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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” October 24, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: We charge you to watch the appearance for the complete hour tonight. Now, tonight, abounding Americans are on aerial active afterwards a alternation of doubtable mail bombs were beatific to several arresting Democrats all above the country. At this hour, cipher knows who is responsible.

Let me be bright and let me reiterate what I’ve been adage apperceive for a ages on this affairs — so abounding times, violence, threats, intimidation, it has no abode in this country. We are the United States of America. We break our political differences, which are absolute astute at this moment, at the acclamation box. That would be 13 canicule from now afterwards bloodshed.

Now, the abashed alone amenable charge be captivated accountable. And with that said tonight, sadly, we acquire so abounding bodies on the larboard and in the boilerplate media all day hasty to acumen as accepted to annual bargain political points. Abounding are absolutely blaming the president, Fox News, allocution radio, castigation truly.

It’s a abasement aback aloof the adverse is accurate and we are activity to acknowledge to this aspersion on this affairs tonight. We’ll additionally point out how Democrats afterwards weeks of absolutely calling for dness and accusation and, you know, accepting in people’s faces and afterward them cogent them you are not capital anywhere anymore, all of a sudden, are assuming to be the affair of peace. This is affectation at its worst. We’ll betrayal this massive bifold standard.

We’ll appearance you the political ambiance that abounding that are accusatory today, they themselves fostered into the advance up into these important midterm elections.

So, sit tight, t up, we charge the abounding hour tonight. A lot of amphitheatre to cover. We alpha with our breaking annual aperture monologue.


HANNITY: All right. Tonight, we acquire some absolute advancing news.

Manila envelopes anniversary complete awkward attractive aqueduct bombs targeted several high-profile Democrats all over the country.

Now, these bales were addressed to above Admiral Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, George Soros and reportedly alike Maxine Waters. The added amalgamation advised for CIA Director John Brennan was addressed to CNN’s abode in New York. All the bales listed Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the acknowledgment address. Thankfully, none of these accessories exploded and no one was injured.

And at this hour, a all-encompassing federal analysis is on to coursing bottomward whatever bedlamite would be amenable for what is a base act. Now, you acquire heard me say over and over and over on the show, but I will echo it one added time, violence, threats, intimidation, has no abode in politics, no abode in this country.

And what we saw today was the assignment of authentic evil. This is an act of alarm and I feel abhorrent for anybody who was threatened today. It’s wrong, period.

Now, I acquire had many, abounding threats myself over the years. I’ve had white crumb beatific to my office. One of my advisers spend, what, nine hours in a and things alike far worse than that but I’m not activity to allocution about.

My affection goes out to anyone anytime threatened, anybody today, anybody tonight. No bourgeois that I apperceive and would anytime abutment — would anytime abutment this abhorrent act. No amount how acerb you disagree with some of these beliefs, anybody in this country deserves assurance and security.  I’ve said that throughout my career.

Earlier today, Admiral Trump anon accursed this amiss act. Here’s what he said. Booty a look.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: The assurance of the American bodies is my accomplished and complete priority. The abounding weight of our government is actuality deployed to conduct this analysis and accompany those amenable for these base acts to justice. We will additional no assets or amount in this effort.

And I aloof appetite to acquaint you that in these times, we acquire to unify. We acquire to appear calm and accelerate one absolute clear, strong, apparent bulletin that acts or threats of political abandon of any affectionate acquire no abode in the United States of America.


HANNITY: No abode in this country. The president’s right. Despite not animate who was amenable for these mail bombs today, we had so abounding bodies hasty to acumen — the media, the left, Democrats, all aggravating to annual bargain political credibility and a political achievement on this.

All day as this adventure was unfolding, they acquire no facts, anon allotment accusation to their political rivals, abnormally Admiral Trump.

In a collective statement, alike Schumer and Pelosi adage Admiral Trump’s words amphitheatre alveolate until he reverses his statements that disregard acts of violence. CNN’s affected annual admiral Jeff Zucker, he’s blaming Donald Trump. There is a complete abridgement of compassionate at the White Abode about the calmness of their connected attacks on the media.

Even aback they lie, you are not accustomed to alarm out lies?

Blaming the admiral for an act of abandon from an alien perpetrator seems above base that a arrangement that claims to put facts first. And, of course, anti-Trump animadversion connected every minute, every hour, every additional of the complete day. Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let’s remember, we acquire a admiral who has talked for a brace of years now about imprisoning his political battling in Hillary Clinton who has encouraged abandon adjoin the media.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The admiral and his allies, they charge to punch bottomward the political rhetoric. They are authoritative bodies beneath safe. They are authoritative journalists beneath safe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is adamantine to append abatement and not see the ambience of what is occurring today with the admiral who was afresh adapted that the columnist is the adversary of the people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are in an era now area abandon seems to acquire accountant by the admiral of the United States.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you attending at who they’ve targeted so far it’s about like they are afterward Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fox Annual hasn’t gotten a bomb yet.


HANNITY: Words are words. The admiral was not the alone ambition of the accusation d by the left-wing media aggravating to annual political points. Fox News, allocution radio, castigation truly, were absolutely vilified.

One decidedly apprenticed advocate assuming to be a anchorman at NBC tweeting, quote: There will be a blitz to pin these mail bombs on extremists. Talking credibility from binding websites and communities on Facebook and Reddit it and so on, but George Soros, Obama and the Clintons acquire been beheld at the basis of all the affronted on allocution radio and Fox Annual for over a decade.

Now, afore this base idiot tries to accusation me, Fox Annual allocution radio for the acts of acutely abashed alone who we don’t apperceive who it is yet, maybe they should watch an adventure of the appearance or acquire to my radio appearance because night afterwards night, for a month, I acquire declared for calm. I acquire accursed these confrontations, these, these mobs, these agitated acts on the larboard and right. I don’t accredit accusation based on political advantage is acutely you and your colleagues are.

One of Bernie Sanders supporters — remember, we all watched approved to assassinate Republican assembly on a baseball field, about auspiciously killing addition that I like alone and accede a friend, Abode Majority Whip Steve Scalise, I didn’t accusation Bernie Sanders, nor should anybody acquire abhorrent Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders didn’t acquaint that affronted bedlamite to annihilate Republicans. You ability bethink this.


HANNITY: I’m not blaming Bernie Sanders and Bernie Sanders supporters.  This was one nut.

Remember the Bernie Sanders supporter, the one that targeted Republicans at a baseball practice, abrogation Congressman Steve Scalise affronted for his life? Well, was the media blaming Democrats for that? No. And, by the way, they shouldn’t acquire and I don’t accusation Bernie either.


HANNITY: I — cipher should acquire abhorrent Bernie. Political disagreements, alike political activity in back-and-forth, they’re not declared to be boot orders for deranged individuals. Admiral Trump, this show, aback we accurately alarm out and betrayal the larboard for their hypocrisy, and we will do added of it in a minute, or abysmal accompaniment bribery or the affected annual media for advertisement affected annual about every night, that’s not annoying violence, I’m adage aloof the opposite. This is about activity to the acclamation box. That’s area we achieve our political differences.

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I didn’t adulation it that Obama won twice, I didn’t like it at all, but America goes on and I said abounding times during his presidency, we’ve got to assure our president. Now, the aforementioned goes for anyone in the boilerplate media, including those who besmirched Trump supporters and Democrats, or who bashed conservatives day afterwards day, night afterwards night, 24/7.

There’s hardly a chat in the concordance if it’s abrogating that I haven’t been declared at some point in my career, or that they haven’t acclimated adjoin the president. Booty a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The mobs that I see are the bodies that go to Trump rallies and beam aback Donald Trump mimics the affidavit of an declared victim of animal assault. The mobs I see are the bodies who acclamation aback Donald Trump trots out the chat “I’m a nationalist” and tells bodies to avoid the abrogating connotations, the acquaint of history of what that’s associated with.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He knows that in America, the assignment nationalist usually follows the chat white — white nationalist. That’s what it meant in the 21st century. Trump voters understand. David Duke understands that Donald Trump has to leave the chat white out of his use of the assignment nationalist.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You authority bottomward the woman while the defacer is appraisement her and you didn’t do it to her, are you a rapist? I mean, let’s aloof absolutely – – let’s cut the B.S.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tens of millions of bodies voted for him afterwards he showed his affection for years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you suggesting that they are racist?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The people, all the bodies who voted for Donald Trump are racist?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No best say Trump’s the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you are the bad guy. If you vote for Trump, you are ripping accouchement from parents’ arms.


HANNITY: Now, while I abhor that affectionate of rhetoric, the larboard is not amenable for the sad accomplishments of a lunatic. Now, sadly, there are crazy deranged bodies from all backgrounds, all political credibility of view.

Recently, Republican senator, bethink Susan Collins? She was the ambition aback a apprehensive amalgamation reportedly complete ricin was beatific to her home three weeks ago, bales were beatific to Admiral Trump, Accepted Mattis, FBI Director Wray, CIA Director Gina Haspel allegedly accepting ricin in them.  Another apprehensive bindle targeted Donald Trump Jr. and his family. His wife went to the hospital.

Today, Don Jr. tweeted, quote, as addition whose ancestors has anon been the victim of these threats, I accursed whoever did this, behindhand of affair or ideology. This applesauce has to stop and I achievement they end up in bastille for a continued time.

Amen, so do I, because I apperceive from claimed contiguous acquaintance it is a abhorrent affair to go through. What’s accident to abounding bodies tonight, it has happened acutely abounding times to me in my career.

We acquire been adage for months that the address we are seeing, the mobs we are seeing in this country that everybody needs to calm down. Rand Paul said it, I’ve said it — afore addition gets aching or worse. I’ve been adage it nightly.

Recently, we appear that Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s office, well, they threw a bedrock through the window. And night afterwards night, we appearance you, what, advancing videos, Republicans stalked, harassed, kicked out of restaurants and worse with kids and accouchement alike involved.

Take a look.


HANNITY: Now, while we on this affairs acquire been consistently now accusatory this unacceptable behavior night afterwards night, Democrats, the advanced media, they are boilerplate to be found. They acquire been silent. They’ve been missing in activity aback women are kicked out of restaurants with their kids and at a cine theaters, and Agent Cruz can eat banquet with his wife Heidi and we saw what happened this weekend, Henry Kissinger and Mitch McConnell.

And the media and affected annual CNN alike lectured us you can’t alarm that a mob.  CNN absolutely said you can’t alarm it a mob.

Meanwhile, the address from the larboard consistently is demonizing their political opponents. They charge a big fat mirror of themselves tonight to attending at how they say things. Booty a look.


ELLEN DEGENERES, TV HOST: If you had to be ashore on an elevator with either Admiral Trump, Mike Pence or Jeff Sessions, who would it be?


SEN. KAMALA HARRIS, D-CALIF.: Does one of us acquire to appear out alive?


SEN. CORY BOOKER, D-N.J.: Amuse don’t aloof appear actuality today and afresh go home. Go to the Hill today. Get up and amuse get up in the face of some Congress people.

ERIC HOLDER, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: Michelle consistently says that, you know, aback they go low, we go high. No. No. Aback they go low, we bang them.

JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: The columnist consistently asks me don’t I ambition I were debating him? No, I ambition we were in aerial academy so I could booty in abaft the gym. That’s what I wish.


HANNITY: Bethink Madonna? I anticipate an abominable lot of alarming up the White Abode or captivation up burst active of the admiral of the United States.  Oh, I didn’t see a accomplished lot of criticism of the left. A little, not a lot.

Yesterday, above VP Joe Biden alike compared the admiral to George Wallace. Today, he’s singing a abundant altered to them tweeting: This country has got to appear together.

Oh, OK, crazy Uncle Joe. You can’t go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you acquire an Indian accent. You know, really, we got a address from Joe Biden, crazy Uncle Joe?

And this is accurate of abounding Democrats. Bethink Hillary Clinton, what did she say? We can’t be civilian with Republicans, bethink this?


HILLARY CLINTON, D-FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You cannot be civilian with a political affair that wants to abort what you angle for, what you affliction about. That’s why I acquire if we are advantageous abundant to win aback the Abode and/or the Senate, that’s aback amenity can alpha again.


HANNITY: Oh, today, now she’s singing a altered tune afterwards absolute bent acts adjoin Democrats, alone if it happens adjoin Democrats. I’m alpha to t on here. Now, she’s calling for us all to appear together. Booty a look.


PPT - MODIFIED RELEASE DOSAGE FORM PowerPoint Presentation - ID:13 - repeat action dosage form
PPT – MODIFIED RELEASE DOSAGE FORM PowerPoint Presentation – ID:13 – repeat action dosage form | repeat action dosage form

CLINTON: It is a adverse time, isn’t it? And it’s a time of abysmal analysis and we acquire to do aggregate we can to accompany our country together.


HANNITY: Really? You said we couldn’t be civil. Oh, that was aftermost week.  Oh, I acquire how that works.

We can’t, of course, balloon about Congresswoman Maxine Waters afresh calling for Republicans could be stalked, harassed, confronted and grocery stores, administration stores, gas stations, acquaint them they are not capital anywhere anymore. That was a brace of weeks ago.

Take a look.


SEN. MAXINE WATERS, D-CALIF.: You acquire associates of your chiffonier that are actuality booed out of restaurants.


Who acquire protesters demography up at their abode who are saying, “No peace, no sleep.”

And if you see anybody from that chiffonier in a restaurant, in a administration store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you actualize a crowd, and you advance aback on them, and you acquaint them that they are not acceptable anymore, anywhere.


HANNITY: They are not acceptable anywhere anymore. Oh, that was then. That was a brace of weeks ago.

Now, Congresswoman Waters issued a annual today that reads: I absolutely adjudge any and all acts of abandon and terror.

What happened to get a crowd, followed them into administration stores, grocery stores, gas stations, acquaint them they are not capital anywhere anymore?

All these networks all day, careful moral outrage, they acquire been asleep bashful in the advance up to today, bluntly abetment in giving her and all of these bodies on the larboard a canyon and abounding of them themselves appliance damaging rhetoric.

The greatest affectation of all. Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Remember aback he said this about conservatives active in New York if they are pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, this is what he says.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO, D-N.Y.: Who are they? Are they these acute bourgeois who are adapted to life? Pro advance weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and if they are the acute conservatives, they acquire no abode in the accompaniment of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.


HANNITY: No abode in New York if you’re pro-life, pro-Second Amendment.

Anyway, he’s calling for amenity today. Wow. The best of civility.  Take a look.


CUOMO: — is overheated rhetoric, abandonment that pushes bodies to violence. And at the end of the day, we may acquire political differences, but this is one country, we’re all Americans, e pluribus unum, out of abounding one, and befitting the agitation and the chat civilian is very, absolute important and for adopted leaders who in abounding means set the tone, it is abnormally important.


HANNITY: E pluribus unum, except if you’re pro-life and acquire in the Additional Amendment.

What you aloof saw it as a sad affecting bifold accepted in the Democratic Party. This is what I alarm affected careful moral outrage. Apocryphal play. We see it over and over again.

So quick to alarm for accord aback Democrats are targeted, but aback Republicans are threatened, as they acquire been for weeks and weeks, they’ve been silent. They captivate about Trump, Russia collusion, no evidence, but they avoid Hillary Clinton purchasing bedraggled Russian lies and disseminating them to the American bodies to abduct an election. Bought and paid for Russian lies. That’s abandoned by the aforementioned media.

On the affair of animal assault, they appetite a seventh FBI analysis into Brett Kavanaugh. It’s declared the Kavanaugh treatment. But they are silent, absolutely silent, the aforementioned people, missing in activity with all the allegations adjoin Keith Ellison. They adulation Bill Clinton, Spartacus Cory Booker and others.

The Democrats blackout aback Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, Kirstjen Nielsen are addled and ran out of restaurants. Ted Cruz ran out of a restaurant with his wife. Mitch McConnell, a guy banging on his table this weekend. Rocks actuality befuddled through Kevin McCarthy’s appointment window. Violence, threats, intimidation, harassment.

Let me acquaint you what it is, it’s unacceptable for anybody, but the larboard has been silent. We’ve been outspoken. There is authentic or absolute affectation they alone assume to affliction aback it’s adjoin associates on the added ancillary of the aisle, alone aback they can use it to advance Admiral Trump and badger him.

Now, hopefully today, hopefully bodies are alpha to apprehend what I acquire been saying, what Rand Paul has been adage — the political altitude in this country is accepting dangerous. Somebody’s activity to get dead or worse. We don’t appetite that to appear to anybody.

Democrats, affected annual CNN, others, they all could acquire announced out aback commodity like, you know, today’s bomb alarm happens. They should, but they should acquire additionally been accusatory all the incivility, all the bang ‘em, all the chase them into stores, they are not capital actuality anywhere anymore.

And this is what matters: in 13 days, we break our differences at the acclamation box. I’m accommodating to acquire that my ancillary can lose. You acquire an opportunity. We acquire an befalling to achieve disagreements there.

But alike afterwards 2016, they capital to disengage an election. We saw all the bribery and laws burst in the after-effects of the 2016 election.

The adaptation of our built-in republic depends on law and order, according amends beneath the law, according appliance of our laws. We charge assure the assurance of every American.

OK, I’m all for civility. I absolutely don’t apperception a acceptable exact agitation with people. And I don’t affliction if bodies alarm me names. No amount what the differences are.

And so — but we charge to watch how bad this is gotten, and afore somebody gets actively aching or worse. I adjure that doesn’t happen.

Now, aback we appear back, Eric Trump, his complete ancestors has gone through added than anybody could brainstorm as it relates to this. We’ll allocution to him.  We’ll allocution to Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin.

Stay with us. A lot to get you on this active annual night. We are animated you chose FOX.


HANNITY: And as we’ve apparent all day, the base threats adjoin Democratic politicians. This is absolute dangerous. We’ve got to accomplish abiding the American bodies are safe and secure. It should acquire been accursed by all Americans, if the adapted affair to do.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeting today: As someone’s ancestors has anon been the victim of these mail threats, I adjudge whoever did this behindhand of affair or ideology. This applesauce has to stop. I achievement they end up in bastille for a continued time.

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PDF) Factors Influencing the Design and Performance of Oral .. | repeat action dosage form

Joining us now with acknowledgment from the Trump Organization, the son of the president, Eric Trump, is with us.

You know, it absolutely does accompany into focus Madonna — I dream an abominable lot about alarming up the White House. It absolutely does accompany into focus the things that acquire been said about you, about your complete family, a burst arch of your father.

Listen, your ancestor is outspoken, agnostic and he fights for what he wants and he all-overs bodies up. Absolute altered from what Maxine Waters has been accomplishing or the month-long accepting in people’s faces and confrontations with women and children, though.

ERIC TRUMP, SON OF PRESIDENT TRUMP: No catechism about it. It’s absolute altered than Eric Holder. I mean, I anticipation your aperture abode was beautiful. And, Sean, these bodies should be ter bottomward and they should be befuddled in bastille for a very, absolute continued time. It’s that simple.

It doesn’t amount which affair it is. Hey, aftermost year, I had white crumb beatific to my help. Don had white powders into his house. The white crumb absolutely blew up in my wife’s face, right, and the FBI and the Secret Service, they bent the guy and they threw him in jail.

They charge to do the exact aforementioned affair to this person. They charge to coursing this actuality down, they charge to bandy the actuality in jail, and they charge to bandy abroad the key because candidly the abridgement of amenity is unreal. This isn’t the country we are, this isn’t who we are. There are abounding Democrats who are — you know, and Republicans, they are all abundant people.

The vast, all-inclusive majority of bodies are abundant people. They don’t appetite this nonsense. This isn’t right.

HANNITY: You know, I’ve watched the abhorrent things said about your sister. I’ve watched what your adolescent brother Barron has had to go through. I watched the best abandoned things said about Melania, who was a admirable woman, I’ve gotten to apperceive her personally.

Forget about the president. We’re — he’s in the arena. Like you had white crumb beatific to me and added threats far worse than that. And I absolutely ache with what these bodies and organizations are activity through today because I’ve been there.

But the absoluteness is best of them acquire been bashful with Maxine Waters in the advance up to this and Pam Bondi, Secretary Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, Ted Cruz and his wife. Henry Kissinger, Mitch McConnell, four instances for him.  And the latest weekend, Kevin McCarthy accepting a bedrock befuddled through his appointment window.

They’ve been about bashful on his instances.

TRUMP: Not to acknowledgment auto trucks that are actuality torched in parking lots at rallies and so abounding added things. I mean, how adamantine is it aloof to say that this is not right? That everybody condemns this behindhand of what political ancillary you’re on? Everybody condemns it and these bodies deserve to be in bastille for a absolute continued time and this doesn’t represent the political party.

I mean, how adamantine is that to say? You know, you see some of the affectionate of diatribes the CNN went on today and some of the added annual networks went on today and it aloof added deepens the bisect that this has annihilation to do with the acceptable bodies of this country.

HANNITY: You know, and it’s funny, they are so agitated that your dad, I acquire rightfully, calls out affected news. We acquire watched through about two years, above two years if you booty the acclamation into annual that every second, every minute, every hour of every day. They aloof debris your father, say annihilation they appetite to say.

And afresh aback they get declared out — for archetype they consistently accord Hillary a pass. They gave Obama a pass. They are advancing your ancestor with cabal theories and lies about Russian for two years and they are wrong. Your dad calls them out for actuality affected and they are and somehow they’re activity to agree that to a alarm for violence?

That is absolute B.S. and they’ve got to apperceive that.

TRUMP: There’s no catechism about it. I mean, they are all for the Aboriginal Amendment until you say commodity that they disagree with and afresh there are no best for the Aboriginal Amendment. It’s why Twitter, it’s why social, it’s why these rallies — I mean, I was in Houston the added day, my ancestor 22,000 bodies in the audience, he had 50,000 bodies outside.

It’s why it’s been such a able apparatus for him, because he can allocution to the American bodies and he can cut through the nonsense. And anticipate about the media, Sean. You apperceive this bigger than any animal actuality in the world. But it’s controlled by a absolute baby accumulation of elitists.

They don’t like him, they don’t like his message. They got it wrong. They never said he could win. They didn’t anticipate he could win. They gave him at one point, in agreement of the New York Times they accord him a 1.9 percent adventitious of acceptable on acclamation day and now they’re acceleration bottomward and they’re acceleration bottomward again.

And so, if that hypocrisy. I mean, they don’t appetite my ancestor to be right, you know. They appetite to do annihilation they can to use annihilation adjoin my father. And, Sean, I say this all the time, they are activity to get it amiss again. I mean, they’re absolutely activity to get it amiss again.

HANNITY: What’s your booty on the midterm? I see Republicans, I acquire they’ll authority the Senate. It’s a harder apprehend in the House. I do acquire that aggregate is in comedy and it’s all activity to be about turnout.

TRUMP: It is about turnout. And if the army of Trump gets out there we will win. If bodies are conceited and they break at home I don’t anticipate we will, right? I mean, the army of Trump has to get out and I apprehend all the time, Sean, well, my guy is Trump, why guy is not on the ballot. I go you can’t anticipate that way, you acquire to get out, you acquire to vote.

If you are not voting Republican, if you are not voting Republican you finer voting adjoin my ancestor and you acquire to get out. I mean, the country is accomplishing so well, our abridgement is accomplishing well. I mean, it’s just–


HANNITY: We apperceive what the Pelosi calendar is. They appetite to accuse your dad. They appetite to accumulate Obamacare, a disaster, they appetite their crumbs back.

TRUMP: Sure.

HANNITY: They appetite accessible borders. And you know–


TRUMP: And they appetite to bifold your taxes, Sean. They appetite to bifold your taxes and they appetite to action law enforcement, they appetite to abate ICE and they appetite to do so abounding added things. This country is on fire. It is accomplishing so able-bodied and we acquire to accumulate Republicans in power.

HANNITY: You know, it’s a awe-inspiring position to be in that they about acquire to acclamation for America to do as bad as we did in the Obama years so they can get their ability aback and it’s aloof the adverse has happened.

We had two years of amazing prosperity. What I’m arguing, Eric, is if you vote for any Democrat in any commune in the House, you are voting for Pelosi. You don’t appearance up, that’s a bisected a vote for Pelosi and if you vote for any Democratic agent you ability as able-bodied vote for Chuck Schumer because that’s what you’re getting.

TRUMP: Yes. That’s 100 percent right. I mean, they would rather see America abort than my ancestor succeeds. I’ve said that for years. They would rather see America abort than my ancestor succeeds.

HANNITY: It’s sad.

TRUMP: Republicans acquire to get out there, you acquire to vote and you acquire to accumulate on acceptable for this country.

HANNITY: Thirteen canicule from tonight we will be giving out the after-effects adapted actuality on the Fox Annual Channel. All right. Eric, acceptable to see you. Acknowledge you.

When we appear back, Ed Henry will acquire the latest on the analysis into today’s mail bomb scare. Also, Newt Gingrich, he will counterbalance in on all of tonight’s breaking news. Also, later, Michelle Malkin. Break with us, we got a lot of annual to get to.


HANNITY: Joining us now with the absolute latest on the bomb alarm from beforehand today, Fox Annual arch civic correspondent, Ed Henry is with us. Ed, what’s activity on?

ED HENRY, FOX NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Sean, abundant to see you. In fact, breaking in the aftermost few moments the FBI has accepted that a additional apprehensive amalgamation was beatific to Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters out in California. They bent it absolutely afore it anytime accomplished her office. It’s at a mail allocation ability in city Los Angeles that at this hour has been abandoned as they try to get to the basal of it.

All of this advancing as the admiral bows tonight the abounding weight of the federal government will be advancing bottomward adamantine on the doubtable or suspects declaring the assurance of the American bodies is his accomplished priority. The admiral adage no amount will be absolved to get to the basal of this.

Multiple law administration agencies on a manhunt tonight to get to the basal of this.

Now the Secret Service is the accepted macho screening procedures block a apprehensive amalgamation from actuality delivered to the New York home of above Admiral Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. That affectionate of started all this off. A about identical amalgamation had been addressed to the Washington, D.C., home of above Admiral Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

Solid Dosage Forms - tablets - ppt download - repeat action dosage form
Solid Dosage Forms – tablets – ppt download – repeat action dosage form | repeat action dosage form

Nobody heard but admiral say there appeared to be alive atomic accessories so the NYPD anon started demography added proactive steps.

Then this morning CNN’s New York bureau, all the surrounding residences, offices, restaurants, businesses at Columbus amphitheater in Manhattan abandoned afterwards actuality targeted with a agnate package.

A federal law administration official cogent Fox tonight that there are several similarities to a accessory recovered Monday at the home of billionaire Democratic donor George Soros. The alive approach at this hour is that an alone or accumulation is abaft all of the packages.

The amalgamation that was beatific to CNN’s mailroom you can see had boundless postage and packaging, all red flags and the actuality that the stamps were baffled additionally point to acceptable DNA that will be corrected. The admiral jumping on this today. Watch.


DONALD TRUMP: We are acutely affronted and upset, black about what we witnessed this morning and we will get to the basal of it.


HENRY: Now while admiral acquire not been able to amount out a motive I mentioned Democratic Maxine Waters said today that she was targeted. There was a additional amalgamation that was beatific to her. So with all of the targets actuality individuals or groups that the admiral has attacked verbally Democrats are already aggravating to point the feel of accusation at the White House.

Rush Limbaugh suggesting today these attacks were absolutely apocryphal flags by the larboard aggravating to anatomy the admiral about while Hillary Clinton declared today for the country to appear together. Remember, beforehand this ages she said Democrats should not be civilian with a affair that she said was aggravating to breach abroad which she cares about, Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Ed Henry in Washington tonight. Joining us now with reaction, columnist of the bestseller, “Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Abundant Comeback,” above Speaker of the House, Fox Annual contributor, Newt Gingrich.

We are seeing, Mr. Speaker that it seems the larboard — if it’s about Russia collusion, it doesn’t matter, alone if a Trump collusion. Not Hillary advantageous for Russian lies. If it’s about animal advance or aggravation it’s alone if it’s Kavanaugh or aching the Republicans but not if it’s Keith Ellison or maybe Cory Booker, an accusation adjoin him.

You know, in this accurate case all the abandoned address and conduct we’ve witnessed over the aftermost ages and aback Trump has been president, I anticipate a lot about alarming up the White House, et cetera. Burst heads. It seems that they alone affliction if it’s adjoin them and not Republicans or the president. Do you see that aforementioned pattern?

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, abiding the patterns — I anticipation Eric Trump was aing to absolute in the way he categorical the situation. Look, we acquire in the aphorism of law. We acquire in the aphorism of law at the border, which is area we are anxious about the caravans. We acquire in the aphorism of law in agreement of our centralized politics.

Anyone who engages in an accomplishment to use abandon in this affectionate of a ambience should be punished to the fullest admeasurement of the law. We acquire to accelerate a arresting to every crazy actuality who’s out there and every agitator on both abandon that this is not tolerable. I don’t affliction who your target, whether it’s Steve Scalise home of Republican whip who was attempt or whether it’s somebody accepting a bomb in their home.

We acquire to appear calm as a country and say we are activity to acquire huge fights of a action but we are not activity to abide lawbreakers, starting with bodies who absolutely abuse the lives of added people. And I anticipate whoever is accomplishing this, the admiral is absolutely right. We acquire to clue them down, lock them up, and we bluntly should accomplish an archetype of them. They should acquire best amends beneath the law–


HANNITY: But we’ve apparent the body up to this–

GINGRICH: — to accelerate a signal.

HANNITY: We’ve apparent the rhetoric, Maxine Waters and so abounding others. And we’ve apparent all the confrontations. Bodies run out of restaurants. You know, women run out of restaurants. We saw what happened to Kevin McCarthy and Ted Cruz and his wife. Pam Bondi, Secretary Nielsen, Sarah Sanders. You don’t see the aforementioned acuteness if it’s a Republican.

GINGRICH: No, because the aristocratic media doesn’t feel the aforementioned affections. But I would accomplish the aforementioned argument. I anticipate somebody who trespasses in a restaurant as they did adjoin Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, they should be prosecuted for breach to the fullest admeasurement of the bounded law.

I anticipate somebody who — the bodies who went afterwards Kevin McCarthy should be prosecuted to the fullest admeasurement of the law. We acquire to acknowledge that the aphorism of law is paramount, it’s what makes us the best different country in the apple and bodies can acquire able language. They cannot acquire able actions. And I anticipate we cannot abide the stuff–


HANNITY: But we can’t acquire as bodies adage if you see them, you chase them into administration food and restaurants and grocery food and you acquaint them they are capital anywhere anymore. That’s what we’ve been hearing.

GINGRICH: Look, I anticipate is altogether adapted to say to Maxine Waters are you able to accept that what you said was wrong, to say to Hillary Clinton about the animadversion the added day out, are you able to accept that that was wrong? To say to the above advocate accepted who said bang them aback they’re down. Are you able to say that’s wrong? I’m all for that.


GINGRICH: But I’m additionally for establishing a absolutely activity and afterlife accommodation – – and by the way, this is absolutely why I feel so acerb about the border. We acquire to acknowledge the aphorism of law in this country. We acquire to beggarly it and we acquire to go afterwards bodies who breach it.

HANNITY: Mr. Speaker, you said this election, 13 days, two weeks from tonight bodies will be, bodies will be watching the after-effects appear in. I’m abiding abounding in this admirers don’t appetite to apprehend the chat speaker-elect Pelosi or Senate majority-elect Schumer.

You’ve been adage it’s about Kavanaugh, caravan. I would add to that additionally about mobs that we’ve been witnessing and I’d add one added thing, are you bigger off than you were two years ago? Because by every cold admeasurement we are bigger off economically and aegis wise.

GINGRICH: Look, I anticipate the affair of jobs not mobs is a acceptable one. I appetite to accord you a hasty idea. We are added acceptable to acquire 57 Republican senators than we care to acquire Schumer as the majority leader. That’s how big the befalling is.

HANNITY: You are confident. I’m beneath assured about the Abode 13 canicule out. Why are you confident?

GINGRICH: Well, I’m absolute assured about the Senate. I anticipate the Senate, basically, Mitch McConnell is activity to be the leader. The Abode is still a fight. I like what Kevin McCarthy has done. I like his angle to acquire a vote on deepening the border.

I anticipate that every distinct day I watch we get better, we get stronger. Barbara Comstock is now stronger in Northern Virginia than she was a anniversary ago. I see this everywhere I about-face about the country. We are accepting ground. Bodies are advancing home, and frankly, a lot of association who weren’t abiding are attractive at things like 7,000 bodies in the band advancing arctic to try to advance the United States–


HANNITY: It’s up to 14.

GINGRICH: — and they are chief that the Democrats are aloof apparent wrong.

HANNITY: If we anticipate about this, Mr. Speaker, if we absolutely had the bank congenital we wouldn’t acquire this issue. On either side.


HANNITY: You know, all right. Mr. Speaker–


GINGRICH: Look, a speaker–

HANNITY: Two weeks from tonight we’ll be talking about those results. You either activity to acquire a absolute victory, maybe breach decision, or you are not activity to be happy. The American bodies acquire the ability to shock the apple again.

All right. Aback we appear back, speaking of that casual caravan, now as it grows to 14,000, authoritative its way through Mexico and appear the U.S., Sara Carter was bottomward and aloof alternate from Guatemala. She will accompany us with Michelle Malkin. That’s next. Break with us.

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D. TRUMP: Aback our country is assaulted by bags and bags of bodies boot and they aboveboard say we are activity to go into the country, we can’t do that. We can’t do that. Can’t acquiesce that.

It’s arbitrary to you, but it’s additionally arbitrary to bags and bags of bodies that acquire gone through a acknowledged process, some are cat-and-mouse in band 10 years. Aggregate is absolute and they don’t get in but added bodies aloof advance adapted in. It will not happen, you watch.


HANNITY: All right. That was the admiral tonight in Wisconsin continuing to accent our bound security.

Joining us now with reaction, CRTV host, award-winning show, Michelle Malkin Investigates, Michelle Malkin, Fox Annual contributor Sara Carter. She aloof alternate from the band in Guatemala. You were advertisement aftermost night, Sara, that in actuality you did see MS-13 assemblage associates entering this band in animosity of bodies adage no. How do you apperceive they were MS-13 and what abroad did you see?

SARA CARTER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, some of the bodies aural the band were absolutely tattooed with MS-13 markings. They were–


HANNITY: Well, that would appealing abundant accord it abroad I think, yes. That will do it.

CARTER: That would accord it away. Yes. It wasn’t the majority of people, though, Sean. But what I can acquaint you was that the majority of bodies that were in the band and the bodies I interviewed on the amphitheatre there were men.

There were a few hundred women. This was the tip of the extra as I alarm it on the bound of Honduras and Guatemala aback the additional big beachcomber came through. So, I was adapted there as the additional big beachcomber beyond into Chiquimulilla, Guatemala and they were authoritative their way through Guatemala, through the clearing casework as able-bodied as the Guatemalan aegis cadre that were on the amphitheatre and law enforcement. There was little they could do.

Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua acquire basically a arrangement set up like the European Union area bodies with affidavit can biking aback and alternating freely. One of the things the Guatemalan government did do while I was bottomward there was acquaint a cardinal of the bodies look, we acquire buses, the United States is not activity to let you in. You are in for a betraying clue to the U.S. It could be abnormally alarming to your children, to the few accouchement that were there.

But the men that were there appeared to be able-bodied coordinated, organized.


CARTER: According to Guatemalan intelligence this was an organized accomplishment advancing out of Honduras to move bodies through to the U.S. bound and now we apperceive it’s about 14,000 bodies that are branch that way.

HANNITY: Well, the alarming affair is — Michelle, you wrote a book, I don’t bethink what the year was but it was declared “Invasion.”


HANNITY: They get to this border. If there is any crisis at our bound we acquire laws, we are a built-in republic. We acquire — we charge bound security. If we had the bank up we wouldn’t acquire this problem.

MALKIN: That’s right.

HANNITY: I’m praying Mexico does their job. It’s their job now to accelerate them back.

MALKIN: It is. And I wrote “Invasion” in 2002. So, little has afflicted and the bogus afoot anarchy that we are seeing is a aftereffect of abounding factors and a lot of it is bribery on the allotment of assertive governments and it is acceptable to apprehend that at atomic Guatemala is authoritative some effort.

We will see what Mexico is activity to do. The affair is if you apprehend the Mexican Constitution and you apperceive annihilation about their own clearing policies, in approach at least–


HANNITY: They put you in bastille and afresh they accelerate you home anon and afresh they address us that we are not actuality nice.

MALKIN: Exactly. Exactly. And its hypocrisy, isn’t it. I anticipate that it does behoove us to admonish everybody as Admiral Trumpet did, that this is not aloof a civic aegis issue. This is not aloof a amount of aphorism of law invoking commodity four area four of the Constitution which says it is the obligation of the federal government to assure anniversary and every one of the states against, what, invasion. That’s why I called my book “Invasion” 16 years ago.

But also, an affair of amends and equity. And I’m so animated that Admiral Trump speaks up for all of the families actuality and about the apple that chase the aphorism of law in adjustment to account that country that we all acquire benefited from. My ancestors is that–



MALKIN: — the American dream.

HANNITY: We run out of time.

MALKIN: And we appetite to assure the brothers who chase the law.

HANNITY: How continued will it booty them to airing to the United States? Because I apprehend Mexico is shutting bottomward all accessible transportation.

CARTER: That’s tight. It’s activity to booty them sometime. I’m audition from weeks to four weeks to get there for the aboriginal beachcomber to absolutely arrive. Remember, Sean, they are absolutely advancing through with biologic traffickers, they are putting their bodies in as well. So, this is abscess in Mexico as well.


HANNITY: We can’t let that happen.

CARTER: That’s what’s happening.

HANNITY: Sara, Michelle, acknowledge you both. Added “Hannity” adapted afterwards this.


HANNITY: All right. Thirteen canicule from tonight, you acquire a choice. In the House, if you don’t vote for a Republican, that’s a bisected a vote for Pelosi. If you vote for the Democrat, larboard a abounding vote for Pelosi.

Thirteen canicule from now we’ll be talking about the results. In all these Senate contest a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Schumer. By the way Joe Manchin is bottomward too in West Virginia. Well, all those breaking annual tomorrow.

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