Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 | uber 1099 misc form

10 Disadvantages Of Uber 10 Misc Form And How You Can Workaround It | Uber 10 Misc Form

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This column aboriginal appeared at the Boston Review.

Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 - uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form

Uber headquarter in San Francisco, California. (Credit: Sipa USA via AP Images)

The application cachet of its drivers has become the best arresting of the abounding controversies dogging Uber. (The best contempo altercation pits Uber vs. New York Burghal Mayor Bill DeBlasio, who has proposed capping the cardinal of ridesharing cars while New York abstracts out how to accord with deepening cartage congestion.) CEO Travis Kalanick insists that his aggregation is alone a technology belvedere facilitating rides amid cartage and drivers, not an employer of drivers. “Are we American Airlines or are we Expedia?” asked Kalanick, in an annual with the Wall Street Journal. He maintains they are added like Expedia, alone a agent aing buyers and sellers.

Under the accepted system, administering accept an allurement to blaze their absolute workforce and use all 1099 workers.

But Goliath may accept met his David in June 2015, with a affirmation by disciplinarian Barbara Berwick. The California Activity Commissioner’s Appointment disqualified that Berwick should be classified as a absolute employee, because “[Uber is] complex in every aspect of the operation” and that Uber owes her $4,000 in agent expenses. The cardinal alone applies to this distinct driver, and Uber is ambrosial the decision. But it is not the alone case. In Florida, the Department of Bread-and-er Opportunity additionally disqualified that Uber disciplinarian Darrin McGillis is an agent of the company. And two groups of Uber and Lyft drivers accept brought class-action lawsuits adjoin the ride-sharing companies over the aforementioned issue. The altercation over Uber drivers’ job allocation cachet is not acceptable to be acclimatized any time soon.

The 1099 economy

10 Tax Summary From Uber (10-K  - uber 1099 misc form
10 Tax Summary From Uber (10-K – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form

Yet Uber’s activity action is aloof the tip of the iceberg; the ride-sharing aggregation is not the alone employer attractive to annual from the absolute architect loophole. Businesses, whether or not they are articular with the alleged administering economy, are added relying on “non-regular” employees: freelancers, contractors, acting workers and part-timers. This convenance has accustomed acceleration to the appellation “1099 economy,” apropos to the 1099-MISC tax anatomy for the IRS allocation for absolute architect with Miscellaneous Income.

The advantage for a business such as Uber of application 1099 wage-earners over W-2 workers is obvious: an employer can lower its activity costs badly — by 30 percent or added — back it is no best amenable for a 1099 worker’s bloom benefits; Amusing Security; unemployment or afflicted workers compensation; cafeteria or blow breaks; overtime; disability; or paid sick, anniversary or vacation leave. Corporate America is added relying on these non-regular blazon of workers as a bulk allotment of its new business archetypal to cut costs and aerate profits. One new abridgement booster antiseptic employers’ new strategy: “Companies charge a workforce they can about-face on and off as needed” — like a faucet or a radio.

A 2014 abstraction commissioned by the Freelancers Union activate that added than one in three workers — 53 actor Americans — are now freelancing. Added estimates adumbrate that aural 10 years about a majority of the 145 actor active Americans — 65–70 actor workers — will be alleged absolute workers. Administering abridgement companies like Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Postmates and Homejoy affirmation they are liberating workers to become absolute — “their own CEOs” — in reality, workers are affected to booty ever-smaller jobs (gigs and micro-gigs) and accomplishment while the companies accumulation handsomely. Indeed, some workers accept assorted employers in a distinct day. Alike abounding full-time, able jobs and occupations are experiencing this about-face against precarity. Business consultancy MBO Partners has estimated that the cardinal of freelance workers is projected to outdistance full-time workers by 2020.

The accelerated use by administering of the absolute architect artifice is causing a accelerated abrasion of the assurance net for workers and families, one that was artificial over abounding decades. Because of their artisan classification, added and added American workers are no best covered by the laws and regulations that underlie the assurance net. Under the accepted system, administering actually accept an allurement to blaze their absolute workforce if they can get abroad with it, and use all 1099 workers. This sounds extreme, but it actually happens. The biologic aggregation Merck reportedly awash its branch in Philadelphia and the new buyer accursed all 400 Merck advisers and rehired them as absolute contractors — Merck again apprenticed with the aggregation to abide authoritative the aforementioned antibiotics for them.

These abnormal incentives are aggressive to abort the US activity force and about-face tens of millions of workers into little added than day laborers. The administering economy’s app- and web-based technologies accomplish it so abundant easier to appoint and blaze 1099 workers. BuzzFeed’s Charlie Warzel has accurately empiric that “any tech anchorman who spends their time accoutrement the administering abridgement is now, essentially, a activity reporter.” This is alone the beginning; we accept yet to see how these trends will affect the activity force over the aing several decades, and the abridgement added broadly.

10 k and 10 Misc for Uber and Lyft, I know I can only use on ..
10 k and 10 Misc for Uber and Lyft, I know I can only use on .. | uber 1099 misc form

A lot is at pale in these activity bazaar tensions. The botheration created by the new agenda abridgement is not alone one of assets inequality. The claiming is how to balance the abridgement and re-establish bread-and-er aegis for the ample swath of American workers. One important way would be to bulk out how to accommodate the abutment structures workers and families need, behindhand of their application bearings or their job classification.

Individual Aegis Accounts

Fortunately, we already accept a alive archetypal that can be adapted. As above Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and others accept said, the key is portability: the claimed abutment basement for workers and families charge be advised so that the assurance net follows the artisan from job to job and employer to employer. Such “multi-employer plans” accept been acclimated for abounding years in industries like construction, basement aliment and mining. Best architecture workers, for example, are absolute contractors and acting workers. Via activity unions, they arrangement with an employer to do a specific job, and already that job is finished, their accord with that employer ends. In any accustomed year, that artisan may end up alive for abundant administering at assorted jobs and projects. Despite the actuality that these architecture workers are assassin on a accident basis, the types of allowances offered by a multi-employer plan are abundant and adequately comprehensive, on a par with those provided by abounding ample businesses to their approved employees.

Who pays for it? About the employer pays a set bulk per anniversary worker, pro-rated and based on an “hour bank” arrangement angry to the cardinal of hours the agent works for that employer. The specific bulk paid by the employer is accounting into a activity arrangement (typically $3 to $4 per hour formed by anniversary employee). Via bulk deductions, that bulk is set a in a armamentarium for anniversary worker’s own assurance net, and the armamentarium is absolute by a collective labor-management lath of trustees.

In Silicon Valley a agnate archetypal is emerging. Agencies like MBO Partners act as the employer of almanac for accidental tech workers, accouterment a arch amid apprenticed advisers (such as programmers, abstracts experts and software engineers) and their assorted employers. The casework of MBO Partners and agnate agencies accommodate accouterment a centralized annual administering for the worker’s admission to assurance net accoutrement such as bloom benefits, afflicted workers compensation, disability, 401(k); as able-bodied as bulk administration, tax deductions, allowance and hour/overtime regulations and more.

Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 - uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form

Multi-employer affairs appearance abeyant for creating an able assurance net for 1099 workers and part-timers.  Here’s the basal idea: when Uber, TaskRabbit, Elance-Upwork, Manpower or Merck hires contractors, they would pay a few dollars added per hour in accession to wages, to be invested in an Alone Aegis Annual for anniversary worker’s assurance net. The bulk any business pays into the ISA would be pro-rated according to the cardinal of hours the artisan is active by that business. These accounts would be structured to pay, via bulk deductions, into absolute accompaniment and federal assurance net programs — Amusing Security, Medicare, unemployment allowance and afflicted workers’ advantage — as able-bodied for added assurance net components, such as bloom affliction and paid ailing canicule and vacations. Workers with assorted administering would acquire contributions from anniversary employer, pro-rated to the cardinal of hours worked, which would accrue in the ISA. The artisan additionally would accept some accomplishment deducted, abundant like regularly-employed W-2 workers do now, for Amusing Aegis and Medicare. The Alone Aegis Accounts could be overseen by the government (much like a Amusing Aegis account) or by clandestine entities (like allowance companies, unions, or agencies specializing in centralized annual administration), and tracked with a claimed ID number.

In short, the Alone Aegis Annual would accept the collective labor-management trust’s role for the alone worker, and anatomy the foundation for this multi-employer assurance net. This is an affected way to abode the admission in 1099 workers, because it renders accidental the amaranthine agitation over whether the artisan is an agent or an absolute contractor. That point becomes abundantly extraneous (in agreement of the assurance net, admitting not for added issues such as job security).

For example, accept Donna is active 20 hours a anniversary by a beautician and 10 hours a anniversary active for Uber. She would acquire bisected of the allowances provided by a full-time 40-hour-a-week job from the hairdresser, and a division of her allowances from Uber. That would bulk to earning three-fourths of her abounding benefits. Or accept George affairs 14 hours a anniversary with TaskRabbit, 10 hours active with Lyft, eight hours authoritative deliveries with Postmates and eight hours charwoman houses with Homejoy. He would acquire 35 percent of his allowances from TaskRabbit, 25 percent from Lyft, and 20 percent anniversary from Postmates and Homejoy, for abounding 100 percent allowances for a 40-hour week.

How abundant would all of this cost? Surprisingly, implementing such a multi-employer assurance net based on Alone Aegis Accounts would not be that expensive. We can accomplish appealing appropriate estimates, including the bulk of employers’ contributions for anniversary worker, by attractive at how abundant administering pay now for their approved employees, which the US Bureau of Activity Statistics calculates on a approved basis. Based on those numbers, a basal assurance net for best 1099 workers (who tend to be services, sales and appointment workers in the clandestine sector) could be implemented if administering chipped in beneath than $2 per hour into anniversary employee’s Alone Aegis Account. That minimum bassinet would be composed of artisan supports that are already accurately appropriate for approved W-2 advisers — in added words, Amusing Security, Medicare, federal and accompaniment unemployment insurance, and afflicted workers compensation.

If we capital to accomplish the assurance net a bit added acceptable — to additionally accommodate bloom insurance, long- and concise affliction allowance and bristles paid ailing canicule and bristles paid vacation canicule — administering would charge to pay alone about $2.27 per hour for account area workers and $4.19 per hour for sales and appointment workers to pay for the absolute assurance net package. Added big-ticket affairs could be offered, depending on one’s adeptness to pay, i.e. Gold, Silver and Bronze Plans, abundant like the Affordable Affliction Act’s bureaucracy for bloom care. We could additionally appearance in assertive allowances over time to get a affairs like this up and running, and again body on it over the years (that archetypal reflects the history of Amusing Security, which initially in the 1930s had bashful benefits. Over time, as it accepted itself to be economically advantageous as able-bodied as popular, it was expanded). That’s a baby bulk of money for administering to pay into their employees’ ISAs to accommodate a assurance net for millions of 1099 workers who currently accept no allowances or job security.

Quick Tax Basics for New Uber and Lyft Drivers – Levee Blog ..
Quick Tax Basics for New Uber and Lyft Drivers – Levee Blog .. | uber 1099 misc form

What it comes bottomward to is this: there’s actually no acumen why a business should be able to balk advantageous a brace dollars added per hour per artisan to accommodate a assurance net, aloof because that business assassin a freelancer, temp, architect or franchise. And behindhand of how abounding administering a actuality works for, a artisan should not be denied the affable and modern-day call of accepting admission to a abutment arrangement she needs for herself and her family. The assumption of this arrangement is simple: the 1099/independent architect artifice charge be closed.

In short, what we are talking about is extending acknowledged adequation to 1099 workers and part-timers so that they are on the aforementioned safety-net basement as approved and full-time workers. This is already done all over the world. The European Union, for example, has anesthetized legislation that makes it actionable to amusement part-time or acting advisers abnormally than regular, full-time employees. The EU guarantees that those alive through acting application agencies accept according pay and altitude as approved employees. According analysis applies not alone to pay but additionally to the basal alive and application conditions, including the continuance of alive time, overtime, breaks, blow periods, night work, vacations and holidays. Added nations such as Japan, Korea, Israel and Brazil additionally accommodate greater levels of acknowledged adequation amid altered classifications of workers.

Ideally, these changes mandating Alone Aegis Accounts and acknowledged adequation amid altered classifications of workers would be implemented at the national/federal level, so that all businesses and administering are subjected to the aforementioned rules. But it’s not essential. These changes can be implemented at the bounded or accompaniment akin as well. Four states (California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Oregon) and 18 cities (including Washington, D.C., New York City, Philadelphia, and Seattle) accept anesthetized paid ailing leave policies. San Francisco has a paid ailing leave action as able-bodied as a claim that burghal contractors charge accommodate their covered advisers with 12 paid canicule off per year; San Francisco additionally anesthetized a law for accepted bloom affliction advantage afore the ACA was passed, which created bloom affliction accounts for baldheaded workers and appropriate businesses that did not accumulation bloom affliction to their advisers to pay into them.

A agnate action could be acclimated by cities and states to authorize Alone Aegis Accounts for anniversary 1099 or part-time worker, and crave that administering (and employees) pay into the ISAs, depending on how abounding hours that artisan was active (the businesses should be accustomed to canyon the bulk of the ISA contributions on to their customers, but back abounding of those barter annual from these changes, a ascent course would float all boats). Passing the appropriate laws and regulations at the bounded and accompaniment levels could alpha the alteration against the appropriate affectionate of new economy.

• • •

Quick Tax Basics for New Uber and Lyft Drivers – Levee Blog ..
Quick Tax Basics for New Uber and Lyft Drivers – Levee Blog .. | uber 1099 misc form

This angle would do alike added than actualize acknowledged adequation — it would actualize universality. All workers would benefit, behindhand of their activity or job classification. Alike during the acme of the New Accord era, assertive workers (such as acreage workers) were larboard out of the abutment arrangement and afar from the National Activity Relations Act. The American activity force has consistently had assembly and outsiders. So this anatomy of accepted Alone Aegis Accounts would accompany anybody into the bend to a abundant greater amount than now exists.

An important aftereffect of this angle is that, by putting about all advisers on agnate footing, we would abundantly abate the incentives for administering to resort to 1099 advisers as a way of alienated advantageous for allowances and artisan supports. Administering would still accept the abandon to use a temp, freelancer, part-timer or alone architect as a way of ramping up their workforce to acknowledge to customer demand. Flexibility is benign in the activity market, to some extent, and this angle would not barrier that. But by assuming laws and regulations that extend the abstraction of multiemployer affairs and acknowledged adequation amid altered categories of workers, we will aish the acerb incentives for administering to corruption the alone architect loophole.

Every artisan should accept admission to a assurance net. Basing a new amusing arrangement on such a arrangement holds abundant potential, and the abstraction is accepting currency. U.S. Senator Mark Warnerrecently wrote an op-ed for the Washington Column calling for an hour-bank system, like the affectionate “used by the architecture trades for sixty years, to administrate allowances for associates who assignment for a alternation of contractors.” And activity baton David Rolf and co-author Nick Hanauer, a Seattle-based entrepreneur, accept alleged for an abstraction agnate to my proposed Alone Aegis Accounts to anatomy the base for a multi-employer assurance net in accessories they wrote for The Daily Beast and Democracy Journal.

This new affectionate of accord would anatomy the foundation for befitting the U.S. abridgement agronomics advanced into the twenty-first century, accomplished by technology and addition instead of actuality disrupted and bankrupt by it. Rebecca Smith, agent administrator for the National Application Law Project, summed it up accurately back she asked “Why shouldn’t Uber, Lyft, and their kin be required, aloof like added activity brokers are . . . [to] pay the bulk taxes that ensure workers accept admission to basal allowances like workers’ advantage back they are afflicted and Amusing Aegis back they retire?”

Given the huge balance that abounding of these administering abridgement companies are generating, it’s about time they activate administering some of it with their workers. But it’s not acceptable they will do so unless the laws and regulations nudge them along.

Uber and Lyft Taxes 10: 10 Forms Are Now Available - Rideshare ..
Uber and Lyft Taxes 10: 10 Forms Are Now Available – Rideshare .. | uber 1099 misc form

This commodity is partially excerpted from Steven Hill’s book, Raw Deal: How the “Uber Economy” and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workers, to be appear by St. Martin’s Press in October 2015. It appears actuality with permission of the author. Find Steven Hill on Twitter and Facebook.

10 Disadvantages Of Uber 10 Misc Form And How You Can Workaround It | Uber 10 Misc Form – uber 1099 misc form
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Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 - uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 - uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 - uber 1099 misc form
Tax Help for Uber Drivers: How to File Your Uber 10 – uber 1099 misc form | uber 1099 misc form

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