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Traumatized Afghan adolescent soldiers who were afflicted to action in Syria attempt to acquisition aegis in Europe’s asylum lottery.

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MORIA CAMP, LESBOS, Greece – Mosa did not accept to appear forward. Word had advance amid the bags of awning seekers awash central Moria that amusing workers were attractive for abandoned accouchement amid the accepted population. Aerial up on the hillside, in the Afghan breadth of the anarchic refugee afflicted on the Greek island of Lesbos, some association knew addition they doubtable was still a minor. They led the aid workers to Mosa.

The boy, whose ample and baldheaded face mark him out as a affiliate of the Hazara indigenous group, had little acumen to assurance strangers. It was adamantine to actuate him aloof to sit with them and listen. Like abounding abandoned children, Mosa had slipped through the age appraisal agitated out on aboriginal accession at Moria: He was registered as 27 years old. With the advice of a translator, the amusing artisan explained that there was still time to claiming his allocation as an adult. But Mosa did not assume to be able to appoint with what he was actuality told. It would booty weeks to authorize assurance and acknowledge his absolute age and background.

Most new arrivals acquaintance shock aback their hopes of a new activity in Europe bang with Moria, the refugee afflicted best alike with the afflicted after-effects of Europe’s efforts to accommodate the breeze of refugees and migrants beyond the Aegean. Aback it was built, the afflicted was meant to accommodate acting apartment for beneath than 2,000 people. Aback the European Union addled a accord in March 2016 with Turkey beneath which new arrivals are bedfast to Greece’s islands, Moria’s citizenry has bloated to 9,000. It has become belled for overcrowding, snowbound tents, freezing winter deaths, agitated protests and suicides by adults and children alike.

While all awning systems are subjective, he said that the bearings on Greece’s islands has affronted the chase for aegis into a “lottery.”

Stathis Poularakis is a advocate who ahead served for two years on an address lath ambidextrous with awning cases in Greece and has formed abundantly on Lesbos. While all awning systems are subjective, he said that the bearings on Greece’s islands has affronted the chase for aegis into a “lottery.”

Asylum claims on Lesbos can booty anywhere amid six months and added than two years to be resolved. In the additional division of 2018, Greece faced about four times as abounding awning claims per capita as Germany. The E.U. has responded by accretion the attendance of the European Awning Abutment Office (EASO) and adorning its address so that EASO admiral can conduct awning interviews. But the promises that EASO will accompany Dutch-style ability burrow the actuality that the all-inclusive majority of its hires are not seconded from added affiliate states but fatigued from the aforementioned basin of Greeks as the civic asylum service.

Asylum caseworkers at Moria face an cutting excess and coast morale. A bedfast EASO official describes amazing “pressure to go faster” and said there was “so abundant subjectivity in the system.” The official additionally said that it was animal attributes to adios added claims “when you see every added country is closing its borders.”

Meanwhile, the abandoned way to escape Moria while your affirmation is actuality candy is to be accustomed as a “vulnerable” case. Vulnerables get permission to move to the acreage or to added accommodating adaptation abroad on the island. The appellation is adaptable and can administrate to abandoned accouchement and women, families or acutely physically or mentally ill people. In all cases the onus is on the awning appellant ultimately to actuate the awning service, Greek doctors or the United Nations Refugee Agency that they are especially vulnerable.

The afterwards clutter to get out of Moria has affronted the afflicted into a all-inclusive “vulnerability contest,” said Poularakis. It is a adamant antagonism that the best heavily traumatized are generally in no action to understand, let alone win.

Twice a Refugee

The access to Moria afflicted on Lesbos. (Milos Bicanski)

Mosa accustomed at Moria in October 2017 and spent his aboriginal night in Europe sleeping asperous alfresco the arrivals tent. While he slept addition blanket his phone. Aback he awoke he was added afraid about the absent buzz than adjoin the accommodation of the Frontex administrator who registered him as an adult. Poularakis said age assessors are on the anchor for adults claiming to be children, but “if you say you’re an adult, no one is activity to object.”

Being a adolescent has never afforded Mosa any aegis in the past: He did not accept that his absolute approaching could be at stake. Smugglers generally acquaint refugee accouchement not to acknowledge their absolute age, cogent them that they will be prevented from traveling added if they do not pretend to be over 18 years old.

Like abounding added Hazara of his generation, Mosa was built-in in Iran, the adolescent of refugees who fled Afghanistan. Sometimes alleged “the accursed people,” the Hazara are followers of Shia Islam and an indigenous and religious boyhood in Afghanistan, a country whose wars are usually won by beyond indigenous groups and followers of Sunni Islam. Their ancestry, traced by some historians to Genghis Khan, additionally agency they are awful arresting and accept been targets for animality by Afghan warlords from 19th-century Pashtun kings to today’s Taliban.

In contempo decades, millions of Hazara accept fled Afghanistan, abounding of them to Iran, breadth their language, Dari, is a accent of Persian Farsi, the country’s main language.

“We had a activity breadth we went from assignment to home, which were both underground in a basement,” he said. “There was annihilation (for us) like aimless the streets. I was aggravating not to be apparent by anyone. I ran from the badge like I would from a street dog.”

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Iran hosts 950,000 Afghan refugees who are registered with the U.N. and addition 1.5 actor undocumented Afghans. There are no official refugee camps, authoritative displaced Afghans one of the bigger burghal refugee populations in the world. For those afterwards the money to pay bribes, there is no avenue to constant address or citizenship. Best refugees survive afterwards affidavit on the outskirts of cities such as the capital, Tehran. Those who accustomed permits, afore Iran chock-full arising them altogether in 2007, charge renew them annually. The accuse are capricious and high. Mostly, the Afghan Hazara survive as an underclass, accouterment bargain activity in workshops and constructions sites. This was how Mosa grew up.

“We had a activity breadth we went from assignment to home, which were both underground in a basement,” he said. “There was annihilation (for us) like aimless the streets. I was aggravating not to be apparent by anyone. I ran from the badge like I would from a street dog.”

But he could not abide airy consistently and one day in October 2016, on his way home from work, he was bedfast by badge for not having papers.

Sitting in one of the cantinas adverse the access to Moria, Mosa haltingly explained what happened next. How he was threatened with bastille in Iran or displacement to Afghanistan, a country in which he has never set foot. How he was told that that the abandoned way out was to accede to action in Syria – for which they would pay him and accolade him with accustomed abode in Iran.

“In Iran, you accept to pay for papers,” said Mosa. “If you don’t pay, you don’t accept papers. I do not apperceive Afghanistan. I did not accept a choice.”

As he talked, Mosa advance out a agglomeration of affidavit from a aged artificial wallet. Forth with awning abstracts was a baby block busy with blush and lavender elephants breadth he keeps the buzz numbers of accompany and family. It additionally contains a passport-sized blooming album with the acme of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a acting abode permit. Central its agleam awning is the photograph of a scared-looking boy, whom the certificate claims was built-in 27 years ago. It is the abandoned I.D. he has anytime endemic and the date of bearing has been apish to adumbrate the actuality that the country that issues it has been sending accouchement to war.

Mosa is not abandoned amid the Hazara boys who accept accustomed in Greece gluttonous protection, accustomed identification affidavit with aggrandized ages. Refugees Deeply has accurate the cases of three Hazara adolescent soldiers and corroborated their accounts with affidavit from two added arrears survivors. Their belief are of childhoods active denied: already in Syria, breadth they were afflicted to fight, and afresh afresh afterwards beat to Europe, breadth they are bent up in a arrangement added focused on adamantine borders than on anecdotic the best damaged and vulnerable refugees.

Karim’s coast into hell began with a prank. Calm with a brace of friends, he recorded an angsty song riffing on growing up as a Hazara jailbait in Tehran. Fabricated aback he was 16 years old, the song was meant to be funny. His bandage did not alike accept a name. The boys uploaded the clue on a bounded file-sharing belvedere in 2014 and were as afraid as anyone aback it was downloaded bags of times. But afterwards the abruptness came a bit-by-bit faculty of fear. Undocumented Afghan refugee families active in Tehran usually try to abstain cartoon absorption to themselves. Karim approved to accept the song deleted, but afterwards two months there was a beating on the door. It was the police.

“I asked them how they begin me,” he said. “I had no abstracts but they knew breadth I lived.”

Already conflicting from his family, the jailbait was transported from his activity of animate in a pharmacy and blockage with accompany to activity in a bastille alfresco the capital. Afterwards two weeks inside, he was accustomed three choices: to serve a five-year sentence; to be abandoned to Afghanistan; or to redeem himself by aing the Fatemiyoun.

According to Iranian propaganda, the Fatemiyoun are Afghan volunteers deployed to Syria to assure the tomb of Zainab, the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammad. In reality, the Fatemiyoun Army is a assemblage of Iran’s able Revolutionary Guard, fatigued overwhelmingly from Hazara communities, and it has fought in Iraq and Yemen, as able-bodied as Syria. Some estimates put its abounding backbone at 15,000, which would accomplish it the second-largest adopted force in abutment of the Assad regime, abaft the Lebanese militia group Hezlah.

Karim was told he would be paid and accustomed a one-year abode admittance during leave aback in Iran. Conscripts are promised that if they are “martyred,” their ancestors will accept a alimony and constant status. “I wasn’t activity to Afghanistan and I wasn’t activity to prison,” said Karim. So he begin himself afflicted to serve in the Fatemiyoun.

The banderole of the Fatemiyoun.

His aboriginal aftertaste of the new activity came aback he was transferred to a training abject alfresco Tehran, breadth the recruits, including added children, were accustomed basal weapons training and religious indoctrination. They marched, crawled and prayed beneath the brigade’s chicken banderole with a blooming arch, beyond by advance rifles and a Koranic phrase: “With the Advice of God.”

“Imagine me at 16,” said Karim. “I accept no abstraction how to annihilate a bird. They got us to annihilation animals to get us ready. First, they adapt your academician to kill.”

The 16-year-old’s aboriginal deployment was to Mosul in Iraq, breadth he served four months. Aback he was accustomed leave aback in Iran, Karim was told that to authorize for his abode admittance he would charge to serve a additional term, this time in Syria. They were aboriginal beatific into the action adjoin the alleged Islamic State in Raqqa. Because of his age and physique, Karim and some of the added arrears soldiers were confused to the medical corps. He said that there were boys as adolescent as 14 and he remembers a 15-year-old who fought application a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

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“One captive was asleep by actuality afraid by his beard from a tree. They cut off his fingers one by one and cauterized the wounds with gunpowder.”

“I knew annihilation about Syria. I was aloof aggravating to survive. They were authoritative us abhorrence ISIS, dehumanizing them. Cogent us not to leave one of them alive.” Aback media letters appear the actuality of the Fatemiyoun, the army has set up a folio on Facebook. Amid pictures of “proud volunteers,” it shows belief of captured ISIS prisoners actuality fed and cared for. Karim recalls a different story.

“One captive was asleep by actuality afraid by his beard from a tree. They cut off his fingers one by one and cauterized the wounds with gunpowder.”

The casualties on both abandon were overwhelming. At the al-Razi hospital in Aleppo, the adolescent medic saw the antipathy afflicted with bodies actuality stored two or three to a compartment. Despite promises to accolade the families of martyrs, Karim said abounding of the bodies were not beatific aback to Iran.

‘I Didn’t Go to Syria by Choice’

View from a architecture at the frontline in Raqqa on October 16, 2017.BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images

Mosa’s basal training anesthetized in a blur. A shy boy whose parents had afar aback he was adolescent and whose ancestor became an opium addict, he had consistently diminished from violence. He never basic to blow the toy accoutrements that added boys played with. Now he was actuality accomplished to breach down, apple-pie and blaze an assault rifle.

The trainees were taken three times a day to the imam, who preached to them about their angelic assignment and the iniquities of ISIS, generally referred to as Daesh.

“They told us that Daesh was the aforementioned but worse than the Taliban,” said Mosa. “I didn’t accept to them. I didn’t go to Syria by choice. They afflicted me to. I aloof bare the paper.”

Mosa was built-in in 2001. Afore actuality deployed to Syria, the recruits were accustomed I.D. tags and affidavit that advisedly abstract their age: In 2017, Animal Rights Watch appear photographs of the tombstones of eight Afghan accouchement who had died in Syria and whose families articular them as accepting been beneath 18 years old. The agent who abounding out Mosa’s forms did not agitation himself with circuitous math: He aloof afflicted 2001 to 1991. Mosa was one of four arrears soldiers in his group. The boys were afraid – their easily befuddled so adamantine they kept bottomward their weapons. Two of them were asleep aural canicule of extensive the front lines.

A advertising angel produced for the Fatemiyoun brigade.

“I didn’t alike apperceive breadth we were exactly, about in the mountains in a adopted country. I was afraid all the time. Every time I saw a acquaintance dying in advanced of my eyes I was cerebration I would be next,” said Mosa.

He has flashbacks of a acquaintance who died aing to him afterwards actuality attempt in the face by a sniper. Afterwards the incident, he could not beddy-bye for four nights. The worst, he said, were the abrupt raids by ISIS aback they would abduction Fatemiyoun fighters: “God knows what happened to them.”

Iran does not absolution abstracts on the cardinal of Fatemiyoun casualties. In a attenuate account beforehand this year, a chief administrator in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard appropriate as abounding as 1,500 Fatemiyoun had been asleep in Syria. In Mashhad, an Iranian burghal a the bound with Afghanistan breadth the army was aboriginal recruited, video footage has emerged of families ambitious the bodies of their adolescent men believed to accept died in Syria. Mosa recalls patrols in Syria breadth 150 men and boys would go out and abandoned 120 would return.

Escaping Syria

Smoke billows afterward appear air strikes on a rebel-held breadth in the southern burghal of Daraa. AFP/MOHAMAD ABAZEED

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Abbas had two weeks larboard in Syria afore activity aback to Iran on leave. Afterwards 10 weeks in what he describes as a “living hell,” he had amorphous to accept he ability accomplish it out alive. It was his additional assignment in Syria and, still abandoned 17 years old, he had been alleged to be a paramedic, benumbed in the aback of a 2008 Chevrolet barter adapted into a makeshift ambulance.

He remembers cerebration that the ambulance and the hospital would accept to be bigger than the absinthian algid of the advanced line. His constant anamnesis from afresh was the complete of admission 120mm shells. “They had a appropriate voice,” Abbas said. “And aback you apprehend it, you charge lie down.”

Following 15 canicule of nursing training, during which he was accomplished how to acquisition a attitude and administrate injections, he was now an ambulance man, accession the asleep and blood-soaked from the battlefields on which the Fatemiyoun were fighting ISIS.

Abbas grew up in Ghazni in Afghanistan, but his adolescence concluded aback his ancestor died from blight in 2013. Now the provider for the family, he catholic with smugglers beyond the bound into Iran, to assignment for a clothier in Tehran who had accepted his father. He formed afterwards abstracts and faced the aforementioned threats as the undocumented Hazara accouchement built-in in Iran. Alike added alarming were the few attempts he fabricated to acknowledgment to Ghazni. The third time he attempted to hop the bound he was captured by Iranian police.

Abbas was arranged assimilate a transport, forth with 23 added children, and beatific to Ordugah-i Muhaceran, a camplike apprehension centermost alfresco Mashhad. Aback they got there the Shia Hazara boys were afar from Sunni Pashtuns, Afghanistan’s bigger indigenous group, who were pushed aback beyond the border. Abbas was accustomed the aforementioned best as Karim and Mosa afore him: Afghanistan or Syria. Abounding of the added afflicted recruits Abbas met in training, and afterwards fought alongside in Syria, were addicts with a history of substance abuse.

Testimony from three Fatemiyoun adolescent soldiers accepted that Tramadol was commonly acclimated by recruits to deaden their senses, abrogation them “feeling nothing” alike in action situations but, nonetheless, able to break alive for canicule at a time.

The Fatemiyoun admiral dealt with abandonment affection by handing out Tramadol, an opioid painkiller that is acclimated to amusement aback affliction but sometimes abused as a bargain another to methadone. The biologic is a slow-release analgesic. Affidavit from three Fatemiyoun adolescent soldiers accepted that it was commonly acclimated by recruits to deaden their senses, abrogation them “feeling nothing” alike in action situations but, nonetheless, able to break alive for canicule at a time. One of the accouchement accepted that the painkiller meant he acquainted nothing. Users call activity acutely agog but say they abstain bubbler baptize because it triggers austere abhorrence and ing. Tramadol is addictive and abiding use can advance to indisposition and seizures.

Life in the ambulance had not met Abbas’ expectations. He was still beatific to the advanced line, abandoned now it was to aggregate the asleep and mutilated. Some soldiers attempt themselves in the anxiety to escape the conflict.

“We best up bodies with no anxiety and no hands. Some of them were my friends,” Abbas said. “One man was in small, baby pieces. We calm anatomy genitalia I could not admit and I didn’t apperceive if they were Syrian or Iranian or Afghan. We aloof put them in bags.”

Abbas did not accomplish it to the 12th week. One morning, active forth a rubble-strewn road, his ambulance collided with an anti-tank mine. Abbas’ aftermost anamnesis of Syria is seeing the aback doors of the agent accursed apparent as he was befuddled assimilate the road.

When he awoke he was in a hospital bed in Iran. He would afterwards apprentice that the Syrian ambulance disciplinarian had been asleep and that the added Afghan medic in the agent had absent both his legs. At the time, his abandoned anticipation was to escape.

View over the tented breadth on the acropolis at Moria camp. CREDIT: Milos Bicanski

Alice Roorda aboriginal came into acquaintance with adolescent soldiers in 2001 in the refugee camps of Sierra Leone in West Africa. A adolescent psychologist, she was beatific there by the United Kingdom-based alms War Child. She was one of three psychologists for a afflicted of added than 5,000 heavily traumatized survivors of one of West Africa’s added brutal conflicts.

“There was about annihilation we could do,” she admitted.

The experience, calm with afterwards assignment in Uganda, has accustomed her a abysmal accomplishments in the furnishings of war and post-conflict agony on children. She said abiding acknowledgment to battle zones has concrete as able-bodied as psychological effects.

“If you are chronically stressed, as in a war zone, you accept consistently aerial levels of the two basal accent hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.”

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Even afterwards extensive a calmer situation, the “stress baseline” charcoal high, she said. This impacts aggregate from the allowed arrangement to bowel movements. Veterans generally ache from complications accompanying to the around-the-clock assurance of the psoas, or “fear muscle” – the centermost anatomy in the body’s core, which affix the spine, through the pelvis, to the femurs.

“With abiding accent you alpha to see the apple about you as added dangerous.” The centermost prefrontal cortex, the area of the academician that interprets blackmail levels, is additionally affected, said Roorda. This allotment of the academician is sometimes alleged the “watchtower.”

“When your alarm isn’t activity able-bodied you see aggregate as added dangerous. You are on aerial alert. This is not a acquainted response; it is because the accent is already so aing to the surface.”

Psychological altitude that can be accepted to advance accommodate post-traumatic accent ataxia (PTSD) and absorption arrears hyperactivity ataxia (ADHD). Larboard untreated, these accent levels can advance to concrete affection alignment from abiding fatigue affection (CFS or ME) to aerial claret burden or annoyed bowel syndrome. Additionally accepted are acute acuteness to babble and insomnia.

The agony of war can additionally leave accouchement arctic at the point aback they were traumatized. “Their activity is organized as if the agony is still ongoing,”

The agony of war can additionally leave accouchement arctic at the point aback they were traumatized. “Their activity is organized as if the agony is still ongoing,” said Roorda. “It is difficult for them to booty affliction of themselves, to accomplish rational able-bodied a choices, and to trust people.”

The starting point for any analysis of adolescent soldiers, said Roorda, is a calm environment. They charge to absolution the astriction with abutment groups and concrete therapy, she said, and “a normal bedtime.”

The Dutch psychologist, who is now based in Athens, accustomed that what she is anecdotic is the exact adverse of the altitude at Moria.


Three adolescent awning seekers attending through the fence at the Athens-bound ferry, which they cannot lath afterwards appropriate permission. CREDIT: Milos Bicanski

Karim is assertive that his ability for English has adored his life. While best Hazara boys access in Europe speaking abandoned Farsi, Karim had accomplished himself some basal English afore extensive Greece. As a boy in Tehran he had spent hours every day aggravating to aces up words and phrases from movies that he watched with subtitles on his phone. His admired was The Godfather, which he said he charge accept apparent 25 times. He now calls English his “safe zone” and said he prefers it to Farsi.

When Karim accomplished Greece in March 2016, new arrivals were not yet bedfast to the islands. No one asked him if he was a adolescent or an adult. He paid smugglers to advice him escape Iran while on leave from Syria and afterwards bridge through Turkey landed on Chios. Aural a day and a half, he had anesthetized through the anchorage of Piraeus and accomplished Greece’s arctic bound with Macedonia, at Idomeni.

When he accomplished the bound was closed, he talked to some of the all-embracing aid workers who had appear to advice at the makeshift billet breadth tens of bags of refugees and migrants waited for a bound that would not reopen. They concluded up hiring him as a translator. Two years on, his English is now abundant bigger and Karim has formed for a cord of all-embracing NGOs and a annex of the Greek armed forces, breadth he was helped to auspiciously administrate for asylum.

The aforementioned job has additionally brought him to Moria. He earns an above-average bacon for Greece and at aboriginal he said that his assignment on Lesbos is positive: “I’m not the abandoned one who has a shitty background. It balances my apperception to apperceive that I’m not the only one.”

But afresh he admits that it is difficult audition and interpreting versions of his own activity adventure from Afghan awning seekers every day at work. He has had problems with abasement and suffered flashbacks, “even admitting I’m in a safe country now.”

Abbas got the advice he bare to win the vulnerability contest. Afterwards he was initially registered as an adult, his age appraisal was chaotic and he was transferred from Moria to a apartment for accouchement on Lesbos. He has aback been confused afresh to a apartment in acreage Greece. While he waits to apprehend the accommodation on his aegis status, Abbas – like added awning seekers in Greece – receives 150 euros ($170) a month. This bulk needs to awning all his expenses, from aliment and accouterment to buzz credit. The money is not abundant to awning a approved advance of the antidepressant Prozac and the sleeping pills he was assigned by the analyst he was able to see on Lesbos.

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“I save them for aback it gets absolutely bad,” he said.

Abbas underwent a breach operation in Iran, the aftereffect of injuries abiding as a adolescent appropriation developed bodies into the ambulance.

Since affective to the acreage he has been ailing already with convulsions, but his basic anguish is the affliction in his groin. Abbas underwent a breach operation in Iran, the aftereffect of injuries abiding as a adolescent appropriation developed bodies into the ambulance. He has been told that he will charge to delay for four months to see a doctor in Greece who can acquaint him if he needs another operation.

“I would like to go aback to school,” he said. But in reality, Abbas knows that he will charge to assignment and there is little approaching for an Afghan boy who can no best lift heavy weights.

Walking into an Afghan restaurant in city Athens – a Victoria Square, breadth the bodies smugglers do business – Abbas is captivated to see Farsi singers assuming on the television aloft the door. “I haven’t been in an Afghan restaurant for maybe three years,” he said to explain his excitement. His face brightens afresh aback he catches afterimage of Ghormeh sabzi, a assemble bouillon accepted in Afghanistan and Iran that reminds him of his mother. “I absence actuality with them,” he said, “being amid my family.”

When the bowl arrives he pauses afore eating, demography out his buzz and anxiously photographing the bowl from every angle.

Mosa’s acting abode permit. The ID falsely states his age as 27.

Mosa is about to mark the end of a abounding year in Moria. He charcoal in the aforementioned arid covering that reminds him every day of Syria. Austere weight accident has fabricated his continued limbs – the ones that fabricated it easier for adults to pretend he was not a adolescent – about comically thin. His bark is abstemious with scars, but he refuses to go into detail about how he got them. Mosa has now affronted 18 and seems to apprehend that his best adventitious of accepting advice may have gone.

“Those bodies who don’t accept problems, they accord them vulnerability (status),” he said with axiomatic anger. “If you acquaint them the truth, they don’t help you.”

Then he apologises for the beam of temper. “I get agitated and affronted and my anatomy shakes,” he said.

Mosa explained that now aback he gets affronted he has abstruse to aish himself: “Sometimes I actuality my aerial with toilet cardboard to accomplish it quiet.”

It is 10 months aback Mosa had his awning interview. The questions he accepted about his time in the Fatemiyoun never came up. Instead, the interviewers asked him why he had not backward in Turkey afterwards extensive that country, accepting run abroad while on leave in Iran.

The questions they did ask him point to his acceptable bounce and deportation. Why, he was asked, was his abhorrence of actuality afflicted in Afghanistan credible? He told them that he has heard from added Afghan boys that badge and aegis casework in the capital, Kabul, were arresting ex-combatants from Syria.

Like teenagers everywhere, abounding of the adolescent Fatemiyoun conscripts took selfies in Syria and acquaint them on Facebook or aggregate them on WhatsApp. The images, which accommodate uniforms and insignia, can accomplish him a ambition for Sunni reprisals. These pictures now abode him as abundant as the faces of his dead comrades.

Meanwhile, the fate he suffered two tours in Syria to abstain now seems to be the best that Europe can action him. Afterwards any of his beforehand anger, he said, “I adopt to annihilate myself actuality than go to Afghanistan.”

DISCLAIMER: Names accept been afflicted and exact locations bare to assure the identities of the three basic characters in this story.

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Daniel Howden is a chief editor at Refugees Deeply. A contributor to the Economist and the Guardian, he was ahead the Africa contributor and agent adopted editor at the Independent.

Metin Kodalak: A sociologist by training, Kodalak has formed with awning seekers in Moria for added than 18 months.

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