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This is a blitz archetype from “Media Buzz,” October 7, 2018. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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Birthday Party Agreement form New Wedding Planner Contract Sample .. | birthday party agreement form

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST: On the Fizz Meter this Sunday, one of the ugliest brawls in the history of Washington isn’t over. Brett Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Cloister amends but the advancing polarized media agitation rages on.


HOWARD FINEMAN, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: I anticipate one acumen that Brett Kavanaugh won this is that he became one political with Donald Trump. He was the afflicted affair aftermost Thursday. He articulate like Donald Trump in robes.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS: They approved to ruin a man’s action for political gain. It affronted the acceptance action for the U.S. Supreme Cloister into a bazaar and article bluntly befitting of a assistant republic.

BARBARA MCQUADE, FORMER US ATTORNEY: I can (inaudible) a absolute continued time Brett Kavanaugh is action to accept an asterisk aing to his name and any accommodation that he participates in.

S.E. CUPP, CNN: Today, Kavanaugh abhorred acceptable a verb clashing Robert Bork afore him, but he will acceptable backpack an asterisk about with him for years.


KURTZ: Has the columnist been salting adjoin Kavanaugh and in favor of Christine Blasey Ford? Has journalism accept affronted the passions? Accept the media gone abdicate in announcement the ambiguous claims of the additional and third Kavanaugh accusers? Brett Kavanaugh writes a last-minute op-ed for the Wall Street Journal he was too affecting in his generally affronted affidavit of this as pundits accumulate punching abroad at that five-day delving by the FBI.


TARA SETMAYER, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: He’s accomplishing this as a P.R. move to try to altercate bodies that no, I’m absolutely not unhinged and I can ascendancy my temper. I’m not a allotment of (inaudible)

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC: Besides actuality an accessible whitewash, the FBI’s abode does annihilation to abode apropos about Kavanaugh’s ambiguous or absolute apocryphal statements.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC: The media advantage of this has been so one-sided, it has been so biased. There has been the anticipation from the absolute alpha that every distinct accusation fabricated adjoin the adjudicator was true.


KURTZ: Plus, a beachcomber of women from announcer to the White House, from Connie Cheung to Kellyanne Conway breaking their blackout about accomplished animal assault, the appulse on their lives and why they accept abandoned best of the details. We’ll allocution to a anchorman who went public. I’m Howard Kurtz and this is “Media Buzz.”

The media ball went bottomward to the wire. What we’ll bethink for decades is a raw, and affecting and excruciatingly claimed action over a Supreme Cloister bench that affronted on conduct aback in aerial school. The Senate accepted Brett Kavanaugh bygone by a 50-48 margin, but assumption what? The political agitation and the ability war is hardly over.

Joining us now to assay the coverage: Mollie Hemingway, arch editor of The Federalist and a Fox Account contributor; Susan Ferrechio, arch aldermanic contributor for the Washington Examiner, and Philippe Reines, above Accompaniment Department official beneath Hillary Clinton.

Now, we’re audition a lot of allocution about asterisks. Washington Column headline, “Senators apery beneath than bisected the U.S. about to affirm a appointee adjoin by best Americans. So now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed, the boilerplate media seemed to be a bit deflated.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: Well, I anticipate they absent a action and it was bright that they had taken abandon in that battle. You saw a lot of bodies tweeting on amusing media or you could aloof apprehend it in the advantage or watch it in our coverage. But they acquainted absolute acerb that Brett Kavanaugh should not be accepted to the Supreme Court.

It showed up in how they declared their stories, how they affected their stories, how they presented the issues. And I anticipate that this was a accident for them. I alike saw Jim Acosta, CNN anchorman cheep article like, “Can’t you all aloof win graciously?”

KURTZ: Yes, actuality he tweeted and deleted, Jim Acosta, CNN White Abode correspondent, allege the White Abode of blowing the press, “It’s shameful. My goodness, can’t you guys win gracefully? Does that beggarly that he and his ancillary lot.

HEMINGWAY: It’s an acceptance that he had a side, and that is inappropriate for a journalist. But there is no catechism that so abounding journalists accept best a ancillary and they are continuing to aces a side.

KURTZ: Susan, on ABC this week, Jonathan Karl had said at aboriginal that this was a achievement for Admiral Trump and this was the aboriginal catechism that he asked Kellyanne Conway.


JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: How anxious are you that accustomed all that went bottomward and the way this went down, that Brett Kavanaugh will be apparent as a attenuated amends by about bisected of the country?

KELLYANNE CONWAY, COUNSELOR TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: Amends Kavanaugh should not be apparent as tainted.


KURTZ: So, Kavanaugh won, Trump won and we are audition words like tainted.

SUSAN FERRECHIO, THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: It’s a accepted question. Accessory what he’s aloof gone through. Accessory at the hearing, the affections exposed, the accuse maid adjoin him, afresh in the columnist afterwards a lot of, you know, acceptance on the allotment of the media.

It was slanted adjoin him in the media. And he does airing away, adequately or not, Kavanaugh walks abroad attenuated from this in the aforementioned way that Clarence Thomas did aback aback he was accused of animal aggravation during his choice process.

KURTZ: And that the accusation is array of indelible.

FERRECHIO: They aloof adhere out there and bodies bethink the headlines. They don’t bethink all the little details.

KURTZ: Could the media and absolutely aided by Democrats, accepting bootless to approve the accusation by Christine Blasey Ford and the added accusers — they confused the ambition column by and aftermost week, Philippe, authoritative this about bubbler and annual inscriptions and what was the acceptation of the devil’s triangle and all these things that ability be apparent as added accessory believability from decade ago.

PHILIPPE REINES, FORMER STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: In don’t anticipate so. I mean, I anticipate fundamentally this goes for every arrangement including this network. This has been a absolute ambagious and arduous affair for weeks now and I anticipate what you are seeing with the media are two things.

You are seeing the accepted accessory reflection, which afresh is not specific to CNN or MSNBC. Addition could be watching now and abash Mollie and Susan or Mollie and I accept opinions, Susan doesn’t, but addition ability aloof conflate us. The blow you showed of CNN of the four people, I anticipate all four were accept to accept opinions.

But the additional affair is that this has in some way fabricated us aback to a 50-50 nation which we haven’t been aback Election Day. It’s been — I apperceive that sounds aberrant —

KURTZ: Did I absence article in the aftermost —

REINES: well, no, because — yes, because we accept been added of a 55-45 or a 60-40 nation. And, you know, the afire moments of the aftermost year and a bisected were the Charlottesville or Helsinki, who accept absolutely brought calm the bodies who were not for Trump.

I anticipate this is the aboriginal time we’re seeing a accepted affiliation of Republicans alike if they are not abundantly pro Trump. And I anticipate that’s what you’re seeing in acceding of the agitation pitch.

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KURTZ: So, aberrant for a Supreme Cloister appointee to abode an op-ed allotment as with Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal area Kavanaugh said, “I was absolute affecting in his affidavit added so than I’ve anytime been. I ability accept been too affecting at times. I apperceive my accent was aciculate and I said a few things I should not accept said.” That suggests to me the criticism of the affidavit about not accepting a administrative attitude absolutely stunned.

HEMINGWAY: Well, I anticipate so, and additionally do I anticipate it speaks to how the media covered this issue. Aback he gave that speech, I anticipate for a lot of Americans, they heard this (inaudible) aegis of the ethics of western civilization. Aback the media talked about it they said, oh my my he’s absolute affecting that they declared him a assemblage rapist.

And so there was so abundant burden adjoin him actuality affecting in acknowledgment to alien accuse that were never accurate and were never alike provable. And I anticipate that that framing of it led to things like this aback I’m not abiding that was absolutely necessary.

KURTZ: Well, Brett Kavanaugh additionally said things aboveboard accessory things like this was the animus of the Clintons. But let me ask you, are the media now animate the debate? It’s over. He’s on the Supreme Court. He’ll abode for appointment Monday and we now aloof agitation this, oh, he’s action to be such a accessory justice. He’s action to aching the acceptability of the cloister for decades. In added words, is this action anytime action to end?

REINES: Well, I mean, to this day I assumption we’re 30 years aing to afterwards than Clarence Thomas and bodies put an asterisk aing to his name, doesn’t accomplish a difference.

KURTZ: Well, who gives the media the ability to accordance asterisks aback somebody has been accurately nominated by the admiral and accepted by the Senate?

REINES: Well, if it your job for, you know, an official oversight, you know, added constitutional, and if you see a amends accomplishing something. Now, again, he sat actuality and I accede with Mollie. It’s OK to be emotional. It’s OK to be bent and frustrated.

What he did from there is not OK, to accusation the Clinton apparatus for this, for his interactions with those senators. That was addition who in the advance of aggravating to prove he could not accept done this absolutely showed the exact actuality that may accept done this.

KURTZ: So you anticipate the media criticism over that was justified?

REINES: Absolutely, because it was absorption the criticism of bodies like me. I would be added blessed with Amy Coney Barrett who was added bourgeois demography the bench tomorrow rather than Brett Kavanaugh alone because of that performance.

KURTZ: (Inaudible) how she ability accept gotten roughed up in a acceptance process, Susan.

FERRECHIO: I would altercate admitting that the acumen he wrote that Wall Street Journal op-ed had lots to do with the aperture allotment of his animadversion so we can anamnesis aback he started out talking about his acceptability and his family.

I acquainted the Wall Street Journal altercation that he fabricated was absolutely aimed at the additional allotment that Philippe aloof mentioned, which is aback he started to advancing the Democrats. That’s aback it attenuate his attitude and what affectionate of amends he would be. I anticipation he wrote in aegis of that, that he was action to be independent. That was to assure aftermost minute doubters amidst Republicans and maybe Joe Manchin, to accomplish abiding that he looks candid on the court.

KURTZ: What about the accessory media breach over this FBI assay and Admiral Trump eventually ordered, 10 bodies interviewed in total, didn’t change anything. The eyes were not abundant I anticipate in acceding of the agents not interviewing either Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Ford. But wasn’t it all anticipated and isn’t the advanced and bourgeois media action predictable? If you appetite Kavanaugh, you like the FBI investigation, if you don’t you save a chance.

FERRECHIO: That’s legitimate. I saw the actuality that there was an altercation over how absolute this assay was. It’s a accepted affair for the media to cover. They larboard out a agglomeration of assemblage that was put advanced by Blasey Ford and Ramirez. And on the adverse side, you know, you had the alpha of this area they said this action to be a bound ambit and not a fishing exhibition.

It aloof accession the question, how far should we go and attractive into Kavanaugh. And that we’re acquirements new things about thim of this, they said it would be a bound scope. Now that we are acquirements new things about him alternating the way, that was a accepted thing. I anticipation the media was about fair in accoutrement that aspect of it.

KURTZ: So abundant affection and sometimes animal abode on both sides. So for example, Fox accursed contributor Kevin Jackson who has been on the air and declared Kavanaugh accusers lying skanks. The arrangement said that accent was reprehensible. Accept the media played an anarchic role in what was already a raw and affecting agitation that has acutely disconnected the country?

HEMINGWAY: They put alternating belief that accept no acceptance and they acclimated them to apply addition and put this asterisk by his name. Bodies say, oh, there is an asterisk. That is there for a reason. They were unprovable and undisprovable allegations put forth. There was flood the area media advantage and the all-embracing accomplishment was done to delegitimize someone.

It reminds me absolute abundant of the Russia assay that we additionally saw the media flood the area and put alternating belief that had no abject and facts, aloof to delegitimize a person. This is article that the media should not participate in. There is no aurora amid Autonomous accessory action and media coverage, and that is acutely problematic.

REINES: Well, I anticipate Mollie aloof hit the attach on the arch in acceding of the FBI. For a year and a half, the FBI has been horrible, angry academy according to Donald Trump. He accursed the director, he accursed the agent director. He wants a cardinal of added bodies fired. They are the abysmal state. Suddenly, they are the best adored academy of all time.

KURTZ: But what about Mollie’s altercation that there was no aurora amid the Democrats who acutely were all geared up to protest, block, delay, do whatever they could to stop this nomination. And the media advantage of the allegations although, you know, already the democrats leaked Christine Blasey Ford’s name to the columnist —

REINES: We don’t apperceive that.

KURTZ: Well, we don’t apperceive who did it.


KURTZ: OK. I don’t see how you could not awning that. But what about the angle they essentially, media and the Democrats were in amalgamation here?

REINES: I would say this. This comes bottomward to he said-she said, but there is a aberration in motivation. If you don’t accept him, you are advertence assertive barefaced factors to that. Maybe he didn’t remember. It was a continued time ago. Maybe he was drinking. He wants the job. He’s ashamed. If you don’t accept her, you are adage this woman is aloof an absolute liar.

HEMINGWAY: No. In this country you are innocent until accurate accusable and that is a absolute important value. You are not adage annihilation added than affirmation charge be provided afore you can get someone.

FERRECHIO: You apperceive the acceptation of this, because it was absolutely interesting, absolute interesting, they larboard out accoutrement the problems with her testimony, so it aloof fabricated it accessory like she was 100 percent believable rather than attractive at the facts laid the way we would if we covered a bent case in court.

We threw that a and aloof said believable, believable, and afresh amusing media strung it all up and showed how there were big problems. And afresh RealClear Backroom assay all looked into the problems and gaps in her affidavit that absolutely declared into catechism whether she was cogent the accuracy or not or whether she was misremembering. Boilerplate media did not awning that adequately or thoroughly and that was a big botheration with this.

REINES: To assail her credibility, you accept to say she was paid by Soros, that she formed for the Clintons.

HEMINGWAY: It was to say she didn’t accommodate any affirmation to approve her accusations. And that is accurate —

REINES: She herself is a absolute acute testimony.

HEMINGWAY: You can accept it if you want, but bodies charge evidence.

KURTZ: I accept got to get a break. Apologetic guys. We’ll try to abide this in the aing segment. And ahead, a changeable announcer who are action accessible with aching stories, absolute aching belief of accomplished animal assault. Aback we appear back, the media slamming the admiral for actualization to taunt Christine Blasey Ford. Is that fair?


KURTZ: The columnist accept absolutely been acknowledging that Admiral Trump was almighty aseptic in speaking respectfully about Christine Blasey Ford and her allegations of animal advance aback she was 15, until he unloaded at a rally.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: What adjacency was it, and I don’t know. Area is the house? I don’t know. Upstairs, downstairs, area was it. I don’t know, but I had one beer, that’s the alone affair I remember.

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What the admiral did aftermost night is sickening. Maybe we should alone be afraid that it took him so continued to do it.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS: The media is adage that Trump’s comments about ford were apology or an attack, are the aforementioned media who anticipation Matt Damon’s calumniating Kavanaugh was sparkling and ablaze and daring.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: Now, we don’t apperceive if Admiral Trump thinks it’s advantageous to badinage a woman claiming she was ually assaulted or if he aloof did it because he anticipation it was fun. But let’s booty a moment to reflect that the admiral of the United States believes it’s appropriate. There appears to be no bottom.

LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS: You are mean, you are advancing victims, you don’t accept any empathy. No, he’s authoritative a alternation of accepted faculty abstracts about Ford’s absolute all-a-quiver claims and animate accounts.


KURTZ: As we aloof apparent Mollie, (inaudible) absolutely accept that the admiral over this actualization to taunt Christine Ford in that appearance and abnormally accustomed that abounding animal advance victims don’t bethink all the capacity of what happened.

HEMINGWAY: Well, bodies kept adage in the media that he was cheeky or he was biting or he was calumniating Christine Ford. What he was accomplishing was pointing out what anybody could see aback they watched her testimony, which is there were above holes, there were above flaws, there were contradictions.

And I absolutely anticipation that a lot of the media should accept been pointing this out themselves. And you didn’t see this. You didn’t see bodies action through and attractive at her adventure which afflicted over time, assorted times. They never were able to approve any aspect of it. They spent all their time attractive at ice throwing at parties and annual things. And they should accept been absolutely accomplishing what he did there. They should accept been pointing out that she had flaws in her testimonies.

KURTZ: Well, if you accessory at the archetype you could say yes, he’s adage that if we’re action to scrutinize, the media is action to — the political arrangement is action to analyze the nominee, let’s accessory at the accuser, but the accent to me was acutely accent deaf.

FERRECHIO: We knew it was about the accent and the botheration with the accent and all the things you are saying, Mollie, absolutely 100 percent accurate about missing the fair advantage of problems in her testimony. Afresh he was speaking additionally to bodies who accept her and who additionally accept had their own experiences. So, it looks as admitting he is biting them personally. And that is one of the problems with Admiral Trump and his accent aback he addresses problems like this that bodies adapt it one way and it’s harmful. Simply harmful.

HEMINGWAY: He advanced said he activate her credible, which was abundant added than a lot of bodies anticipation aback they aboriginal saw her testify.

KURTZ: Right. And he can get some acclaim for that.

FERRECHIO: It’s evocative of aback he was, bethink he was biting a “New York Times” reporter, and afresh you’ve explained that again. It aloof — it doesn’t sit able-bodied with a lot of people.

KURTZ: The anchorman with disability. The admiral cogent Adjudicator Janine I had to alike the arena acreage aback he did that. Sarah Sanders and added White Abode admiral cogent reporters, no, no, no he wasn’t biting her, he was aloof advertence the facts.

REINES: And Sarah Sanders was lying. I don’t accept why Donald Trump – –

KURTZ: Why do you alarm it a lie? She is arresting her boss.

REINES: Because — OK, you appetite to avert you voice. I don’t why you aloof can’t say the admiral was authoritative a point. And the point is what Mollie was saying. Mollie is conflating a accepted chat about this bearings with Donald Trump aloof adequate himself unnecessarily cheeky someone.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate there is a affair they said that’s what —

KURTZ: Let u s let Mollie respond.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate there is an affair area a lot of bodies don’t accept Donald Trump’s appeal. If he says the things —

REINES: I don’t get it.

HEMINGWAY: — that you were not declared to say. It was about asinine how abundant acquiescence bodies provided to Dr. Ford accustomed that she had no acceptance for her allegations. He’s been told you are not accustomed to say anything, you are not accustomed to point out that there is no assay for her story. He went advanced and did it and I anticipate a lot of Americans were cerebration why aren’t added bodies adage this.

REINES: (Inaudible) abode of it aloof because article is ambrosial to a crowd.

HEMINGWAY: Well, you should be able to say accurate things. You should be able to say accurate things and not be accursed for it.

REINES: I anticipate there is a big gap amid what he was accomplishing and —

HEMINGWAY: He wasn’t alike application a biting tone.

REINES: If you anticipate of Donald Trump wasn’t biting the anchorman with a affliction —

KURTZ: He was.


HEMINGWAY: Actually, this is a acceptable befalling to say that too. Donald Trump did that biting of that reporter, which he has done with abounding people. It was portrayed in the media as if he was biting a anchorman because of his disabilities. He absolutely acclimated that aforementioned biting accent with three or four added bodies who do not allotment that disability, and that was a absolute acceptable archetype of a media lie about article important.

KURTZ: Let me use our aftermost minute to ask you this question, Susan. There is a cultural agitation actuality in the media (inaudible) in which the admiral is talking about it’s a alarming time for adolescent men and they are in crisis of accepting their lives bankrupt by bottomless allegations. What do you make, I mean, it’s a alluring agitation actuality (inaudible) by everybody including the press.

FERRECHIO: Yes. And we talked about this afore in the show. It’s again, addition gap in the media coverage, which is the MeToo Movement and alike above-mentioned that, on campuses with the animal advance declared epidemic, that there is a abridgement of due process.

We accept apparent it with some high-profile cases and we’ve apparent it in cases that aren’t appear in the media but are appear on abate blogs and things. And that has agitated over into this area you accept one actuality actuality accused and actuality activate accusable afore absolutely any of the affirmation is laid out.

KURTZ: Well, that agitation will abide acutely and what is absorbing to me the boilerplate media with the affectionate of (inaudible) Susan Collins for her 45 account accent in favor of Adjudicator Kavanaugh, but absolute blessed with Lisa Murkowski for voting adjoin the judge.

Ahead, Mika Brzezinski rips Kellyanne Conway for adage she is a animal advance victim and afresh arresting the admiral on Christine Ford. We will counterbalance in on that, but up next, the admiral pushes aback on reporters aggravating to about-face the presser on barter into a affair of, of course, Brett Kavanaugh.


KURTZ: Admiral Trump got some acquisitive criticism from the columnist afterwards arresting a aftermost minute barter accordance with Canada to adapt NAFTA. Alike the “New York Times” accustomed it was a win. So he staged a Rose Garden achievement lap, took catechism on the acceding and afresh we saw him act like the absoluteness appearance ambassador he already was. It began aback he got into it with ABC’s Cecilia Vega with a little bash that the White Abode afterwards inaccurately afflicted in the (inaudible).


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TRUMP: OK, question? Yes, go ahead. Sure. She is abashed that I best her. She’s like in a accompaniment of shock.

CECILA VEGA, ABC NEWS: I am not cerebration —

TRUMP: That’s OK, I apperceive you are not thinking, you never do.

VEGA: I’m sorry?

TRUMP: No, go ahead. Go ahead.

VEGA: In a cheep this weekend, Mr. Admiral you said that it’s incorrect to say you are attached the ambit of the FBI investigation.

TRUMP: What is that accept to do with trade? I don’t apperception answering the question, but you know, I’d like to do the barter questions.

VEGA: It has to do with the added banderole in the account which is the Kavanaugh nomination.

TRUMP: I know, but how about talking about barter and afresh we’ll get to that.


KURTZ: Of advance the reporters were book added absorbed in Kavanaugh but Trump handled this like a cable show. Authority on, authority on, we are still in the A block. Barter is the A block. We’ll get to Kavanaugh, but that’s the B block. I’m still accomplishing trade. I’ll acquaint you when. And he ashore to that with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.


KAITLAN COLLINS, CNN: Now that you’ve been through several questions on barter I’d like to about-face to Adjudicator Kvanaugh —

TRUMP: Don’t do that. Excuse me. Do you accept a catechism on Trade? We’ll do one or two added questions on trade.

COLLINS: You answered several questions —

TRUMP: Don’t do that. That’s not nice. And besides, somebody is afore you.


KURTZ: So he absolutely fabricated Kaitlan Collins canyon the mic to addition anchorman alike as he fabricated a antic that bodies are falling comatose with barter and backward with the affair until as promised, demography a cardinal of questions about the Kavanaugh action including from her.

The New York Times, ran a gargantuan allotment (inaudible) printed today. Eight abounding pages of account — accessory at this — adage Donald Trump affiliated far added money than he’s accepted from his father, Fred Trump, the apartment developer and that they at time committed tax artifice by ambuscade massive ability through carapace corporations.

The admiral declared it, “A absolute old, arid and generally told hit allotment on me — arid is array of his affliction anatomy of criticism — but neither he nor the White Abode accustomed a distinct fact. It was an absorbing journalistic accomplishment that included abounding arcane documents, but alike the “Times” accustomed that the IRS had never challenged the Trumps on any of this.

And it’s hardly abominable that affluent bodies are absolute advancing aback it comes to aspersing their taxes. Advancing up, the political comments for the Washington Column speaks out about a continued ago animal advance and she’s got affluence of aggregation now in the media, backroom and entertainment. She’ll be here, next.


KURTZ: As added changeable journalists are speaking out about accomplished animal advance including one of our aing guests, the spotlight has additionally collapsed on Kellyanne Conway, who aftermost anniversary told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she, too, has been the victim of a animal assault. But aback the White Abode advisor dedicated the president’s aciculate words about Christine Blasey Ford, she drew a tougher appearance from one of her common critics, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski.


CONWAY: She has been advised like a Faberge egg by all of us alpha with me and the president, who is pointing out absolute inconsistencies.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC: Acquaint us your story, who is your attacker, who bankrupt the law, who aching you. You were absolutely afflictive aloof adage I am a victim of animal assault. And you apperceive what, I say that as a victim of animal advance myself. So I appetite to ask, why can’t you be the egg, Kellyanne, the Faberge egg, and acquaint your story?


KURTZ: Joining us now to allocution about the cultural agitation surrounding women and animal assault, Karen Tumulty, columnist for the Washington Post, a adept reporter, and Emily Jashinsky, cultural editor at The Federalist. So, Emily, Mika took a lot of calefaction from some added pundits over her aciculate criticisms, some of it was based on affectionate of a adulterated blow banderole on media. Mika Brzezinski challenges Kellyanne Conway to acknowledge capacity of a absolute acceptable animal assault. Your booty on the criticism?

EMILY JASHINSKY, THE FEDERALIST: You know, I anticipate the criticism was adapted for the best of part. You can affectionate of chase her logic. What she’s adage is that if you are action to awning for his president, you don’t — you can’t use your animal advance as a way to array of enhance your advantage to accordance it added believability than it is.

KURTZ: How can Mika be adage that? She said that she was — that Kellyanne says she was talking about the accomplished action of analytic Christine Ford.

JASHINSKY: Yeah, she was additionally adage that if you’re — if she is actuality advised like a Faberge egg, afresh you should appear forward, of course, and name your declared antagonist because it’s so easy. And that’s what she’s saying. But at the aforementioned time, I anticipate what bodies abhorrence about area we are appropriate now in this chat about Me Too and animal advance is the way it’s gotten so politicized and awful and personal.

KURTZ: Right.

JASHINSKY: And I do anticipate Brzezinski was agriculture on that. It was an adverse moment, I thought.

KURTZ: Well, Karen, Mika Brzezinski, who is a angry analyzer of Trump and her ancient acquaintance Kellyanne Conway, aback at Morning Joe, area she was a White Abode bedfellow in about a year and a half, told me she would never advance a woman to alarm her animal assault, or could accordance the details. But she was adage it’s not accessible to do it afore the cameras.

KAREN TUMULTY, WASHINGTON POST: And that’s absolutely was how I heard it. And then, it’s absorbing admitting because the amusing media blowback started appropriate away. And I anticipate that Mika additionally accustomed that she had not awarded this point the way she advised to. So she absolutely — she went aback on the air, the aforementioned appearance aural minutes, and I anticipate fabricated the point she was aggravating to accomplish a little added clearly.

KURTZ: Well, in our interview, Mike Brzezinski told me about the animal assault. And I echo this with her permission. She said this happened aback she was 14, she was benumbed a horse in McClean, Virginia, and was attacked in the dupe at gunpoint. The drifter pulled her off the horse, took off his pants, aching her, pistol aerated her. As she was screaming, she end up covered in blood. Absolutely, a appalling experience, but she understands that not everybody is adequate talking about that.

And, Karen, you went on Twitter this week, in the accomplished week, and you appear for the aboriginal time an advance aback you were a child. Explain.

TUMULTY: Able-bodied — and this was in — a cardinal of things action on here. It was a not — because I basic to counterbalance in whether or not Brett Kavanaugh had done the things that he was accused of, but admiral had aloft the point, if this advance was as bad as Christine Ford said it was, surely, she would accept told her as he puts it array of sneeringly, her admiring parents and there would accept been a badge report.

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KURTZ: Police, yes.

TUMULTY: And that spawned a hashtag, you know, why I didn’t report. And that for me absolutely addled home. Not aloof in this context, but additionally in the ambience of the Catholic Church. I’m a Catholic. That you apperceive why are these letters advancing out now, so abundant — so continued afterwards it happened?

KURTZ: And so, explain for bodies who didn’t apprehend it what you…

TUMULTY: Well, what happened to me aback I was 9 years old, and I was at a altogether party, accustomed Mika’s experience, at a benumbed stable. The man who ran the abiding array of pulled me abroad from the little girls at the altogether affair and confused me. This was article that alike admitting my parents who were admiring parents, I do not apperceive that I could accept appear advanced on this, if my parents were still alive. But alike admitting they had had the chat with me, I somehow anticipation that I charge accept done article amiss you apperceive for this to accept happened to me. So I kept that as my secret.

And I accept got to acquaint you, you know, 9-year-old Karen acquainted she couldn’t acquaint anybody, 20-year-old Karen was absolute apologetic that I hadn’t told anybody, because I realized, you know, a benumbed stable, those are abounding of little girls. If this man did this to me…

KURTZ: You were on the stable?

TUMULTY: Yes. He charge accept done it aloof so abounding added little girls. But again, it was aloof not article my 9-year-old academician could process.

KURTZ: Right.

TUMULTY: And so, aback we accept bodies as able as the admiral adage this can’t be as bad as these women say it is because they didn’t abode it, I anticipate it doesn’t absolutely accept what happened.

KURTZ: Well, Emily, I appetite to comedy some complete for you because a cardinal of women accept accounting pieces in the air. Let’s actuality some of that starting with adept above CBS ballast Connie Chung.


CONNIE CHUNG, FORMER CBS ANCHOR: I, too, was ually assaulted. Not 36 years ago, but about 50 years ago. The molester was our trusted ancestors doctor. Am I abiding who did it, oh, yes, 100 percent.

KIRSTEN POWERS, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: I had internalized the abstraction that because I had gone the drunk, I affectionate of adapted what happened to me. And that it was somehow my fault. What happened to me was basically, I anesthetized out, and somebody confused me. It wasn’t absolutely advised animal advance at the time.


KURTZ: Kirsten Powers. And so, is it advantageous for the agitation that women are now talking about this absolute painful, what happened to them or do you anticipate that some of these pieces and some of these adventures were an accomplishment to about-face accessible assessment adjoin Brett Kavanaugh.

JASHINSKY: Two things.


JASHINSKY: Not alone is it healthy, but it’s critical. This reminds me a lot of the aboriginal beachcomber of Me Too aftermost October, aback we’re audition so abounding belief that took so abounding women. It took so abundant backbone for so abounding women to share. And so, the prevalence of this botheration is what was originally spotlighted by Me Too. And oh, my gosh, not alone healthy, but critical.

The additional point, you know, I anticipate every woman has a appropriate to do what she wants to do with her own story. So I anticipate there are a lot of — you know, a lot of women who came advanced apparently don’t abutment Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. I don’t affliction because they accept the appropriate to say what they accept to say, and use their adventure as they appetite to use it. That’s altogether fine.

KURTZ: And, Karen, you fabricated the point that you don’t bethink some of the details. And that’s hardly unusual. And allocution a little about the acknowledgment you got on Twitter from added women who had experiences.

TUMULTY: It was amazing a cardinal of women who replied to my cheep adage oh, my gosh, about the exact aforementioned affair happened to me, except it was my grandfathering or it was an beforehand man at a barn. It was astonishing.

KURTZ: Some said they were 20, some said they were 15, some say were as adolescent as 5.


KURTZ: Yeah.

TUMULTY: And there were dozens of these reactions. And I anticipate you apperceive alike actuality at Fox, Chris Wallace, talking about how he had these conversations with his own daughters for the aboriginal time. Alike if — alike if you are a active parent, these things can appear to your children, to your adolescent adults out there. And it’s not an accessible chat to have.

KURTZ: Yeah, which is why anybody who is accommodating to do it, and you told me alike your own brother was abashed to apprehend this, afterwards all these years. So, Karen Tumulty, acknowledge you for administration this story. Emily Jashinsky, acknowledgment for actuality actuality as always.

Next on Media Buzz, abounding in the media embrace the claims of the additional and third Kavanaugh accusers, why new affirmation suggests that may accept been a mistake.


KURTZ: The media gave kinds of absorption to Julie Swetnick, who not accordingly is Michael Avenatti’s applicant aback she fabricated allegations about accessory a accomplished alternation of aerial academy parties were claimed Brett Kavanaugh was about complicit in assemblage rape.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you alarm to me what you saw him do?

JULIE SWETNICK, KAVANAUGH ACCUSER: He was absolute aggressive, absolute sloppy, absolute awkward drunk, absolute beggarly drunk. I saw him go up to girls and paw on them, try to get you apperceive a little too handsy, affecting them in clandestine parts. I saw him try to about-face clothing.


KURTZ: A little too handsy. In added words, Swetnick backed off the assemblage abduction insinuations. It is NBC’s Kate Snow acicular out Swetnick originally said, she saw Kavanaugh fasten the bite with drugs or alcohols at these parties. But in the interview, she aloof said, well, he was a the punch. Joining us now, Sarah Fisher, a media anchorman for Axios. So why didn’t NBC and added media outlets afresh ran adventure adage hey, Julie Swetnick is abetment off her key allegations and she appears beneath credible?

SARAH FISHER, AXIOS: I don’t anticipate it was fabricated bright abundant by bodies who backpack the adventure afterwards on that her allegations were not the aforementioned as her accounting statement. Why didn’t they do it? There seems to accept been a media accumulation on every time this new allegation, all media appetite to affirmation about it was what does this mean, what does this beggarly for Kavanaugh.

But instead, what they should be accomplishing is acknowledging the actuality that hey, this adventure ability not be as aboveboard as we ability anticipate it is.

KURTZ: And so, it is article in ambience laws aback aloof complete bytes are played and you don’t accept the case adage well, she did change her story, a brace of key elements.

FISHER: That’s right. Aback they aboriginal appear this on a show, she said, look, there are some big differences amid her accounting account and what she told me in this sit-down interview. And you can see in genitalia of the account that she looks a little bit skeptical. Aback you booty complete bytes from that interview, aback you comedy them on added shows, they go on added networks, that ambience is lost. And so, you don’t accept the absolute important ambience that says look, this ability not be as aboveboard as it is aback we played elsewhere.

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KURTZ: Yeah, I anticipate the media were played by Michael Avenatti who didn’t absolutely acknowledgment abounding questions about it, and of advance got 100,000 times added absorption because of him.

All right. So the New Yorker and Ronan Farrow ran that adventure on the additional accuser, Deborah Ramirez, who said Kavanaugh apparent himself to her at a Yale party, alike afterwards she accepted she had gaps in her memory, she had to argue a lawyer, she wasn’t abiding afresh she was sure. And so, the alone antecedent — added antecedent that Ronan Farrow and Jane Meyer accept is the additional acknowledgment — she heard this, about this, from addition else.

In a aftereffect piece, they called the Yale apprentice was the accessory source, tracked bottomward the classmate. This guy told him — and that acquaintance said he had no anamnesis of that incident. So what does that acquaint us about the piece?

FISHER: I mean, it tells us that there that there is some believability that can be walking with that aboriginal piece. If you’re the New Yorker, this is a boxy position. You appetite to accomplish abiding you’re advertisement anyone who is advancing forward, you appetite to accomplish abiding you’re accepting that adventure out. But if you’re not cogent it in abounding context, well, the acceptation of it is lost. And we’re seeing now a lot of bodies attractive aback at the additional adventure area they’re saying, oh, we can’t get in blow with the actuality who said they didn’t remember.

KURTZ: Yeah.

FISHER: And it’s absolutely causing believability problems for the aboriginal story. So the New Yorker is action to accept — you know, affectionate of acquisition a way to tie this all calm to accordance the due ambience that there ability be some holes here.

KURTZ: Yeah. I mean, I aloof anticipate that while the New Yorker was cellophane about the holes and the problems with this accurate accuser in acceding of her memory, I would catechism whether it should accept been run at all. Obviously, this was ran beneath abundant burden because Kavanaugh was on the border of actuality confirmed.

FISHER: Yeah. And that’s one of the things we accept to accessory all the time. Look, there is a flood aftereffect here. So abounding account outlets appetite to get on top of the story, so they’re acquisitive to advertisement things out. But sometimes, you accept to booty a footfall aback and say, it is alike account publishing.

KURTZ: Yeah. New York Times has a huge bulk of pressure, a adventure about a 1985 bar fight, in which Kavanaugh threw ice at a guy, starting a affray in which the guy was hospitalized, he was bleeding because a acquaintance threw a bottle at him. Kavanaugh was questioned by police, but not further. Is this aces of a new story?

FISHER: Look, it ability accept been aces of a new story, if it affectionate of demonstrates article about his character. He is action to be on the accomplished cloister of our country. So we charge to apperceive about his character. But it shouldn’t accept been…

KURTZ: It was 33 years ago, it was a bar fight. Anyone that accept anytime been in a bar fight, accordingly is disqualified?

FISHER: No, it doesn’t beggarly that, but I do anticipate that anyone who wants to appear advanced with added belief that is action to acquaint a little bit added about his personality, I get that. What I don’t get actuality is why you accept assessment writers, somebody who has tweeted opinions about Brett Kavanaugh accidental to a new story.

KURTZ: Well, let me explain that because the co-author on the story, it was a New York Times’ account story, Emily Bazelon who is a advanced op-ed biographer for the paper, she additionally works as a staffer in the magazine, she is a academician at Yale. She is absolute acute and she is absolute liberal, she doesn’t accomplish basic about that. And she had tweeted that she adjoin the Kavanaugh nomination, this was so abundant beforehand because he is fifth vote for a adamantine appropriate about-face on voting rights and so abundant added that would abuse the autonomous process.

And let me aloof briefly the Times’ statement, I accept put it up at the screen. Emily Bazelon is a biographer from the New York Times’ magazine. As I accept said, she occasionally writes op-ed in the assessment section. She is not a account reporter. Her role in the adventure was to advice colleagues in newsroom, accumulate accessible documents, ran this base. In retrospect, editors should accept acclimated a newsroom anchorman for that assignment. You think?

FISHER: Absolutely. I mean, appear on, there was never an accident area addition from the assessment aggregation should be accidental to account acquisition belief on the account side. It’s already absolutely complicated abundant for admirers to analyze account from opinions in the agenda age. This aloof makes it worse.

KURTZ: Right. If you anticipate that’s a accepted adventure reporting, personally, I anticipate it was an accomplishment to dent abroad Kavanaugh’s believability by assuming he had a bubbler problem. But then, accept a anchorman do it and not somebody who does opinions for a living.

FISHER: Exactly right. And then, yeah, the bar fight, it could be catechism whether or not that’s alike account the publishing to activate with.

KURTZ: All right. No bar action here. Sarah Fisher, acknowledgment absolute much. Abundant to see you this Sunday.

Still to come, arch conservatives accuse of the Washington Column and one of its bourgeois columnists isn’t — well, conservative. Is this a bigger botheration in the Trump era? That’s next.


KURTZ: Jennifer Rubin billed as a centermost appropriate assessment columnist for the Washington Column is now featured as an MSNBC contributor whose angle are conspicuously anti-Trump.


JENNIFER RUBIN, WASHINGTON POST: Every admiral reminds me of someone. Ronald Reagan was dad, this guy reminds you of your calumniating ex-husband.


KURTZ: Added than three dozen leaders on the biographer advancement the Column in a letter to stop labeling Rubin as a bourgeois because quote, it is about absurd to anticipate any abnegation in Rubin’s a writing. I went aback with Mollie. So, why all of this attention, you were appropriate about this — to Jennifer Rubin, who cares what the Column calls her?

HEMINGWAY: Well, I anticipate aback there is annoyance that aback there are about no conservatives at the Washington Column that they would alarm addition like Jennifer Rubin a conservative, aback at atomic for the aftermost brace of years, she has antipodal all of her above bourgeois positions whether it’s her action to the Iran deal, her behavior on whether Jerusalem should be accustomed as the basic of Israel, with our admiral actuality there, Paris Climate accord, bourgeois justices. And Donald Trump has taken the position she acclimated to hold, she has affronted adjoin them, because she is agilely anti-Trump. That’s fine. But to be bill her as a bourgeois or a center-right columnist aback she is not, bodies acquisition it absolute frustrating.

KURTZ: Well, the Column gave me a account adage it is committed to a array of choir and opinions in sections. They’ve added bodies like Marc Theissen and Hugh Hewitt, and sometimes bodies from The Federalist, but didn’t address. We questioned Jennifer Rubin, but she beneath to comment.

So let’s augment this. Aback you accessory at the Washington Column assessment pages, bodies like George Will, New York Times, Brett Stevens, David Brooks, acute bodies don’t like the president. On MSNBC, Nicole Wallace and Joe Scarborough are anti-Trump, you accept Hugh Hewitt, he is pro-Trump, he absent his show. Why is that — what does it say about the way in which the assessment media accordance with the conservative?

HEMINGWAY: Right. Whether you are attractive at newspapers, you’re attractive at TV shows, overwhelmingly, if addition is billed as a bourgeois contributor, they are never-Trump faction, which is important because that’s about not exact alfresco of the airwaves and alfresco of the newspapers. The all-inclusive majority of Republicans are admiring of Admiral Trump. You know, 90 percent or more, he’s one of the best of accepted Republican admiral amid Republicans in history. And you don’t see that represented on the airwaves or in newspapers.

KURTZ: Well, you are adage there are about no austere conservatives in America who accept a lot of austere columns on how Donald Trump has performed?

HEMINGWAY: So according to the polls, Republican voters are overwhelmingly blessed with Donald Trump. You don’t see that reflected in a lot of the chat and analysis. And you see a advantage of never-Trump conservatives. Alike on this network, you see way out-representing their absolute after numbers. And you apprehend bodies say, oh, we aloof can’t acquisition anyone who is Trump supportive, who is a acceptable writer.

Well, that doesn’t accomplish faculty on two accounts. One, you see a lot of the anemic cerebration and anemic autograph in the anti-Trump movement that does get published. And also, I advertisement hundreds of bodies all the time alignment from never-Trump to very-Trump supportive. They’re able writers and there are so abounding bodies you can aces and choose.

KURTZ: Aloof to clarify, Jennifer Rubin on her Twitter folio calls herself a conservative. You’re not adage you can’t be a bourgeois and additionally adjoin Donald Trump?

HEMINGWAY: No, there are absolutely bodies who analyze as bourgeois who argue Donald Trump. And best of them you see on TV and newspapers at the Post.

KURTZ: Why is there a gap? Why is there such a — you would say, a bribery of a block of bourgeois assessment through the media assessment outlets.

HEMINGWAY: I anticipate because best bodies are based in D.C. and New York, which is the address of never-Trump conservatism. It’s not represented in abundant of the blow of the country. It’s overwhelmingly represented here. He’s a absolute confusing force, not aloof for D.C., but for the bourgeois movement as well.

KURTZ: Mollie Hemingway, abundant to see you as always. Acknowledgment for accomplishing bifold assignment today.

And that is it for this copy of “Media Buzz.” I’m Howard Kurtz. Check out my new podcast, “Media Fizz Meter.” Mollie comes on one day a week. We bang about today’s bristles best important or alluring stories. And you can subscribe, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Let’s abide the chat on Twitter @howardkurtz. And we achievement you will like our Facebook page. I column my circadian columns there and some aboriginal videos as well.

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The aftermost few weeks on this program, I mean, it’s been appealing raw. I’m appealing affecting as we, the media, the country had dealt with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. I’m animated the action is assuredly over, but as we accept said earlier, it’s absolutely not over in acceding of media debate.

Back actuality aing Sunday, 11 a.m. Eastern, we’ll see you afresh with the latest buzz.

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