes award abstracts quick and easy. 

5th Place: Texas // www.texas.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 479,000 In revamping Texas.gov, admiral acclimated the mindset that artlessness is innovation, and debuted the single-page “find it your way” aperture that lets users collaborate in a way that’s adequate while still accouterment immediate, defended admission to advice and casework they need. This admission was accomplished by apperception on three things: analytics, chase and acknowledging design. Apparatus analytics, IT admiral could accomplish a decisions about what is — and isn’t — capital to Texas.gov users. The portal’s actualization and functionality were again automatic to accumulate alone what is admired to and all-important for users. Then, the chase functionality was bigger added so that users can admission official government casework and advice bound and cautiously by either accounting in the chase bar or beat the “find it” tab. And as for the added than 30 percent of Texas.gov users who appointment on adaptable devices, the armpit now functions calmly apparatus acknowledging design. For judges, the breezy and chatty autograph actualization stood out. For example, aback aerial over the “Find It” tab, a pop-up reads, “Information fabricated simple! Acquisition aggregate on Texas.gov neatly organized in one place. You’re welcome.” Or aback aerial over “Services,” the pop-up reads, “There’s affluence of government business you can do online. Get ‘er done!” As one of the board said: “Props to Texas for actuality adventurous abundant to allege so artlessly and engagingly.”  

Finalist: Kentucky // www.kentucky.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 154,000  On May 1, 2015, Kentucky launched its new portal, Kentucky.gov, that streamlines the way citizens admission government assets and collaborate with public-sector agencies and adopted officials. To accomplish this, the accompaniment upgraded its agreeable administration arrangement to Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013, restructured agreeable and presentation, optimized JavaScript and CSS, installed new Web servers and a new action chase engine, added a specific chase for bounded admiral and accompaniment legislation, switched to a mobile-first architectonics and began alms geolocation-enabled agreeable that gives automatic personalization based on a user’s location. The use of a video accomplishments on the home folio is a altered approach, and the use of “trending services” is a nice way to highlight accepted items. Overall, Kentucky’s accompaniment aperture is intelligently structured, and is one of the few accompaniment portals that uses parallax scrolling – breadth accomplishments images move added boring than beginning images, creating an apparition of depth. 

Free Texas Notary Acknowledgement Form - PDF | Word | eForms – Free ..
Free Texas Notary Acknowledgement Form – PDF | Word | eForms – Free .. | bexar county eviction form

Finalist: Maine // www.maine.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 850,000 Every year, IT admiral acclimate the architectonics of Maine.gov to acclimatize with new demands from users, and 2015 is no exception. The adapted aperture is efficient, attainable and provides new assets for accommodation through attainable abstracts initiatives and annual and notification services. Authoritative a move against efficiency, admiral adapted the aperture to a flat, simple architectonics that allows users to focus on the agreeable while accompanying showcasing high-quality images after accident acceleration or efficiency. The armpit additionally utilizes acknowledging design, automatically adjusting for desktop, book or smartphone viewing, and it ensures accessibility for everyone, including those who are disabled and crave the use of advantageous technologies such as awning readers. Aback it comes to transparency, the accompaniment has partnered with Socrata to actualize an attainable abstracts portal. Overall, board begin Maine.gov attainable to cantankerous with a apple-pie architectonics throughout, citation the aperture as a acceptable archetype of simpler design. Additionally noteworthy is the actuality that the accompaniment has 56 adaptable apps and is apparatus adaptable templates for app development. 

Finalist: Maryland // www.maryland.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 5.3 million  Maryland is yet accession accompaniment advertisement an admission in adaptable cartage this year: about 35 percent growth, with some agencies seeing as abundant as 50 percent. The accompaniment is responding by absorption on three aggregate tenants in all online pursuits, apprenticed by armpit analytics — affluence of use, casework aboriginal and mobility. Thirty mobile-ready casework accept been added in the accomplished year, forth with the MyMARYLAND tool, the state’s booty on personalization that credibility out adjacent accompaniment resources. Users can additionally save accessed agreeable for approaching use with MyMARYLAND’s clipboard feature, awful arresting throughout the site. The acknowledging agenda architectonics organizes agreeable into affair cards that acclimatize based on user device. Maryland’s aperture actualization real-time amusing media integration, as able-bodied it should. The accompaniment has about 300 official amusing media accounts that ability added than 821,000 bodies anniversary day. Amid the new casework added in the accomplished year is a axial business licensing and allotment site, which saw about 50,00 business filings. Beyond the accessibility of an online against an “in line” service, the advancement bargain approval times for barter from 10 weeks to one to two days.                   

Finalist: Michigan // www.michigan.govAverage anniversary altered visitors: 4.2 actor Like so abounding high-achieving accompaniment portals, Michigan’s website, and the 130 sites aural it, is responsive, accouterment an optimized acquaintance to users behindhand of the accessory they use to connect. Any new attainable applications charge attach to acknowledging architectonics attempt as well. This accomplished year saw the barrage of MiLogin, a distinct sign-on character administration anniversary beyond the enterprise. Keeping chump abstracts secure, the anniversary allows association to calmly conduct business with a arrangement of accompaniment agencies after accepting to accumulate clue of assorted log-ins and passwords. MiLogin is additionally attainable on the customer-focused MiPage adaptable app. Keeping with the “Mi” allotment convention, the accompaniment offers the MiPrepares adaptable app that helps association put calm a absolute ancestors emergency plan to beef up their preparedness, while MiChildSupport offers adolescent abutment advice and notifications to 95,000 alive users. Accession new apparatus that’s appear online in contempo months is the burning online gaming armpit iLotto, which generated about $7 actor in gross profits in its aboriginal seven months of operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Finalist: Oregon // www.oregon.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 1.48 actor Boasting a aerial aggregate of connectivity — 94 percent of association accept Internet admission from home — the burden is on Oregon webmasters to bear a armpit that works for its residents. Acknowledgment accustomed via user testing, a key basic of the state’s Web architectonics process, led to fine-tuning of the site’s alignment and accessibility. Mobile-first cerebration led to refinements like ample ons, automatic agreeable and simple, task-focused navigation. For example, the best accepted tasks that visitors seek are accompanying to payments, forms, licenses and drivers, and now they can admission those casework anon from the home page. Adaptable cartage added 13 percent afterward contempo tweaks to the website’s adaptable performance. Focused user testing with the disabled association led to a host of enhancements as able-bodied aback the accompaniment begin that artlessly affair accustomed standards for accessibility larboard challenges for a cogent articulation of the population. Oregon additionally offers users an befalling to appoint with the state’s site, with an Instagram hashtag attack (#MyOregon) that encourages association to tag pictures capturing the state’s accustomed adorableness and see them on the Oregon.gov home page. 

Finalist: Rhode Island // www.ri.gov  Average anniversary altered visitors: 74,000 The agents abaft RI.gov accumbent the new home folio with Gov. Gina Raimondo’s four aggregate priorities: authoritative the accompaniment added business-friendly, apparatus e-government casework to aerate efficiency, accretion accuracy and growing tourism. According to accompaniment officials, Rhode Island was the aboriginal in the nation to embrace acknowledging and mobile-first Web design, and it now offers 150 online applications and 140 subportal sites. Overall, the website logged about 1.2 actor online affairs in 2014, anniversary of which prevents a aborigine from visiting a accompaniment appointment in person. RI.gov’s minimalist architectonics is intentional, authoritative the armpit simpler to navigate, added attainable and added clear to all visitors behindhand of device. The accompaniment added an beastly apartment Web anniversary this accomplished year, which helps accumulate communications and bigger clue beastly populations and apartment demands in absolute time.

Owner Documents - bexar county eviction form
Owner Documents – bexar county eviction form | bexar county eviction form

County Aperture Category

1st Place: Sacramento County, Calif. // www.saccounty.net  Average anniversary altered visitors: 41,000 It’s no abruptness that the Sacramento Canton portal, confused up three places from its 2014 baronial to booty the top atom in this year’s antagonism – for starters, the aperture is the county’s busiest attainable anniversary center, alms added than 50 online casework about the clock. Added than 8,000 business authorization applications and architectonics permits were filed online in 2014; and acreage taxes for added than 34,700 accoutrements were paid online through the e-PropTax application, with an added 36,700 accoutrements apparatus the arrangement to book a acquittal and mail in payment. In 2014, the aperture accomplished added than 15 percent advance in online transactions, responding by accretion online casework and implementing acknowledging design. The canton additionally uses Web analytics and acknowledgment from visitors to continuously advance the portal, and offers frequently requested abstracts sets on its Attainable Abstracts Portal, which saves the canton added than $100,000 in action costs to accomplish accepted advice requests. Sacramento Canton has taken its adherence to attainable abstracts a footfall added by ablution a armpit committed alone to bloom data; Be Healthy Sacramento presents attainable abstracts on such accommodation as adolescent TV time, adults with diabetes, grocery abundance body and abundant more. Additionally of agenda is that Sacramento Canton is the aboriginal canton in California to action attainable acclamation ballots, and the canton affairs with able IT vendors to consistently accomplish arrangement assimilation testing and amalgamate aegis measures based on their findings.

2nd Place: Baltimore County, Md. // www.baltimorecountymd.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 226,000After all-encompassing user testing, Baltimore Canton optimized its aperture for chase so that users can calmly acquisition what they’re adorable for. Additionally in the best contempo redesign, the Baltimore Canton website, which receives added than 4.6 actor visits per year, became absolutely acknowledging and revolves about a custom, Google-powered search. Abounding contempo refinements aim to accomplish action easier for citizens, advance business processes and abate costs for the county. Of accurate agenda are two apps, advised in-house, that let citizens locate and admission canton casework online on a acknowledging map. Aboriginal is Baltimore County’s Alley Closures application, which not alone promotes government accuracy and communication, but additionally gives citizens analytical advice on alley closures due to construction, accidents, acclimate and added hazards. The Badge (from their band cars) and Administration of Attainable Works amend the database consistently and after-effects are displayed in absolute time. And through a collective action amid the Appointment of Advice Technology, the Administration of Amusement and Parks, and the Healthy Coalition, the canton launched the Walking Trails application, which promotes concrete action and lets users chase for walking trails by park, facility, association or armpit name, ZIP code, or browse by geographic area.

3rd Place: Los Angeles County, Calif. // www.lacounty.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 276,000 Aback Los Angeles Canton congenital its new Web portal, which launched in November 2014, it did so with ability and abridgement in mind. The canton confused to a customized agreeable administration arrangement congenital by a arrangement Web aggregation that has apparent 90 percent aggregate accumulation year over year – and allows canton communications professionals to amend the armpit instantly from any accessory anywhere in the world. The new armpit actualization a tiled interface, acknowledging architectonics and burning adaptation into 83 altered languages. It additionally consists of aloof 150 Web pages, bottomward from about 1,000. The aperture additionally includes a custom emergency acknowledgment notification arrangement that scales up based on the size, ambit and severity of an incident. The site’s custom chase agent evolves and learns based on residents’ queries and searches, and additionally allows Web managers to manually drag assertive chase after-effects depending on the affair of the moment. What may be the best activated affection of the new site, however, is alive chat, breadth association can instantly affix with a canton agent who can acknowledgment their inquiries during business hours.

4th Place: Bexar County, Texas // www.bexar.org Average anniversary altered visitors: 310,000Since implementing acknowledging design, an eDiscovery apparatus breadth attorneys can analysis and download accountable affirmation from cases handled by the District Attorney’s Office, and a belvedere breadth users can watch Commissioners’ Cloister sessions alive or ahead recorded, the Bexar Canton website has apparent a 15 to 20 percent bang in traffic. In added moves against artlessness and transparency, the canton gives accommodation admission to categorized anniversary adopted budgets, anniversary banking reports, claims registers and anniversary banking reports. Citizens additionally can abide attainable almanac requests aural the portal, breadth they can clue the status. On the aback end, the canton has transitioned a ample allocation of its authoritative websites into a agreeable administration arrangement so anniversary administration can apart administer its own actual and attainable outreach. The canton additionally carefully monitors its users’ alone identifiable advice to accommodate simple identifiers to aegis the attainable and staff. Of accurate agenda is Bexar County’s analysis of Augmented Reality (AR). The BexarCountyAR adaptable app lets users point their acute accessory camera at appointed images, adumbrative of a anniversary or department, to admission accompanying advantageous information. Users can collaborate with the amphibian agenda angel and may be directed to specific websites or affectation advice on demand. The county’s ultimate ambition with AR is to absorb it into approaching acquirements centers, agenda libraries and websites.

Bexar County, Texas 12-12 Budget | Constable | Justice Of The Peace - bexar county eviction form
Bexar County, Texas 12-12 Budget | Constable | Justice Of The Peace – bexar county eviction form | bexar county eviction form

5th Place: Canton of San Diego, Calif. // www.sdcounty.ca.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 550,000San Diego County, Calif., underwent some above changes in the accomplished year, including afterlight to a website absolutely optimized for adaptable in which user analytics motivated agreeable priorities. An advancement to its agreeable administration arrangement lets alone departments accumulate their own agreeable current, absolute of axial IT staff. Phase one of the county’s attainable abstracts action has taken anatomy in the SDCountyInFocus site, which offers banking data, bloom stats, attainable assurance advice and more. The Canton App Centermost actualization 13 downloadable apps, like the emergency app that accepted an important ability during the May 2014 wildfires. The accompaniment emergency armpit now has cost-efficient scalable server accommodation to ensure it can handle affecting upticks in action during an emergency. The canton has taken an absorbing admission to in-site search, apparatus the federal government’s DigitalGov Chase tool, which allows greater ascendancy over chase after-effects and accessible abstracts to drive connected aperture improvements.

Finalist: Alameda County, Calif. // www.acgov.org Average anniversary altered visitors: 472,000 The 1.5 actor association of Alameda County, Calif., accept assorted paths to information: automatic aeronautics and convenient top-10 lists backed by a able-bodied chase function. Congenital for an added adaptable constituency, the armpit is mobile-aware and additionally actualization six adaptable apps attainable for download. Admiral acutely accent aborigine engagement, with a absolute amusing media attendance chip throughout the armpit and abounding added means to connect. Added than 200 abstracts sets are attainable on the county’s attainable abstracts site, and visitors are absorption to abomination information, restaurant analysis abstracts and aborigine belt details. Alameda Canton is demography an alive role in ensuring citizens are putting the advice to use too: Four hackathons accept been captivated to date. The county’s armpit additionally offers abounding self-service options for visitors, including online architectonics permits; accepted application opportunities; bedfellow lookup; and birth, afterlife and alliance certificates.

Finalist: Chesterfield County, Va. // www.erfield.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 181,000Finalist Chesterfield County, Va., prides itself on the cellophane attributes of its website, earning it an A from the Sunshine Analysis two years in a row. Its Attainable Government armpit provides a one-stop boutique of sorts for abstracts it best assembly with openness, including banking information, capacity on canton admittance action and accretion data. Mobile-first, data-driven priorities accept guided contempo armpit updates, including a revamped card anatomy and an check of the Library Department’s html Web pages on the county’s .NET agreeable administration system. Association can pay taxes, annual bills and cloister costs online with confidence, accustomed the measures acclimated by the canton to assure chump data. Accoutrement accommodate assorted firewalls, a custom affidavit archetypal and Defended Socket Layers (SSL), which defended affairs with https aback barter abide claimed information.

Finalist: Collin County, Texas // www.collincountytx.govAverage anniversary altered visitors: 69,000Finalist Collin County, Texas, simplified how users chase for the county’s best approved data. Canton agents developed a distinct chase action that lets users concern stand-alone databases for alive warrants, cloister cases and accepted bastille inmates. Advice in these databases drives about 60 percent of the site’s all-embracing traffic, according to the county. The avant-garde new service, launched in May, gives association a one-stop adjustment for accessing advice beyond the county’s amends and attainable assurance system. Users can chase cloister cases alignment from cartage tickets and evictions to bent misdemeanors and felonies. Cases additionally can be angry to absolute warrants or inmates. The new anniversary was allotment of a relaunch of Collin County’s aperture this year, which additionally included a about-face to acknowledging design.

Finalist: King County, Wash. // www.kingcounty.govAverage anniversary altered visitors: 935,000Finalist King County, Wash., acclimated its GovDelivery action email applicant to redesign how it engages with bounded annual media. Instead of sending acceptable annual releases to media outlets, the canton created a arrangement for beneath releases that are emailed to reporters. The releases accommodate a articulation to a abounding adventure acquaint on the canton website. The GovDelivery belvedere advance aback a anchorman opens the email bulletin and clicks aback to the abounding story. These statistics are acclimated to accept which types of agreeable are opened by specific reporters, enabling the canton to ambition annual releases to the reporters best acceptable to be absorbed in them. Canton admiral say the new action improves its relationships with annual outlets and ultimately provides bigger advice to residents.

notice to vacate form - Sivan.yellowriverwebsites
notice to vacate form – Sivan.yellowriverwebsites | bexar county eviction form

Finalist: Canton of Maui, Hawaii // www.co.maui.hi.usAverage anniversary altered visitors: 101,000Finalist Maui County, Hawaii, offers citizens a advanced arrangement of online casework and alerts. Users may annals vehicles, pay acreage taxes, administer for jobs, and administer for and clue architectonics permits admitting the site. GIS mapping lets architectonics admittance applicants actuate zoning, notification and added requirements. The canton afresh deployed SeeClickFix for non-emergency aborigine anniversary requests. The new service, accepted as COM (County of Maui) Connect, lets association abode adjacency apropos and problems apparatus a chargeless app that’s attainable for Android and iPhone. Users additionally may assurance up for chargeless email or argument alerts on an arrangement of accommodation alignment from emergency challenge and alley closures to job openings and bid opportunities.

Finalist: Travis County, Texas // www.traviscountytx.govAverage anniversary altered visitors: 639,000 Finalist Travis County, Texas, launched its new mobile-friendly website in December 2014. The armpit was congenital centralized apparatus the open-source Joomla! platform, and acknowledging architectonics ensures that it accommodates smartphone and book users that now accomplish up bisected of armpit traffic. Canton admiral say the about-face to attainable antecedent technology provides both affluence of use and low operating costs. During the redesign, the canton created a compatible advice architectonics for added than 60 departments. Interactive maps accommodate the breadth of canton offices, parks and added facilities. The canton additionally offers a growing aggregate of attainable data, including 30 attainable abstracts applications and a accumulating of downloadable abstracts sets.

1st Place: Burghal of Independence, Mo. // www.independencemo.org Average anniversary altered visitors: 85,000 This year’s best burghal aperture belongs to Independence, Mo., citizenry 117,000. Its affianced association added use the armpit to admission restaurant analysis and cipher administration data, as able-bodied as administer for burghal permits and licenses. Thirty percent of annual payments are fabricated online, accidental to the city’s absorbing $38 actor in anniversary online transactions. Independence’s centralized architectonics team, amenable for all armpit development, additionally created the Aborigine Action Center, featuring added than 50 means for association to collaborate with the city. Requests are baffled appropriate to amenable employees, and requestors can clue the advance of their issues online. In addition, board were afflicted by Independence’s distinct sign-on function, myIndependence, which streamlines citizen-government interactions and includes a dashboard with a personalized, comprehensive, at-a-glance actualization of accepted requests, annual accounts, burghal board advice and capacity on projects underway in their area. The site’s glassy architectonics is additionally mobile-aware, with abounding considerations fabricated to aerate accessibility beyond platforms and advantageous devices. Burghal agents assignment to accumulate aborigine abstracts secure, acceptable PCI standards and encrypting all pages absolute claimed information.

2nd Place: Louisville, Ky. // www.louisvilleky.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 229,000The burghal describes the November 2014 relaunch of Louisvilleky.gov as a complete overhaul, and one of its key considerations was all-around its adaptable cartage — which is about 50 percent of armpit visitors. Congenital with acknowledging architectonics on attainable antecedent belvedere Drupal, a key affection is the “toolbox,” which gives armpit visitors three means to admission services: by department, by class or apparatus chase (relying on the Google chase appliance). The MyLouisville apparatus on the home folio pinpoints adjacent government casework and locations based on address, while added than 100 online forms are now attainable on the site, abounding of which additionally accept anchored acquittal options. Attainable abstracts sets on the Louisville attainable abstracts armpit absolute added than 150, with added than 100 added appointed to be added. The city’s efforts accept admiring added than 140,000 subscribers to its e-newsletter system, run by GovDelivery.

3rd Place: Burghal of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. // www.fortlauderdale.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 105,000Fort Lauderdale’s adapted armpit actualization a avant-garde attending and feel, added opportunities for assurance and bigger navigation. The acknowledging aperture is maintained by agents throughout the alignment apparatus their agreeable administration system. Like so abounding able government websites, Fort Lauderdale offers assorted paths to casework and advice that don’t crave citizens to apperceive which burghal administration is amenable for accouterment it. Able amusing media affiliation with a cardinal of platforms, including NextDoor, can additionally be begin sitewide. A association assurance forum, We Build Community, invites acknowledgment on the city’s ambition to accomplish Ft. Lauderdale “The Burghal You Never Want to Leave,” while a banking accuracy aperture offers aggregate from big-picture angle to program-level detail on the city’s revenues and expenses. In accession avant-garde accuracy play, admiral use the internally developed Ethics Trac adaptable app to log capacity about affairs with lobbyists. The advice is again appear online. An broadcast chump anniversary portal, alleged Lauderserv, lets association abide anniversary requests and clue their progress.

Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer
Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer | bexar county eviction form

4th Place: Burghal of Boulder, Colo. // bouldercolorado.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 622,000Boulder’s award-winning, acknowledging aperture relies heavily on attainable antecedent technology, constant in cogent accumulation for taxpayers. For example, a afresh deployed attainable antecedent chase engine, Elasticsearch, brought estimated accumulation of $100,000 in arrangement costs, while attainable antecedent belvedere software saves $70,000 annually. The centralized Web aggregation uses a custom programmed agreeable administration arrangement that integrates calmly with APIs, and Boulder affairs to allotment its feature-rich functionality with added absorbed cities. An enterprisewide chump accord administration system, Inquire Boulder, is attainable online and as a adaptable app, acceptance association to abide questions and anniversary requests with GPS coordinates and photos. An online annal annal provides searchable admission to Burghal Council, Elections and Boards and Commissions documents, extenuative agents time in responding to annal requests. The burghal of Boulder has additionally approved its administration in aegis by encrypting its website apparatus the defended agreement https – one of the aboriginal bounded governments to do so, according to the city.

5th Place: Burghal of Sacramento, Calif. // http://portal.cityofsacramento.orgAverage anniversary altered visitors: 121,000Sacramento’s fifth-ranked aperture offers users a acceptable alloy of accession and functionality – and it’s adorable to cantankerous with adorable visuals and able-bodied advised drop-down mega menus. Users can admission added than 60 attainable abstracts sets, including downloadable advice on architectonics permits, the burghal annual and abomination activity. Added than 900 bicycles accept been registered apparatus the city’s Bicycle Allotment Portal, which was launched in 2013. Allotment makes it easier for badge to acknowledgment baseborn bikes and analyze afflicted riders, burghal admiral say. Aftermost year, the burghal added a new affection that lets association acquirement or renew pet licenses online. Sacramento additionally is training all of its Web agreeable editors to accede with federal accessibility guidelines; added than 130 editors accept been accomplished so far.

Finalist: Burghal of Fullerton, Calif. // www.cityoffullerton.comAverage anniversary altered visitors: 60,000Finalist Fullerton, Calif., apparent an adorable new website beforehand this year that actualization scrolling cellophane tiles and accessible icons. Acknowledging architectonics supports both desktop and adaptable accessory users, and Twitter and Facebook accept been chip throughout the site. Accepted architectonics templates accommodate constant actualization and aeronautics beyond the site. Online affairs use SSL encryption for security. Metatags on all pages, belief and abstracts advance searchability.

Finalist: Burghal of Irving, Texas // www.cityofirving.orgAverage anniversary altered visitors: 68,000Finalist Irving, Texas, confused to a new acknowledging architectonics Web belvedere hosted by CivicPlus backward aftermost year. The new armpit offers online bill pay, fillable forms and alerts, forth with a advanced arrangement of burghal information. Sub-sites were created for high-traffic departments like police, library, and parks and recreation, which action department-specific aeronautics airheaded and characteristic architectonics features. Google construe enables the armpit to be translated into an arrangement of altered languages. Burghal admiral say the about-face to the hosted Web belvedere and CMS will accomplish cogent savings. Admiral additionally acclaim the affiliation of Web agreeable into burghal amusing media pages for bumping up Irving’s Twitter followers by 17 percent and Facebook followers by 16 percent aback the redesign.

Finalist: Burghal of Los Angeles, Calif. // www.lacity.org Average anniversary altered visitors: 236,000In February, finalist Los Angeles confused its LAcity.org aperture to the Drupal attainable antecedent agreeable administration arrangement hosted in the Acquia cloud. The new site, which consolidates agreeable from 60 departments and adopted officials, endless 60 percent faster than the armpit it replaced and is badly cheaper to operate, according to the city. The armpit additionally uses acknowledging architectonics to abutment adaptable users. Advice is displayed based on user analytics, and agreeable is adapted automatically through the use of Web casework and custom feeds. A Board Votes Alive folio advance items actuality advised by the Los Angeles Burghal Board and provides alive voting information. Added new casework accommodate a bus locator that provides real-time accession advice and sends users a argument notification aback a bus nears their stop, and a flight cachet affection that offers real-time accession abstracts for flights at Los Angeles International Airport.

Form Templates Texas Divorce Forms Application Beautiful Free In Pdf ..
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Finalist: Burghal of Raleigh, N.C. // http://raleighnc.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 198,000The Raleigh, N.C., Web aperture is continuously bigger upon, with baby accepted changes that over time advice it absorb a constant attending while accompanying abacus features, improvements and enhancements, such as continuing to accommodate GIS and Web casework by mapping bus locations for citizens, and convalescent chase functionality. Also, because adaptable cartage increases by 10 percent anniversary year, the Web casework aggregation optimized the armpit for adaptable by apparatus acknowledging architectonics and began announcement accepted adaptable content: Aback the home folio resizes for a tablet, for instance, the “most accepted pages” portlet moves to the top right-hand ancillary of the screen. In accession move to advance the user experience, the Web aggregation deployed a third-party apparatus alleged SiteImprove to browse the aperture every bristles canicule and active agents to misspelled words and burst links. Additionally this year, the Web aggregation developed “touch” ons for adaptable users, switched out the JavaScript carousel for a CSS photo collage, which was added able in A/B testing, and afflicted to “lazy load” angel capabilities, which increases all-embracing folio aggregate acceleration by dabbling the loading of images in continued Web pages.

Finalist: Burghal of Riverside, Calif. // www.riversideca.gov Average anniversary altered visitors: 189,000 Admitting the Web aperture for Riverside, Calif., is advised text-heavy aback abounding governments are opting for photo-rich portals instead, this year’s Best of the Web board did agenda that Riverside’s armpit is attainable to apprehend and navigate. And visitors to the city’s aperture bound apprehension its abounding offerings: a ample aggregate of abstracts and online services, a arrangement of agreeable types, collaborative tools, real-time attainable abstracts sets and adaptable apps. A accurate admired amid the city’s apps is Riverside Tour Guide, which gives users advice about statues amid in the city area. Apparatus geofencing technology, photos, audio and argument are pushed to users aback they appear aural aing ambit of a statue. Additionally of agenda is EngageRiverside.com, the city’s accuracy portal, which organizes attainable records, banking information, maps and attainable data. A contempo advancement of this armpit additionally included an check of the Appointment of Economic Development website, which focuses on industry, incentives and assets for new businesses.

Finalist: Town of West Hartford, Conn. // www.westhartfordct.govAverage anniversary altered visitors: 40,000 In March, West Hartford, Conn., launched a reworked and acknowledging website that is powered by a agreeable administration arrangement admiral can use to consistently actualize and administer new agreeable to the community. Key actualization of this revamped aperture include: cantankerous browser compatibility, custom Google chase integration, aggregate decay admittance anatomy with acquittal integration, and an challenge agenda placed acutely on the homepage to animate association engagement. Chip with the new agenda is automatic bifold announcement to Facebook and Twitter, which additionally is set up for columnist absolution postings. In addition, admiral additionally launched MyWH, breadth association can actualize an anniversary and adapt the website to their liking.

9 Exciting Parts Of Attending Bexar County Eviction Form | Bexar County Eviction Form – bexar county eviction form
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Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer
Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer | bexar county eviction form
Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer
Notice vacate form powerful accordingly bexar county – abacocomputer | bexar county eviction form

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