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The Millenium Technology Prize, awarded every two years, is a Finnish accolade advised “to advance the affection of activity and to advance acceptable development-oriented research, development and innovation.” Sir Tim Berners-Lee won the award-winning in 2004. The finalists this year are Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, who has been accidental to the breadth of axis corpuscle research, and Linux architect Linus Torvalds. The 2012 Grand Award-winning champ will be appear on June 13 in Helsinki, Finland.

Tom Daley | Millennium Trust Company - millennium trust distribution form
Tom Daley | Millennium Trust Company – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

From the columnist release:

In acceptance of his conception of a new attainable antecedent operating arrangement atom for computers arch to the broadly acclimated Linux operating system. The chargeless availability of Linux on the Web apace acquired a chain-reaction arch to added development and fine-tuning account the agnate of 73,000 man-years. Today millions use computers, smartphones and agenda video recorders like Tivo run on Linux. Linus Torvalds’ achievements accept had a abundant appulse on aggregate software development, networking and the artlessness of the web, authoritative it attainable for millions, if not billions.

I had the befalling to ask Linus a few questions by email. Hopefully I didn’t artlessly actualize a alarmist adaptation of The Chris Farley Show.

Scott Merrill: You use a MacBook Air because you appetite a silent, affection computer. Why is it that Angel has the bend on this market? Accept you advised application your acclaim or some allocation of your affluence to try to antidote this?

Linus Torvalds: You *really* don’t appetite me to alpha designing hardware. Hey, I’m a acceptable software engineer, but I’m not absolutely accepted for my appearance sense. White socks and sandals don’t construe to “good architecture sense” 😉

That said, I’m accept to accept actuality a bit baffled by how cipher abroad seems to accept done what Angel did with the Macbook Air – alike several years afterwards the aboriginal release, the added anthology vendors abide to advance those animal and *clunky* things. Yes, there are vendors that accept approved to claiming it, but usually appealing badly. I don’t anticipate I’m abnormal in preferring my laptop to be attenuate and light.

Btw, alike aback it comes to Apple, it’s absolutely aloof the Air that I anticipate is special. The added angel laptops may be good-looking, but they are still the aforementioned old bulky hardware, aloof in a appealing dress.

I’m alone aloof acquisitive that I’m advanced of the ambit in my austere claim for “small and silent”. It’s not aloof laptops, btw – Intel sometimes gives me pre-release hardware, and the bodies axial Intel I assignment with accept learnt that actuality whisper-quiet is one of my primary requirements for desktops too. I am sometimes afraid at what leaf-blowers some bodies assume to put up with beneath their desks.

I appetite my appointment to be quiet. The loudest affair in the allowance – by far – should be the casual purring of the cat. And aback I travel, I appetite to biking light. A anthology that weighs added than a kilo is artlessly not a acceptable affair (yeah, I’m application the abate 11″ macbook air, and I anticipate weight could still be bigger on, but at atomic it’s complete aing to the bewitched 1kg limit).

SM: I wasn’t so abundant allurement why you haven’t advised your own accouterments — I absolutely accept bodies arena to their own strengths. It’s taken ample time for accouterments manufacturers to admit Linux as a applicable platform, and today added and added OEMs are actively including or alive against Linux compatibility. Surely there’s an befalling there for the all-around Linux association to access laptop architecture for the advancement of everyone? I apperceive it’s not your passion, and I account that. Do you accept any suggestions or advice on agency we can collectively access these kinds of things?

LT: I anticipate one of the things that fabricated Angel able to do this was how focused they’ve been able to stay. They absolutely accept rather few SKU’s compared to best big computer manufacturers, and I anticipate that is what has accustomed them to focus on those accurate SKU’s and accomplish them be bigger than the boilerplate apparatus out there.

Sure, they accept *some* aberration (different amounts of anamnesis etc), but analyze the Angel offerings to the agrarian and crazy angel of HP or Lenovo or Toshiba. Added accouterments manufacturers tend to not put all their eggs in a distinct (or a few) baskets, and alike afresh they tend to barrier their bets and go for adequately safe and arid on best offerings (and afresh they sometimes accomplish the aberration of activity way crazy for the “designer” models to overcompensate for their arid bread-and-er).

That affectionate of focus is absolutely impressive. It’s additionally about potentially ambiguous – I anticipate best bodies still bethink Apple’s bouldered path. I acclimated to anticipate that Angel would go broke not *that* continued ago, and I’m abiding I wasn’t the alone one. And it can be adamantine to advance in the continued run, which is apparently why best added companies don’t act that way – the companies who consistently try to accommodate the angel additionally consistently eventually fail.

Sample Funding Agreements Luxury Millennium Trust Fund - Agreement ..
Sample Funding Agreements Luxury Millennium Trust Fund – Agreement .. | millennium trust distribution form

So that affectionate of focus takes guts. I’m not an angel fan, because I anticipate they’ve done some absolutely bad things too, but I accept to accord them acclaim for not aloof accepting acceptable designers, but the audacity to go with it. Jobs acutely had a lot to do with that.

Anyway, I don’t anticipate it’s account annoying too abundant about laptops. The affair is, the Macbook Air was (and still to some amount is) advanced of its time. But I absolutely anticipate that accouterments is communicable up to the point breadth accomplishing acceptable laptops absolutely isn’t activity to be rocket science any more. Rotational media absolutely is activity away, and with it goes one of the aftermost formfactor issues: bodies absolutely do not charge (or want) that big arbor for a harddisk, or the asinine arbor for an optical drive.

Sure, optical drives will abide in some anatomy factors for a while, and others formfactors will abide bigger aloof because the architect will appetite to abide to action the adequacy of a rotational deejay too – they’re still cheaper and accept bigger capacities. But at the aforementioned time, *small* flash-based accumulator is absolutely accepting absolutely good, and while you still pay added for them, it’s not advocate any more. The mSATA/miniPCIe anatomy agency is authoritative it added and added astute accepted form-factor.

Together with CPU’s about actuality “fast enough” I would apprehend that the macbook air affectionate of formfactor becomes way added of a barometer than it acclimated to be. Angel was advanced of the curve, and I absolutely accept college expectations of the accouterments I use than the boilerplate user apparently does, but at the aforementioned time I’m assertive that the anthology bazaar will assuredly get breadth I anticipate it should be. Sure, some bodies will still appetite to use the big clunkers, but authoritative a acceptable thin-and-light apparatus is artlessly not activity to be the abstruse big-ticket claiming it acclimated to be.

In added words, we’ll booty the accomplished Macbook Air formfactor for accepted in a few years. It’s been done, it acclimated to be appealing revolutionary, it’s activity to be appealing standard.

It *did* booty a lot best than I anticipation it would take, admittedly. I’ve admired the thin-and-lights for abundant best than the Macbook Air has existed. It’s not like Angel fabricated up the abstraction – they aloof accomplished able-bodied on it.

What I in abounding agency anticipate is added absorbing are bodies who do new things. I adulation the accomplished Raspberry PI concept, for example. That’s advocate in a accomplished altered administration – maybe not the prettiest form-factor, but demography advantage of how technology gets cheaper to absolutely advance the amount bottomward to the point breadth it’s absolutely cheap. Sure, it’s a bit limited, but it’s appealing absurd what you can do for $35. Anticipate about that with a few added years beneath its belt.

The acumen I anticipate that is absorbing is because I anticipate we’re accepting to the point breadth it is *so* bargain to put a acceptable computer together, that you can absolutely alpha application that as a belvedere for accomplishing accomplished new things. Sure, it’s acceptable for teaching people, but the *real* abracadabra is if one of those bodies who get one of those things comes up with article absolutely new and fun to do with it.

Fairly bargain home accretion was what afflicted my life. I wouldn’t anguish about how to incrementally advance laptop design: I anticipate it’s absorbing to see what ability *totally* change aback you accept clay bargain about departure accretion that you can use to put a complete computer axial some accidental toy or anchored device. What does that do to the anchored development angel aback things like that are absolutely broadly available?

SM: You don’t cull any punches aback communicating with atom developers and application submitters. Has this tactic helped or hindered your success as a father?

LT: I absolutely don’t know. I anticipate the kids accept developed up absolutely well, and I don’t anticipate it aching them that we had rules in the ancestors that were adequately carefully activated (usually with a five-minute abeyance in the bathroom). We had a complete austere “no whining” rule, for example, and I’ve apparent kids that should absolutely accept been brought up with a brace of rules like that.

That said, maybe they’re aloof artlessly acceptable kids. I don’t bethink the aftermost time I beatific them to the bath (but it’s still a antic in our family: “If you don’t behave, you’ll absorb the blow of the day in the bathroom”)

And while I do assignment from home, I am *not* a “father” aback I work. The kids consistently knew that if they came in and abashed me while I was at the computer, they’d get shouted at. I apperceive some bodies who say that they could never assignment from home because they’d be consistently absent by their kids – that is aloof not the case in our family. So admitting me alive from home, we’re a complete “traditional” ancestors – Tove backward at home and was absolutely the homemaker and took affliction of the kids.

Ryan Schneider | Millennium Trust Company - millennium trust distribution form
Ryan Schneider | Millennium Trust Company – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

And don’t get me wrong: aback I collaborate with atom developers, there can be a lot of swearing involved. And while that may *occasionally* appear with the kids too, the kids get hugs and good-night kisses too. Atom developers? Not so much.

Would some atom bodies adopt accepting tucked in at night instead of actuality accursed at? I’m abiding that would be appreciated. I don’t anticipate I accept it in me, though.

SM: How does your ancestors feel about what you do for a living? What questions did/do they ask?

LT: They’ve never apparent annihilation else, so I agnosticism they alike anticipate about it. It’s aloof what dad does. None of my three daughters accept so far apparent any complete absorption in computers (outside of actuality authentic users – they game, they chat, they do the facebook thing), and while they end up application Linux for all of that they don’t assume to anticipate it’s all that strange.

SM: Do you try to get circuitous with technology botheration analytic in your every day life, for archetype at your kids’ school? If so, how has that been received?

LT: Oh, the complete *last* affair I appetite to do is be apparent as a abutment person. No way.

Sure, I do advance the computers in the house, and it acutely agency that the kids laptops (that they use in academy too) run Linux, but it turns out that the bounded academy commune has had some Linux use in their computer labs anyway, so that never alike fabricated them attending all that different.

But I’m artlessly not absolutely organized abundant to be a acceptable MIS person. And frankly, I abridgement the interest. I acquisition the low-level capacity of how computers assignment absolutely interesting, but if I had to affliction about user problems and bodies apathy their passwords or messing up their backups, I don’t apperceive what I’d do. I’d apparently about-face to drugs and booze to addled the pain.

Even in the atom project, I’m absolutely blessed that I’m not a acceptable manager. I don’t accept to administer acumen and people, I can anguish absolutely about the abstruse side. So while I don’t do all that abundant programming any added (I absorb best of my day amalgamation cipher others wrote), I additionally don’t anticipate of myself as a “manager”, I tend to alarm myself a “technical advance person” instead.

SM: What do you appetite to acquaint bodies that no one has anytime agitated to ask you?

LT: The affair is, I don’t accept a “message” to people. I never absolutely did. I did (and do) Linux because it’s fun and interesting, and I absolutely additionally adore the amusing aspect of developing things in the open, but I absolutely don’t accept annihilation I appetite to acquaint people.

SM: I apologize for not authoritative this catechism added clear. I’m not allurement if you accept a bulletin or canticle or annihilation like that. As a celebrity, you’ve conducted lots of interviews. Abounding of them accept been formulaic, and there’s alone so abounding times you can accept the aforementioned questions afore rolling your eyes in exasperation.

Is there any catechism you ambition you’d’ve been asked in an interview? Whether it’s because you’ve got the absolute / able / whatever acknowledgment prepared, or aloof because you’d acceptable the change of it? If so, what would accept been your answer?

Millennium Trust Company - millennium trust distribution form
Millennium Trust Company – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

LT: Hmm. Some of the interviews I’ve enjoyed the best accept been from somewhat afraid bodies who came from a non-computer background. I bethink this russian announcer (back aback I lived in Helsinki), who was autograph a allotment for some russian banking newspaper. He absolutely was appealing aggressive, and actuality Russian from afterwards the abatement of the soviet abutment he had an about ailing account for Microsoft and authoritative lots of money, and capitalism. I’m abiding it was acute by the accomplished account for bank artery etc that charge run in the claret of best banking journalists to activate with.

That fabricated for an absorbing account – because I like arguing. Explaining to a actuality like that why attainable antecedent works, and in actuality works bigger than the archetypal he so acutely admired was interesting. I don’t anticipate I necessarily assertive him, but it still fabricated for a memorable interview.

But any accurate question? No. That’s not what I tend to acquisition absorbing – I adore the process, and the argument, and the breeze of account of an interview, I don’t anticipate there’s a “perfect question”, abundant beneath a “perfect acknowledgment that I ambition somebody had asked me the catechism for”. So you’re not allurement for article that I anticipate I have.

But to aggrandize on that, and to conceivably accord you article of an acknowledgment anyway: this is complete abundant accurate for me in software development too. I like the *process*. I like autograph software. I like aggravating to accomplish things assignment better. In abounding ways, the end aftereffect is unimportant – it’s absolutely aloof the alibi for the accomplished experience. It’s why I started Linux to activate with – sure, I affectionate of bare an OS, but I bare a *project* to assignment on added than I bare the OS.

In fact, to get a bit “meta” on this issue, what’s alike added absorbing than convalescent a allotment of software, is to advance the *way* we address and advance software. Changing the action of authoritative software has sometimes been some of the best aching genitalia of software development (because we so calmly get acclimated to assertive models), but that has additionally about been the best advantageous parts. It is, afterwards all, why “git” came to be, for example. And I anticipate attainable antecedent in accepted is acutely aloof addition “process model” change that I anticipate is complete successful.

So my archetypal is affectionate of a about-face “end aftereffect justifies the means”. Hell no, that’s the stupidest adage in the history of man, and I’m not alike adage that because it has been acclimated to accomplish excuses for bad behavior. No, it’s the affliction accessible affectionate of adage because it absolutely misses the point of everything.

It’s artlessly not the end that affairs at all. It’s the agency – the journey. The end aftereffect is about meaningless. If you do things the appropriate way, the end aftereffect *will* be accomplished too, but the complete amusement is in the doing, not in the result.

And I’m still absolutely blessed to be “doing” 20 years later, with not an end in sight.

SM: Looking aback over the history of Linux, do you accept any “Oh man, I can’t accept I did/said that” reactions? (Note: this is not in account to cipher strictly, but engineering or action decisions)

LT: Engineering decisions usually aren’t a problem. Sure, I’ve fabricated the amiss accommodation abounding times, but usually there was some acceptable acumen for it at the time – and the important allotment about engineering decisions is that you can fix them after aback you apprehend they were wrong. So the “oh, that was spectacularly wrong” happens all the time, but the added amazing it is, the quicker we notice, and that agency that we fix it bound too.

The one absolutely memorable “Oh sh*t” moment was absolutely complete aboriginal on in Linux development, aback I accomplished that I had auto-dialed my capital harddisk aback I *meant* to auto-dial the university dial-in curve over the modem. And in the action wiped out my afresh Minix bureaucracy by autograph AT-commands to the deejay that understandably didn’t acknowledge the way the autodialling calligraphy accepted (“AT commands” is aloof the acceptable Hayes modem ascendancy apprenticeship set).

That’s the point breadth I concluded up switching over to Linux entirely, so it was absolutely a big accord for Linux development. But that was aback in 1991.

SM: If you could accord an accolade to someone, who would be the recipient, and for what accomplishment?

Individual Retirement Accounts | Millennium Trust Company - millennium trust distribution form
Individual Retirement Accounts | Millennium Trust Company – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

LT: Hey, while I am a computer guy, my heroes are still “real scientists”. So if I can aces anybody, I anticipate I’d aces Richard Dawkins for aloof actuality such an abrupt analyzer of abashed cerebration and anti-scientific thought.

SM: The Millennium Technology Award-winning commemoration is on June 13, which happens to be my birthday. Any adventitious I can be your 1 to the party? 😉

LT: Scott, I never knew you acquainted that way. I anticipate my wife would not approve.

SM: Nor would mine, but you absence all the shots you don’t take! 🙂

SM: What are the above Linux distributions accomplishing right, in general, and breadth are they falling short? Your contempo Google bluster about OpenSUSE’s aegis attitude sheds some ablaze on this, but I’d like to apperceive more. Are formalized distributions a all-important evil? How abundant (if any) access do you accept with the distributions?

LT: So I absolutely *love* the distributions, because they are accomplishing all the things that I’m not absorbed in, and alike complete aboriginal on they started actuality a big abutment for the kernel, and active all the things that best abstruse bodies (including complete abundant me) didn’t tend to be absorbed in: affluence of use, internationalization, nice packaging, aloof authoritative things a acceptable “experience”.

So I anticipate distributions accept been complete active in authoritative Linux successful, and that accomplished affair started accident complete aboriginal on (some of the aboriginal distributions started accident aboriginal 92 – on billowing disks).

So they aren’t alike a “necessary evil” – they are a “necessary good”. They’ve been complete active in authoritative Linux be what it is, both on a abstruse side, but *especially* on a affluence of use and approachability side.

That said, absolutely because they are so important, it does annul me aback I hit things that I apperceive to be accomplish backwards. The SuSE bluster was about allurement a non-technical user about a countersign that the non-technical user had absolutely no acumen to alike know, in a bearings breadth it fabricated no sense. That affectionate of absurd user abhorrence is article that we’ve about appear abroad from (and some atom bodies tend to aish Ubuntu, but I absolutely anticipate that Ubuntu has about had the appropriate approach, and been complete user-centric).

The aforementioned affair is what balked me about abounding of the changes in Gnome 3. The accomplished “let’s accomplish it clutter-free” was taken to the point breadth it was absolutely adamantine to get things done, and it wasn’t alike accessible *how* to do things aback you could do them. That affectionate of minimalist access is not advanced progress, it’s aloof UI bodies cogent bodies “we apperceive better”, alike if it makes things harder to do. That affectionate of “things that acclimated to be accessible are aback adamantine or impossible” aloof drives me up the wall, and frustrates me.

As to my own influence: it absolutely goes the added way. The distributions accept huge influences on the kernel, and not alone in the anatomy of employing a lot of the engineers. I actively attending to the distributions to see which genitalia of the atom get used, and about aback bodies advance new features, one of the things that absolutely clinches it for me is if a administrator for some administration speaks up and says “we’re already application that, because we bare it for xyz”.

Sure, I end up influencing them through what I merge, and how it’s done, but at the aforementioned time I absolutely do see the distributions as one of the aboriginal users of the kernel, and the accomplished way we do releases (based on time, not features) is partly because that way distributions can plan advanced sanely. They apperceive the absolution agenda to aural a anniversary or two, and we try complete adamantine to be reliable and not do crazy things.

We accept a complete austere “no regressions” rule, for example, and a ample allotment of that aphorism is so that bodies – complete abundant including the bodies circuitous in distributions – don’t charge to abhorrence upgrades. If it acclimated to assignment a assertive way, we try complete adamantine to accomplish abiding it continues to assignment that way. Sure, bugs happen, and some change may not be noticed in time, but on the accomplished I anticipate a big allotment of atom development is to try to accomplish it as accessible as accessible for bodies to advancement smoothly.

Tax Reporting Summary_Final - millennium trust distribution form
Tax Reporting Summary_Final – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

Because if you accomplish upgrades painful, it aloof agency that bodies will break back.

SM: You’ve been accomplishing this for 20 years. What do you anticipate of the newest crop of atom contributors? Do you see any ascent stars? Do you see any absolute or awkward trends with account to the affectionate and ability of addition from adolescent developers?

LT: I’m complete blessed that we still accept a complete advanced developer base, and we abide to see added than a thousand altered bodies for anniversary absolution (which is almost every three months or so). A lot of those contributions appear from bodies who accomplish aloof tiny crack changes, and some of them are never heard from afresh already they got their one baby fix done, but on the added hand, the baby crack changes is how abounding others gets started.

That said, one of the things that *has* afflicted a lot in the 20 years is that we absolutely accept a lot added “process” in place. Best of those one-liners didn’t get to me anon – abounding of them came through assorted layers of submaintainers etc. By the time I see best “rising stars” they’ve already been accomplishing abate changes for a continued time.

The one awkward trend is appealing abundant inevitable: the atom *is* accepting big, and a lot of the amount cipher is absolutely circuitous and sometimes adamantine to absolutely blanket your arch around. Amount areas like the VM subsystem or the amount VFS band artlessly are not accessible to get into for a new developer. That makes it a bit harder to get started if that’s what you are absorbed in – the bar has artlessly been aloft from breadth it was ten or fifteen years ago.

At the aforementioned time, I do anticipate it’s still adequately accessible to get involved, you may aloof accept to alpha in a beneath axial place. Best atom bodies alpha off annoying about one accurate disciplinarian or platform, and “grow” from there. We do assume to accept absolutely a lot of developers, and I’ve talked to attainable antecedent activity maintainers that are complete appetent of aloof how abounding bodies we accept circuitous in the kernel.

SM: You’ve said that it’s the abstruse claiming that keeps you circuitous and motivated. Surely there are affluence of abstruse challenges in the world. Why stick with the kernel?

LT: I anticipate it’s partly because I’m the affectionate of actuality who doesn’t dance from one activity to another. I accumulate on accomplishing Linux, because already I get started, I’m affectionate of adamant that way.

But allotment of it is artlessly the acumen I started accomplishing a atom in the aboriginal abode – if what you are absorbed in is low-level interactions with hardware, a atom is breadth it is all at. Sure, there are bags of abstruse challenges out there, but complete few of them are as absorbing as an operating arrangement atom if you are into that affectionate of low-level alternation amid software and hardware.

SM: As the cardinal of systems and architectures accurate by the Linux atom continues to grow, you can’t possibly accept development accouterments for anniversary of them. How do you verify the affection and functionality of all the change requests you get?

LT: Oh, that’s easy: I don’t.

The accomplished archetypal is congenital on a arrangement of assurance amid developers that accept appear to apperceive anniversary added over the years. There’s no way I can analysis all the platforms we abutment – the aforementioned way there is no way I can analysis every distinct accomplish that gets alloyed through me. And I wouldn’t alike absolutely alike *want* to analysis anniversary accouterments or anniversary change – the point of attainable antecedent and broadcast development is that you do things together. We accept a few tens of “highlevel” maintainers for assorted subsystems (eg networking, USB drivers, graphics, accurate accouterments architectures etc etc), and alike those maintainers can’t analysis aggregate in their area, because they won’t accept that accurate accouterments etc. I assurance them, and they in about-face assurance the bodies they assignment with.

I anticipate any big activity is about award bodies you can trust, and absolutely afresh depending on that trust. I don’t *want* to micro-manage people, and I couldn’t allow to alike if I did appetite to.

Important instructions for completing these forms - PDF - millennium trust distribution form
Important instructions for completing these forms – PDF – millennium trust distribution form | millennium trust distribution form

And the affair is, acute bodies (and bodies who accept what I alarm “good taste”, which is about alike added important) may be rare, but you do admit them. I anticipate one of my better successes is absolutely alfresco Linux: acquainted how acceptable a developer Junio Hamano was on git, and dupe him abundant to aloof ask if he would be accommodating to advance the project. Actuality able to let go and dupe somebody abroad is *important*, because after that affectionate of assurance you can’t get big projects done.

What will Linus do with the award-winning money, if he wins? “I assumption I won’t accept to anguish about the kids apprenticeship any more,” he says.

Thanks, Linus, for demography the time to babble with me. And acceptable luck! We achievement you win the Millenium Technology Prize!

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