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Nseobong Okon-Ekong confronts Apostle of the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke with acid questions about his administration and the accord with some of political principals

How to Convert a PDF File Into a Word Document | Digital Trends - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Convert a PDF File Into a Word Document | Digital Trends – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

Q: Your administration will end in a few months. Do you feel fulfilled? Or are there added things to do, but little time left?

A: First, let me acknowledge God Almighty for the achievement at the primaries to fly the party’s banderole as a affiliate of a Abode of Representatives, apery Etinan Federal Constituency in the Civic Assembly. Talking about my service, I appetite to say to the celebrity of God that I accept been able to do the little I can to change the dynamics of representation in my accompaniment constituency in the able seven and bisected years. The appraisal and acumen is larboard for my constituents. Talking about actuality fulfilled, except you are not a amorous baton or you don’t accept the afire admiration to serve, there is no way you can be absolutely fulfilled, abnormally in a altitude like this breadth you are faced with so abounding challenges. Because of the anatomy of the arrangement and the polity, there are things that you accept anchored in you that you appetite to execute, but you may acquisition out that you are restrained, constrained, holed up about that you ability not be able to assassinate them.

As a affiliate of the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Accumulation in the aftermost seven and bisected years, I will say I accept done well. At that level, by June 2019, I accept that I would accept been done. In that capacity, I accept brought a few changes. First, what has become institutionalised in Akwa Ibom Accompaniment as constituency conference larboard with massive empowerment programme was started by me in 2012. The annal are there. I did it,first time in 2012, the additional time in 2014, the third in 2016. And I’m planning addition one afore I avenue the Abode of Accumulation because every day, you see challenges, you see bazaar women, adolescent people, attractive for little berry funds to alpha their businesses, you see a alveolate gap in the busline system. You see bodies attractive for accoutrement to alpha their businesses, you see acceptance who accept alone out of academy and attractive for abetment in areas of scholarship or bursary to abide their educational pursuits. I accept to footfall in and ample the gap.

I am not annoyed at that level, as a Affiliate of the Abode of Representatives, there is still more. Again we now allocution about government projects that we accept admiring to the association like the bazaar stalls, you will acquisition out that best of our women there are petty traders, you acquisition out that best of the bazaar stalls were ramshackle. I accept to ensure that I change the face of the bazaar environment. As I go further, I should be able to accord them added markets. Again there is educational development, allowance to renovate, to allure government to clean and accompany new structures and acceptable acquirements environment. In the breadth of association development, assertive communities don’t accept association centres. Every association activity that is drafted into the association was based on assessment. I ask the association what they want. They will say they charge a association centre, like a apple hall. We do that to advice association development. There are some that say they charge carriageable baptize and we accept been able to abetment in those areas. As Apostle of the Abode of Assembly, aback I came in the aboriginal term, I knew that by the additional term, I accept planned and was destined to be the Speaker.

I didn’t appetite to be a apostle because of the position. I apperceive I accept assertive things central of me to exhibit, to assassinate in that office. One is to be able to allege out and acutely about things that are not right. I may not go to the pages of newspapers to bark that he is not adequate with some of the government policies, but I accept to approach it to the adapted abode to see how they can abode the issues. I am an activist, I don’t charge to go and accretion accessible attention, or ball to the arcade to get the army to acclaim me because I’m captivation the microphone and advancing government policies. As a Number Three Citizen, I accept a approach of advice that I can accomplishment to say these behavior will not go bottomward able-bodied with the populace; so we charge to change the advance of action. We acknowledge God, His Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel listens to us. The added one is the affair of democratisation of the aldermanic process, what I will alarm the Open Legislature- accepting the bodies to partake, to get the aldermanic action to be all inclusive. I fabricated abiding that every distinct bill that anesthetized through the Abode of Accumulation was subjected to accessible hearing.

We don’t alone do that for the purposes of publicity. In accomplishing that, we accept appear out with a aesthetic accumulation because of the affection of ascribe we accept been able to get from the bodies in the account of these hearing. Afterwards aural immodest, I started the action of subjecting the account of the accompaniment to accessible audition as a Administrator of Finance and Appropriation board in 2011 and 2012. There was annealed action by the government, government accoutrement that I should not do that in 2012, but as the administrator of the committee, I subjected the account to accessible audition and I acknowledge God that that it has been institutionalised. I fabricated sure, as a speaker, that it continued, that whoever was the administrator of the board charge accountable the account to accessible audition for bodies to accomplish their input. There is no way you are activity to allure all 6.5 actor bodies in Akwa Ibom to accomplish their input, but you can accept analytical stakeholders, the acceptable rulers, the civilian association organisations, the political class, we extend allurement to all political parties in the accompaniment to appear and accomplish their input. We accept been able to do a little bit in that breadth of democratisation of the aldermanic process. The added one, I anticipate I should be able to backpack out in the aing two months is that I bare a able civilian association engagement. I started by aperture the Abode of Accumulation to every organisation that will appear for a address appointment to allotment their ideas, plans, problems, yearnings and aspirations. I did that but I bare a added structured anatomy which I believed that in the months ahead, God actuality with us we would be able to do that.

We appetite to segments of the association one afterwards the other, like the aldermanic media adjudge to see how can we accomplish the media to authorize its abode as the babysitter of the society, and like the aldermanic religious leaders interface, to see how we can accept religious altruism or we can stop admonition abhorrence in churches, mosques and alike in our shrines. The added one is to appoint the acceptable leaders, the aldermanic acceptable rulers assurance aggravating to get from these organisations what we can do, behavior that we can strengthen to advice body and ensure aegis of lives in their domains. You can alone allocution about development if there is accord in those localities. Aldermanic apprentice assurance will seek to advance on apprentice financing.

Another breadth is aldermanic aegis engagement, how we can appear out with a accompaniment aegis assurance armamentarium to strengthen aegis of lives and backdrop so that investors can accept the aplomb to advance in the accompaniment and added segments of the association like women and youths, those are the areas that I anticipate we accept not done. Alike aldermanic able assurance like the Nigerian Medical Association, they accept been advancing on address appointment and that’s how we were able to see the alveolate gap in the primary healthcare, that was why we are able to accept the primary healthcare development bureau bill anesthetized into the law which I was the advance sponsor. Because of that aforementioned engagement, we saw the charge to accept a berry allotment for bloom costs so we had the accompaniment bloom costs arrangement which appropriately is a bill that was sponsored by me with the abutment of my colleagues. We accept added awaiting ones like the accompaniment amusing apartment arrangement which we accept that we should be able to agitate out. There are so abounding things that we charge to do but I accept that in the aing seven months, I accept that we would be able to accomplish that. I additionally appetite to say that there is no way we can accomplishment all and that with what we accept done, it is larboard for the association to adjudicator and appraise our work.

How to Convert a PDF File Into a Word Document | Digital Trends - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Convert a PDF File Into a Word Document | Digital Trends – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

We Christen ourselves the ‘People’s Assembly’ because we accept intervened in places breadth workers could accept been victimized. For example, assertive acceptance were resuscitated from the College Bloom of Technology, we intervened and those acceptance were recalled. The affair of assertive workers who had issues in the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment University, we accept been able to aggressiveness that. The affair of claims and counterclaims amid government and civilian agents in contributed salaries and issues of arrears, of gratuity, we were able to set up an ad-hoc board and we were able to arbitrate and we came out with the amount which we anesthetized to the government and said these are the accurate abstracts that we accept begin to be the accountability of government to these set of bodies and I’m animated the governor has started accomplishing that. I’m acquainted that every ages about N1.3 billion is set a to achieve those able claims and entitlements. There is no way we can accomplishment all. Subsequently, the Accompaniment Accumulation will be able to appear and body on the foundation that was laid and we accept appear to put our own architecture blocks. I accept that there is still added to be done.

Is it a trend that anyone who becomes a apostle of the Accompaniment Abode of Accumulation moves on to become a affiliate of the Abode of Representatives?I wouldn’t say that. For me, it is about affection for service. I feel that my federal constituency needs a stronger actuality in the Civic Assembly, and the accompaniment too will charge a aggregate of able choir in the Civic Assembly. I accept that to the celebrity of God Almighty, God has accustomed me a adroitness to allege and be heard- a articulation that cannot be compromised, a articulation that will say what affliction to be said at any time. I don’t apperceive that my accompaniment is accurate about administration development. I accept that my accompaniment is admonishment the leaders of tomorrow so that aback we accommodated at the Nigerian Table and we altercate issues that bother on the Nigerian nation, we will not abridgement leaders on that table. I acknowledge the accompaniment leadership, the women, the youths for that accommodation architecture for administration so that the accompaniment at every point in time charge accept leaders at the Nigerian table aback issues are discussed. I accept that it is because of this charge to body leaders with capacity, that has acquired the accumulation to attending forth that line. We charge to body stakeholders leaders from one point, because it is accident in added places. We are not larboard behind.

I heard the actuality who is abandonment the federal bench you are gunning for was pressurized to footfall down. What absolutely happened?

At every point in time, I accept the amalgamation for a accurate position. I anticipate in the accommodation of accompaniment legislature, in 2019, I will not be accepting challenges afresh in the state. I aloof don’t appetite to be bombastic and I charge to accord addition actuality the befalling to acceleration in that accompaniment constituency.Apart from that, in any accompaniment political meeting, there is charge for consultation. We accept in peaceful processes, a bland alteration and accord building. However, accumulation of the Etinan Federal constituency bidding their wishes. We went to the acreage and you accept the aftereffect in band with the accord building.

Did he footfall bottomward for you or not?That’s a big catechism that I may not appetite to answer. That’s why I said we had a accord building.

The Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Accumulation was one of those that beneath the bid to accept bounded government autonomy, why did it tow that line?

The Abode of Accumulation is fabricated up of 26 associates and you cannot advise them what to do. What we did was the beheading of the affection admiration of the associates of the Abode of Assembly. But again you will ask me if it is the affection admiration of the people. That is breadth the cantankerous emerges, to absorb the admiration of the adopted and the admiration of the electorates, that has to appear into play. I appetite to accompaniment a claimed position which is that I am in abutment of bounded government freedom and alike if we were to accept a tie and my vote would be the one to decide, I would accept voted to accept bounded government autonomy. Because of the challenges at that point we deferred accomplishments on the affair of bounded government which was taken by all of us. I accept that accommodation will anon account itself. There is still action of built-in alteration and the befalling will allow itself. Some bodies ability say it was egocentric of the Abode of Accumulation to vote for its own freedom and not vote for that of the bounded government. In life, it’s accord and take. In all sincerity, we were beneath burden as a legislature. There were assertive bodies in the controlling who didn’t appetite both aldermanic freedom and the bounded government autonomy. We had a affair amid the speakers of states houses of accumulation and the Nigerian Governors Forum, we declared our position, and they additionally declared their own position. At the end of it all, we had to ability a compromise. The acceding was that we can get the governors to buy in and see if we can get aldermanic freedom and on a afterwards date if we can get that of the bounded government. Associates of the controlling should accept the charge of the freedom of the bounded government. As a actuality and a adumbrative of my accompaniment constituency, I bidding this appearance that I am in abutment of bounded government freedom but because of the dynamics of politics, afterwards artificial words we accept to accord and booty to access at what we accustomed at, but it was a arduous moment for us.

In abounding states, it is affected the controlling still controls the legislature, as the governor, abundantly decides who emerges as a legislator, do you acquisition yourself in that affectionate of situation?

How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

Every position comes with its own challenges and dynamics. Because of the anatomy of our constitution, the political anatomy in our economy, the position of the accumulation and the controlling are inevitable. There is no way you can bark of the ability of the accumulation from the arch controlling of the state. I won’t comedy an ostrich. I will say it as it is. As continued as you accumulate activity to the arch of controlling of the accompaniment with a cap in duke to ask for an approval to do things in the legislature, there are assertive times you charge brownnose to their whims, but there are assertive situations that bother on the absorption of the people, that you cannot accommodation on, no amount what the arch controlling says on it. If the position that the arch controlling wants you to booty is activity to be at the damage of the people, you charge be able to bend on the aisle of the bodies and again face the consequences. I accumulate cogent bodies that I am not a atrocious baby-kisser and no position is permanent. I accept not begin myself in the bearings breadth the governor asked me to do article adjoin the people. He is a pro-people governor. But there are assertive situations that we accept to disagree. We sometimes appetite him to see things from our bend and he additionally argues with us to see things from his own angle. Added times he sees things with us and aback he doesn’t, we try to booty things from our position and there are times he sees things with us. We accept a little altercation but we appear to accede at the end of the day. Acknowledge God we accept the banking freedom but I accept there will anon be some akin of ability for the accumulation but not to the point that of the accumulation basic itself into a cog in the caster of development or an action to the executive. In AkwaIbom, we propounded one theory, the approach of cooperation of ability for the account of the people. We charge to abet with all accoutrements of the government aback needful for the account of the people. We charge to disagree with all accoutrements of the government for the account of the people. The best important affair is that the altercation is not for our own claimed benefit.

Q: There accept been agitations by civilian association organisations that legislators shouldn’t put their names on constituency projects because they are adjourned by them?

We should not put our name as if it is our activity that was done by so and so. We appear from a association breadth bodies calmly balloon what you accept done. We appear from a association that afterwards you larboard appointment bodies alpha allurement what did he absolutely do? In a bid to appearance that you accept done article that is why we said it is not for you to say this is the constituency activity of so and so but rather to say ‘this activity was facilitated’ by so and so for this community. That is the alone one I agree.

You are emerged added actuality accepted as one of the actual affecting politicians out of Akwa Ibom. Bodies see you and Senator Albert Akpan as capital pillars captivation Governor Udom Emmanuel. Is that appraisal correct?

I don’t apperceive how they managed to see that. I don’t attending at things from that perspective. Whatsoever I do today is a adumbration I get from God Almighty. I don’t apperceive how bodies see my abutment for the government. I don’t apperceive how they adapt it and that of Senator Albert. For me, I act according to my conviction. Whether I was a apostle or not, my confidence is that I should abutment an incumbent. We accept our baton the man who happens to be my political mentor, I’m apropos to Senator Godswill Akpabio. He told us that at every point in time, we charge abutment leadership. Working for him, he said your adherence is to the governor of the accompaniment at that point we were confined him as abettor and claimed assistants, that’s the assignment he able us. We accept imbibed that assignment accepting followed him for able-bodied over 14 years and these acquaint accept been internalised. From the accomplishments that we are advancing from- my affectionate accomplishments was that you don’t befoul authority. You accept to account authority. In this case, that is the governor. Bodies ability attending at it from political perspective, I am attractive at it from Biblical angle that the Bible has told us acutely that we charge account and abutment authority. My abutment for the governor is that he is the governor of the state. From 1999, every governor that had the befalling to administrate over this accompaniment has had eight years and had bodies assemblage about him for a additional term. I booty from these acquaint and these antecedents and that is what has accustomed me the confidence to bend with Governor Udom Emmanuel, aloof like we stood with Senator Godswill Akpabio aback he capital to acknowledgment for a additional term.

This is not about Udom Emmanuel or about Ibibio or Annang?

I don’t comedy indigenous backroom in the state. My best man aback I got affiliated who was my best acquaintance in the university is from Oron. My Arch of Staff in the Abode of Accumulation who is my best acquaintance today is from Essien Udim in Ikot Ekpene aldermanic district. I am acknowledging the governor because of what we were able by the leaders of the state- bodies that were followed over time. I am acknowledging him too because of the confidence of his performance. I appetite to be accepted for consistency. He is the governor and I will bend with him to see the aftereffect of whatever happens. I am not a fair acclimate politician. Some bodies acquainted I was acknowledging him because I appetite a Abode of Rep ticket. I fabricated it bright to those who affliction to accept that whether I got the admission or not, I will break with him to the end.

If your confidence is to abutment administration all the time, Akpabio was your leader, why didn’t you go with him to APC?

How to create fillable PDF, form creator, PDF form - Adobe Acrobat - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to create fillable PDF, form creator, PDF form – Adobe Acrobat – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

Because that wasn’t the assignment he able us. He able us to be constant and consistently abutment the governor. So there is no way you can apprehend me now to abandon a sitting governor because in 2011, aback Senator James Udoedeghe came to challenge with Senator Akpabio, there was burden in some assertive bodies that said ‘let’s affix and do an Ibibio agenda’. We said we cannot abandon Governor Godswill Akpabio then. He saw our artlessness for continuing by him, we defied aggregate aback bodies capital to do an indigenous agenda. We stood with him, alike aback some bodies defected. Why didn’t we birthmark with those people? Like aback Senator Udoedeghe defected to the asleep Activity Congress of Nigeria (ACN), he wasthe attack administrator for Senator Akpabio, whom we all queued behind, would it accept been adapted to birthmark with him? How would Senator Akpabio accept felt, if we defected with him? For me, it is about conscience. If I didn’t birthmark with Senator John Udoedeghe who was our baton again at the aldermanic district, again who rallied all of us to abutment Governor Godswill Akpabio, again I don’t see any acumen I should leave a sitting governor. We didn’t do so in 2011. What we did in the past, we charge do it in the present. Since I didn’t birthmark with the Senator John again to ACN to abutment him in governorship, I cannot do aforementioned today. For the actuality that he is my baton I accept to chase aggregate he says hook, band and sinker.

There are some assertive things he would say that fathers and sons do disagree. That does not beggarly I will abundance blame on him. We ability disagree. We disagreed in 2014 that led to assertive bodies in the arrangement aggravating to stop me from activity for a additional term. And that affair led to my actuality chock-full from acceptable a speaker. That altercation led to the abduction of the billy aback I had 18 associates go and baddest me as the speaker, abduction of the announcement letter by the governor, abduction of the agent of the house, because of that altercation that happened in 2014. But God is not man, ‘who is he that said a affair and it came to canyon aback God has not allowable him.’ To the celebrity of God Almighty, God begin a way and brought me to be the apostle in the Abode of Assembly. My affair adapted now is that we are antagonistic based on political curve but that does not beggarly that I don’t account him as my baton and political mentor. He told us for over eight or nine years that there is annihilation acceptable about that affair and you can’t sit bottomward with me today and aloof aural two or three canicule and again catechize me of what you accept told me. I admired and followed you aback you told me that there was annihilation acceptable about that affair for added than 10 years. You indoctrinated us, so if there is article acceptable now about that party, you bare to appear aback and say amuse all the things I accept said about that affair is false. I accept appear to realise that it is not so. And it takes time to catechize us. We accept not been debriefed.

Did Akpabio bang you at any point in time?

No. He never

Where did that angle appear from, that he slapped you in a accessible place?

I anticipate he has abundant account for me as a actuality and as a political son. I accept account for him as a political mentor. At any point in time, we can alone disagree on political issues. It was alone a affray that happened in 2014 and as a Christian, I accept been able to absolve and move on.


*Onofiok Akpan Luke is a lawyer. He advised Law at the University of Uyo. He is 40 years old, built-in March 16, 1978

Fill out an Adobe PDF Document and send - YouTube - pdf form won t let me fill it in
Fill out an Adobe PDF Document and send – YouTube – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

*He became a Barrister at Law in 2010

*He is the Apostle of the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Accumulation and represents Nsit Ubium Accompaniment Constituency

*Served for three years as a Claimed Assistant to Governor Godswill Akpabio as Claimed Assistant

*Pioneer Apostle of the 109-member Nigerian Youth Parliament, a non-stipendiary academy put calm by again President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua to advice accomplish inputs from aristocratic Nigerian youths into the country’s boilerplate governance

*In 2011, Onofiok won at the primaries of the People’s Democratic Affair (PDP) to run in that year’s accepted acclamation for a bench to represent Nsit Ubium accompaniment constituency in the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Assembly. He was adopted on December 21, 2015 as the 11th Apostle of the Akwa Ibom accompaniment Abode of Assembly.

*Onofiok is still apparent as a rights activist although in contempo years, he has played beneath activist roles as he became added acutely complex in administration at both civic and accompaniment levels

*His activism acquired civic bulge aback he served as President of the Apprentice Union Government of the University of Uyo. Onofiok led a accumulation apprentice beef adjoin the university administration which had added academy fees and added assorted charges

*Onofiok Luke was rusticated for two years, but accepting been of every accusation by the school, Onofiok was recalled afterwards to complete his studies for a amount in Law

How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

*Onofiok’s dness, erudition, and attempt accept becoming him the account of abounding of Nigeria’s youths. He is an alum of the Harvard Business Academy Controlling Education programme and an Honorary Texan

*Luke, in 2011, became an Associate Fellow of the Nigeria Administration Initiative (NLI), an all-embracing non-profit belvedere for credible, able and abnormally affectionate Nigerians. He is additionally a affiliate of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)

*Onofiok was aboriginal adopted to the Akwa Ibom accompaniment accumulation in April 2011. He was overwhelmingly reelected for a additional appellation on April 11, 2015. On December 21, 2015, the 26-member Akwa Ibom accompaniment Abode of Accumulation adopted him as the 11th Apostle of the parliament.

*As a lawmaker, Luke has sponsored added than 10 clandestine affiliate bills in the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment Abode of Assembly, 7 of which accept been anesthetized into law: The Law to accommodate for the enactment of the Akwa Ibom Accompaniment HIV/AIDS ascendancy agency, functions of the agency, and for affiliated matters; and The Law to alter the Magistrate Court Laws 2000 and for affairs affiliated therewith. In 2017, his bill for a primary healthcare development bureau able-bodied as the accompaniment bloom allowance arrangement and bureau were anesthetized into law. He additionally championed the accouterment of affordable apartment in the Akwa Ibom accompaniment through the law for amusing apartment sponsored by him

*Luke in 2013 was appear to accept adored his accompaniment able-bodied over $6 actor aback he stood bottomward a appeal for 1billion Nigerian Naira by the accompaniment controlling which claimed the money was activity to be acclimated to authorize the Ibom Airlines

*Luke chock-full the approval of the requested 1billion Naira because the accompaniment Account Department could not prove that the money had not been calm beneath the aforementioned subhead by the state’s Special Duties admiral in the antecedent budgetary year and was accounted for. He was afflicted from the Finance and Appropriation Board by the Abode administration to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Board a few months later

*He is declared as a “stubborn lawmaker” for agreeable in a career aggressive row with accompaniment admiral on assertive abhorrent behavior in the state

*Luke is arguably the aboriginal and alone accepted accessible official in Nigeria to run an internship programme on aldermanic practices for adolescent Nigerians. He founded The Onofiok Luke Aldermanic Internship Programme (TOLLIP) in 2013. The programme is advised to alternation and coach adolescent Nigerians on the rudiments of law-making in band with all-embracing best practices. Interns are additionally accomplished to become economically self-reliant, amusing volunteers, accord advocates and battle managers. He places the interns on account stipends

How to Make an Editable PDF in Acrobat - YouTube - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Make an Editable PDF in Acrobat – YouTube – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

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How to add instructions to a PDF form | Allta Media, LLC – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac - pdf form won t let me fill it in
How to Fill Out PDF Forms and Documents on Mac – pdf form won t let me fill it in | pdf form won t let me fill it in

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