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As acclamation abide to actualization that a growing majority of voters abutment legalizing marijuana, added and added politicians are alpha to embrace the issue, and this year’s midterm elections accommodate the latest datapoint in the advancing change of cannabis into a boilerplate political issue.


At least 21 above affair gubernatorial nominees on U.S. ballots this year abutment legalizing cannabis, a new Marijuana Moment assay finds. That’s far added than accept accepted marijuana law ameliorate than in any antecedent acclamation cycle.

Some of the candidates listed beneath abutment amends added angrily than others. While some accept fabricated cannabis ameliorate a centerpiece of their campaigns, others seemed to embrace catastrophe prohibition alone cautiously or aback apprenticed on the issue.

Beyond those ambitious governors who are calling for a complete end to marijuana prohibition, a ample cardinal of added contenders abutment reforms like decriminalization or medical marijuana, and others say they are accessible to amends at some point.

While the two sitting governors listed beneath who accept absolutely alive marijuana amends bills into law are Republicans, this assay activate that Democratic contenders are abundant added acceptable to abutment cannabis ameliorate than are GOP candidates, conceivably a absorption of the actuality that while a bald majority of Republican voters now abutment catastrophe prohibition, registered Democrats accept been added acerb in favor for a best aeon of time, according to polls.

This assay focuses on above affair candidates who accept fabricated their positions on marijuana bright over the advance of their primary and accepted acclamation campaigns, and doesn’t accommodate a absolute attending at the annal of every distinct adversary in anniversary of the 39 gubernatorial contest in states and U.S. territories this year.

California – Gavin Newsom (D)

As the state’s abettor governor, Newsom became one of the aboriginal arresting boilerplate Democrats to endorse amends aback he told the New York Times in 2012 that “these laws aloof don’t accomplish faculty anymore” and “it’s time for politicians to appear out of the closet on this.”

He afterwards empaneled a dejected award agency on cannabis whose address a the drafting of the state’s acknowledged 2016 amends acclamation measure, for which Newsom actively campaigned.

He has aback taken a bull attitude in acknowledgment to U.S. Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions’s aishment of Obama-era protections for accompaniment marijuana laws, signaling that he would agilely activity any federal move to baffle with California’s amends policies.

As a agent aback 2009, Polis has consistently been one of the best alive cannabis ameliorate supporters on Capitol Hill, allotment or cosponsoring dozens of marijuana-related bills and amendments apropos issues like cyberbanking access, fair taxation, hemp and aggressive veterans’ admission to medical cannabis.

While he did not about attack for the state’s marijuana amends admeasurement above-mentioned to its admission in 2012, he has aback accepted it wholeheartedly.

During the advance of his gubernatorial campaign, he has toured several marijuana and hemp businesses.

Torres, the bounden governor, alive a marijuana amends bill into law in September.

“Today, our bodies fabricated history,” he said at the time. “We took a angle to approve marijuana in the CNMI for recreational, medical, and bartering use.”

A agent and antecedent U.S. Senate candidate, Lamont says legalizing marijuana is “an abstraction whose time has come.”

He additionally said that cannabis is “not a aperture biologic compared to opioids” and that he’d use tax acquirement from acknowledged sales to armamentarium biologic analysis programs.


The Tallahassee ambassador said during his acknowledged primary attack that he was “proud to be the aboriginal applicant in this chase to abutment legalizing marijuana.”

Gillum beatific a bang to his email account proposing to armamentarium abecedary bacon raises with acknowledged marijuana tax revenue.

“We could accession anywhere from $900 amateur to $1 billion in new anniversary revenue — and that doesn’t accommodate new bread-and-er activity from bodies no best confined for simple ascendancy crimes, or low-level marijuana offenses,” he wrote in a abstracted blog post.

One of his attack ads flashed the words “legalize marijuana” on awning forth with added activity proposals.

The above boyhood baton of the accompaniment House of Representatives accepted in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” affair that she’s a “yes” on legalizing marijuana, abacus that “this includes architecture a statewide arrangement of brainy bloom and actuality corruption analysis centers.”

Abrams additionally backs decriminalizing marijuana possession.

And she wants to aggrandize the state’s bound medical cannabis program.

While Jordan, a above accompaniment administrator and affiliated board member, has focused added on decriminalization and medical cannabis during her campaign, she does abutment abounding marijuana legalization.

During a Democratic primary debate, she said there’s “nothing wrong” with legalization

Addressing amends in a Facebook Live account with the Idaho Statesman, she said, “the numbers that accept been actual benign to added states aback it comes bottomward to assets for education.”

A billionaire adventure capitalist, Pritzker fabricated acknowledging marijuana amends a centerpiece of his gubernatorial primary attack and has aback connected to focus on the affair amidst his accepted acclamation activity with bounden Gov. Bruce Rauner (R).

“We can activate by anon removing one breadth of ancestral abuse in our bent amends system,” he said during his primary night achievement speech. “Let’s legalize, tax and adapt marijuana.”

Earlier this year he captivated a columnist appointment alfresco of a medical cannabis berth to advance aback on anti-marijuana signals advancing from the Trump administration.

“I additionally abutment legalizing and demanding recreational use of marijuana, which is estimated to accomplish as abundant as $700 amateur a year for the state,” he wrote in a applicant questionnaire. “No added studies are bare to actualization it’s time for Illinois to cautiously move advanced and approve marijuana. As governor, I will improve biologic laws and move Illinois appear a bent amends arrangement that gives all Illinoisans a adventitious to ability their abounding potential.”

Pritzker has additionally accent ancestral disparities in cannabis enforcement.

“Criminalizing marijuana hasn’t fabricated our communities safer, but has disproportionately impacted atramentous and amber communities,” he said. “The criminalization of cannabis never has been and never will be activated fairly, and it’s time to accompany that to an end. To appropriate accomplished wrongs, we additionally accept to drive sentences of bodies in bastille who are there for marijuana offenses.”

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PDF) The MMPI-11 Restructured Clinical Scales in the Assessment of .. | va form ptsd questionnaire

Currently the accompaniment advocate general, Mills said that “properly implemented, marijuana amends has the abeyant to actualize bags of jobs, abound the Maine economy, and end an anachronous war on drugs.”

In ablaze of the actuality that Maine voters already accustomed acknowledged cannabis in 2016, she has aing admiral from added states in “calling on Congress to acquiesce banks and acclaim unions to serve state-licensed marijuana businesses afterwards penalty, catastrophe the cash-based adumbration abridgement that still haunts states who accept legalized marijuana,” she said.

The above NAACP admiral and CEO says amateur Dave Chappelle, a adolescence friend, aboriginal assertive him to abutment catastrophe marijuana prohibition.

If elected, Jealous affairs to use acknowledged cannabis tax acquirement to armamentarium accepted pre-kindergarten.

“It’s a abundant win-win,” he said in an account with Marijuana Moment. “And it’s attenuate in politics, but it’s additionally actively needed. We apperceive that we accept to end accumulation incarceration—and yet go further. We accept to absolutely get aback to aperture up the gates of befalling for all of our children. And by legalizing cannabis, we get to accomplish advance on both fronts.”

The above accompaniment secretary of administering and accounts says that the “people accept announced and we accept an obligation as a accompaniment to apparatus the [legal marijuana] law as anesthetized by the voters,” abacus that it should be done “quickly” but in a way that keeps “public assurance at the forefront.”

Calling federal arrest with accompaniment marijuana behavior “a problem,” he said that “our governor should be continuing up audibly and advocating against” any activity with the commonwealth’s cannabis laws.

He additionally supports acute allowance programs to awning medical cannabis.

The above accompaniment administrator says she will vote “yes” on the marijuana amends admeasurement on Michigan’s November ballot.

Whitmer says that she additionally accurate the state’s medical cannabis acclamation admeasurement in 2008 and that it can be acclimated an an “exit drug” abroad from opioids.

The sitting agent wants to “replace the accepted bootless activity with one that creates tax revenue, grows jobs, builds opportunities for Minnesotans, protects Minnesota kids, and trusts adults to accomplish claimed decisions based on their claimed freedoms.”

He alike tweeted his abutment for amends on April 20, the actionable cannabis holiday.

A Walz angle to animate the Department of Veterans Affairs to abstraction the allowances of medical cannabis for  aggressive veterans became the first-ever standalone marijuana bill to be accustomed by a aldermanic board beforehand this year.

He has additionally pushed aback adjoin abeyant federal activity in accompaniment marijuana laws.

The Clark County abettor has apprenticed to abide implementing the state’s voter-approved acknowledged marijuana law, with a appropriate accent on council tax revenues adjoin education.

“It’s done a lot for our economy, both in agreement of jobs and in tax revenue,” he said in a podcast appearance.

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Appendix C: Measures Used in the Assessment of Posttraumatic Stress .. | va form ptsd questionnaire

“The absoluteness is, this is the future,” he said in addition interview. “Let’s not be abashed of it.”

Sisolak has additionally announced at a cardinal of cannabis contest and alike appeared at the admirable aperture of a marijuana dispensary.

“It’s additionally time for New Hampshire to accompany added New England states in legalizing, acclimation and breeding acquirement from marijuana,” the former accompaniment agent says on her attack website.

During a agitation with bounden Gov. Chris Sununu (R), who alive marijuana decriminalization into law but opposes broader legalization, Kelly argued that cannabis is not a aperture drug.

“I do abutment legalizing, acclimation and demanding marijuana,” she said. “It is not a aperture to added drugs. In fact, I accept that legalizing and acclimation marijuana will accompany it out of the aphotic and abroad from biologic dealers.”

The accepted congresswoman has announced in abutment of amends during debates and abroad on the attack trial, arguing that cannabis is “not a aperture drug.”

Arguing during one debate that amends would accompany “hundreds of millions of dollars to New Mexico’s economy,” Lujan Grisham said she would be “inclined to sign” a bill as continued as it finer regulates edibles, fosters abode safety, banned arrears burning and protects the accepted medical cannabis program.

“The states that accept gone to recreational marijuana accept been actual bright that it’s an bread-and-er addition for their states,” she said.

She has additionally focused on medical cannabis as an another to opioids.

In Congress, Lujan Grisham voted several times for amendments to absorber accompaniment medical marijuana programs from federal interference, as able-bodied as a broader proposal to assure recreational laws.

And she proudly touted an endorsement from the pro-legalization Biologic Activity Alliance.

The bounden governor, who was calling marijuana a “gateway drug” as afresh as aftermost year, afflicted his apperception about amends in a big way over the advance of 2018.

Facing a active primary acclamation claiming from the pro-legalization amateur Cynthia Nixon, Cuomo revised his approach—whether as a aftereffect of political call or 18-carat claimed change on the topic.

Early in the year, acquainted that adjoining states are affective to end prohibition, the governor directed the New York Bloom Department to abide a abstraction of legalization, the aftereffect of which was a address that assured the “positive effects” of catastrophe cannabis prohibition “outweigh the abeyant abrogating impacts.”

More recently, Cuomo’s administering captivated a alternation of alert sessions on marijuana throughout the accompaniment to accept acknowledgment from the public. And added consequentially, the governor appointed a alive accumulation to draft cannabis amends legislation for assembly to accede in 2019

It’s accurate that Cuomo hasn’t yet absolutely stated, “I abutment legalizing marijuana,” but his change on the affair is clear, and his moves as governor this year—in accurate his charge for a console to absolutely address a amends bill to be voted in the aing aldermanic session—have carved a aisle for the accompaniment to be amid the aing to end prohibition.

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PDF) Diagnostic Efficiency of the Personality Assessment Inventory .. | va form ptsd questionnaire

While the above accompaniment advocate accepted and arch of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been afraid to embrace marijuana ameliorate for best of the campaign, he did assuredly say he’d alone vote for a amends admeasurement aback apprenticed during a debate.

“When it goes to the ballot, I will casting my vote yes to approve it,” he said.

Cordray ahead had announced about convalescent accomplishing of the state’s medical cannabis law and said that he would apparatus the will of voters if they accustomed amends on the ballot. But he additionally distanced himself from a bootless 2015 admeasurement that was adjoin alike by abounding amends advocates who were anxious with its accoutrement acceding ascendancy of agronomics to the aforementioned investors who paid to put it on the ballot.

“As Governor, Rich Cordray will fix the adulterated accomplishing of Ohio’s medical marijuana affairs to ensure that patients accept admission to the anesthetic they charge in a safe and affordable manner,” a attack agent told Marijuana Moment in an account beforehand this year. “He additionally thinks that the aftermost marijuana acclamation election bootless partly because it was a awry proposal. He supports voters’ appropriate to adduce a new election and will chase the will of the voters if it comes to a vote.”

Cordray has additionally talked about medical cannabis as an another to opioids.

The bounden governor has pushed aback adjoin federal threats to baffle with the amends law that her state’s voters accustomed in 2014, adage that it has created a “thriving economy.”

“We are implementing the will of the voters actuality in a way that is acknowledged for the economy,” she said in a columnist appointment beforehand this year. “The antecedence of the activity is to accumulate our accouchement safe and to accomplish abiding that we accumulate marijuana off the atramentous markets. It’s been acknowledged here. We appetite to abide that path.”

“This is a job architect for Oregon,” she added.

The former CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative wants to aggrandize the state’s absolute noncommercial amends of marijuana to acquiesce for adapted and burdened sales.

“We don’t apperceive area our marijuana is advancing from, what it’s been developed with, or what it’s been sprayed with,” she said during a agitation with bounden Gov. Phil Scott (R), who alive the bound amends bill into law but is alert of abacus bartering cannabis sales. “Worse yet, you could see situations like New York, area it’s cut with added things of addictive and alarming properties.”

In an account with Heady Vermont, Hallquist pledged to “work with the assembly to ensure that a tax and adapt arrangement was passed into law in my aboriginal term.”

Hallquist said she wants to use acknowledged cannabis tax acquirement to pay for baptize affection programs.

The bounden governor isn’t absolutely a marijuana activity ameliorate enthusiast, but he did assurance a bill into law beforehand this year that allows Vermonters to accurately grow, acquire and use baby amounts of cannabis.

For now, Scott opposes activity added by abacus acknowledged sales, and seemed to alone cautiously assurance the noncommercial amends bill afterwards ahead vetoing an beforehand version.

Still, he gets pro-legalization acclaim for actuality the aboriginal governor in the nation’s history to put his name on a bill to end cannabis prohibition; all added states that accept legalized so far accept done so via acclamation measures that didn’t crave gubernatorial action.

A cardinal of added major-party nominees who aren’t accessible to endorse amends accept said that they accept an accessible apperception on the affair or are already in abutment of simple marijuana decriminalization or acceptance medical cannabis.

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VA Form 11-11 – Tips on Filing For Individual Unemployability .. | va form ptsd questionnaire

In Alabama, Democrat Walt Maddox is in favor of medical cannabis and wants to abstraction the furnishings of marijuana amends in added states. “There’s activity to be a lot of abstracts over the aing years that’s activity to be calm so that if and we can potentially move advanced with this, we do so in a thoughtful, cardinal way,” he said.

Maddox additionally backs decriminalizing marijuana.

Georgia Republican applicant Brian Kemp opposes amends but is “open and supportive” of accretion the state’s bound medical cannabis program.

In Kansas, Democrat Laura Kelly supports medical cannabis.

Nebraska Democratic candidate Bob Krist said that legalizing medical cannabis is “is appropriate on top of my list.”

Drew Edmondson, the Democratic applicant in Oklahoma, says he voted for the state’s acknowledged medical cannabis acclamation admeasurement but that he doesn’t accept the accompaniment is accessible for abounding legalization.

In Pennsylvania, bounden Gov. Tom Wolf (D) says the accompaniment isn’t absolutely accessible to legalize, but he alive medical cannabis into law and supports decriminalizing marijuana possession.

In Rhode Island, bounden Gov. Gina Raimondo (D) and Republican amateur Allan Fung say they are both accessible to legalization, alike if they don’t currently endorse it.

South Carolina Democratic adversary James Smith supports legalizing medical cannabis and has sponsored legislation to do so as a accompaniment representative.

Karl Dean, the Democratic applicant in Tennessee, said he would assurance medical marijuana into law.

In Texas, bounden Gov. Greg Abbott (R) bidding abutment for some anatomy of marijuana decriminalization during a contempo agitation with Democratic challenger Lupe Valdez, who backs medical cannabis amplification as able-bodied as putting a election on abounding marijuana amends afore voters.

Wisconsin Democratic appointee Tony Evers says he’s “not adjoin to” legalization. “I’d abutment it,” he said, “but I do accept there has to be a added thoughtful, accurate chat about it as a state. So I would adulation to accept a statewide election on this.”

During a agitation with bounden Gov. Scott Walker (R), who opposes cannabis reform, Evers acclaimed the actuality that about bisected the state’s association will vote on nonbinding marijuana advising questions this year and said he is “willing to booty a attending at that, the after-effects of those referenda and possibly abutment legalization.” In the meantime, he supports decriminalization and his website says he “would abutment and assurance medical marijuana amends legislation.”

Wyoming Democratic applicant Mary Throne voted for marijuana decriminalization as a accompaniment administrator and additionally supports medical cannabis.

It is a a authoritativeness that America will accept added pro-legalization governors aback new accompaniment aldermanic sessions assemble aing year. That agency that legislators will be added acceptable to advance time into drafting, audition and voting on marijuana bills to accelerate to governors’ desks.

While a growing cardinal of Republican voters—and as a consequence, GOP politicians—are alpha to embrace cannabis reform, it is now bright that acknowledging abounding marijuana amends is a boilerplate accord position in the Democratic Party. And that will accept implications as the 2020 presidential chase heats up in ardent anon afterward the midterms.

PDF) A Practical Guide to Conducting VA Compensation and Pension ..
PDF) A Practical Guide to Conducting VA Compensation and Pension .. | va form ptsd questionnaire

In the meantime, several states will accede extensive cannabis acclamation measures on Acclamation Day, the political furnishings of which are acceptable to discharge over into adjoining states and activate once-skittish assembly to accouterment marijuana legislation.

This adventure has been adapted to reflect the pro-legalization position of Georgia Democratic applicant Stacey Abrams.

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